35 Family Photo Ideas – Fun and Creative Family Portrait Ideas

Family Photo Ideas

family photo ideas

I’ve gathered 35 funny and creative family photos ideas you can try at your next photoshoot. Want your clients to remember the happiest moments of their family life? Take a camera and realize these crazy and cute family portrait ideas.

Family Photo Ideas in Studio or at Home

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All the greatest and most heart-warming memories we have are connected with our families. And each of us keeps these sweet memories in the form of family photographs. In order to make your pictures even cuter, use these family portrait ideas to take awesome photos at your family’s home or at the studio.

1. Let’s Play Together!

family photo ideas

They say that the grownups are just adult kids. There is nothing to be ashamed of! Take your kids, choose the coziest and the most spacious room for everyone to fit in, and bring all the board games you have, toys, cards, pencils, brushes. The childish creative atmosphere will help invent even more ideas for family photo.

2. Talk Sitting on the Sofa

family portrait ideas

One of the best family picture ideas is just to have an everyday talk in front of the camera. Just sit on a cozy sofa or an armchair, hug your children, look in their eyes, and listen.

3. The Kitchen is not Only for Cooking

family picture ideas

Many excellent family photo ideas can be easily implemented right in your kitchen. Cooking together with kids can bring you closer like nothing else. If you don’t feel like cooking, then just have a lot of fun.

4. Relax on the Bed

family picture themes

If you have always wanted natural and relaxed family photos, just go to bed. Lying in the bed together with your nearest and dearest, smiling and hugging will create an adorable atmosphere or mutual consent and help realize all those wonderful indoor family photo ideas. Moreover, you don’t need to come up with inconvenient poses.

5. The Beauty is in the Simple Things

family photoshoot idea

The most important thing in the realization of a family photoshoot idea at home is a natural atmosphere, pleasant everyday routine, and sincerity. Sometimes we don’t notice the beauty in these common things around us, but the picture of you and your family having breakfast, reading, playing, or talking will surely turn out to be incredible.

Outdoor Family Photo Ideas

The street will provide even more space for fun family photo ideas. At any time of the year, you can find interesting places in order to make an unusual family photo session. I have gathered the best ideas for each season below.

Family Photo Ideas Fall

Dreaming of a quiet, sincere, and peaceful family photo session? With the beginning of autumn, you can implement a great variety of different family photo ideas. Play in golden leaves, look at wonderful sunsets , and enjoy fall together with your relatives.

6. The Field of Orange Pumpkins

family photoshoot idea

The pumpkin is the special attribute of every autumn. On the background of fiery golden leaves, orange pumpkins will add more warmth and comfort to your photographs. Beautiful autumn days will present the best colors for family pictures outside.

7. Apple Paradise

family photo shoot idea

A beautiful autumn apple orchard will fill your photos with sweetness and love. It’s definitely one of the best family photo themes.

8. Recreation Park

family photo themes

You may simply implement one of the cute family picture ideas in the park nearby. There is nothing better than shiny golden leaves, a warm sunset, autumn air, and beautiful smiles.

9. Go for a Walk

ideas for family pictures

If there is no park or special area for recreation nearby, don’t be upset. For a successful photo session, all you need is just to come out of the house. Go for a simple walk with your beloved people and autumn itself will offer you the best family photo shoot idea.

10. Autumn Decorations

family photos ideas

Add some props to emphasize the beauty of autumn. Wooden baskets, bright red apples, and warm cozy clothes will help you realize all desired family photo ideas.

Spring Family Picture Ideas

Spring always brings life, freshness, inspiration, and new ideas. And here is the list of the most amazing family photo ideas during the spring.

11. The Power of Water

family photos ideas

One of the best outdoor family photo ideas is playing near the water. This activity typically makes kids excited and their genuine emotions would be captured in the shots.

12. A Part of History in Your Photo

ideas for family photo

Architecture keeps the memories through the ages. Your photos might feature your unforgettable emotions on the background of some amazing architectural masterpieces. Choosing this family photo idea, you will become a little part of great history.

13. Bloom Together with Nature

ideas for family photo

Spring is the time of blossom. If you have an idea to make a photo session at this time of the year, find out when the fruit trees will bloom in your area. The nature around you will offer some great ideas for family pictures.

14. Easter Holiday Photo Session

cute family picture ideas

Spring is the time of the Easter holiday. I suggest you arrange a photo session in the style of the main spring holiday. Let your kids search for eggs, add some interesting props like chocolate bunnies, colorful baskets, interesting hats for children and implement another unique family photo idea.

15. Add Some Bright Colors

unique family photo ideas

Another idea for a memorable family photo session involves your excellent mood, sincere smiles, colorful clothes, and a nice bright wall. The realization of this idea won’t require much effort on your part.

Family Photo Ideas Winter

Winter is time for Christmas, cozy sweaters, pleasant movies, ginger cookies, and laughs. Like to throw snowballs, make a white snowman with your kids, or sit in the blankets in front of the fireplace? Capture this process and these sweet memories will be with you forever. I recommend you take into account these great family photo ideas for winter.

16. Make a Lovely Snowman

fun family photo ideas

Winter family photos outdoors necessarily include a new member of your family – the snowman. Don’t forget that you are supposed to make it together.

17. Snowballs and Snow Castles

family photo ideas christmas

If you want to feel the magic power of winter, give preference to spontaneous photos under the white snowflakes. Keep in mind that the best family picture poses shouldn’t be always prearranged. Feel the moment!

18. Incorporate Your Pet

family photo ideas winter

Your favorite pets will be very pleased if you take them with you to a winter photo shoot. First of all, they like snow, and secondly, they are madly in love with you. Taking photographs with your little best friends on the winter street can probably be one of the best family picture themes.

19. Don’t Forget About Winter Activities

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Winter activities are very merry and challenging. Don’t be afraid of using winter sports props, such as a sled, skis, or skates for implementing the best winter family photo ideas. It’s actually not important whether you are going to use them or not, for they will just create a special atmosphere.

20. More Sincerity

best colors for family pictures outside

If you don’t know how to choose family photo poses ideas, it’s not a big deal. Just be natural and feel at ease while interacting with the closest people. The camera will make everything for you.

Summer Family Picture Ideas

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for photo sessions. Use the possibilities of warm weather and nature in order to create unbelievable family images. Here you can find a few good family photoshoot ideas.

21. Have Fun in the Pool

family photo poses ideas

One of the best summer family photo color schemes is a pool full of chilly but pleasant water. Just swim, splash, make fun, and be happy.

22. Cornfields

family portrait ideas

Cornfields are a great option for a family photo shoot, not only in the autumn but also in the summer. A bright, deep green color will add incredible charm to photos.

23. Boho-Style Vibes

family photoshoot ideas

Want to feel the energy of summer love? A photo session in an antique bohemian style will emphasize the true feelings of your heart. Usually, the clothes of this style are called the best family picture outfits summer.

24. A Great Road Journey

family picture poses

You don’t need to invent new creative family picture poses in this way. Just sit in the car and enjoy the ride!

25. Sports Fans

family picture poses

Family passion for any sport is a great option for a summer photo shoot. A few items that are associated with particular sports will be enough to realize cool family picture ideas.

Family Photo Ideas Christmas for Cards

What can be better than receiving an outstanding Christmas card with all the family gathered? With these interesting and creative Christmas card photo ideas, you will amaze all your relatives and capture wonderful moments.

26. One, Two, Three – Let’s Decorate the Tree

christmas photoshoot ideas

Decorating the Christmas tree can be the most intimate moment for your family and one of the best Christmas photoshoot ideas simultaneously.

27. Time to Open the Presents

creative christmas card photo ideas

What can be better than opening the Christmas presents? Taking the photo while doing this, of course! The whole process will give you the most unforgettable feelings and funny Christmas photo ideas. You can choose any pose – stand with your presents, sit with them, or even hug them.

28. Holiday-Themed Costumes for Children

funny family christmas photos card ideas

It’s time for you to cast some creativity on your holiday. You can easily implement one of your cute family picture ideas by dressing your kids as their favorite fairy tale characters. Children like to be the center of attention and definitely will make the whole atmosphere in the shots unbelievably beautiful.

29. Don’t Forget About Family Traditions

family christmas photo shoot ideas

All families honor their great legacy and traditions. Actually, involving the family’s festive traditions might be another great family photoshoot idea and could play an important role in your family’s Christmas card picture.

30. Don’t be Afraid to Be Serious

toddler christmas photo ideas

Formal outfits can add some uniqueness to your family Christmas photo shoot ideas. Pick up elegant costumes, stylish dresses, and tuxedos.

Family Picture Ideas with Props

Do you want to have great photos but there is no opportunity to arrange a nice location? Don't get upset because there are lots of family portrait ideas which will help transform any place into a real paradise. Just go on reading and choose the best props you would like to use.

  • To make a family photoshoot funnier, suggest your clients make DIY photography props together. You can even take photos of them preparing these decorations.

31. Cozy Teepee for Boho Style

fall family photos

Nowadays teepees are widely used so it wouldn’t be a problem to find them or even make one yourself. I guarantee you will like the photos. A teepee will help realize cute family picture ideas and add a boho style to the shots.

32. Balloons for Having Fun

family photo poses ideas

Show me a kid who doesn't like balloons. Personally, I have never met such children. So give preference to balloons if you want to make them happy and relaxed during a photo session. Funny grins and lovely smiles are guaranteed. Balloons are surely a nice choice among ideas for family photo.

33. A Chalkboard for Telling Stories

family portrait ideas

One of the most popular family photos ideas is incorporating a chalkboard. It will help get fantastic shots and tell various family stories. Moreover, such an item can make any space look more extraordinary and exciting.

34. A Wagon for Cute Shots

family photoshoot ideas

Involving a wagon is the next family photo shoot idea to satisfy both adults and kids. Believe me, you will get fantastic pictures with smiling grown-ups and happy kids. Such atmosphere looks very natural in the images.

35. Riding a Bike

family photoshoot ideas

It goes without saying that a bike is a perfect prop for family picture themes of different seasons. By the way, you don’t only have to use small models. There are many variants of big bike implementation.

What Are the Best Colors to Wear for Family Pictures?

color schemes for family photos

Are you wondering what to wear for family pictures outside? It is not a surprise, as most people worry about the general look in the photo. But you shouldn't think too much on this point. Just choose a few colors you like best and add some interesting textured clothing items. Don't forget that the outfit must suit the season and the weather. All in all, remember that the most important thing in the photo is love in your family, not a demonstration of the apparel.

General Tips for Styling

I recommend you examine various family portrait clothing ideas in order to make your choice quicker and easier. Here is the list of dos and don'ts for the final outfit.

Prepare Clothes Beforehand

Plan your outfit in advance in order to avoid possible stress while realizing chosen ideas for family pictures. It is even more important if talking about kids. Believe me, it will be great to have several variants for little models.

Select Coordinating Colors Rather Than Matching Ones

what are the best colors to wear for family pictures

As my practice shows, most family members choose the same outfit. But frankly speaking, it looks inelegant. Many authors of family picture ideas recommend going with two primary colors and mixing them with softer tones. As a result, you will get an astonishing look thanks to the proper color choice.

Check Your Home Decor

It’s very important to pay attention to color schemes for family photos. You see, the shots will hang on the walls of your house. So it’s very important to take the design into consideration. Try to choose the color of the clothes which will match the home interior.

Think About Location

Any family photoshoot idea should be properly thought over. So devote some time to choosing nice clothes that will look great in the location. Go for neutral colors if the photo shoot takes place on the beach and select a bright outfit if you will be surrounded by vibrant colors.

Choose Color Schemes According to the Season

best colors for family pictures outside

It’s very easy to find the best colors for family pictures outside if paying attention to the season. Certain tones definitely look better in summer or winter.

Remember Comfort

It is very important for everybody to feel comfortable in clothes, especially during shooting. Otherwise, fun family photo ideas will be ruined for sure. Moreover, it is the first point you should take into consideration when preparing clothes for kids. Take care of their comfort if you want to get smiling faces in the photos.

Add Some Accessories for Getting an Interesting Texture

what to wear for family pictures outside

Perfect realization of family photo ideas clothing is impossible without nice accessories. Stylish pieces will look great in the pictures. Prepare a plaid coat for the father, and add a plaid hat to each of the kids’ outfits. All this will help get a more cohesive feel on the shots. Actually, there are more options to achieve such a result. Scarves, gloves, hats – choose whatever you like.

Pick All-season Clothing

Most people choose holidays to implement family photo ideas in studio. But it is better to avoid Christmas hats and similar things if the shots will be hanging on the wall and you will be looking at them all year round. Personally, I don't like looking at my family in Halloween fancy dresses in summer. That's why I recommend avoiding such seasonal items while participating in a family photo session.

Avoid Using Big Logos and Diverting Patterns

large family photo color schemes

Please, remember that any family photo shoot ideas, outfits in particular, must be thought over well. Don’t wear clothes containing bright patterns and intricate logos. They may easily distract the attention from the main subjects of the images.

Put All Outfits Together to Check if They Match Each Other

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to take winter family photos with baby or summer shots. In any case, you should lay all family outfits in line to see how they appear in general. You will see how it can help understand what item looks great and which one must be replaced.

Fall Outfit Ideas

family portrait clothing ideas

Fall brings us cool weather, lots of holidays, and vibrant colors of nature. It is full of magic inspiration which might be used if you decide to take fall family photos. Think of appropriate colors and prepare suitable clothes. Suggest your family go for a walk, play with leaves, smile a lot, and have fun. It is the best way to get excellent and truly memorable shots. In addition, you can follow some of my tips on how to choose the best clothes.

Here are color schemes for family photos:

  • Maroon and Brown
  • Yellow, Denim, and Crimson
  • Tan, Cream, and Navy
  • Denim and Light Brown

Winter Photoshoot Outfits

outdoor family photo ideas

The winter season is a favorite time for many families to organize a photo shoot. It is not a surprise at all. The magical mood and all those sparkling decorations make us dream about family pictures in the snow. As for colors, here everything is quite clear. Green and red are traditional holiday colors, along with the plaid pattern. All this looks fantastic in photos. Don't forget about cozy sweaters, furry scarves, and similar things.

Perfect color schemes for winter family images:

  • White and Glitter
  • Crimson, Denim, Beige
  • Crimson and Navy
  • Black, Gray, Red

Spring Outfit Ideas

family picture poses

Don’t like wearing lots of clothes? Then choose spring to realize family photo ideas. Feel free to select nice pastel colors, appealing white and blue shades. Think of a floral pattern as well. It can be featured either on clothes or accessories. Most girls prefer to combine skirts and nice dresses with simple basic clothing pieces. Such selectiosn can help achieve a fresh look in the images.

The best coloring themes for this season:

  • Blush and Teal or White
  • Light Blue, White, and Light Brown
  • White, Yellow, and Navy

Family Picture Outfits Summer

family picture outfits summer

Summer surely offers plenty of opportunities for implementing interesting family photo ideas. Warm weather, nice panoramas, and smiling faces – what can be better? It will be great to devote some time during the vacation for arranging a photo shoot.

Try to reflect your cheerful mood in the portraits. A proper outfit will assist in doing this. Denim, light cotton, and sandals are great summertime choices.

Suitable colors for summer photos:

  • Blue, Yellow, Green
  • Beige and White
  • Teal and Orange
  • White, Light Blue, and Tan

5 FREEBIES for Editing Family Photos

It doesn’t matter what family photo poses ideas you choose, as you definitely need to edit shots to make them look brilliant. Pay attention to the best Lightroom presets that will speed up this processfor FREE.

Light&Airy Lightroom Preset Free "Soft"

Do not worry if there are some harsh shadows in the photo. This preset will help soften them.

Lightroom Light and Airy Preset "Spring matte"

The given preset is a perfect choice for all fans of retro matte shades. Apply it to make shots implementing family portrait ideas look better.

Free Fall Lr Presets "Portrait"

The filter is nice for unique fall shots if there is a lack of vibrancy as well as brightness. As a result, you'll get perfect colors.

Fall Presets Lightroom "Soft"

Do you want to make an accent on the look in close-up shots? Then select this plugin. It will increase the contrast due to blurring light shades. Mind that the preset doesn't work well with evening pictures. Nevertheless, feel free to use it for landscape images with good lighting.

Lightroom Cool Preset "Matte"

Both studio and outdoor family photo ideas will look great if you choose this preset. It is suitable for dark shots and it enhances tonality.

I hope my tips and family picture color ideas will help get astonishing results. However, it is important to remember that the main thing in a photo shoot is a special atmosphere which depends on your family members’ mood. So stop worrying and take pleasure in the process.

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