35 Simple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

If you are looking for original maternity photoshoot ideas to take memorable and heartwarming pictures, this guide is what you need.

No matter whether you are going to hire a professional photographer or want to organize a simple at-home photoshoot for Instagram, check out this article that will provide you with fresh ideas to take impressive pics.

This guide will help you find the right shooting location that matches your personality, perfect props, etc.

1. With Drawings on the Belly

maternity photoshoot ideas belly panting

They can be humorous, with a plot, or romantic ones.

It all depends on the desires and imagination of the client along with the skill of the artist.

2. Pregnancy Progress

maternity photoshoot ideas progress

Capturing the growth of your belly every month to create an amazing collage of ten pics will let you build a memorable composition to evoke sweet feelings and positive emotions.

The shooting location as well as the outfit should be the same.

It is better to choose a white top and black leggings.

Involve your elder children or your pet in a photoshoot to highlight their anticipation of a new family member.

3. Take Some Candids

candid maternity photoshoot ideas

Well-thought-out plots and poses are not the only way to succeed in maternity shooting and get cute maternity pictures.

A maternity photo session at home allows you to capture one of the best periods in a woman's life in a calm and familiar environment.

Shooting on the comfortable sofa, in a chair, or on the bed will allow a pregnant mom to stay relaxed.

The variety of poses (single, couple, and family ones) you can try during the session is very extensive.

Behave naturally and let the photographer snap all the sincere moments.

4. Simple Silhouette

maternity photography poses ideas

Here is one of the best maternity photo ideas suitable for the personal shooting of a pregnant mom.

The photographer should use the beauty of light reflection and capture the silhouette of a woman.

Silhouettes demonstrate the rounded lines of a woman’s body will remind the mom how graceful and special she was at that moment.

This pose is a win-win option as it is versatile and beautiful – you can mimic it at home standing by a window or outdoors during the sunset.

5. Timelessness Black and White

black and white maternity photoshoot ideas

Black and white is an ideal genre for capturing the beauty of a pregnant woman as it evokes a sense of nostalgia and timelessness.

Such pics can also highlight the gracefulness and curves of the human body, making them ideal for such a photo session.

Since a photographer focuses on the mother’s form, a model should pose in natural light or against a simple, neutral background.

6. In the Baby`s Room

couple maternity picture poses

To take cute pregnant photos, you do not necessarily need to leave the house.

It would be a great idea to invite a shooter to a space you’ve organized for your baby.

Tinker with different props and experiment with various ideas – pose with your partner in front of the crib or decorate the room of your baby and ask a shooter to take a pic.

7. With Pets

maternity photoshoot ideas with pets

Most animals feel curious about a woman’s belly and even demonstrate protective behavior following a lady wherever she goes.

If you have such a furry faithful friend, you definitely should implement one of those maternity pose ideas that will fill hearts with warmth!

For example, it’s a cute dog photo idea when it seems to listen to what is happening in the mom`s belly.

8. Foodie Mommy

maternity poses for photography

Forget about the beautiful studio, the flowers and the gowns!

This is one of the most true-to-life maternity photo ideas.

It honestly reflects one of the main aspects of a pregnant woman's life — her passion for food, so use this to take funny shots.

9. Healthy Mom

maternity photoshoot ideas healthy mom

If the expecting mother has an active lifestyle and keeps fit during the pregnancy, one of the greatest ideas will be capturing her during the workout or yoga classes to get a unique result.

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10. Matching Outfits

maternity photoshoot ideas matching outfits

To take a cute pic, make all members of the family wear clothes of the same color.

Someone may consider this idea a bit outdated and overused, but there is no doubt this is the most suitable way to tell the world that you are a real family.

Purchase the same colored outfits and realize amusing couple photo ideas.

Prefer basic colors with neutral patterns that match most of the items in your wardrobe.

Besides, pick the outfits that you can wear after pregnancy.

11. Future BFFs

maternity photoshoot ideas pregnant friend

It's great to have a best friend, and if you also got pregnant almost simultaneously, why not implement best friend picture ideas with bellies and share cute memories?

Your kids will surely become best friends, too.

12. In a Field

maternity picture ideas

One of the best pregnancy picture ideas is shooting in the field, among the wildflowers.

The undoubted advantage of such photography is the beauty of nature, which cannot be repeated in the studio.

Maternity pics taken outside, in the wild always come out bright, vivid, and incredibly beautiful.

Create a romantic atmosphere by asking a woman to wear a light dress or shirt and replicate some dreamy poses.

13. City Sights

maternity photoshoot ideas landmark

The urban setting is also great for taking cute pregnancy photos.

Make sure to capture such elements as skyscrapers, eye-grabbing street art, iconic landmarks, or some meaningful spots for you and your partner.

This will let you add a special city vibe to your images.

14. A Little Fun at the Amusement Park

maternity photoshoot ideas amusement park

Amusement parks are great shooting locations as well, as here you can capture fun and amazing pics.

Pose in a queue line or in front of rides.

Do not forget to put on a life jacket at any attraction that is connected with water.

15. Rustic Countryside Shoot

maternity photoshoot ideas rustic

It is also possible to take cute pregnancy photos in the countryside, which is full of picturesque places and beautiful scenes.

Do not hesitate to include such elements as hay bales, flowers, wooden crates, and rustic furniture.

Besides, it is better to wear a silky dress that flutters in the wind.

16. All Eyes on the Sonogram

best maternity photo ideas

A sonogram is certainly the most common maternity photoshoot prop.

This is like the first meeting of parents with their baby, so it definitely deserves to be in your future parents’ album.

Just choose a proper background like a field, a garden, or a clearing.

17. With Baby Stuff

maternity photoshoot ideas baby stuff

Baby’s cute clothes or toys are also worth being included in a maternity photo session.

Take tiny shoes and put them on your belly and the adorable photo is guaranteed.

If you’ve already purchased rattles or other newborn photography props, make sure to incorporate them into a photo shoot.

18. Experimenting with Focus Planes

maternity photoshoot ideas foreground and background

To realize original pre baby photoshoot ideas, try to tinker with foreground and background.

For instance, your partner can demonstrate the sonogram in the foreground.

A mom-to-be should be placed in the background with a softer focus.

19. With Flags of Your Home Country

maternity photoshoot ideas flags

This idea is an ideal fit for couples who want to show their heritage.

Such props as a flag can help you take a great pic, adding some fun to the whole composition.

20. Colorful Smoke

maternity photoshoot ideas colored smoke

Although the idea of shooting in colored smoke may seem to be difficult to realize, this is actually not true.

Experiment with smokes of different colors or even use already colored items to get more realistic results.

Grab some colored glitter and use fire to light it.

After doing this, amazing flamboyant smoke will emerge for you to take incredible pics.

21. Take a Milk Bath

pregnancy photo ideas

To take beautiful maternity photography, fill the bath with warm water.

When it is about a quarter full, add milk powder and cornstarch mixture.

Then use a whisk to evenly distribute milk powder and cornstarch.

22. Underwater Adventure

shooting under water

Let`s get inspired by the shots of mermaids and create unique and beautiful images of a pregnant woman underwater.

Pregnancy will look very natural, easy, and feminine.

Underwater photos is one of the hardest maternity photo ideas to implement, but if you put some effort, the result will be perfect.

23. From Above

maternity photoshoot ideas from above

Whether you prefer to pose in your backyard or near the ocean, ordering an aerial photoshoot is an ideal solution.

This photography type is especially beneficial for creating original and eye-grabbing pregnant pics.

24. Intimate Boudoir Shooting

maternity photoshoot ideas boudoir

Boudoir photo ideas are about romantic and intimate shoot styles that focus on the female form and bring the accent on the curves and textures.

For such a photo session, prepare an outfit made of soft fabric and adorable lingerie to highlight your belly.

Flowers or botanicals are perfect props for a maternity photo session.

A bed covered with delicate fabric is an ideal place to pose playing with different angles and body positions.

25. Cozy Vintage Style

maternity photoshoot ideas vintage

This is one of the simple maternity photoshoot ideas, as to implement it, you’ll only need some old props or a vintage dress.

If you prefer conducting a photoshoot outside, organize it in a garden.

The array of flowers and scenic spots will make the photo session hilarious.

Involve your family members or pets in a photoshoot and you’ll get multiple cute pics, for sure.

26. Maternity Gown Flow

maternity photoshoot ideas gown

In a maternity gown, you won’t only look amazing but will manage to highlight the bump which is the primary task in a photo session of pregnancy.

Moreover, such attire can create a flowing effect, which if combined with a beautiful natural background, will let you get amazing pictures.

Besides, it is advisable to try different angles and take advantage of various maternity photo poses to demonstrate the exquisite design of a gown from all sides.

Also, bright props also work well for this pregnant photo idea.

27. Goddess Style

best maternity photo poses

Thinking of cute maternity shoot ideas, experiment with the goddess theme.

Ask expecting mom to dress up like a Greek goddess and take unique shots.

28. Festive Photoshoot

maternity photoshoot ideas festive

If you are pregnant during the holiday season, it would be reasonable to organize a themed photoshoot.

Look for Christmas maternity photoshoot ideas to realize against festive backgrounds.

If you have older children, consider buying an elf costume to complement your photoshoot.

If you want to organize a Halloween-themed photoshoot, you are free to select from the variety of options to implement festive family photo ideas and get amazing pics.

29. Weather-Inspired Captures

maternity photoshoot ideas season

If you are inspired by changing seasons, then take maternity shots realizing radiant fall photoshoot ideas.

Another great option is to conduct such a photo session in winter against nature’s background.

Remember that each time of the year is special, so try your best to capture their features.

30. Gender Reveal

maternity photoshoot ideas gender reveal

This is one of the pregnancy photoshoot ideas that requires props to be implemented to the full.

Include any item that can help you reveal the gender of your baby like balloons, baby shoes, confetti, etc.

Some moms-to-be prefer fireworks or colored smoke for realizing gender reveal photoshoot ideas.

In this case, it is crucial to take care of the safety and select the appropriate location.

31. Traditional Garb

maternity portraits poses photography

Traditional garb is a part of our identity, so why not use it during maternity photo shoots?

It will add a special vibrancy and catchy atmosphere to the image.

32. Cosplay Shoot

maternity photoshoot ideas cosplay

If you are an adventurous mom, cosplay maternity shoot is a great option to try.

Prepare a costume of your favorite superhero or Disney character, as well as some interesting props.

Makeup that matches the theme and eye-grabbing accessories will also let you take adorable pics.

33. Incorporate Family for Creative Shots

maternity photoshoot ideas family

If your nearest and dearest do not mind participating in your pregnancy shoot, this will definitely result in candid and adorable pics.

Sincere emotions when having fun together, strolling in the park, or doing any other actions are the key to a successful photo session.

Unleash your creativity: try to be original and avoid cliches.

For example, compare bellies or let the older child listen to your belly using a jar.

34. Generations of Mothers

maternity photoshoot ideas generations

Celebrate your unique pregnancy journey with your mom and grandma to highlight the connection between generations and observe the continuity of motherhood.

Of course, you can involve other family members or include some old photos to add a feel of nostalgia to images.

Such props as baby shoes or old teddy bears will complement the composition as well.

35. Before and After

maternity photoshoot ideas before after

It is one of the most difficult pregnancy photo ideas to implement, but if you try it, you will be impressed with the result.

Both photos should be as similar as possible to each other: in clothes, hair, body movement, look, color scheme, the game of light/shadow, etc.


  • • Is it better to organize an indoor pregnancy photoshoot?

Both options have their strong and weak sides. For example, outdoor locations attract photographers with picturesque places and natural lighting, while indoor shoots award overall control over the settings, which is also beneficial. Define your preferences and the desired result to make the right choice.

  • • Should I involve family members in the maternity photoshoot?

Of course, family pics are full of warmth and joy. This is a perfect way to show how everyone is happy about the pregnancy and eagerly waits for the birth of a child.

  • • What outfit do you recommend choosing for a maternity photoshoot?

This should be a comfortable and nice outfit that brings the accent to your belly. Think of flowy dresses, close-fitting tops, or delicate lingerie. Make sure that the chosen colors match the setting to make your pic harmonious and well-balanced.

  • • What props are ideal for maternity photoshoots?

You can use baby shoes, ultrasound images, alphabet blocks spelling out the baby's name, or even simple props like flowers or balloons for a whimsical touch.

The variety of props that can add a special touch and mood to your pics is really impressive. These are baby shoes for a boy or girl, ultrasound images, alphabet blocks to compose the baby's name, or flowers, balloons, etc.

  • • When is it better to organize a maternity photoshoot?

The period between 28 to 32 weeks is ideal. Your belly is well visible, but you are still okay to pose for a long photoshoot without feeling uncomfortable. However, the best time to take maternity pictures primarily depends on your wishes and well-being.

  • • What is the duration of the maternity photoshoot?

The standard pregnancy photo session lasts 1-2 hours and includes the time needed to change the outfit, move to another shooting location, or experiment with poses.

  • • What aspects are crucial when selecting a location for my pregnancy photoshoot?

It depends on your preferences. Some future moms adore beaches, others cannot image their life without long hours of walking in the park. Choose some meaningful spot and make sure it offers good lighting and match well the desired theme.