Cute Christmas Baby Photoshoot for Inspiration

By Tata Rossi 21 days ago, Photography Tips

Whether you are a family photographer or a professional who specializes in newborn sessions, you might need to use creative baby Christmas photography ideas to make your pictures stand out. To help you meet your clients’ needs and take bright photos with a warm and cozy atmosphere, use these ideas that will help you make your photoshoot unforgettable.

Top 25 Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas to Repeat

On this list, you will find cute and funny Christmas baby photoshoot ideas that will help you capture the atmosphere of this holiday. Read on if you want to learn which poses and Christmas photo props you can use to take creative pics. In this article, I will also share some tips on how you can organize a complex photoshoot that requires additional preparation and take fairy-tale-like photos that will enchant your clients.

1. Take a Photo of a Baby in a Christmas Wreath

christmas baby photoshoot ideas wreath

When taking photos, you can use a Christmas wreath as a prop since it’s the most popular attribute of the holiday. You can use it either as a frame or an element of decor. If you specialize in newborn photography, another baby Christmas picture idea would be to place a pillow inside the wreath and lay a baby on it. Instead of a pillow, you can also use any fuzzy material that looks like snow.

christmas baby photoshoot ideas postcard

You can use a photo of a child to create a holiday greeting card. For this purpose, I recommend using a minimalist image with a solid-color background and a caption, such as Merry Christmas. Try using 2-3 main colors to make your photo look well-balanced.

For instance, you can use a popular combination of red and green colors, such as a green spruce tree or a wreath with red decorations. You can easily implement this Christmas photo idea and take photos that will fully satisfy your clients. You can send them photos in a high resolution so that they could print them or send them to their family members by email.

2. Use String Lights

christmas baby photoshoot ideas glowing garland

If you have New Year string lights, you won’t need to use anything else to take great Christmas pics. Just find the best position for a baby, select an angle and arrange the string lights the way you like. This baby Christmas picture idea allows you to take photos that fully convey the magical atmosphere of this holiday even if you don’t use any props. If you want to, you can put Santa’s hat on a baby.

3. Add Snowflakes

christmas baby photoshoot ideas snowflakes

You can add beautiful decorative snowflakes to the frame. For instance, you can use either DIY snowflakes made of paper, fabric and other materials or buy cheap photography props. To make your photos even more eye-catching, try using snowflake garland lights. Professional photographers also use bright costumes and a solid-color background with a soft, snow-like texture to take more eye-catching shots.

4. Add Inscriptions to the Photo

christmas baby photoshoot ideas inscriptions

Add Christmas-themed inscriptions to your photos. Nowadays, you can find many children’s outfits with such cute inscriptions as Santa’s helper, My first Christmas, or Jingle Baby. You can also use various letter boards, chalk boards, DIY photo booth props and decorative letters for creating your own inscriptions and holiday greetings.

5. Christmas Decor for Baby Photoshoot

christmas baby photoshoot ideas red hat

If you are looking for baby Christmas photo ideas that will help you organize an unforgettable photoshoot, prepare several shooting locations beforehand. You can use toy animals, decorated spruce branches, gingerbread, and other things as props. Make sure to add some fake snow as well. Put it around a baby or spray it on props.

Don’t forget about picking an outfit for a baby. You may use a knitted Santa costume since it will look cute in a photo. Besides, such clothes are nice to touch, which is especially important as the baby has tender skin.

If you have never edited your photos before or want to save time, make sure to contact the FixThePhoto retouchers.

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This professional team will edit your photos within a set deadline and give them a more polished look.

6. Be Subtle When Selecting Props

christmas baby photoshoot ideas colors

To create a holiday mood, there is no need to go for obvious solutions and use spruce trees or baubles. You can subtly suggest that your photos were taken around Christmas using traditional color combinations or props.

If you have an outfit with red and green colors, it will be perfect for the holiday season. In addition, you may put a red-and-white hat on a baby. It will make your photos stand out among other Christmas pictures. To take stylish photos, avoid using a standard Santa’s hat.

7. Take a Photo in the Fairy-Tale Winter Forest

christmas baby photoshoot ideas winter forest

If you are a professional photographer and like working on complex projects, try to recreate a winter forest scene in your studio. Add several spruce trees in the frame to make it look like they grow in the forest. You can use polyfill as fake snow or try implementing other snow photography tips. For instance, you can create artificial snowballs or add a snowman to the frame.

A child may wear a deer or hare costume. Besides, you can use a costume of a fairy-tale character. When processing your photos, you may add the effect of sparkling stars or snowfall.

8. Use Soft Materials for Styling

christmas baby photoshoot ideas soft materials

Christmas children photography is all about capturing a warm and cozy atmosphere, so make sure to use soft outfits and elements of decor. For this purpose, you can make pieces of clothing and blankets made of soft fuzzy or velvet fabric. Besides, you can use knitted outfits and add stuffed toys, pillows and other props to the frame.

9. Use a Christmas Elf Costume

christmas baby photoshoot ideas elf

If you want to use a storybook or fairy-tale outfit, you can select a Christmas elf costume. Nowadays, it’s easy to either rent or buy a nice Christmas elf outfit on popular online platforms. A green costume with bright red details will look great in the frame with a Christmas tree in the background.

Such an outfit is perfect for newborn babies. Besides, it’s suitable for older children who want to look like their favorite characters from cartoons and fairy tales.

10. Red Santa’s Hats

christmas baby photoshoot ideas red hat

One of the most popular Christmas baby photoshoot ideas involves using a red Santa’s hat. If you take photos of newborn babies, you can put such a hat on your model. It always looks cute and doesn’t require any additional preparation.

11. Select a Fairy Tale Costume

christmas baby photoshoot ideas outfit

You can use funny clothes with Christmas patterns and decorative elements to create a special atmosphere in your photos. If you need to take pictures of a newborn baby, you can choose from a variety of New Year newborn outfits available online. For instance, you can use funny knitted caps to make children look like characters of fairy tale books or cartoons.

12. Take Photos with Older Siblings

christmas baby photoshoot ideas toddlers

If a child has older siblings, ask them to take part in a photoshoot. To take photos with well-balanced colors, pick the most suitable family outfits beforehand. You can also select matching outfits for all the kids or use costumes with matching patterns, colors, and details.

You can use any photography idea that suits your needs. For instance, you can take a group photo or try capturing children’s activities. For example, you can ask the older sister to read a fairy tale to other children.

13. Use Children’s Sleds

christmas baby photoshoot ideas sled

Use a sled to take bright and attention-grabbing shots. Most kids love sitting in a sled, so you can easily manage to take several great pics before a child changes a pose.

When doing indoor photography, make sure to use winter decorations. For a winter-themed photoshoot, you can use a Christmas tree decorated with sparkling baubles and toys. To create an even more magical effect, add some snow-like elements. For instance, you can use a snow blanket or use winter snow spray. Besides, you can add beautiful snowflakes during post-processing.

14. A Baby Under the Christmas Tree

christmas baby photoshoot ideas under new year tree

This is one of the baby Christmas pictures ideas for a themed photoshoot. It will be especially useful for photographers who take photos of babies who are younger than 1 year. To achieve a more eye-pleasing effect, pay attention to floorcovering and the bottom part of the Christmas tree. Lay a beautiful soft blanket on the floor to make it more comfortable for a baby to lie or sit on it. Put gifts under the tree and turn on string lights.

Make sure not to overload the frame with an excessive number of patterns and colors. Focus on one bright detail and select props that will make it stand out. For instance, a Christmas tree could be a perfect bright spot to focus on. It’s better to select outfits, gifts and floorcovering of more neutral colors.

15. Select Props and Outfits with Christmas Patterns

christmas baby photoshoot ideas pattern

There is no need to use festive decorations or put a Christmas tree in the frame to create a holiday atmosphere. You may use props or outfits with Christmas or New Year patterns. For instance, you can use a nice Christmas printed blanket instead of a background. It’s a perfect idea for those who do 6-month photography or take photos of younger babies.

16. Take Photos of a Baby with a Pet

christmas baby photoshoot ideas pet

When a baby sleeps together with its pet, this scene is too nice not to capture it. You can experiment with various pet photography ideas and take great Christmas-themed photos. If you want to create holiday greeting cards for your relatives, use winter baby outfits or knitted headwear. It’s better to take slightly darkened photos. If you like this genre, you can make your photos look darker during post-processing.

17. On Santa’s Lap

christmas baby photoshoot ideas on santa’s hands

Try recreating a classic scene from a Christmas movie and taking photos of Santa holding a baby. To take such photos, you will need to find a person who can play the part of Santa. To make your pics even better, take photos with a big, beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the background. You can also pick a nice baby Santa costume for a child.

18. Grandparents Wearing Santa Costumes

christmas baby photoshoot ideas grandparents

Another great family photography idea for taking Christmas photos is to ask grandparents to wear Santa costumes and take a photo with a Christmas tree in the background. Everyone will enjoy this photoshoot. Such baby Christmas photography ideas enable you to capture warm and atmospheric family photos. If a child doesn’t get along well with strangers, this idea will help you create a more relaxed atmosphere.

19. Take a Holiday Photo with Gifts at Home

christmas baby photoshoot ideas among gifts

This traditional idea is suitable for any Christmas photoshoot. You just need to take photos with the Christmas tree and gifts in the background. It’s easy to implement this photography idea at home. To do it, wrap boxes in bright paper with Christmas prints. Turn on the lights on the Christmas tree and select a holiday outfit for your kid.

There is no need to use professional photography gear to make your photo visually attractive. It will suffice to use a camera on your iPhone and shoot photos in standard portrait mode. Using automatic camera settings for portraits, you can take photos with beautifully blurred background and focus on the face of your model.

christmas baby photoshoot ideas in the box

Put a child into a gift box under the Christmas tree and take photos. Most babies like such photoshoots as they can play and have fun during them. Thanks to it, you will easily bring this creative idea to life.

20. Santa’s Hands

christmas baby photoshoot ideas santa’s hand

There is no need for Santa to be fully visible in the frame. If you don’t like traditional baby Christmas photo ideas, you can capture a picture of Santa’s hand or use Santa as a background so that a viewer sees only his beard and hands in the frame.

21. Create Props Using Objects at Hand

christmas baby photoshoot ideas diy props

If you don’t have Christmas props and want to learn how to make colors and textures in the frame look more balanced, you can use everyday objects during a photoshoot. You can create props by yourself by making foil star cutouts, using cotton wool to create a snow effect, or a piece of green fabric to make a Christmas tree, etc.

The only thing you need to create stunning DIY photography props is your imagination. It won’t take a lot of time to make them by yourself. I recommend using such props for taking photos of sleeping kids. It will allow you to arrange all the props in the frame the way you like it. For instance, you can add, move, or remove various Christmas props.

22. Decorate a Location Using Creative Props

christmas baby photoshoot ideas cacao cup

Experiment with various winter photoshoot ideas and try adding unique details that will make your photos stand out. This way, potential clients will be more likely to choose you over other photographers. Since it’s easier to implement Christmas baby photoshoot ideas in a studio, you need to consider your location and think about which poses you are going to use. Keep in mind that it might be difficult for some kids to stay still while you are taking photos.

Don’t forget about decorating a location. The more innovative ideas you use, the more likely is that your photos will get noticed. When organizing a photoshoot, you can create an atmosphere of your favorite fairy-tale or a Christmas story. Besides, you can use popular milk bath photography ideas to take Christmas photos.

23. Unconventional Photo with Santa

christmas baby photoshoot ideas sleeping santa

Use this funny baby Christmas picture idea to bring fun to your photoshoot. Take photos of a sleeping kid and Santa. For this photo, you will only need to use a Santa costume and an outfit for a child. This idea is easy to implement, but it allows you to take creative photos that will bring smiles to the faces of your clients.

24. Put Photos Together to Make a Collage

christmas baby photoshoot ideas collage

After taking photos of a child, it might be difficult to select the best photos for printing or social networks. This is why you can use several images for creating a collage. You can use one of the free collage makers and select any layout you want. This way, you can capture different emotions and show that a child enjoys the festive atmosphere of the holiday. Don’t forget to use theme props.

25. Experiment with Angles

christmas baby photoshoot ideas non-standard angles

To make your Christmas and New Year photos more unique, try taking them from unusual angles. Experiment with different angles until you are satisfied with the result. For instance, you can take photos of a child lying under a Christmas tree. Capture pictures from above holding your camera between the branches. Christmas photos taken from creative angles will look more memorable and attention-grabbing.

Bonus Tools

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If you don’t have much time before Christmas and need to process many photos quickly, try applying these handy presets. This collection contains effects that will help you tweak colors, fix lighting issues, and edit the background. Use these presets to give a magical feel to your photos by adding sparkles, highlights, and various effects that will make your Christmas photos more eye-catching.