Maternity Photo Ideas

Maternity Photo Ideas

Maternity photo ideas can be completely different, it all depends on the wishes of the pregnant woman, time of the year, the photographer's plans. Pregnancy is a magic time that you will definitely want to capture in photos to convey amazing feelings of expecting a baby.

50 Best Maternity Photo Ideas to Try

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Look through these magical maternity photo ideas and pregnancy in art to choose several ideas for your family album!

1. Focus on Belly

maternity photography ideas

A great idea is to focus on the main hero of the photoshoot. Belly! Take a close-up photo with an emphasis on the belly and hands of a pregnant woman. Use light for a dramatic effect. Look more photo ideas under #maternityphotography

2. All in the Family

maternity photo ideas with kids

Invite all family members a maternity shoot – a pregnant mom, dad, older brothers and sisters. That`s the best way to express the family’s happiness and joy of expecting a new member of your family.

3. Tiny Shoes

outdoor maternity photography

Have your clients already bought first shoes for their baby? Ask them to take a pair for a pregnancy photo shoot. This way you will highlight the moment of expecting.

4. A Glittery Photo

maternity shoot poses

Use glitter to create a celebration of expecting a baby. Now, such photos are becoming a trend.

5. Heart Hands

unique pregnancy photo ideas

Ask your clients to make heart hands to show affection for the future baby in the photo. Use the wedding ring to emphasize the family’s love, peace and understanding.

6. All Eyes on the Sonogram

best maternity photo ideas

There is no more perfect way to share the great news than a picture of a sonogram. Choose a good background, compose the photo and take a shot.

7. Big Sister/Big Brother Bonding

maternity photo ideas with toddler

When the future baby already has a big brother or sister, you can use one of the best maternity photo ideas and gather all together in a frame.

Children will add an atmosphere of expectation. These pictures look very harmonious, especially if you pick all the participants' clothes in the same style/color.

8. Lil Pumpkin

maternity photo ideas with husband

If the photo shoot takes place in the fall, then pumpkins will be great props to imitate a growing belly. This idea will create funny and joyful images, render the atmosphere of happiness. Don`t forget to include daddy in the shooting.

9. Simple Silhouette

maternity photography poses ideas

Here is one of the best maternity photo ideas suitable for personal shooting of a pregnant mom. The photographer should use the beauty of light reflection and capture the silhouette of a woman. Often these photos are taken in black and white in order to portray the emotions experienced by a woman more deeply.

10. Beaming Smiles

beautiful maternity photography

Smiles are always on the list of perfect maternity photoshoot ideas. Take a picture of dad touching the belly that peeks out from the mom`s coat to render the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

11. Matching Outfits

pregnancy photo ideas with husband

Photos look surprisingly harmonious when you pick up the same clothes – t-shirts, dress for mom, hats. The same clothes will emphasize the unity of mother and father and the joint joy of expectation.

12. Future BFFs

unique maternity photography

It's great to have a best friend. If you also got pregnant almost simultaneously, why not arrange a baby bump photoshoot together? Your kids will surely become best friends, too.

13. Picture in the Studio

foam board photography backdrop

Shooting in the studio will provide you with professional lighting and a camera, which is half the success. Black and white shots will be especially elegant.

14. Get Your Partner in the Picture

pregnancy pictures ideas for couples

The husband is a frequent guest of the maternity shootings. There are classic compositions and poses in which a family that is expecting a baby looks wonderful. For instance, the courageous future dad and a romantic mother as the beginning of a new story which will continue when their son or daughter is born.

15. Take Some Candids

creative pregnancy photo ideas

Well-thought-out plot and poses are not the only way to succeed in maternity shooting and get cute maternity pictures. Try capturing the moment when a mom is just resting home or a couple is spending time together. Such a shot will show a loving relationship and family comfort.

  • Use Frame to take creative maternity photos.

16. With Letter Board

best maternity photos

Make your shot creative with some funny writings on the letter board. Let a mom and dad share some messages with their future kid noted on the board.

17. Be a Homebody

indoor maternity photo ideas

Maternity photo shoot at home allows you to capture one of the best periods in a woman's life in a calm and familiar environment. Studio photoshoots are not always convenient for expecting a woman. The usual settings help to feel at ease. Shooting on the comfortable sofa, in a chair, on the bed will allow a pregnant mom to take convenient and relaxed poses.

18. Have Fun with Florals

outdoor maternity picture ideas

Wreaths or floral elements in the hairstyle are great accessories for maternity shots. Choose soft shades of petals that will give the photographs an atmosphere of tenderness.

19. Show Hobby

pregnancy photo shoot poses

Does your client enjoy reading books or maybe like cooking? One of the best maternity photo ideas is to use that and show the hobby in the shots.

20. Compare Bellies

This is another idea for which dad is also needed. Take a picture of a married couple comparing their bellies. It will result in a sincere and lively photo. Also, you can include your kids on the photo.

21. Who Are You Waiting For?

pregnancy photo shoot ideas with husband

Another creative idea for maternity photos is to show what gender the unborn child will be. Capture these sincere emotions!

22. Mother and Father Kissing

outdoor maternity photo ideas

Considering cute maternity photo shoot ideas, try photographing a pregnant woman with her husband. The main thing is to focus on the couple's tender and trusting relationships. The atmosphere in the photo can be romantic, funny or reverent. The main thing is to capture the clients’ sincere feelings.

23. Father Kissing the Belly

cute maternity photo shoot ideas

That`s one of the ordinary maternity photo ideas but it always works. This simple gesture will show warm feelings, love and support. If there are already kids in the family, you can ask them to join the shooting and take a photo of all the family around the belly.

24. Near Window

professional pregnancy photos

Photoshoot of pregnant women is particularly successful if the apartment has large windows, and the house gets enough daylight. You can also use the reflective atmosphere the window creates to get a catchy shot.

25. With a Ribbon

maternity photo shoot outfits

Ribbons and fabric are often used for maternity shoot ideas to give the photos romantic and dreamy vibe. Also, you can turn the shooting into a fun one using the ribbon to show a mom expecting a gift – her future child.

26. Find an Appropriate Name

unique maternity photo ideas

If you have already chosen a name for your baby, you can announce it during the shooting. You may do it with the help of the alphabetic cubes. Another creative idea is to use a little T-shirt for the baby with his/her future name.

27. With Pets

cute maternity picture ideas

Incorporating animals in the frame is one of the most creative maternity pictures ideas. This way you can take a variety of interesting pictures. For example, shoot the moment when the dog seems to listen to what is happening in the mom`s belly.

28. Take a Walk

maternity picture ideas outdoors

Pictures taken in the studio or apartment cannot be compared with photos taken in nature. Natural settings can better emphasize the beauty of the future mother. For a maternity photo shoot, you can go for a walk with expecting mom and dad to capture the love, joy and relaxed atmosphere.

29. Before and After

cool pregnancy photo ideas

It is one of the most difficult pregnancy photography ideas to implement, but if you try it, you will be impressed with the result. Both photos should be as similar as possible to each other: in clothes, hair, body movement, look, color scheme, the game of light/shadow, etc.

30. Black and White Picture

maternity photography dress

Black and white photography has always rendered the mood and atmosphere of the shot better than any other. Use it for a pregnancy photo shoot and you will be pleasantly surprised with the tender and catchy shots you get.

31. Traditional Garb

maternity portraits poses photography

Traditional garb is a part of our identity. So, why not to use it during maternity photo shootings? It will add a special vibrancy and catchy atmosphere to the shot.

32. Take A Milk Bath

pregnancy photo ideas

The shots of expecting mom in the bath are becoming more and more popular. To take beautiful maternity photography, fill the bath with warm water. When it is about a quarter full, add milk powder and corn starch mixture. Then use a whisk to evenly distribute milk powder and cornstarch.

33. With Flowing Dress with A Long Trail

maternity pictures outfits

Long dresses are a universal style for pregnant women. Such an outfit will emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the pregnant woman.

34. With Children's Stuff and Toys

cute maternity photo poses

Would you like to have a photo with a teddy bear? Pregnant women and soft toys are a great combination and one of the greatest maternity photo ideas. Also, you can use booties, tiny T-shirts for the future baby, etc.

As for the clothes of a woman, in this case, the ideal option would be pajamas. Warm, cozy pajamas of a light color will make all the pictures really cute.

35. On the Bed

pregnancy poses for photography

It's great if you have a four-poster bed, but if not — it does not matter. Often there is a location like that in the studio, so there is no need to invite the photographer to the house. For such a maternity shoot, you can wear not only pajamas but also a translucent dress made of light fabrics.

36. Nude Style

unique maternity photos

This is one of the boldest maternity photo ideas. Today, many photographers are struggling to find a model for such a photo shoot. With a rounded tummy and naked body, the woman will look incredibly extravagant. So if you need a portion of new experiences and cool photos, be sure to consider this option.

37. With Balloons

maternity photography

Take a whole bunch of helium balloons of different colors, go to some picturesque forest glade or, for example, at home, and then give vent to your imagination. The use of these props results in very original and cool photos, just try.

38. With Drawings on the Belly

pregnancy photography poses

They can be humorous, with a plot, or romantic ones. It all depends on the desires and imagination of the client along with the skill of the artist.

39. Make the Shoot About the Parents

maternity pictures with husband

The baby bump is, of course, the main hero of all maternity shootings but you should also capture the future parents. This idea is about expressing the personalities of future parents. Ask your clients to bring the props that will perfectly represent their interests and capture that.

40. A Healthy Mom

photography pregnancy poses

If the expecting mother has an active lifestyle and keeps fit while being pregnant, one of the greatest maternity photo ideas will be capturing a healthy body. Take a picture of work out or yoga classes to get a unique result.

41. A Foodie Mommy

maternity poses for photography

Forget about the beautiful studio, the flowers and the gowns! This is one of the most true-to-life maternity photo ideas. It honestly reflects one of the main aspects of a pregnant woman's life — her passion for food.

In the world, there are very few pregnant women who refuse to eat tastily. Use this to take funny shots.

42. Goddess Style

best maternity photo poses

Thinking of cute maternity photo shoot ideas, experiment with the goddess theme. Ask expecting mom to dress up like a Greek goddess and take unique shots.

43. On the Swings

maternity photoshoot themes

Beautiful swings will be a great idea and location for a photoshoot of a pregnant woman. When shooting, model can sit and make dreamily look up.

44. In the Baby`s Room

couple maternity picture poses

If the nursery is already prepared for a new family member, that`s a perfect place for a shooting. Don`t hesitate to take some pictures of a mom waiting for a new room dweller.

45. Near a Graffiti Wall

shooting near graffiti wall

Pictures near colorful, vibrant and eye-catching street art are everywhere. Why not use this as a background for a maternity shooting?

46. On the Beach

maternity poses outside

Summer is the best time to add new cute maternity pictures to your family photo album. A trip to the seaside is an ideal opportunity to get romantic, relaxed and joyful shots.

47. Underwater Adventure

shooting under water

Let`s get inspired by the shots of mermaids and create unique and beautiful images of a pregnant woman underwater. Pregnancy will look very natural, easy and feminine. This is one of the hardest maternity photo ideas to implement, but if you put some effort, the result will be perfect.

48. Mountain Elegance

maternity pics

The undoubted advantage of such photography is the beauty of nature, which cannot be repeated in the studio. Maternity pics taken outside, in the wild always come out bright, vivid and incredibly beautiful.

49. In the Field

maternity picture ideas

One of the best maternity photo ideas is shooting in the field, among the wildflowers. Add a romantic vibe to the shot by asking a model to wear a lacy dress or shirt and look down dreamily.

50. Edit Photos Naturally

Good quality is a must-have for any photoshoot. I recommend using Photoshop or Lightroom for photo editing.

You may also get professional photo post-processing services online for several dollars without wasting time on these tasks.


FREEBIES for Editing Maternity Photos

Expecting a baby is a magical time that you want to capture in the shots. It's the memory of a lifetime! You will definitely need cool presets, actions and overlays.

Free Lr Preset Portrait "Matte"

free lightroom preset for maternity photographyfree lightroom preset for maternity photography

After applying this preset, your photo will have soft colors and low contrast. This effect is very useful for portraits and studio shots. It will add colors, slightly expand the tone range and give your photo a beautiful sunny shade.

Vintage Lightroom Preset "Purple Shadows"

free lightroom preset for maternity photosfree lightroom preset for maternity photos

This preset will make a shot more warm and cheerful. It adds give yellow tones to the highlights. Exposure is also slightly raised but you can still adjust it the way you like.

Photoshop Action Color "Creative"

free photoshop action for maternity photosfree photoshop action for maternity photos

Transform your photos and fill them with vibrant shades and rich colors. It will transform a dull photo, make the colors rich and vivid and add a lively atmosphere.

Best Photoshop Action Free "Portrait"

free photoshop action for maternity picturesfree photoshop action for maternity pictures

This overlay works perfectly for photographs taken in different lighting conditions. It will help achieve a dramatic, atmospheric effect. “Portrait” overlay works nice with the bright objects on the dark background. It fixes the overly dark areas without overall changes.

Free Bokeh Overlay "Yellow-White"

free photoshop overlay for maternity photographyfree photoshop overlay for maternity photography

This overlay will add a magical atmosphere to your shots with the help of light circles in the blur zone. This effect is suitable for images with good illumination.