20 Christmas Photoshoot Props for Holyday Vibe

If you want to take photos that ooze the holiday atmosphere and will fill the viewer with cheer, then including some beautiful Christmas photoshoot props is a must.

Find suitable props for newborns, children, family, and couples I’ve collected during all photoshoots last winter.

1. Christmas Tree

christmas photoshoot props tree

Whether you decide to use an actual tree or an artificial one, as long as you decorate it with taste and include a bunch of beautiful ornaments, it will be the star of your Christmas photos.

There are dozens of ideas for Christmas tree photos that you can come up with. You can ask the kids to check out their gifts near the tree or simply take pictures of them having fun or decorating the tree.

2. Christmas Wreath

christmas photoshoot props wreath

Christmas is known for a large range of thematic decorations and wreaths are one of the most memorable ones. You can make one out of evergreens and holly while also including holly berries and pinecones to make it look more presentable.

Hang the wreath on the front door or in your living room and snap some shots in front of it to take an endearing family photo.

3. Tree Ornaments

christmas photoshoot props ornaments

Add a set of Christmas tree ornaments to the shot and you can transform a regular outdoor picnic into a festive winter wonderland scene. Take a trip to the nearby park and decorate a tree with beautiful ornaments to set a cheerful, fairytale-like mood.

4. Christmas Gift Boxes

christmas photoshoot props gift boxes

Christmas photos rarely feel complete if they don’t include at least a few presents. You can either get some prewrapped boxes or pack and wrap some presents yourself so that you can use them for your photoshoot.

5. Sparklers

christmas photoshoot props sparkles

As you’re getting closer and closer to the biggest celebrations of the year, why not use some of the most eye-catching Christmas photo props out there – sparklers? These shiny, colorful sticks will ensure your pictures look magical and festive. You can get the best results with such props by shooting in the dark.

6. Fairy Lights

christmas photoshoot props lights

Fairy lights are some of the most iconic Christmas picture props, especially if you’re taking pictures when it’s dark. They can be added to your home’s exterior, wrapped around trees, or even used to decorate your mailbox. A well-lit house can serve as the perfect backdrop for all manner of Christmas photos.

7. Christmas Sweaters

christmas photoshoot props sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters will never go out of style. Although it’s a very obvious prop, your pictures will always turn out looking fun and festive. Buy your entire family Christmas-themed sweaters – the options here are endless.

8. Milk and Cookies

christmas photoshoot props milk

To this day, no one has come up with a better idea to attract Santa to your house than to leave him some milk and cookies. As such, you can use the same treats as props for your photoshoot while dressing yourself, your dog, or your child as Santa.

Another idea is to have your children look through the windows while you’re eating the cookies inside while being dressed as Santa Claus.

9. Candy Canes

christmas photoshoot props candy canes

Use candy canes as photo props during the shoot, and your Christmas pictures will be festive and candid at the same time while conveying the desired whimsical atmosphere. Don’t forget to wear colorful Christmas clothes to create the perfect shot.

10. Matching Pajamas

christmas photoshoot props pajamas

One of the most popular ways to create a perfect family Christmas photo is to wear similar clothes. You may dress yourself, your husband, and your kids in some "family-look" pajamas, for example. Next, you can include a Christmas photo caption to design a tasteful family card.

11. Children’s Christmas Books

christmas photoshoot props books

The Christmas photos of old frequently depict kids reading a large picture book. You can infuse some of that charm into your own images by employing beautiful illustrated Christmas-themed books as props. Simply have the kids wear appropriate clothing and ask them to hold a big, open book. Your photos are bound to be filled with whimsy and wonder.

12. Sleigh

christmas photoshoot props sleigh

Sleighs aren’t just perfect for exhilarating downhill rides, but can also be used for taking engaging Christmas photos. You can also have your dog stand in front of it while wearing toy reindeer antlers. Throw in a bunch of presents, and you have the perfect winter wonderland scene ready.

13. Stockings

christmas photoshoot props stockings

Stockings attached to the fireplace have a special place in many people’s hearts, as they convey the feel of magic and excitement of Christmas like none other. They can also add a fun, vintage vibe to your photos, and getting a set of Christmas stockings is easier now than it’s ever been. Complement the ensemble by lighting up a fire, have the entire family pose near it, and this year’s greeting card is done!

14. Christmas Mugs

christmas photoshoot props mugs

A cup of hot chocolate is the perfect Christmas photo prop. It’s cheap and easy to make yet helps you take photos that are festive and fun. The kids will love this idea. Make sure to add whipped cream to gain even more photo opportunities.

15. Mistletoe

christmas photoshoot props mistletoe

Interested in some couple photo ideas that you can use for your Christmas album? Mistletoe is always a great option.

Stand with your significant other under the mistletoe and either smile at the camera or show some affection towards each other. Consider wearing festive clothing to better highlight the season.

16. Christmas-Themed Blanket

christmas photoshoot props blanket

Even a regular prop like a blanket can look incredible if used properly, as it’s particularly fitting for couple photos. Get comfy and envelop yourself in the coziness of your Christmas-styled blanket either on your couch or near the fireplace if you have one.

17. Rudolph’s Reindeer Nose

christmas photoshoot props nose

If you’re looking for simple photo props for Christmas pictures, then getting a vibrant red nose similar to the one you’d see on Rudolph is a great option. Besides, you don’t have to get the whole reindeer costume, as just wearing the nose and some festive clothing will already be sufficient to set the desired atmosphere.

18. Reindeer Antlers

christmas photoshoot props antlers

If you want to take your Rudolph look to the next level, consider complimenting the red nose with some adorable antlers. Other props that you can add to build upon the idea are a sleigh filled with Christmas gifts or your pet wearing its own set of antlers.

19. Nutcrackers and Snow Globes

christmas photoshoot props globes

If you’d like your shoot to include a fun portrait or are interested in some Christmas photo booth ideas, it’s always a good idea to include symbolic props like snowglobes or nutcrackers.

Such items look fantastic when used in sets or arranged on top of a fireplace. Alternatively, you can place them all over the room if you want to encompass a wider scene in your photos.

20. Santa Hat

christmas photoshoot props hat

Well last but not the least is a popular prop, a Santa hat that all of my clients ask to use for their holiday card pictures. But if you add an entire bunch of them, you'll be able to create a somewhat humorous atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can have a little kid pose in the sleigh wearing a hat while seemingly taking gifts to children all around the world. Santa hats are truly the perfect prop to use if you just want to take some cheerful pictures with your friends or family and don’t want to overcomplicate things.