Newborn Photography Poses

Newborn Photography Poses

newborn photography poses

Many photographers face some difficulties placing a baby and they think that newborn photography poses are real challenge. If you have chosen newborn photography as your specialization, you should always remember about your models safety. The baby doesn’t understand what you want to do and may behave rather capricious, so it’s your duty to learn how to pose a newborn and organize a photo session in a proper way.

Safety in Posing Newborns

Parents often want to capture and save the first weeks or even days of their baby’s life. That’s why they find photographers and trust them baby photo posing. Still, it isn’t one of the everyday tasks and you have to be SUPER careful with your tiny model. It won’t hurt to search tips for newborn photography on the web and practice a little BEFORE the actual shooting. One mistake and not only the photo session, but your entire career will be ruined. Besides, you will disappoint or even frighten young parents.

Kids’ Posing Guide

kids posing guide book

Check out this kids’ posing guide that offers a tutorial, printable and digital posing lists that you can use for your next photo session. Make your photos unique easy and from the first photoshoot.


Baby Left Alone

Newborns and balance are two inconsistent notions. NEVER leave a baby alone even with elder brothers and sisters. At the shooting, it is your prime responsibility to watch that a kid is safe and sound. Even if you put him/her in a stable prop or lay in a cozy armchair, different things happen and he/she may simply roll out of position. In case you HAVE to move away, make sure there is an adult, who will watch the newborn.

Newborns Immune Systems

newborn photography

Newborns are very prone to different infections and bacteria, as their immune system isn’t fully developed. That’s why if you or any of your colleges/relatives who spend time in the photo studio feel like getting sick, you’d better re-plan the shooting. It would be a pity if your clients went to the hospital right after the photo session. Remember to wash your hands many times while posing newborns. There are so many germs, which may be harmful for babies and you tend to constantly arrange little toes and fingers. Make sure to prepare a big bottle of unscented hand sanitizer, so you can quickly disinfect your hands. Do it as OFTEN as possible!

Safe Props

Nowadays, photographers seem to compete with each other trying creative newborn photography prop ideas and sometimes it looks like they want to reinvent the wheel. Find something comfortable, safe and soft. Don’t use glass newborn photography props even if they may help to create a beautiful composition. Such things are easily broken, which results in possible injuries or even more serious damages. If you intend to try hanging newborn baby poses, make sure that the material is durable enough. It should maintain the average baby’s weight for at least 25 minutes. You can ask the parents about the weight of their kid beforehand, to prepare the perfect thread. There are lots of DIY props ideas on the web, so you can make something unique for every photo session.

newborn photography poses

Immature Circulatory Systems

Almost all newborn have slightly blue feet and hands in the first hours of their life, which is called “acrocyanosis”. It is quite a typical phenomenon, which is caused by improper oxygen and blood circulation to body limbs and disappears rather quickly. Doctors say that you can move hands and legs a little and they will acquire a natural look. This means that you need to choose newborn photography poses that won’t compromise or hamper the circulation. When you place the baby with his/her hands on the chin or choose a standard taco pose, you may see how the color of feet and hands is changed. But if they look very red, blue or purple, act quickly and change the baby photo pose.

Basic Newborn Baby Poses

In the Studio

1. Swaddled

newborn posing

You need to swaddle the baby, using a soft rug or a blanket. Sometimes parents are willing to help you, so don’t reject their assistance.

2. Little Frog

newborn baby poses

Newborn frog pose isn’t for amateurs. The legs are placed by the sides with the hands under the chin.

3. Tushy Up

how to pose newborns

This pose is rather cute and helps photograph facial features, a cute little body with fatty wrinkles and the baby’s bottom.

4. Taco Pose

baby photography pose

Known also as the “Womb Pose”, this one is super comfortable for little models. The baby is placed safe, while you can photograph his/her face and little fingers and toes.

5. Laying & Curling

newborn poses for pictures

Why not try this baby photo pose at the photo session? Place the newborn on one side (right is preferable), join the hands or simply put them under the chin.

6. Chin on Hands

newborn photo poses

What can be simpler? I really admire this baby photography pose as I have lots of sweet and touching memories connected with it. This pose will work great both as newborn photography boy and girl idea.

Newborn Photography Poses at Home

7. Full Length

baby photo posing

Your model has to be deeply asleep for you to pose him/her the way you need.

8. On the Back

baby photo pose

Your model will feel very comfortable in this baby photo pose. Lay him/her on the back with the hands on the tummy.

9. Close-Ups

how to pose a newborn

Make sure you’ve taken some close-ups. It doesn’t mean you need to focus on the face only, but also photograph tiny feet and hands.

10. Yawning

baby photography poses

Newborns spend the first week of their life sleeping a lot. Capture this sweet yawing moment.

Creative Newborn Photography Poses with Family

11. Facing Each Other

posing newborns

It is one of the classical newborn photography poses when other family members are in the frame. Try to focus on the parents, who are looking admiringly at their beloved angel.

12. Looking at the Camera

newborn photography

Ask one of the parents to hold the baby. Thus everyone will be facing the camera and you can take a traditional portrait. Look through newborn photography tips on what props you can use for this pose.

13. The Cradle Hold

creative newborn photography poses

Cradle hold is one of the favorite baby photography poses ideas among parents. Moms like hugging and cradling their sweet kids. Thus, parents may hold tiny fingers, legs, touch hair and kiss a nose or a forehead.

14. Keep the Heads Close

unique newborn picture ideas

You can get a wonderful photo of a friendly family if you ask parents to hold the baby tightly and keep their hands close.

15. Motion

newborn photography poses with parents

Why not experiment and bring some action to newborn poses? It doesn’t mean something too fast, just capture the regular activities.

16. Daddy and Baby

infant photography ideas

You can’t neglect this idea. The shot of a father holding his baby looks very meaningful and atmospheric.

17. Mommy and Baby

baby photography poses ideas

This pose is a must on your shot list. No special newborn photography outfits are necessary for this idea.

18. With Elder Brothers and Sisters

newborn photography ideas at home

Ask an elder brother or a sister to pose with a baby.

19. The Whole Family

creative newborn photo ideas

Take a picture of the entire family spending time together. Either posed or not, such an image will look awesome.

20. Au Naturale

baby photo poses ideas

Creative newborn poses work great, but sometimes a natural posing is exactly what you need.

Props for Safe Newborn Poses

1. Unusual Headdress for Babies

newborn photo ideas boy

Try to use different headbands and colorful hats as the main prop. Choosing a suitable beanie or other accessories will help to create an image or mood that you want to see on your photos.

2. Newborn Photography Bean Bag

baby photo poses ideas

Different blankets, swaddles and wraps of pastel colors will be useful for your photo shoot. Such newborn photography props are always a good idea, as you can hide private parts and skin defects.

3. Newborn Photography Prop Basket

baby photo ideas poses

Such props are an ideal variant for baby photo posing, because they emphasize how little and helpless the newborn is. You can experiment with baskets, bowls and other things like that to take your best creative images.

4. Remind the Legend about the Stork

newborn poses for beginners

Everyone knows the beautiful myths about a stork bringing the baby to his/her parents. The main thing is to check that the child is safe.

5. Props Related to Parents Hobbies

newborn baby pictures ideas

You are welcome to use parents hobby-related props. If they love music, I recommend you to use a piano or a guitar. Be very attentive with appropriate newborn baby poses to create a harmonious composition.

6. Use a Decorated Hammock

newborn poses for pictures

If you don’t know how to pose newborns, you may experiment with hammock and decorate it with flowers, ribbons and sparkles.

7. Props form Popular Movies

newborn photography outfits

Do parent like Star Wars? You can create props related to other famous stories, films and games. Think a little and search the web to find interesting ideas.

8. Festive Props

newborn photography props

Holiday topic is the endless source for unique picture ideas. You can choose the theme according to the seasonal holidays or family events. Anyway, the result will be really interesting and funny.

9. Little Surprise in The Valise

newborn photography ideas

Those, who enjoy traveling, will like creative ideas with a baby sitting in a bag, suitcase, surrounded by maps or travel guides. Such pictures look really stylish.

10. Cuddly Toys

diy newborn photography props

This is a classic attribute of newborn photography. Children love stuffed animal from early years, so such pictures are very natural. You can ask your clients to choose a toy from their collection or prepare your own variant.

Newborn Photography Tips for Photographers

Tip 1. Be Confident

Believe in yourself and act with confidence. It is of vital importance to stay calm even if you don’t have enough experience. You should learn all the necessary information before the photo shoot. The Internet is full of useful tips about baby photo posing. You can read articles or watch videos.

Tip 2. Discuss All Nuances with the Parents

Some photographers talk with their clients only about the place, time and cost of the photo session. But there are lots of other details to take care of. You and your customers often have different views on how to take photos. So, all nuances should be discussed in advance. Pay attention to colors, clothes, props, style. You can also prepare important information for your potential clients in the blog or website, as an addition to the portfolio. This will make your work simpler and more professional. Working with babies you must be very attentive and patient. It’s always a good idea to send a remainder directly to the parents several days before the photo session.

Tip 3. Be Mindful of the Props You Choose

The beanbag, blankets and things like that matter a lot. Think of how to make them interesting in the frame. For example, I changed my old beanbag to a puck-style model and the results are immediately visible. The second variant has additional bags of beans, so I can try more baby photography poses. I photographed the baby moving legs, head and arms, and the photos look more expressive and spontaneous.

Tip 4. Don’t Forget About the Angle and Light

Be very attentive with lighting and shooting angles. I have a secret that helps to add depth to the baby’s portrait. Just pose the newborn at an angle to the light source and enjoy the professional looking pictures. I recommend putting kid’s head toward the light. This results in nice shadowing.

The size of the window, type of light and other parameters greatly influence the way newborn photography poses look in the frame.

Tip 5. Be Careful with Creative Newborn Props

Different props can make your images look perfect or, vice versa, spoil all your efforts. Judging by my experience, the best way is to prepare all the props in advance. Don’t take all your blankets, toys, flowers, baskets, valises and decorations to each photo shoot. It’s better to choose several most suitable variants. You can even ask the parents for help. Sometimes, mothers and fathers are initiative and bring some things that are important to their families to the photo session.

Video Tips on How to Pose Newborns

Tip 6. Tummy Pose

This is one of the most popular newborn photography poses which is suitable even for beginners. The baby should cross his/her legs and rest on a side arm. Thus you can photograph baby’s facial expressions.

Tip 7. Tushy Up Pose

Simple and funny type of newborn photo poses. The baby’s hands must be underneath his/her chin. The photographer takes images from above, focusing on the child’s face.

Tip 8. Newborn Frog Pose

This variant of newborn photography poses may be complicated for beginners, but it is really worth your efforts. The main thing is to keep the baby’s wrists together, which isn’t a natural pose for such little child.

Tip 9. Head on Arms Pose

This is one of my favorite newborn baby poses, because it always looks cute and especially suits girls. The girl should lay in the center of the beanbag with her arms should on a pillow.

Tip 10. Wrapped Pose

There are so many reasons to try this pose. The child may be very active, or have some skin defects, or simply feel cold. Anyway, this is one of the best newborn photography poses for those who lack experience in posing newborns. You can experiment with different coverings and blankets to achieve the needed mood.

Now you have all the necessary basic information on how to pose newborns. Everything else depends on your creativity and precautions.

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