12 DIY Photo Booth Props Ideas

12 DIY Photo Booth Props Ideas

If you want to supply the party, you’re working at with a photo booth with some fun props, consider making them yourself. Such DIY photo booth props will look quite unique and help you take fun pictures of the guests. In addition, these accessories will cost you less and can have a more interesting look than what is sold in stores.

Top 12 DIY Photo Booth Props

Below you’ll find DIY photography props for all types of occasions. This way your guests will really enjoy taking pictures and fill up their Instagram feed with photos from your event!

1. Flower Crowns

flower crown diy photo booth props

The best idea of DIY photo booth props for women is certainly flowers and preferably wearable ones. The crowns, for instance, are pretty easy to assemble and they look perfect at weddings or garden parties.

You will need some floral wire long enough to circle the head and some flowers, natural or artificial ones. Make sure the stems of flowers are not too long and start taping them to the wire in a pretty arrangement.

2. Polaroid Frame

polaroid frame diy photo booth props

Guests always to a photo frame when they see one and the instant Polaroid photos are especially trendy today. This would probably be the top option among the cheap photography props simply because you can get away with a large piece of white cardboard.

Customize the frame with the event date, party name, or with the newlyweds' names. I like that the newlyweds in the example paired the frame with the golden accents that were added to other props as well for a consistent look.

3. Paper Flowers

paper flowers diy photo booth props

For a fairytale vibe, try recreating these giant paper flowers. You can make an extravagant rose, a dainty camellia, or a fluffy chrysanthemum. Each type of flower has templates, that can be easily found online.

When crafting this prop, you can use paper of different textures and colors. No one would be able to resist posing with this prop.

4. Flower Wreath

flower wreath diy photo booth props

Flowers and greenery are quintessential to almost any event, but why not be more inventive by crafting a flower wreath prop? Purchase a grapevine twig wreath and adorn it with greenery and flowers of choice. The prop will look very romantic and sensual, especially with delicate flowers. You'll be reliving the excitement of the event for years to come.

polaroid frame diy photo booth props

5. Chalkboards

chalkboard diy photo booth props

For the most budget-friendly DIY photobooth props, simply purchase chalkboard paint and get a couple of wooden plates. Your guests can write anything: from their names, and favorite song lyrics, to their catchphrases, and well wishes. Because they are so customizable, they can come up with tons of words and phrases that are relevant to your event.

You'll love the creative results. Make sure to include plenty of chalk and several chalkboard erasers. You can also combine this idea with a chalkboard backdrop.

chalkboard diy photo booth props

6. Celebrity Masks

celebrity masks diy photo booth props

These DIY photo booth props are always a hit during parties! Celebrity face masks will make guests to relax and bring out their silly sides. From film stars and music legends to sports champions and politicians choose whatever celebrities are more appropriate for your event, print their faces out, and get ready for hilarious photos.

7. Snapchat Filters

snapchat filters diy photo booth props

If you’re looking for DIY photobooth props for teenage parties, it makes sense to craft something connected to their day-to-day-lives. Since Snapchat filters are so omnipresent in their lives and media nowadays, try recreating them in real life.

snapchat filters diy photo booth props

Just print those filters and attach them to bamboo dowel craft sticks. Attendees will enjoy "trying on" these playful accessories.

8. Mustaches

mustache diy photo booth props

Nothing helps guests lose all of their shyness in front of a camera quite like silly DIY photobooth props. Mustache props are a classic that will never get old. You can either draw them yourself or find printable templates online and print them.

mustache diy photo booth props

9. Confetti

confetti diy photo booth props

The simplest and quickest way to make your photo booth fun is to add bowls of colorful confetti at the entrance. There’s no need to google “How to make photo props?” tutorials for this idea, as the whole process is pretty self-explanatory.

You can use wrapping paper, colored cardstock, tissue paper, Christmas tree fringe or even flower petals! Cut those in circles, stripes, or use a paper punch for quicker results. Combine different colors and textures to make the photos even more vibrant.

10. Party Hats

party hats diy photo booth props

Another cost-effective option for a B-day party is hats! Together with some cool photo booth ideas this simple, yet festive prop idea will liven up any Birthday celebration. Arm yourself with some cardboard, scissors, and glue, and you’ll have tons of DIY photo booth props for all of your guests in no time!

11. Paper Rings

wedding rings diy photo booth props

If you’re planning a wedding celebration and looking for DIY photo booth props for the occasion, creating giant rings is a perfect option. The best part about this prop is that it’s interactive and there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating shots with them. In combination with one of the creative wedding photo booth ideas, this prop will create sweet photos to look back at.

12. Tinsel Balloons

tinsel balloons diy photo booth props

Balloons are excellent props as they are, but why not add a sparkly, playful component to your photo-booth, by attaching tassel tails to them? They can be made out of foil curtains, crepe paper streamers, dot garlands, greenery garland. Just choose what matches the mood and the color theme of your event best.

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