40 Newborn Photo Ideas for Boys & Girls at Home or Studio

Newborn Photo Ideas

Newborn Photo Ideas

Organizing a photo session for babies can be very difficult, so I have collected 40 charming newborn photo ideas that will help you take admirable shots. You’ll find recommendations about group pictures with siblings and photos with different props and outfits.

40 Newborn Picture Ideas

10 Newborn Baby Photos

1. Frog Pose

This is one of the traditional poses, which parents like. The main thing is the baby’s safety and comfort. In general, you need to place kid’s legs by sides with the hands naturally kept under the chin carefully.

newborn photography ideas

2. Tushy Up

This is a very cute and natural pose, though some parents may not like it, especially if you have to photograph a little girl. Don’t be very insistent, just show several sample photos and explain what you can achieve.

lightroom preset collection for newborn photo ideas lightroom preset collection for newborn photo ideas

3. Wrapped

You don’t need anything special to pull off this newborn photos idea. Wrap the kid carefully with the hands in or out. Start with standard angles and then experiment. Remember – your primary task is to create safe and comfortable conditions.

newborn photoshoot ideas

4. Appropriate Props

If you intend to realize creative newborn photo ideas, you won’t be able to do it without newborn photography props. There are so many of them on the web or in a regular children’s store. Frankly speaking, I have lots of things that I frequently use while posing newborns for photography.

babies photoshoot ideas

5. Womb Pose

Don’t know how to photograph babies? Start with natural and comfortable poses like this one. It’s also often called the Taco pose and is really beneficial, as you can show baby’s face and little hands and feet.

babies photo shoot ideas

6. On the Side

This is one of the classic newborn photo ideas, though sometimes it is considered too trivial. Nevertheless, it is very popular among photographers as they can easily adjust the composition.

photoshop action collection for newborn photo ideas photoshop action collection for newborn photo ideas

7. Chin on Hands

Being a baby photographer for many years, I have so many memories associated with this pose. Some of them are funny, while others are truly sweet. Make sure the construction is steady, so the baby won’t fall.

baby girl pictures ideas

8. On the Back

It’s definitely one of the simplest newborn photoshoot ideas. Lay the baby on their back with their hands on their tummy. Children like this pose and tend to smile and chuckle, so you can capture sincere emotions.

baby girl pic ideas

9. Full Length Shot

Hold the toddler’s legs in the same position for about a minute, so you’ll have enough time to take such a photo. Choose the best lighting for newborn photography to clearly see the baby’s pacified face.

newborn photos

10. Capture Details

Look through newborn photography posing tips and experiment with angles. Having full length pictures and several with small details, you’ll be able to provide your clients with a wonderful baby photo album.

 newborn baby photos

10 Baby Boy Pictures Ideas

11. Dino Themed Picture

Looking for interesting newborn photo ideas for boys? Get a wonderful Dino costume. It may have a symbolic meaning related to the baby’s arrival to this world. Such a Dino outfit comes in different colors, so choose the most suitable for your photo session.

newborn baby photography ideas

12. Posters

Posters may be a great way to add unique and personalized details to your pictures. Create beautiful posters with the child’s name or some details related to his family and take original newborn baby photos.

posing newborns for photography

13. On the Grass

If you have a photo session in the winter or simply don’t want to risk taking a child outdoors, but wish to add natural vibes to the photo – imitate the green grass in your studio. Find a suitable green blanket with the grass pattern and take newborn photos.

 baby boy pictures ideas

14. Warm and Soft Blankets

You should definitely have woolen soft props to realize baby picture ideas at home. Make the newborn warm and comfortable, wrapped in a blanket, and you’ll be able to pose him as you wish.

baby boy photos ideas

15. In the Boat

How to photograph newborns without problems? Just pose them comfortably, so they won’t cry all the time. You can get a small boat of bright colors, put some warn rugs inside and lay the kid on it. While he is sleeping, you can take some memorable images.

newborn photo ideas

16. Sport Attributes

Most boys really like sports and team games. So, why not use such newborn baby boy picture ideas at the photo session? For instance, you can get a football hat or a ball and create a beautiful composition.

newborn boy picture ideas

17. Batter Up

This is a related idea to the previous one. Prepare a baseball hat and write the baby’s name and the birth date on a small white ball. This makes newborn photos really sweet.

newborn baby photography

18. Baby Blues

Knit sets are always a good idea. Find something similar for a photo shoot. Knit pants and a hat are perfect, so choose blue and green colors that are common for boys. Check newborn photography tips to understand what background will suit the best.

newborn photography

19. Rustic Style

Add some rustic elements to the composition. Discuss the baby boy photo ideas with parents to understand how they want to see their child.

newborn baby pictures ideas

20. Sleeping

This is probably one of the simplest newborn baby photography ideas. You just need to photograph a child while he is naturally sleeping in his bad. The clothes don’t matter.

newborn pictures outfits

10 Baby Girl Pictures Ideas

21. A Little Ballerina

This is a gorgeous example of girly newborn pictures outfits. Find a pink or a white tutu and a beautiful headband with flowers. Such photos look touching and feminine at the same time.

newborn photoshoot ideas

22. Girls’ Stuff

Find many beautiful attributes that all the girls like. It may be dresses and hats, dolls and ribbons. Pay attention to the gamut, as pink and white colors are the most advantageous to implement baby girl pic ideas.

newborn photo ideas

23. Princess

Every girl is the most important princess for her parents. Try to show it in the pictures. Choose the appropriate clothes and props for your newborn baby girl picture ideas.

newborn photography ideas

24. Pretty Fairy

Place girl on their tummy, so you can clearly see her back and face. Put pink wings on their back, as if the baby can fly. It looks so adorable that hardly any parents will refuse this newborn baby photos idea.

newborn picture ideas

25. The Pumpkin

Top newborn photographers always use this idea. It is rather easy to do but the result will be truly fascinating. Find several artificial pumpkins (they will serve you for many years) and place them in the background. Find an orange hat for a baby like she is one of the pumpkins.

newborn photoshoot ideas

26. Organic Look

Don’t get carried away with too many different props. Try this idea with a hammock and get a harmonious picture. Always remember safety issues.

babies photoshoot ideas

27. Bunny Ears Hat

Make a girl a small cute bunny at the photo session. Find newborn pictures outfits on the web.

babies photo shoot ideas

28. A little Mermaid

Would you like to organize a marine photo session? Dress the baby as a mermaid and prepare additional newborn baby photography props.

baby photo ideas

29. Lady in Pink

Pink is believed to be a girly color. So use this rule for choosing the clothes for a shoot. It may be even a piece of fabric to hide her diaper.

baby girl pictures ideas

30. Trendy Hat

Why not try glamorous apparel? If you choose a full outfit, the whole body and all the wrinkles will be hidden. So, it better to choose a trendy hat for newborn baby photos.

baby girl pic ideas

10 Baby Picture Ideas at Home

31. Natural

How to take baby pictures at home? Don’t rush around trying to find perfect location, suitable props and enough light. Keep things simple and photograph the child in his/her dad’s hands.

newborn photos

32. Yawing

Babies sleep a lot in their first weeks and often yawn. So, you don’t miss a chance to capture this moment.

newborn photography ideas at home

33. With a Favorite Toy

Every baby has a preferred toy, so use it as a prop for newborn photography.

newborn pictures at home

34. In a Blanket

Wrap the baby in a soft blanket and take some pictures from above.

newborn photoshoot ideas

35. With Brothers and Sisters

Group photos with siblings help to demonstrate family unity. Try different poses and newborn photography ideas at home.

newborn photoshoot ideas

36. In a Basket

Have a wooden basket? Use it for the photo session as it gives newborn baby photos an organic look.

unique newborn picture ideas

37. With a Daddy

Take a photo of a daddy holding his baby. This is a very touching and atmospheric picture.

newborn photoshoot ideas

38. Mummy and a Baby

These are must-have shots that will recall many sweet memories.

newborn baby pictures ideas

39. Focus on Tiny Fingers

Take some close-ups of the tiny hands and fingers. It is a simple newborn photo idea but very meaningful.

newborn photography

40. Add Accessories

If a baby was born in autumn, you may add some leaves or other characteristic elements for this season. Talk with the parents to choose something special.

newborn photo ideas

Photography Tips for Beginners

Tip 1. Decide What Style of Shooting You Prefer – Posed or Lifestyle

If you want to be aware of how to photograph newborns, the first thing you should know is that there are two styles – lifestyle and posed or studio shooting.

Posed or studio shooting. If you and your clients decide to implement such newborn photo ideas, remember that the best time to photograph newborns is the first two weeks after the birth. The baby will be very sleepy and “foldable.”

newborn photo ideas

Lifestyle shooting. This is a more casual way to recreate the newborn photography ideas. Of course, there may be a little posing, but the main point of such types of shooting is to capture the natural and lively photos of the baby and his/her surroundings.

baby photo ideas

As for me, I try to take all the advantages from both types of newborn photography. For example, if you are working on the studio shoot, you can use breaks to take some lifestyle images. Do not just waste your time. Even the feeding process gives you a great opportunity to capture some memorable shots.

Tip 2. Do not Forget About the Preparation

One of the best tips for baby photography is to make a list of all the necessary stuff you need for shooting. Be sure that there will be a lot of items, so think about packing the night before.

Baby Photography Packing List:

  • Main and backup camera
  • Lenses
  • Memory cards
  • Stand for background and clamps
  • Beanbag for the newborn
  • Some funny toys if there’s a toddler in the shoot
  • Space heater
  • Various props (pillows, blankets, wraps)
  • Big blankets for the backdrop
  • Smaller swaddle blankets
  • Waterproof pads
  • A change of clothes (in case of some accidents)

Tip 3. Warn The Clients

In order to arrange a successful photo session with newborn photo ideas, it's essential to ensure that the parents of the baby are aware of what to expect and how to prepare. You may even send a letter with some tips and your newborn photoshoot ideas to get them both prepared. There are even the email templates that include the full description about the plans for the session and clear preparation guide. Warn your clients about the things you're going to take with you, about the approximate duration of the shoot, and ask them to warm the house even though you will have a space heater with you.

Tip 4. Become Inspired by the Baby

You can find inspiration practically everywhere. You can look through the newborn photo ideas on Pinterest, and ask your client to send you a letter with their own babies photoshoot ideas. It's a great way to keep some poses in mind before you start shooting.

You do not have to make up some extraordinary babies photo shoot ideas to take beautiful and touching shots. Let the newborn stretch, yawn, move and do other wonderful and charming movements.

newborn photoshoot ideas

In addition to all the newborn photography posing tips, I would recommend you open up the baby’s fists. Take into account that relaxed hands will add a more quiet and peaceful atmosphere to the shots.

Tip 5. Keep Your Aperture in Mind

Take into account that during newborn baby photography, a lot of poses may have different extreme angles, and the aperture of f/2 or f/2.2 will give you a chance to get better depth of field and sharpness.

Tip 6. Take Advantage of Sleepy Time to Shoot Macro Pictures

Another example of newborn photo ideas is macro photos. As soon as the baby falls asleep, use this time to take close-up shots of his/her fingers, toes, lips, hairs and so on.

In addition to the fact that such “detailed” baby photo ideas look very cute and adorable, they will be really suitable for the newborn’s photo album. The best time to take newborn photos in the macro mode is when they are very still (time of their deepest sleep is perfect) because the focus on the macro lens is very sensitive.

newborn photography

Tip 7. Do Your Best to Take the Shot of Mom and Baby Together

If you are a mother, you will definitely understand how difficult it is to get in front of the camera, but how important it is at the same time. So, taking the photo of the baby and his/her mom is one of the best newborn photo ideas.

newborn photography ideas at home

Tip 8. Use Your Props Reasonably

Many beginners and experienced photographers take all their props (headbands, blankets, wraps and so on) with them to every photo shoot and this is their biggest mistake. Even if you have a lot of newborn photo ideas to implement, you can just become confused with a large number of props, panic and lose time. It is better to think through and plan about three to four baby girl or baby boy pictures ideas, depending on the client’s preferences.

newborn photo ideas

Tip 9. Use Natural Light

Thinking about the baby picture ideas at home, you should pay special attention to the natural light during the photo shoot. It will add the calming tone and bring a peaceful atmosphere to the pictures. You may use the natural light from the windows in the morning and late evening. In addition to the newborn photography tips, there is also some advice about the settings. Choose the AV (Aperture Priority) mode, set a wide aperture and a high ISO.

newborn photos

Tip 10. Dress Up the Baby

It is an especially great example for the baby girl pictures ideas. You should do your best to take the most memorable shots, as time is so fleeting, and only you can help parents to create vivid memories.

babies photo shoot ideas

Tip 11. Select Pastel Tones to Make the Baby Shine

Choosing the clothes, props for the baby and other baby boy or baby girl pic ideas, try to pick similar colors and tones in order not to divert attention from the newborn. If you have trouble with the lighting, it is better to choose clothes in light tones. You can also try to create interesting newborn photo ideas by adding some props with texture, such as a knit blanket. If you have more blankets, you can surely use them as a background, as they will look very beautiful and neat.

newborn photoshoot ideas

Tip 12. Shoot From the Top

It is very important to think about the safety of the baby and use the camera strap during the shoot to prevent dropping the camera. If you want to take the shot from above, try to angle the frame so that you are shooting down the nose of the child. If you decide to take the newborn photos with the baby on some surface, it would be better to keep it at eye level.

Tip 13. Pictures with Siblings Are Amazing

You can often face the situation where the baby has older siblings. In such cases, it is a great opportunity for you to implement even more interesting newborn photo ideas. The only thing you should remember is that the best time to do newborn photos with his/her brother or sister is right after you start shooting.

newborn picture ideas

Tip 14. Hire an Assistant to Make the Shooting Easier

In fact, taking newborn baby photos is not as easy as it may seem. Babies are so unpredictable: they can start crying or move somewhere during the shoot, mess up the props and so on. A great decision is to find an assistant. He/she can get the baby prepared for the shoot, organize your props, hold the flash or cope with the newborn to capture the perfect moment.

Tip 15. Remember About Safety During the Newborn Shooting

Regardless of what type of baby girl or baby boy photos ideas you would like to recreate, remember that the newborn is the boss here. If he/she doesn’t want to fall asleep even after you have tried everything, just accept this and shoot some lifestyle photos.

In general, I hope that these newborn photoshoot ideas and tips will be useful for you and help you take candid and unforgettable baby pictures.

Tip 16. Share the Portfolio with Your Community

Once you practice with newborn photography and you are satisfied with your work, you have to show people your vision. How can you do that? Firstly, you should build a website to display your niche. Lucky for you, WordPress is the perfect match for photographers - give it a try!

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