25 Fun and Heartwarming Dog Photo Ideas You’ve Never Tried

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Photography Tips

This article is a real boon for everyone who is looking for adorable pet photography ideas. Although someone might think that taking cute pics of our furry friends is a no-brainer, actually it is a challenge as dogs do not always tend to pose.

This article is mainly devoted to dog photography ideas, but they are also suitable for shooting other animals.

1. Do Your Best to Capture the Right Moment

adapting to a dog’s natural pose

Cute pet photos are definitely popular, but there are so many of them that people want to see something different. Why not take a funny shot of your animal and share it with your followers?

Every dog photographer knows well that flexibility is crucial in this case. If you want to shoot the dogs when they are sleepy, it won’t work.

However, to make sure that the dog will stay still during a photoshoot, you should let the pet release its energy first. So, if the animal is tired, leave them in peace and let them go to their favorite spot and take several pics there.

cool pet photo ideas

When your dog is relaxing on the couch, you can take a photo of your yawning pet. These are cute pet photos that will definitely receive lots of likes and comments. Though such images aren’t so easy to take, you just need to be patient and attentive and you will manage to seize the moment.

2. Pet’s Spectacular Jump

pet photography idea pounce

Capture your pet while taking a leap to get an impressive shot highlighting your pet’s curiosity, playfulness, and determination. The facial expression in the mid-jump is usually hilarious.

Although a photographer should be extremely patient and take some practice, the effort will pay off. As the pets are difficult to predict, the variety of shots you’ll take will be impressive: from cute and hilarious, to ridiculous and awkward. Through such photoshoots, you’ll manage to open your furry friend from another side.

3. Posing Together

pet picture ideas

The connection between the pet and the owner is always cosmic. Show this in your creative dog photography. For instance, you can take a close-up shot of the eyes.

Show how the dog perfectly fits in with the human daily routine – rides the subway or a car with the owner, goes shopping at the mall, helps do something (carrying a newspaper, slippers, an umbrella, rolling a stroller with a small baby, etc.), or just plays or rests with its owner.

Pro Tip: In this case, a telephoto or zoom lens comes in handy as you will be able to shoot at a sufficient distance without interfering.

pet photography creative ideas
best pet picture ideas

Making yourself similar to your dog is one of the greatest pet photography ideas. Choose the clothes that match your pet's costume, take a similar position, or make a similar facial expression to highlight the resemblance with your fluffy friend. Such comparison pics can reveal new dimensions of yourself you were not aware of before.

a dog and a child photography

A family photo featuring a person with a furry friend – what can be cuter? When realizing children photoshoot ideas, take a pic of the children together with their furry siblings to capture memorable moments. Animals usually behave more good-naturedly, so cute and warp photos are guaranteed.

4. Dog Close-Up Shot

pet picture ideas

What is your pet’s best feature that you want to show in a photo? Take a macro lens and take a detailed image of it.

pet photography ideas example

No matter what you want to focus on – be it cute ears, a wet nose, or smart eyes – such macro photography ideas are bound to look captivating.

dog photography idea fur

If you are in search of abstract photoshoot ideas, macro photography is a perfect solution. It is great for shooting any animal, but make sure that your camera takes high-resolution images. The main thing is to get as close to your pet as possible to display all the details and textures of your furry friend.

5. Attach Some Cute Thing to a Dog’s Nose

dog photography idea something on nose

Attach something to your pet's face, focus your lens on it, and take a pic. Quick reaction is crucial in this case, as the pets do not tend to pose motionless, especially when something is on their muzzle.

dog photography idea thing on nose

Pro Tip: Blurring the dog’s face, and bringing the focus on the attached object is what you need to create the required effect. For this, set your camera to a large aperture.

6. Dog’s Face Mimicking Human Moods

dog photography idea expressions

Dog creative photography often features pet with cute facial expression that resembles human emotions. Pets mimic human moods like anger, annoyance, curiosity, or overjoy with great accuracy and realism.

pet photography idea expressions

Pet owners usually adore a specific facial expression of their pet, so capturing it will bring much joy and result in amazing dog or cat photography. To achieve the desired facial expression, use your dog’s favorite toys or treats.

7. Pet’s Bathing Routine

dog photography idea bath time

Organize a bath day for your pet. Fill the bath with water and take a pic of your pup when shaking off its fur, having rest with a towel on its head, or having fun while having a spa day. This is one of the dog photography ideas that can demonstrate the human nature of your pet making the animal even closer to you.

dog photography idea bath time

Pro Tip: To create a neat and minimalistic look, make sure that you are shooting under ambient light and attach a wide-angle lens to your device. This will allow you to eliminate any distractions in the background.

dog photography idea

Another great idea is to conduct such a photoshoot near the pool or lake, as it’ll result in even more cheerful and picturesque images. Play with or in water to add some motion to your shots.

dog photography idea playing with water

A garden sprinkler is another thing dogs adore playing with. Capture your pet while making fun with the water jet and enjoy a full stack of creative shots.

8. Before and After Grooming

dog photography idea makeover

Makeover before and after photos look original as well, so combining a planned visit to a groomer with a photoshoot will let you implement all your pet photography ideas. Capture the transformation of your pet and his emotions after being groomed to create truly funny shots.

selfie pet photoshoot ideas

Take advantage of this opportunity to try various selfie ideas for your pet after beauty procedures.

creative dog photography ideas example

If you want to make the moment even more amusing, show what a smarty your pet is putting on glasses. You are unlikely to take successful shots on the first try, so spend some time setting your pet in the right mood and once it feels relaxed, everything will be great.

9. Conduct an Urban Photoshoot

urban dog photography idea

The majority of pet photography ideas are realized in a studio, home, or nature, and urban photoshoot with the dog is very rare.

urban walk dog photography idea

Go up for a walk with your furry friend along the streets he knows well and capture him visiting his favorite places and playing games he gets used to.

Take a pic of your joyous pup while waiting for you near the shop with his favorite snacks or having fun around with his pal.

10. Relaxing Outdoors

pet photo ideas example

If you are interested in dog photography ideas that don’t require much preparation, you try this one. Actually, you just need to find a picturesque place, choose a proper angle, and snap a shot. Images with natural backgrounds always look beautiful.

best pet photo ideas

You can choose a flower field or a blooming park as a shooting location for your nature photography. The main thing is to show that your little friend is also fond of being there.

To make your pet even more attractive and highlight his good nature, do not miss the post-production stage.

fixthephoto animal photo editing fixthephoto animal photo editing

Don't Know How To Refine Your Pet Images?

Adress this task to the FixThePhoto retouchers. They’ll improve the color of wool, make the tongue pinker, or turn a photo into an originally-looking digital drawing. The professionals will make your animal pics look more captivating and amusing.

11. During Exciting Adventure

kaylee greer photo

If you used to take your furry friend to your exciting adventures, make sure your camera is always at hand when you need to capture the right moment. A selfie stick and tripod will also come in handy.

You can also ask a relative or a friend to take travel photography of yourself and your cute friend in a picturesque location.

hiking dog photography idea

Opt for a spot with a mountainous background, pose in front of a beautiful waterfall, or on spectacular landscapes. By doing so, you’ll manage to memorize your travel and all its joyful events to be able to return to this moment by viewing these amazing pics.

12. Pets In Motion

best pet photography idea

Don’t stick to “stand-still” pet photography ideas. You need to show your models from different angles and making them run or jump can bring really cool results.

Show your fluffy in motion! Pets are usually very active and you should encourage them to move during a DIY pet photo shoot.

dog photography idea frisbee

There is probably no dog that does not like playing frisbee. Try to capture these magical moments while having fun with a fluffy tail.

Pro Tip: Choose a fast shutter speed and activate a burst mode to achieve outstanding results. Attach a long telephoto lens to your camera and use a low f-number to achieve a shallow depth of field. Shooting at such configurations, you’ll manage to capture each movement of a subject.

13. Pet’s Well-Liked Toy

dog photography idea toy

A favorite toy of your furry friend is another prop you cannot avoid using. It’ll induce a dog to have a bit of entertainment and you’ll get an opportunity to capture his playful mood which results in cute shots.

This also creates a relaxing atmosphere for a more productive photoshoot. Take a pic of your pet when having a great time with this accessory or when jumping in the air trying to catch the toy.

14. Catching a Snack

some tasty treats to draw a dog’s attention

You can easily repeat this creative photography idea with your own pet. Just prepare something scrummy for your little friend. Keep your camera ready to capture the moment when it smells the treat, tries to lick it, and opens a mouth to eat.

dog photography idea peanut butter

Purchase a favorite snack of your dog like peanut butter, which is a really great option as it won’t be eaten in one fell swoop. Pups never rush their pleasures licking the sick texture of peanut butter providing photographers with plenty of opportunities to snap some cute moments.

15. Entertainment with Bubbles

cute pet photo ideas

Your pet will definitely appreciate such pet photo idea. Filling the frame with soap bubbles that add colors and dynamics to the picture is a great thing to do.

funny pet picture ideas

When an animal starts chasing the bubbles or tries to bite them – the effect is hilarious and you will definitely take lots of funny images. You can also check funny animal photobombs to get inspired.

16. Include Accessories

pet photo ideas with props

Take several photos of your pet with different accessories. You can use ties, bows, and glasses. This idea is perfect for pet portraits.

pet photography ideas with props

You can take such an image both indoors and outdoors.

17. Amusing Pet Costumes

pet picture holiday ideas

Putting a cute costume on your pet and shooting him in it is one of the best dog photography ideas, which is most suitable for such occasions as Christmas, Thanksgiving, a birthday, and Valentine's Day. Also, you won’t manage to implement Halloween photography ideas without a special outfit.

how to shoot pets

Not all fluffy tails will be ready to wear costumes, so take pics only if a dog feels good in it. In case of success, you’ll manage to take memorable and adorable shots. 

18. Playing Under Water

best pet images ideas

This is one of the dog photo ideas, as cats don’t really like spending time in the water. So, if your dog enjoys swimming and diving, you can take really hilarious underwater photos.

best pet photography idea example

Though you can’t practice pet photography poses in this case, the main idea is to show your pet feeling good and behaving naturally. Just prepare special equipment and find a canine-friendly water source.

19. Toss Color Powder on a Dog

dog photography idea colored powder

This is one of the most original dog photo ideas, especially for the owners of the larger breeds. Put some colored powder on the dog’s fur and capture him while running or making a leap, and the effect will be amazing. Besides, there is no need to limit yourself to one color, choose several ones that complement your pet’s fur.

pet photography idea holi powder

Some photographers expect to capture funny expressions of furry tails, but actually, this is more about a dreamy and magical shot.

20. Shoot A Dog’s Portrait

dog photography idea playing poker

Showcasing your pet's personality is also a great idea. Simulate a poker game with your pet to show his playful and friendly nature. But if your pet is serious, pose with him while reading a newspaper or a book.

dog photography idea reading news

You probably know your furry friend from every side, so highlighting his unique features or character traits is what you can do when shooting creative dog photography.

21. Superhero Costume

funniest pet photography ideas

This is one of the pet photography ideas that allows you to show how cute and funny your animals are. You should prepare superhero costumes and additional props to fully convey the idea you have in mind.

22. Meeting Fluffy Family Member

cute pet photoshoot idea

If you or one of your friends has got a long-awaited pet, I advise you to organize a thematic photoshoot to honor its arrival. Use a tablet where the name and date of birth of the pet are written.

23. Romantic Pet Portraits

dog photography idea dreamy portrait

Making an accent on the dreamy and romantic nature of an animal is great for owners of such aggressive breeds as pit bulls. To underline his soft and gentle nature, include such props as wreaths or other decorations made of flowers. All in all, such a photoshoot can be conducted with any pet.

Pro Tip: Take a simple prop and apply a colorful filter.

24. Intimate Relationships

creative pet photo ideas and poses

A dog is the man’s best friend! Show how warm your relationship is posing together. It isn’t the kind of a shot when you both look directly into the camera, but the one showing your synergy.

what is the best pet photography idea

Show that your dog is an integral part of your everyday routine. You can also try shooting from a distance to show the difference in size between an animal and the owner.

25. Double Exposure

double exposure pet photo ideas

Learn how to create Double Exposure in Photoshop and your pictures of animals will never get lost in the variety of similar photos. This concept can also be used for wildlife photography.

double exposure pet photography ideas

If you do not have time to learn the advanced Ps techniques, turn to professional editors.

god photo editor result by fixthephoto god photo editor result by fixthephoto

No Time For Manipulating Photos?

FixThePhoto professionals can implement any of your photo editing ideas. They can create a double exposure effect, add falling leaves to an image, or even turn your dog into a real giant without any artificial flavor.

Tips for Your Dog Photo Shoot Ideas from FixThePhoto Experts

To organize your photoshoot most effectively, follow these simple tips.

Choose Correct Gear for Pet Photo Sessions

dog photography idea with camera

If you are shooting in low lighting conditions or want to take a close-up pic of your pup, use a full-frame camera for your session. However, crop sensor cameras can also produce excellent pic but they are not suitable for printing too big. If your budget is restricted and you cannot afford a full frame, do not give up!

dog photography prime lens

A wide-aperture lens is the best fit for such a session. With it, photographers can create a mesmerizing bokeh effect and take pics at faster shutter speeds. If you prefer a zoom lens, choose one with a constant f/2.8 aperture. As for a prime lens, there are f/1.4 or even f/1.8 models with a low price tag.

ultra-wide angles dog photography

Wide-angle lenses will only come in handy when shooting photos that look like this. A short telephoto lens like 85mm or 70-200mm should be your priority.

Configure Camera Properly

dog photography idea wide aperture

A wide aperture allows a dog to stand out from the background. So, use the lower f/number that it is possible. Considering such parameters as focal length and distance is also crucial. Take a few test shots to check if the selected combination works well when shooting portrait pics.

To sharpen your pet photos, shoot at a faster shutter speed. The more active your dog is, the higher the speed should be.

dog photography idea running

To take a pic of your pup while running, 1/1000 sec works ideally. If your dog is motionless, use 1/125 or 1/250 sec to capture the slight movements of the pet’s breathing or panting.

Low ISO is also a must. 100 is the most optimal setting for taking pics with virtually no noise but is not suitable for all lighting conditions.

dog photography idea focusing

Focusing mode is another essential configuration for realizing your dog photography ideas. Continuous focusing mode perfectly suits an action photo shoot. Switch on the eye-tracking mode if it is available

Burst mode is another important setting for taking incredible action shots. This lets you capture multiple scenes one by one by holding the shutter button, so the chances you’ll capture the right moment increase considerably.

Shooting from the Eye Level

keeping the distance while making dog photography

Shooting your pup by installing a camera right at eye level allows you to implement adorable dog photoshoot ideas. This also helps your pet relax and behave naturally.

a photographer moves to get more interesting composition with a dog

To make things simpler, make a dog sit on a sofa, chair, or another elevated object. If not, be ready to lie on the ground to achieve the required perspective.

Play with Angles

focusing on the dog’s eyes while making photography

Shooting from an eye level is great for portraits, but you can also experiment with other points of view like from above to bring the focus to the eyes of your furry friend. From this perspective, the dog’s eyes will seem larger and more attractive.

Use Treats to Make a Pet Focus on You

pet photography idea examples

Use the treat to make a dog turn his attention to you. If you are shooting a dog of your neighbor, specify the kind of treats the animal likes or ask the owner to bring some yummy snacks with them. This allows for avoiding allergies or dietary problems.

For each successful photo, treat a dog with a snack to spark his interest and keep him motivated.


  • • How is it better to take a portrait pic of a dog?

A portrait should be crisp and highlight the eyes. Use the blurring techniques to make the dog pop up from the background.

  • • What is the best lens for dog photo shoot ideas?

When shooting such moving subjects as dogs, it is important to use fast lenses like /2.8 zoom lens or f/1.8 prime lens. Zoom lens provides you with more opportunities when taking different types of pics. You are free to choose a 35 – 70mm lens or a 70 – 200mm lens depending on the type of pic you are planning to shoot.

  • • How can I take several shots of a dog?

If you want to conduct an action photoshoot taking multiple pics at once, switch on Burst Mode. It is great for capturing dogs while running or playing tech. To find out how to activate this mode, check your camera manual.

Taking a series of shots is also possible using a phone. You should press the shutter button and hold it until all the needed actions are captured. The required duration depends on your phone settings and the app installed on it.

  • • How can I focus the dog’s attention on the camera?

To take incredible pet photos, you should make an animal look right in the lens. Call its name, make some rustle, and put a toy or a snack on the top of your camera.