8 Best Cameras for Newborn Photography in 2024

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned photographer, finding the best camera for newborn photography is essential. This genre is an incredibly rewarding, but it requires the right equipment to capture those unforgettable moments.

So, choosing the camera with high resolution, a quiet shutter, a large sensor, fast autofocus, a wide aperture, and excellent ISO sensitivity is a must for newborn photography.

Top 8 Newborn Photography Cameras: For Pros & Beginners

canon eos r5 newborn camera
Canon EOS R5
Best for pros
  • From $3,599

nikon z 7ii newborn camera
Nikon Z 7II
High-tech features
  • From $2,195

sony alpha a7r iv newborn camera
Sony Alpha a7R IV
Customizable controls
  • From $3,279.99

sony a7r iii newborn camera
Sony A7R III
Highly functional
  • From $1,475

fujifilm x-t30 ii newborn camera
Fujifilm X-T30 II
Light and compact
  • From $863.04

nikon z6 ii newborn camera
Nikon Z6 II
Excellent dynamic range
  • From $1,595

canon eos 5d newborn camera
Canon EOS 5D
  • From $1,399

nikon d5600 newborn camera
Nikon D5600
For beginners
  • From $809.95

How to Choose the Best Camera for Baby Photography?

Resolution. Opt for the camera with a high megapixel count to ensure your images are print-ready and full of detail. You want those tiny fingers and toes to be captured in all their glory!

Shutter mode. Newborns are often asleep during photoshoots, so having a camera with a silent shutter mode is crucial. A loud shutter sound can startle them awake, and you certainly don't want that. So, look for a camera, that allows you to work quietly and undisturbed.

Sensor size. A larger sensor is beneficial for newborn photography, as it allows you to work in low-light conditions without relying on flash. Using flash can startle and scare the baby, so a larger sensor helps you capture those precious moments naturally.

best camera for baby photography

Fast autofocus. Babies move quickly, and you need to be able to focus on them swiftly to capture their adorable expressions. Additionally, a burst mode, available in the best cameras for newborn photography, can be a lifesaver. It enables you to take multiple shots in rapid succession, ensuring you don't miss any fleeting moments.

Wide aperture. It allows you to keep the baby in focus while beautifully blurring the background, creating that dreamy and soft-focus effect. Consider investing in a lens with a macro function, recommended by newborn photography poses, for stunning close-ups too.

ISO sensitivity. Newborns can be fussy, and lighting conditions can vary. So, having a camera that performs well in low light and can handle high ISO settings without introducing too much noise is essential. This ensures you capture all those tiny details with clarity and precision.

1. Canon EOS R5 – Our Choice

Best for pros

canon eos r5 camera for newborn photography

Type: Mirrorless | Megapixels: 45 MP | Video: 8K UHD 4320p | Shooting speed: 12 fps

  • Silent shooting capability
  • Powerful autofocus system
  • Suitable for various genres
  • Built-in flash
  • Overheating problems

Canon EOS R5 is the best camera for baby photography when it comes to image quality. With its advanced sensor and high resolution, it produces stunningly sharp and detailed images. The camera's silent shooting mode allows you to take photos without disturbing the baby.

EOS R5 autofocus system is incredibly fast and accurate. This is important when working with newborns who can change from sleepy to fussy in an instant. The ISO range of 100-51200 is also impressive, making it easy to adapt to different lighting conditions. Whether you're shooting in a well-lit studio or a dimly lit nursery, this camera can handle it all.

canon eos r5 camera for newborn photography sample

EOS R5 is compatible with a wide array of Canon lenses, allowing you to capture a variety of shots from close-ups of the baby's face to beautiful landscapes. It also has a built-in flash, which can be useful in low-light conditions, and a tilting LCD screen, which is incredibly helpful when shooting from different angles or when using a tripod.

2. Nikon Z 7II

High-tech features

nikon z 7ii camera for newborn photography

Type: Mirrorless | Megapixels: 45.7MP | Video: 4K UHD 2160p | Shooting speed: 10 fps

  • Dual card slots
  • Weather-sealed construction
  • Improved autofocus performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Focus indicator lag can cause missed shots
  • Lack of a dedicated ISO dial

The image quality of the Nikon Z 7II is truly amazing, thanks to its 45MP sensor and large dynamic range. One of the biggest advantages of this camera for newborn photography is its ability to rival medium format systems in terms of clarity and dynamic range, all while being more affordable.

Its 24.5 megapixel sensor works flawlessly with both native Z mount lenses and F-mount lenses via the FTZ adapter. Z 7II can handle tough shooting conditions and high shutter speeds without missing a beat. The 10fps continuous shooting speed, a game-changer for capturing those fleeting newborn moments, is a standout feature of this camera.

nikon z 7ii camera for newborn photography sample

Low-light autofocus capabilities of this cheap full-frame camera are incredible, even in challenging lighting situations. With an f/2 lens or faster, the camera can focus down to -6 EV, which is pretty remarkable. And for newborn photography, one of the most crucial features is its silent operation. You won't disturb those precious babies with any camera noise.

3. Sony Alpha a7R IV

Customizable controls

sony alpha a7r iv camera for newborn photography

Type: Mirrorless | Megapixels: 33 MP | Video: 4K 60p | Shooting speed: 10 fps

  • Silent shutter mode
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • 5-axis optical image stabilization
  • 4K video resolution
  • Expensive
  • No built-in flash

Sony Alpha a7R IV boasts a large, high-res electronic viewfinder and a tilting display, making it one of the best newborn photography cameras. Its fast and accurate autofocus system is a significant improvement from previous models. Additionally, the camera's ability to record 4K video at up to 60 frames per second makes it a versatile option for both stills and baby videos.

Alpha a7R IV boasts large image sensor, which produces stunningly beautiful photos with rich colors and incredible detail. Another great feature is the camera's silent shutter mode, so important when photographing sleeping babies. What’s more, the fast burst mode is perfect for when the baby starts getting active, allowing capturing those quick, fleeting moments.

sony alpha a7r iv camera for newborn photography sample

The 5-axis optical image stabilization is another standout feature. It helps keep images sharp and clear, even when shooting handheld without a tripod. When paired with suitable newborn photography lighting, it becomes a formidable tool for capturing those precious early moments of a baby's life.

4. Sony A7R III

Highly functional

sony a7r iii camera for newborn photography

Type: Mirrorless | Megapixels: 42.4 MP | Video: 4K | Shooting speed: 10 fps

  • Quiet shutter
  • Better autofocus compared to DSLR cameras
  • High burst mode speed
  • Eye AF feature
  • Lack of built-in image stabilizer
  • HDMI port may be necessary

Being great for capturing high-quality images in low-light conditions, the Sony A7R III is the best mirrorless camera for newborn photography. The 33MP full-frame Exmor R CMOS BSI sensor produces stunning, high-resolution images with excellent color accuracy and detail. The A7R III also has a wide dynamic range, allowing you to handle both bright and dark elements in your photos.

This newborn photography camera comes with Eye AF function, which automatically focuses on the baby's eyes. This is a game changer for newborn photographers, as it ensures that the most important and expressive feature of the baby is always in sharp focus.

sony a7r iii camera for newborn photography sample

Additionally, the A7R III has a fast autofocus system, which helps capture those fleeting moments of the baby. It offers better autofocus and optical image stabilization compared to traditional DSLR cameras, allowing for more creative control over shutter speed and aperture, which is important for capturing newborn portraits.

5. Fujifilm X-T30 II

Lightweight and compact

fujifilm x-t30 ii camera for newborn photography

Type: Mirrorless | Megapixels: 26.1 MP | Video: 4K | Shooting speed: 30 fps

  • Tilting LCD screen
  • Comfortable and easy to operate
  • Handles low-light conditions well
  • Silent mode
  • Lower resolution
  • Subpar kit lenses with standard apertures

Fujifilm X-T30 II is often considered the best camera for newborn photography, as it excels in its fast autofocus and delivers high-quality portraits. The camera's fast burst speed is crucial for newborn photography, enabling you to capture those fleeting expressions and movements.

Additionally, its performance in low light conditions is exceptional, which is often the case with newborn shoots. Its large sensor and wide aperture of f/2.8 or higher ensure excellent image quality, even in challenging lighting situations. Furthermore, the X-T30 II offers a silent mode feature, which is especially useful for capturing photos without disturbing sleeping babies.

fujifilm x-t30 ii camera for newborn photography sample

Keep in mind, that investing in the lenses for newborn photography with a wide aperture, such as a 35mm or 50mm f/1.8 lens, is highly recommended, as it allows you to capture detailed and clear images without relying on flash.

6. Nikon Z6 II

Excellent dynamic range

nikon z6 ii camera for newborn photography

Type: Mirrorless | Megapixels: 24.5 MP | Video: 4K UHD | Shooting speed: 14 fps

  • Built-in image stabilization
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Ability to record 4K video
  • High-quality viewfinder
  • Requires CFexpress or XQD memory cards
  • No PC Sync socket

Lightweight and compact, the Nikon Z6 II is one of the best cameras for newborn photography, as it comes with a large and bright lens aperture that allows for a shallow depth of field, which is essential for implementing all your newborn photo ideas.

The camera's excellent autofocus system ensures quick and accurate shots, making it perfect for capturing those precious newborn moments. The Z6 II is also fitted with an image stabilization system to avoid camera shake and produce sharp, blur-free images, ensuring that every detail is captured beautifully.

nikon z6 ii camera for newborn photography sample

In addition to its photography capabilities, the Nikon Z6 II is also great for capturing high-quality 4K video. The camera's zoom capabilities allow for close-up shots of tiny details, as well as wider shots to capture the overall scene. Besides, its high-resolution LCD screen is perfect for reviewing and editing photos on the go.

fixthephoto newborn photo editing fixthephoto newborn photo editing

Don't Have Time For Editing Newborn Photos?

You can trust experienced retouchers to enhance your newborn photography. They'll carefully adjust shadows, correct colors, remove blemishes, stray hairs, and make any necessary edits to ensure your baby's photos look perfect.

7. Canon EOS 5D

For both pros and enthusiasts

canon eos 5d camera for newborn photography

Type: DSLR | Megapixels: 30.4 MP | Video: 4K UHD 2160p | Shooting speed: 7 fps

  • Excellent low light performance
  • High-resolution sensor
  • Good dynamic range
  • High-speed autofocus system
  • Not completely silent shutter
  • Autofocus may be challenging for small objects

Canon EOS 5D is widely considered as one of the best cameras for baby photography due to its excellent low-light performance and larger sensor size compared to crop-sensor cameras. This makes it perfect for capturing those precious moments in dimly lit environments often encountered during newborn shoots.

Additionally, if you're shooting outdoors, the camera's full-frame sensor will help you capture stunning images with great detail. The autofocus system of the Canon EOS 5D is also worth mentioning, as it has the capability to focus on even the tiniest details of a baby's face.

canon eos 5d camera for newborn photography sample

The camera boasts a high-resolution sensor, ensuring sharp and detailed images that perfectly capture the innocence of the baby. Moreover, this cheap Canon camera has a good dynamic range, allowing it to capture true colors and avoid any unwanted digital artifacts in your photos.

8. Nikon D5600

For beginners

nikon d5600 camera for newborn photography

Type: DSLR | Megapixels: 24.2 MP | Video: Full HD 1080p | Shooting speed: 5 fps

  • Affordable price
  • 24.2-megapixel sensor
  • Tilting screen
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Lacks silent shutter mode
  • Limited burst mode speed
  • Mediocre autofocus capabilities

Nikon D5600 is one of the best cameras under $1000 and is also a more budget-friendly DSLR camera available, making it a great choice for beginners or photographers on a tight budget. Additionally, it boasts a 24.2-megapixel sensor, which produces high-quality images with good resolution.

The camera for newborn photography also features a tilting screen, which is helpful for shooting from different angles and perspectives, especially when photographing newborns who are often lying down. It allows for easy framing of shots from low or high angles, adding versatility to your compositions.

nikon d5600 camera for newborn photography sample

One of the main issues with this camera is its autofocus performance, particularly in low-light conditions. While it can produce sharp images in well-lit environments, it may struggle to focus accurately in dimly lit rooms or during nighttime shoots. In addition, the D5600 does not offer a silent shutter option, so crucial during peaceful baby photoshoots.


  • What should I consider when choosing a camera for newborn photography?

A larger sensor allows for better low-light performance, which is crucial when working with newborns who are sensitive to light. Look for a camera with a high dynamic range to capture detail in highlights and shadows.

Fast autofocus is crucial when photographing newborns, as they tend to move quickly. Additionally, having a silent shutter mode is beneficial, as newborns are usually asleep during their sessions and loud shutter noises may wake them up.

A wide lens with a shallow depth of field is also desirable to achieve that popular blurred background effect. Lastly, built-in image stabilization is handy for handheld shooting, especially when capturing active babies or avoiding blurry images.

  • Can you recommend any specific cameras for newborn photography?

Certainly! One highly recommended camera is the Canon EOS R5 is a powerful and reliable camera for newborn photography. Its high-quality images, fast autofocus, and silent shooting mode make it a great choice for capturing those precious moments.

top 3 newborn photography cameras

The Nikon Z 7II is a powerful camera that can deliver stunning image quality in any situation, making it a fantastic choice for newborn photoshoots. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities that will satisfy both professional photographers and high-end enthusiasts.

Lastly, if you're willing to invest in a high-quality camera that can deliver exceptional results for newborn sessions, the Sony A7R III is definitely worth considering. It offers excellent image quality, a fast autofocus system, and a compact design.

  • How important is low-light performance in a camera for newborn photography?

Low-light performance is highly important since newborns are often photographed in natural light. Look for a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a large sensor and good noise performance at higher ISO values. This allows for detailed images in dim lighting conditions without the need for a distracting flash.

camera for newborn photography with silent shutter mode

  • Any tips for organizing a successful newborn photoshoot?

Organization is key! Prepare the space beforehand, ensuring it's warm, quiet, and comfortable for the baby. Have all necessary props, blankets, and accessories ready to go. Keep a gentle, soothing atmosphere to keep the baby calm and relaxed.

Don't forget to communicate with the parents beforehand to discuss their preferences and any specific poses they desire. Additionally, having the right newborn photography camera and newborn photography props can enhance the overall outcome of your photoshoot.