Winter photo tips

Winter photo tips

Winter is coming! Keep the happiest moment in your life and take the best photos of your relatives and friends! In this article we will advice you a thing or two about shooting in winter conditions.

It`s high time to understand: winter is coming! It is the coldest season in a year full of blizzards and burning frosts. It should be emphasized that it`s time for long-awaited Christmas, New year, and St. Valentine`s Day. The winter bears pleasure to our houses. Keep the happiest moment in your life and take the best photos of your relatives and friends! In this article we will advice you a thing or two about shooting in winter conditions.

1. Technical equipment for winter shooting

A common question is what you put in your camera bag when you`re shooting during the winter. It starts by taking care of yourself. You`ve got to be comfortable, if you focus on being created. So it starts by layering clothing and wearing a base layer than if we slayer about Soft-shell Pant, and then a down jacket because there`s no precept in the forecast. But if you need old photo restoration, we're always ready to help you. We have many years of experience in providing photo retouching services to professional and amateur photographers from different industries and corners of our planet. Just sign in, attach your photos, write necessary instructions to each shot, and we will turn your works into visually appealing images.

We recommend using reverse opening backpack. You should also take a beanie cap snow hat really for staying warm during the winter, and win proof gloves fleece lined three squads with the rubber surface on the fingertips to manipulate the camera controls. A black Diamond Head lamp, a technical crampon are should be in your bag too. One more little key tool is an Allen Wrench screwdriver, which allows doing a quick repair, put a video played on the bottom up the camera.

Don`t forget to take a low pro card wallet with significantly more memory than you need. The main equipment you should have is your favorite camera, lens, and two rechargeable batteries.

2. Exposure to shoot the snow

The sixty four thousand dollar question is why do snow pictures often look fifty Shades of Grey instead of brilliant white? And we will answer you. If you have settings for beach or snow in your camera, you can put your point shoot on snow or beach mod. And what that does is Dec six makes the snow white instead of gray or blue. If you don`t have the beach-snow mod on your camera, basically you should find something called the exposure compensation (EB) and hella plus/minus Indian in overexposed by about two stops. It is often helpful to overexpose by +0.3 to +1.0 EV. Just click to up and you will have white snow.

When you have grey clouds, we encourage you to play around with different sky conditions because you will get different moods and emotions to your photos. Anyway, you can always correct the white balance and make other color correction.

3. Composition for winter photos

We often touch upon the next problem: why the nature looks amazing in person and boring on the photo. You need a subject in the foreground to make a sense of depth and to destroy monotony, such as a tree or a set of footprints. One better trick is to find color in your scene. Add great contrast by using a girl in a red dress or green-colored pine.

On the other hand, winter images look wonderful in black and white, so don`t be afraid to try photos post processing.

It doesn`t matter whether you`re an expert or novice. If you`re not having fun, put the camera down.

Thus the winter gives the chance to increase the professional photographer skills when color doesn`t distract attention from forming of the composition plan. If you want to know more about shooting photos and to see the world-best images, visit the PPE 2016 NYC next year. What was happened in 2015 you can read how FixThePhoto team attended the PPE 2015 NYC.

We see that, for the real cameraman with an inquisitive eye and desire to self-improve, the nature has no bad weather!


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