Newborn Photography Outfits

Photographers who specialize in taking pictures of children, including newborns, often are wondering which newborn photography outfits to recommend their clients. Make sure to consider the concept and the outfit in advance to avoid possible delays. I’ve collected some tips on how to find the right newborn pictures outfits.

7 Tips to Choose Perfect Newborn Photo Outfits

In the review, you will find 7 outfit ideas that are suitable for pics of childbirth and other family pics. I’ll also tell you where you can find newborn pictures outfits at low prices.

1. Choose Neutral Colors

newborn photography outfits neutral colors

Newborn photography is always about capturing sincere and warm moments, therefore it is better to choose pastel colors for newborn photography outfits. Clothing should be of the same color for children and other family members who take part in the shooting. Though white is a symbol of the beginning of life, you are not limited only to it. Beige shades, green, blue, and pink colors work great for such photos.

If you are wondering how to improve your baby shooting, try avoiding bright colors. Black isn’t the best choice for such a photoshoot as well. It might create a strange contrast with the baby's skin.

2. Give Preference to Plain and Textured Clothes

newborn photography outfits plain clothes

If you are choosing an outfit for newborns, consider clothes without unnecessary elements. The simpler the clothes, the more attractive photo you will get. As a rule, patterns on clothes look bad in the frame, distort images, and create a jitter effect, making it challenging to take good photos even with a high-end camera for newborn photography. Textured fabrics like linen, knits, or plush look great in pics.

Pay attention to newborn photography lighting as well. It’s better to shoot photos with natural daylight. The last thing to remember when choosing what to wear for newborn photos is the quality of the fabrics as it should not irritate a baby's skin.

3. Take Some Printed Diapers

newborn photography outfits diapers

Take a few shots of a swaddled baby since such photos look very touching. When choosing a diaper, opt for discreet patterns that match the overall color scheme. Don’t select a print with large or contrasting patterns. If you have a professional lens for newborn photography, smaller patterns will look more attractive.

Since working with babies is not an easy task, buy multiple diapers at once. Choose different prints and colors to add variety to your shots. Muslin and chintz diapers are great for the warm season, while flannel diapers are perfect for cold weather. Besides, swaddled babies calm down and fall asleep faster, making it easier for you to choose the right newborn photography poses.

4. Pick Up Cute Accessories

newborn photography outfits accessories

You can also complement a newborn picture outfit with interesting accessories. The market is overflowing with choices for girls, including colorful headbands, head wreaths, and bow-knots. For boys, you can select bow ties, hats, animal ear bands, etc.

When it comes to a photography backdrop, you can use knitted toys, a baby blanket, flowers, and other elements. Do not overdo with newborn photography props, since it might make the frame look messy and distract attention from the child.

5. Match Parents in One Style

newborn photography outfits parents

When choosing newborn photo outfits, do not forget about the clothes for parents. Professional photographers that specialize in family portrait photography prefer selecting outfits in the same style and color scheme. You can select outfits either in one color or in different tones of the same color. If you are interested in family photography, you can experiment with different looks when working with your clients until you find the ones that look great.

If you don’t have much time, choose a white outfit. You can quickly buy white shirts for the whole family. Keep in mind that an excessive amount of prints and patterns makes pictures less attractive, thus it’s better to opt for a simple look.

6. Pay Attention to The Fabric

newborn photography outfits parents comfortable clothes

If you plan to take photos of a model holding a baby, it is important to choose a crease-free fabric so that you do not need to learn how to remove clothing wrinkles in Photoshop afterward.

When selecting an outfit for a mother, select options made of light and flowing fabric without unnecessary elements. It is important to choose clothes that are practical and comfortable to wear. It will speed up your workflow. An untied robe or an unbuttoned shirt during the shooting can affect a models’ mood and cause delays. When planning a nude baby photo, bring a change just in case.

7. Prepare Siblings' Outfits

newborn photography outfits siblings

If a baby has siblings, you can implement various children photo ideas. Choose neutral outfits for siblings to focus a viewer’s attention on the baby. Do not add accessories to the older children’s clothes.

Some parents prefer buying T-shirts with inscriptions like “Big Brother” or “Big Sister.” We believe these outfits are more appropriate for leisure activities. They might even spoil the overall composition of a photo.

Where to Buy Outfits for Newborns

newborn photography outfits amazon

You need to schedule a photoshoot long before childbirth. A photo session should take place at some point during the first 10 days from the moment of birth. Make sure to prepare everything you need, including newborn picture outfits, in advance.

Today, online stores offer a wide range of products for a photoshoot, so you can find the outfit that suits your needs. First, look for newborn photo ideas on Pinterest and try to buy something similar from Amazon, Etsy, or even Instagram stores. You can also find attractive pastel-colored clothing at Zara Kids, Gap, and H&M.

Color Effects for Cute Photos

newborn photography outfits lr presets

If you specialize in DIY newborn photography, use presets to get high-quality shots. These presets will help you adjust lighting, contrast, enhance colors and add a unique look to your photos by applying various effects.

You can also adjust the white balance and shadows. With these presets, you can edit your photos in a couple of clicks without using professional photo editing software.