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  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample
  • family photo editing online sample

    Only $2 per photo editing. Quick 1-3 day family photo editing service. Learn more >>

    Is editing family portraits takes much time and you have already fed up with sleepless nights? You know how to edit family photos in Photoshop together with all its peculiarities but the process usually takes more time that you plan? We have an answer that will make family portrait editing easier for you.

    Family Photo Editing Services We Provide:

    • Stray hairs removal

    family photo editor sample family photo editor sample
    Removing stray hairs realistically is not an easy task, especially for a beginning family photographer. If you need professional help, drop a message at FixThePhoto site and we will take care of it.

    • Eye bags removal

    family portrait editing sample family portrait editing sample
    While improving a family portrait photo there are many nuances to keep in mind. Eye bags removal is a must-have for clear skin and healthy look.

    • Background enhancement

    family photo online sample family photo online sample
    Making the background meet the family members in the frame is important and our professional retouchers are well aware of how to do that realistically and place your family photo above a background image.

    • Skin tone enhancement

    family photography online sample family photography online sample
    We will take care of the model’s skin tone making it flawless yet true-to-life in the quickest way possible. Interested? Place a test order and see everything for yourself.

    • Shadows elimination

    family image online sample family image online sample
    Deep shadows can spoil the most beautiful family photo composition. If you want to make sure your clients’ faces look perfect, you can request FixThePhoto retouchers to eliminate harsh shadows.

    • Face wrinkles removal

    family photography editor sample family photography editor sample
    Family portrait editing includes many changes with face wrinkles removal being one of the most important steps especially if you work with elderly models.

    • Teeth whitening

    family image editor sample family image editor sample
    A Hollywood-smile is a dream of many people but you should be very careful performing family image editing. FixThePhoto experts know the border between naturalness and overphotoshopping.

    How Does It Work

    retouching headshots 1
    Upload family photos
    retouching headshots 2
    Write recommendations
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    Submit for revision if needed
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    Get your edited photos back

    Instead of devoting hours to editing family photos in Photoshop, you will have freedom to widen the circle of potential clients, make your portfolio bigger and more interesting for customers and many other things that help in career rising.

    Our Family Photo Retouching Pricing

    Basic Level

    How to Edit Family Portraits
    How to Edit Family Portraits in Lightroom
    Photoshop Family Photos
    $ 2.00 per photo
    View Examples
    Services applied:
    • Basic Retouch for 2-3 Persons
    • Color/Light Correction
    • Exposure
    • Resizing
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Red-Eye Effect Removal
    • Cropping/Straightening
    • No Body Retouch
    • No Background Touch Up
    • No Portraits/Indoors Photos Editing

    Pro Level

    How to Edit Colors in Lightroom
    How to Edit Outdoor Portraits in Lightroom
    Photoshop Portrait Filters
    $ 5.00 per photo
    View Examples
    Services applied:
    • Pro Retouch for 2-3 Persons
    • Color Correction
    • Stray Hair Removal
    • Basic Retouch for Up to 10 People
    • Blur Background
    • Background Removal - White/Black/Transparent (Up to 2 Persons on the Image)
    • Face/Body Reshaping (2-3 People)
    • Blemishes/Scars/Ance Fixing
    • Skin Smoothen
    • Small Objects Removal
    • Solid Color Background Extending

    Extra Level

    How to Edit Family Portraits in Photoshop
    Photo Editing Service
    $ 10.00 per photo
    View Examples
    Services applied:
    • Background Changing
    • Braces Removal (2-3 people)
    • Unwanted Objets Removal
    • Two Photos Merging
    • Body Parts Swapping - Up to 2 persons
    • Clothes Wrinkles Smothening
    • Recoloring of the Objects
    • Adding Items
    • Textured Backdrop Extending

    Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

    headshot retouching discount
    Discount for all family retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $300.00 US per 1 order.
    headshot retouching discount
    Discount for all family retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1500 US per 1 order.

    Free Quote for Family Photo Editing Services

    Just attach several family photos to find out what will be the price for your order. The only thing you need is to upload some samples of the photo editing style you are looking for and write recommendations. At your wish, you may mark out the areas we should edit more detailly. No matter what image format you use: raw or jpg, we accept all formats. Leave us your e-mail and our manager will contact you within 1 hour.

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    How Family Photo Editing Can Help?

    In order to prevent photographers from being disappointed because of poor online family photo editing, it is important to focus your attention on the most frequent mistakes that may happen during photo session.

    By taking them into account and trying to avoid, your photo retouching examples will become considerably better. You will not economize your time and money, as the less number of mistakes you will have, the lower photo retouching prices will be.

    Is family photo editing helpful here? Yes, it offers saturation, lightening, darkening and general professional photo color correction.

    The frequently used backgrounds for family photo sessions are clean and spacious backdrops - backyards, empty one-color walls or big rooms. That will make the clutter not so disappointedly visible.

    In case you have ignored this tip, you should ask for family picture Photoshop enhancing. This way, it is required to work thoroughly to make family photo background flawless.

    Family photo editing applied:

    • Color correction
    • Blemishes removal
    • Teeth whitening
    • Skin smoothening

    Editing Family Photos in Photoshop – Our Services

    We are experts in color correction. Our team of retouchers improve underexposed and even overexposed pictures by adjusting them.

    We remove face imperfects as sunburn, red eyes and yellow teeth naturally. Skin drawbacks, as blemishes and scars, are also removed from photography.

    After face and body retouching skin is always smooth and without wrinkles. Digital visage is also offered. We provide thorough background editing after which there are no extra objects for distracting attention.

    Frequently we do cropping to make focal photo participants central. Weight reduction is in the list of possible editing actions too.

    All options have been mentioned to underline the most important idea of your family photoshoot. We support clients with outsource photo retouching of the excellent quality. Our retouchers are competitive in using Photoshop family portrait technologies.

    Family photo editing applied:

    • Color correction
    • Color brightening
    • Blemishes fixing
    • Teeth whitening
    • Skin tone enhancement

    Benefits of Our Family Portrait Editing

    Our company never stops developing the quality of provided Photoshop family photos services. This professional motivation enables us to have a list of undeniable bonuses.

    We have a tendency to improve existing skills of editing family photos in Photoshop. We organize teaching courses for our retouchers in order to raise the level of their work and enrich their knowledge in new Photoshop or Lightroom techniques.

    The speed of family photo editing online is satisfactory - within 24-48 working hours. We are open to client`s deadlines and in case it is needed, we may edit family photos on extra speed.

    We have a list of discounts. If a customer orders editing family portraits with the price of $300, 15% discount will be automatically offered.

    We are ready to offer personal attitude to every customer. To make this possibility real, we have different packages which differ in price. If you opt for family photo editing in Photoshop on regular basis, meaning for more than 6 months, 30% discount will be certainly yours.

    Family photo editing applied:

    • Color correction
    • Background blurring
    • Stray hair removal
    • Skin smoothening

    Professional and Realistic Family Photo Editing Online

    For every family photographer it is important to balance photo composition. Thus, during photo session you may move the subjects you take pictures of into the left or right third of a photo. Still, if you fail, our online family photo editing service will delete this defect by cropping. That will balance composition and emphasize the photographed subjects.

    Our service has a special offering for the clients. With the help of family photo montage it is possible to create collage of family photos. Usually this option is quite popular with clients, as they are always eager to pull all family photos together.

    For creating a collage of family photos our team offers various templates and designing ideas. Lightroom presets and actions for photo enhancing will also contribute to the final photo collage.

    Our customers try different variants of final collage before understanding that this is just what they need and like. Believe us, that we are ready to spend as much time as it is required in order to meet the satisfactory outcome.

    Family photo editing applied:

    • Color/light correction
    • Dodge & Burn
    • Clothes wrinkles removal

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