15 Christmas Maternity Photoshoot Ideas For Any Future Mom

If you are pregnant at Christmas time, then you are probably searching for Christmas maternity photoshoot ideas. The best time for organizing such photo sessions is 29-35 weeks of pregnancy.

This article covers the most creative concepts for conveying the atmosphere of holidays in your pregnancy shots. You will learn how to take cute pregnancy photos indoors or outdoors, as well as find out about all the necessary props and poses with a partner or without him.

1. Blurred Tree Idea

blured tree christmas maternity shoot ideas

You can bring one of the most creative Christmas maternity photoshoot ideas to life by blurring the background and belly in full HD. Add a festive bow on the belly and a card to show the anticipation of a gift.

Make certain that lights behind your camera and background, as well as and the Christmas tree lights are on. By setting the shooting device to 50 mm, you can get a blurry effect that is the essence of bokeh photography. If you are taking photos using a smartphone, ask someone to snap an image or use a stand. Focus on the belly to make sure backdrop gets blurry.

If you don’t like colors in your photos, you can always turn to professionals for help. They can quickly align the tonality of your pictures by correcting overexposures and balancing all shades.

2. Holding Pregnant Belly

partnership christmas maternity shoot ideas

A photo that showcases a partner holding the belly of a mother-to-be looks very cute. Make the shot more original by asking a woman to form a heart with hands over the belly or select one of the couple poses. Both a partner and a woman can wear flannels, Christmas pullovers and pose in front of a Christmas tree.

3. Ultrasound Photo in a Festive Frame

ultrasound christmas maternity shoot ideas

A picture that features a pregnant woman with a tiny ultrasound photo looks cute. Add some Christmas decorations to the background to get awe-inspiring festive Christmas maternity pictures. Besides, it is a good idea to put an image in a beautiful Xmas photo frame. By doing so you can highlight the atmosphere of Christmas with a focus on a model and emphasis on an ultrasound image.

4. A Close-Up of Tiny Slippers

slippers christmas maternity shoot ideas

Don’t hesitate to take close-up shots. If the clothing or object is bright and has a lot of Christmas details, then you will get an eye-pleasing photo that won’t look too frank.

Focus on newborn slippers when taking a picture.

5. Christmas Before/After Collage

before and after christmas maternity shoot ideas

Be creative and make a collage in the future. Take a photo at home on Christmas Eve, and then take the same photo a year later with a baby in your arms. Use similar clothes and decorations to make viewers think that there is no time gap between the images and they were taken yesterday.

6. Airy Princess Dress

airy princess dress christmas maternity shoot ideas

To take cute Christmas maternity photos, wear a pink dress made of tulle or other light fabric. Thus, you can emphasize the tenderness of a current state. You can take a close-up of a tree with a focus on toys. Round Christmas balls remind the belly of a pregnant woman, creating a special geometry in a photo.

7. Sitting Under the Tree

under the tree christmas maternity shoot ideas

A photo with models sitting under a Christmas tree looks very cozy. You don’t necessarily need to have a living tree at home or go to the forest, it is enough to purchase an Artificial Xmas Pine Tree decorated with artificial snow. Don’t try to capture a tree at its full height, but keep the camera at eye level with models to avoid distortion. To get impressive Christmas maternity photos, a model should be wearing clothes that contrast with the background in order to stand out.

You can mount a camera on a tripod or ask your partner to take a shot if you conduct a photo session on your own. Look away from the camera or take a look at your belly when posing. Trim pictures if they show too much of a backdrop.

8. Hold Christmas Wreath

wreath christmas maternity shoot ideas

One of the most beautiful symbols of Christmas is a Christmas wreath. Use this prop to add some brightness to a gloomy winter day. For such a photo, a model should wear light clothes, and the background should be minimalistic. You can take photos in a studio. Don't be afraid to shoot at different angles, both closer and further.

9. Head on Shoulder

poses christmas maternity shoot ideas

You can also conduct a maternity couple Christmas photoshoot. Try to face the camera and ask your partner to turn away. Such a pose can help you focus on your pregnancy. Put your head on the partner’s shoulder. You can also try other maternity photo poses. For example, a model and a partner can look around: in the same or different directions.

You can even do something as simple as pose in the forest or in a studio, the atmosphere of which reminds the cozy environment of your home. Think of family photo outfits ideas to make your photos stunning.

When shooting at home you can use a tripod or a stand to take a picture of both you and your partner without someone’s help.

10. Rich Green Dress

green dress christmas maternity shoot ideas

Many models aren’t sure whether a green dress is suitable for a maternity Christmas photoshoot as it can get lost against the Christmas tree background. However, this is not true. Such attire allows you to harmoniously fit in and complement this atmosphere. Any clothes in colors of Christmas will look great on a shot.

11. Walk Through Forest

forest christmas maternity shoot ideas

Winter forest will add some romantics to your Christmas pregnancy pictures. Experiment with different perspectives to convey the magic of baby anticipation. Make sure that your clothes are very warm and bring a thermos with tea. Photograph a future mother pouring steaming hot tea in a cup for her partner.

12. Tree Farm Atmosphere

tree farm christmas maternity shoot ideas

One of the most interesting Christmas maternity photoshoot ideas is to take pictures on a tree farm. In such a way you can highlight that a couple is expecting a new member of their family. Such places are usually adorned with themed flowers and decorations, Xmas decoration banners, bows and ribbons for conveying a magical atmosphere.

13. Include Your Kids

kids christmas maternity shoot ideas

If you have kids, encourage them to take part in a photoshoot to get cute and lovely pictures. Ask them to gently touch your belly or play around with their father. Add some Christmas photo props to create a festive atmosphere.

14. Themed Clothes for the Future Baby

clothes christmas maternity shoot ideas

Focusing on a belly is not the only way to show viewers’ that you are expecting a baby. You can also capture baby clothes that have symbols of Christmas. So we recommend you to find a Christmas outfit for newborn with inscriptions and in thematic colors.

15. Red Pajamas Party

pajamas christmas maternity photoshoot ideas

One of the greatest Christmas photo ideas is to create a family look. Make all members of the family wear identical clothes. These can be Christmas pajamas for family or attire in a minimalist style. Add presents and toys to the composition to convey a family atmosphere in one color scheme. It is important to make sure that the shades of all elements are quite similar so that they don’t get out of the general color gamut.

Bonus Tools

bonus tools for photoshop

Use this collection to add some Christmas atmosphere to your photos. The bundle, which includes Christmas, holiday, and winter overlays, will work well even for pictures that are not holiday-themed in the first place. They are also perfect for enhancing images from a maternity Christmas photoshoot.