Newborn Photography Backdrops

Newborn Photography Backdrops

Choose one of the following newborn photography backdrops to take cute and creative newborn photos.

newborn photography backdrops

Top 30 Newborn Photo Backdrops

From year to year photographers tend to choose natural materials, pastel shades and soft colors in order to create a gentle atmosphere for baby photos. Let’s look at the best-selling newborn backdrops.

1. Vinyl Backdrop

newborn photography backdrops Check Photo Backdrop

If you are going to create something very stylish and don’t want to spend much money, you’d better choose vinyl backdrops. They are easy to work with and you may not be afraid to drabble them.

A damp cloth will clean the surface. Besides, vinyl photo backdrops aren’t affected by humidity and can be stored. The variety of such backdrops is huge, so you can choose any color you like.

2. Bright Cloth

newborn photography backdrops

Don’t be afraid of experiment and play with different colors. Who said that your photo backdrop should be pastel or white?

Dark and moody colors will only single out your baby’s skin.

3. Laces

newborn backdrops Check Photo Backdrop

First of all, remember that babies have a very tender skin, so always make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Applying overlay fabrics, make sure the underneath fabric is of the similar color.

4. White and Grey Fabric

baby photo backdrops Check Photo Backdrop

They are so pure and fit the newborn photography very much. But creamy or ivory shades are also favorable if you need to warm the skin.

5. Flokatis and Faux Furs

newborn photography background Check Flokati

This handmade fluffy wool rug appeared first in Greece hundreds of years ago and soon became popular worldwide. Nowadays, it belongs to the category of cheap photography backdrops which is very interesting to work with.

Such a rug is off-white, but you can find different color variations.

6. Handmade Banner

newborn photo backgrounds

If you are lucky to have a beautifully-textured wall or a nice fence, you may finish the background with a simple banner.

There may be some phrases like “little princess” or “our boy”, kid’s name or just some bright pictures.

7. Sackcloth

small photography backdrops Check Sackcloth

From the aesthetic point, this natural fabric is very beautiful. What is more important, it is 100% eco-friendly and doesn’t harm a baby’s skin.

You can create many interesting frames in combination with wooden elements. The only limit is your imagination.

8. Black Backdrop

newborn backdrop Check Photo Backdrop

There are some photographers, who don’t use black backdrops, affirming that it is not very practical. They believe that it is impossible to see cute details placing a pale-skinned kid on such a surface.

Still, you can “play” with this color if you want to photograph a baby in dad’s hands against a black background. In reality, it looks very beautiful.

9. Flowers and Leaves

newborn photography blanket backdrops Check Photo Backdrop

Grass, leaves, flowers and petals can be used in a wide variety of options. You can create a flower bed for a baby or even wreaths and other accessories from leaves and grass.

Such natural materials for newborn photography backdrops are among the most favorite backgrounds for many photographers and customers all over the world.

10. Outdoor Backdrop

newborn photography blanket backdrops Check Photo Backdrop

One of the best options for making photography as eco-friendly as possible is an outdoor photo session. Use the beauty of the spring fresh greenery or the bright saturated colors of blooming summer plants.

There is nothing more organic than the picture of a small child in the bosom of nature.

11. Wood

newborn backdrop fabric Check Photo Backdrop

There is a perfect combination of colors for rural newborn photoshoots. Together with light shades of fabric in which you can wrap the baby, this will create a special atmosphere for the photoshoot.

12. Lightweight Cotton Wraps

newborn photography props bed

In newborn photography, cotton wraps are really popular. First of all, they help to create comfortable surrounding for a small kid.

In such a way, the baby feels relaxed and you may use all your ideas during a photo session. Soft fur background in a combination with cotton wraps looks gorgeous, making the photo soft and tender.

13. Mesh & Gauze

diy photo backdrop fabric Check Gauze Swaddle

You may not think about mesh and gauze as photo backgrounds. But actually, they bring beautiful, delicate depth to the photo and make a wonderful contrast for a baby’s skin.

A preferable variant is to choose the fabric of ivory and creamy tones.

14. Ruffled Knit

diy photography backdrop Check Knit Blanket

Some natural fabrics may also be used for newborn photography. For example, you can place a sleeping baby in a woven nest or basket and get a very cute picture.

Finish the background with soft fabric and use deep, oaky colors. Without any other props, you bring the baby to the forefront.

15. Cute Hats

newborn photography editingnewborn photography editing

Handmade clothes or hats are the best new props that make photos really sweet. They add a kind of warmth not only figuratively, but also in a literal way.

The model will sleep safe and sound whilst you capture wonderful moments. Such hats that you see in a photo can be easily made using jersey fabrics or tissue knit.

16. Roses and Ruffles

newborn props Check Photo Backdrop

One of the loveliest and interesting backgrounds for girls is still the backdrop of roses and ruffles.

It adds tenderness to photos, which most customers admire greatly.

17. Cotton Blankets

newborn backdrop blankets Check Blanket

Yellow and green leaf blankets are perfect for spring and fall newborn photography. You can use it as a basket/net stuffer or blanket to lay baby on.

18. Acrylic Blanket

newborn photography blanket backdrops

Stretchy acrylic newborn wrap knit is a wonderful prop for any baby photoshoot as it looks good on matte and pastel backgrounds. The baby’s skin looks soft.

19. Puff Blanket

baby blanket photo prop

Super soft yet chunky! This gorgeous baby newborn baby blanket is made from a super cozy acrylic wool blend yarn with a soft furry yarn added for just the right touch.

This is the perfect little blanket to add to your photo prop collection!

20. Wooden Crate

newborn bed prop diy Check Baby Crate

It is the thing that is perfect for many poses. You can fill the crane with fabric or fur and lay the baby inside.

Another variant is to make a “butt-up” position with a baby on the top of the crane. You can change angles and positions or even photograph baby with his/her siblings.

21. Hanging Stork Sacks

newborn photography ideas Check Photo Prop

This tradition is well-known, but still very popular. With hanging sacks, you can get very touching photos, but make sure that a baby is safe and comfortable.

Moreover, such composite pictures consist of a combination of multiple shots. You won’t do without photo manipulation.

22. Holiday Newborn Photo Props

newborn posing bean bag Check Photo Props

If the photo session takes place during holiday or parents want to have some festive pictures – you are welcome to use appropriate newborn photography props.

23. Superhero Newborn Photo Props

jersey wrap newborn photography View Costume

If parents want their baby to be a batman or a small princess – why not?! In fact, it looks very cute in photos. Make sure, you have some costumes in your collection.

24. Vinyl-Covered Newborn Photography Bean Bag

newborn posing bean bag Check Bean Bags

Using a bean bag for newborn photography can save you lots of time. It must be full and flat on top for supporting the baby.

The best newborn posing bean bag is a vinyl-covered one as it is cozy for baby’s skin and can be easily wiped down and sanitized.

25. Sturdy Baskets

newborn photography props baskets Check Baskets

If you are looking for extraordinary newborn props, you can use sturdy baskets. All you need is to put a basket on a nice-looking floordrop and place a baby in it.

Do not forget to put a blanket. To get cute images, it is better to shoot straight down. In this case, you don’t need to pose a baby in a special way.

26. Stuffed Animals

newborn bed prop diy Check Props

Take advantage of stuffed animals. Ask the parents to choose a stuffed animal in advance. They can even bring the one from their childhood.

As the baby is constantly growing, it is possible to create an amusing series by using the same stuffed animal.

27. Tutus and Ties

newborn photography props diy Check Costumes

Clothing is not only loose-fitting for babies, but it also allows dating a photo. That is why most of the newborn pictures are taken in a festive outfit, wrappers or clothing specially designed for photo sessions.

Tutu skirts and ties may also serve as charming newborn photography props. A tie for a boy is a rather simple accessory, but make a baby look so cute. Tutus allow a baby girl to look like a real lady.

28. Suitcase

newborn props Check Photo Backdrop

Photographers often use vintage suitcases, boxes and crates as a newborn photography props bed. Wooden suitcases are universal props because you can shoot the baby either inside the suitcase or on the top of it.

Similar to baskets and boxes, the suitcase must be robust and clean. To make the baby feel more comfortable in the suitcase, put a blanket in it.

29. Teepees

newborn photography props Check Teepee

One of the most interesting newborn photography ideas is to use teepees both for older babies and toddlers.

A teepee is a very useful prop for those photographers who work with different age groups. A classic fabric tent will definitely make any photoshoot more interesting.

Moreover, creative shooters can make their own teepee. All you need is to drape a piece of material over the tree branches.

30. DIY Props

diy newborn photo backdrop

Anyway, you can always make something on your own.

FREEBIES for Newborn Photo Editing

Use these free actions, presets and overlays to edit baby photographs in several clicks.

Free Photoshop Action "Cool Tonning"

This marvelous PS action allows you to add a cool effect to your images.

Moreover, it enhances the skin of newborn giving it a delicate natural tint. Use this action to soften a picture without losing any essential details.

Free Lightroom Preset "Warm Light"

Warm Light is one of the most commonly used LR presets as it allows enhancing the images of sleeping babies.

Use this preset to add warm tones to the photo and receive stunning results.

Free Confetti Overlay "Pink Hearts"

This beautiful PS Confetti overlay can be applied to both newborn and love story pictures.

It gives the image rich colors and decorates it with numerous small and big hearts! Pink Hearts will make your wedding and holiday pictures more vivid and lively.

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