50 Funny Animal Photobombs Ever Captured

Funny Animal Photobombs Ever Captured

Animal photobombs may be easily called an individual photo genre that never fails to amaze people. Our cute and funny furry friends don’t know what they do but it seems that they really pose for the camera.

Moreover, everyone will agree that animals are cuter than people. Interested? Check out the following places in the USA as National Zoological Park, Indianapolis Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, Columbus Zoo and Yellowstone National Park to repeat the following animal photobombs.

50 Best Animal Photobombs

Check out these funniest photo bombs ever! Don’t be surprised if you decide to get yourself a dog or a cat after viewing them. You may also want to become a traveler and go on a trip. Anyway, this list will definitely make you smile.

1. The Grinning Hippo

funniest animal photo bombs

Do you know what the most dangerous animals in Africa are? It may seem strange but they are hippos.

In reality, hippos are likely to attack any creature or object that enters their territory. No matter whether it is a boat with people or just wild animals ‒ hippos are very aggressive.

However, we cannot say the same about this cute guy.

2. Photobombing Stingray

best animal photobombs

Just look at these stingrays! How much joy and fun! We have a lot to learn from them. Moreover, this animal photobomb became one of the most popular meme-based Halloween costumes.

3. Turkey Photobomb

animals photo bombing

Well, what is a wedding without turkeys? The turkey was ready to do everything to be in the limelight. A typical example of animals photo bombing.

4. Troll Fish

animal photo bombs

It is one of those funny photobombs that appeared thanks to a perfectly-timed shot. The girl is happy, the fish is happy too. What else is needed?

5. Dolphin Photobomb

best animal photobombs of all time

You already noticed that without these lovely animals not a single wedding can do. So the dolphin witnessed at the wedding.

6. Photobombing Sloth

animal photobombing sloth

The man just wanted to take a selfie and, suddenly, happened the thing he didn’t expected. A sloth decided to interfere, creating one of the cutest photo bombs.

7. Take A Picture and Get Eaten

giraffe photobombing

Aren’t you afraid that a giraffe will eat you? Don’t worry since it’s the safest thing it can do. Check out this picture and be ready when you meet a giraffe somewhere.

Of course, I am joking but this picture is totally one of the funniest photo bombs of all time!

8. Will You Marry Me?

best animal photobombs ever

Look at them! The guys are happy, but the bear is not happy with something. Maybe it is jealous?

9. Dolphin Photobomb, Take Two

funny photobomb of animal

This dolphin decided not to push its luck and came closer to guarantee a great animal photobombing. Of course, he succeeded! Although the girl is scared, this smart mammal managed to create a shot that entered the list of the funny animal photobombs.

10. Seagulls Don’t Appreciate Romantic Reenactments

crazy animal photobombs

If you decide to take romantic pics on the bow of the boat, don’t think that you will look so beautiful like Jack and Jill did. It wasn’t a happy-end story but still, the scenes on the bow of the Titanic were amazing.

The couple in this photo was unlucky and a perfect shot was interrupted by a seagull. It is one of those crazy photobombs that will be remembered for the whole life. Fortunately, the bird just bumped into the girl but did not bite her.

11. Am I Doing This Right?

funniest animal photobombs ever

In case this girl wanted to capture an acrobatic handstand, she didn’t succeed. You see the trick is OK but nobody pays attention to it. The cat is a star here!

“Why should you take all the glory, little skinny girl? Look at me! This athletic body should be photographed. So what if my handstand isn’t perfect! Everything comes with experience.”

12. I Agree!

dog photobombs engagement pictures

If you don’t know yet ‒ there are images that you may hear. Like this dog photobomb. As you see, the dog is growling because its mommy is getting married.

Perhaps, it objects or, on the contrary – expresses the permission. Anyway, I suppose the couple didn’t expect such behavior. They wanted to have beautiful dog pictures but, as a result, got an impressive photobomb.

13. This Dog Just Wanted to Go For A Joy Ride

dog photobomb caption

This dog photobomb resembles some character from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. No, there is nothing bad in it, actually. This happy pooch just wants to drive. That’s it.

Judging from its sincere smile, it is not going to the veterinarian. Where would your pet go if it had the right to choose the route? To the pet shop or supermarket? Or, perhaps, to the park. Unfortunately, we will never know where they want to go.

14. Happy Camel

best animal photobombs

Perhaps, it is a professional camel model like the one on the cigarette box because it knows how to pose. This camel definitely knows its beneficial sides and angles.

Moreover, it is clear that the animal is enjoying the process. It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals! Hey, guys, where have you find such a pro camel?

15. Wait, We Want to Have a Great Picture Too!

crazy animal photobombs

“People, why haven’t you called us? We like taking pics! We want to have a photo with you. Don’t tell us how to pose, we know better than you!

Don’t worry it will be a great shot. A perfect animal photobomb? What are you talking about? We don’t know what these photobombs are, we want to have a nice image.”

16. When You Just Wanted a Cute Picture

funniest animal photobomb

The ostrich is just a born model. How skillfully he poses! He is really the main hero of this animal photobomb.

17. The Comedy Cat

cat photobombs

How tired I am of these selfies! Will it ever end?

18. Wait, First Take My Picture

animal photobombs with people

This animal photobomb proves that sometimes people will stop at nothing to get an impressive photo. For example, this fisher looks as if it is a tiny kitty but not a huge roaring bear behind his back.

No wonder, because Instagram followers are waiting for new pics to “like”. Moreover, there are always Insta-stories that won’t update themselves. What makes me happy is the fact that they took a bear spray.

19. Don’t Mess with A Mama’s Baby

animal photobombs 2019

Judging from his sweatshirt, we may assume that this brave man is or was in the Army (unless he took it from his friend). But then, what do they do in their Army? Isn’t it supposed to discipline people or teach them not to make rash decisions?

Isn’t it clear that it’s a mistake to pick up a bear cub somewhere in the forest? Everyone knows this rule: if there is a baby bear, its mother is somewhere here too. In this case, the mama was not long in coming.

20. Lama Wedding Crasher

photobomb animals

If you don’t invite llamas to your wedding, they come without an invitation. But this is not bad, they will make any photo fantastic.

21. Shark Photobomb

selfie animal photobombs

Someone may disagree that it is the funniest photobomb ever because it’s better not to joke with sharks! The shot is really fantastic and no wonder that many people think it’s fake.

22. When Your Partner Isn’t Paying You Enough Attention

funny cat photobombs

The cat in this photo reminds that it is obligatory to pay attention to him. If you need evidence, look at this cat’s eyes. The cat is subtly hinting that it will pack your eyes if you don’t notice him. A tip from a professional: don’t mess with an angry cat.

23. Looking For Me?

animal photobombs collage

Imagine the situation: you went out of your house to take a picture of the fine day and saw funny animals. Would you be surprised?

Would you like to take some memorable photos? Anyway, the world has an extraordinary animal photobomb.

24. Friends Forever

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These dogs became Internet stars long ago. Perfect animal photobomb? Why not? Dogs also want to update their Instagram pages.

25. Crasher Squirrel

squirrel photobomb

This squirrel photobomb hit the whole internet. Later, users started adding this squirrel to their own images. Learn how to do the twine!

26. Happy, Very Happy Horse

funny photo bombs

This horse photo is a bright representative of classical animal photobombs. The image is really a successful one and deserves our attention. I will hang it somewhere in my bedroom because it is a masterpiece. I hope everyone will understand how precious this shot is.

27. Dog is the Best

animal photobomb

To my mind, it is one of the best animal photobombs. Here, the dog shows her flawless figure.

28. Cat Photobomb

animal photobombing selfie

Check out this photo! Aren't you afraid that huge dogs can eat this little selfie lover? Do not worry, this is not as scary as it seems. Really, this is cute. This cat is just a selfie master.

29. Goofy Horse Photobomb

funny animal photobombs

It is a magic shot since everyone looking at this image laughs. No wonder because Goofy the horse is a natural-born photo model. I am always surprised when such fantastic coincidences happen. Perfect animal photobomb, isn’t it?

30. This Horse Took “Smile for The Camera” A Bit Literally

funny animal pictures

Look at this smiley! This horse wants to take several pics for his Instagram page. The smile is not bad, but maybe horse should visit the dentist?

31. Crazy Dog Photobomb

best animal photobombs ever

Look at these eyes! They tell everything. However, if you ask the dog, it will claim that it’s innocent.

32. Mountain Lion Photobomb

best animal photobombs in 2019

We are all used to the fact that lions are very "strict" animals. But everyone wants to relax and just sleep. They are so cute!

33. Optical-Illusion Cat

cat photobombing

If you are not impressed by cat photo bombs anymore, check out this image. Don’t be surprised since you never know what to expect from cats.

34. Seal Photobomb

seal photobomb picture

This image has become a new seal photobomb meme. Every day seals become more and more popular on the net, outrunning other animals.

35. Sinister Plotting Cat

funny animal photobombs

Cats, dogs and their eternal rivalry! What I like about this shot is that the dog is happy and doesn’t care about the cat. But the cat is not as simple as it seems.

36. The Hilarious Husky

cute animal photobombs

We’re used to thinking that huskies are severe, serious and aggressive. However, this picture proves the opposite. This husky is also a popular dog photobomb meme on the net.

37. The Llama on Holiday

best photobomb ever meme

It seems that this llama is a tourist trying to capture all the sights. Now, it is going to climb to Machu Picchu and enjoy the ancient ruins. Since this llama is traveling alone, it has many selfies.

38. Elegant Cats

cat photobombing

Cats… Everyone loves them. They are so graceful and elegant. Like ballerinas, they land on their feet and always look delicate. However, sometimes they forget about their cultured nature and have fun! Like in this cat photobomb.

39. Really, Dude!?

best animal photobombs ever

Everyone who has a brother or a sister will understand me. You love them so much but sometimes they drive you crazy. This cats in this animal photobomb are not relatives but the situation is almost the same.

40. Perfect Huskies

huskies animal photobomb

Everyone will agree that both greyhounds and huskies are majestic and noble. I believe that huskies are very similar to cats. I mean that they are very sophisticated and exquisite. For example, some dogs look silly but it’s not huskies.

41. That Face When Mom Gives Your Sibling a Snack

animal photobombs to have fun

If there are two goats in the pen, photograph them both. If you don’t do that ‒ the one you planned not to shoot will somehow get into the frame, creating the funniest photobomb ever.

The goat in this image looks as if it is offended. But how should it feel? Its friend is in the spotlight, getting a snack while it isn’t.

What should the goat do? Jump over the gate and feed itself? Quite a good option, to my mind.

42. Photogenic Cats

cat photobombing

It is one more cat photobomb that makes me smile. He seems being used to photo sessions, looking glamorous and fashionable.

43. Dog Selfies

dog photobombs

“Dude, that wasn’t the deal! You promised to play with me and what do we have now? You are taking selfies! I am getting angry, you know. If you don’t stop, I will start barking! Please, let’s wrestle and forget about photos.

44. Bride and Groom

funny cat photobombs

How many funny photo bombs were associated with the wedding! This photo was no exception. Look at how beautiful newlyweds are!

45. Smile Pretty for The Camera!

cat photobombs

How do you react when you hear the phrase like “smile for the camera”? Perhaps, your reaction is the same. The crazy snowball in the background has something against that basket of fruit. Of course, it has.

Check out those chocolate-covered strawberries, flower-like pine-apples and other delicious fruit! Perhaps, it would be happier if there were a basket of catnip. “Perhaps” is the keyword here.

46. I’m A Barbie Girl, In A Kitty World

funny animal photobombs

Modern Barbie is not the same as she used to be. What happened to her beautiful shiny hair, big blue eyes and long lashes? Instead, she has furry ears and whiskers now.

The head is oversized and looks inappropriate. Unless, is it really she, a famous Barbie-girl? Of course, not. It is just one more cat photobomb. However, the cat looks cute and pretty in that pink dress.

47. They’re Right Behind Me, Aren’t They?

dog animal photobombs

Nothing good may come from two cats in cahoots. Although you should pose with your eyes in close-up shots, this dog is focused on the other thing ‒ what these cats are up to?

I’d like to believe that these puffy friends didn’t attack the poor dog after the photo had been taken. However, if it really happened and these cats pounced the dog, at least we have evidence who should be punished.

48. There’s Always That One Sibling

dog photobombing

Do you get crazy when your sibling or friend asks to take several pics and it continues for hours? As a rule, someone spoils the frame and you have to do it again and again. The same is with these two dogs.

49. “What About Me, Mom?”

animal photobomb

If you have two pets – pay equal attention to both of them! The pug in this dog photobomb reminds of it. Speaking about a corgi, it definitely knows how to attract the owner’s attention ‒ just smile for the camera.

Its funny face tells “go ahead, take a picture”. While the pug looks frustrated and as if he is going to cry or whine. Perhaps, it will happen simultaneously.

50. I’m Just So Tired of You

bbc dog photobomb

Like people, dogs also have bad days. But the worst thing is when you are in a bad mood and someone continues teasing you. Just like in this image. Dogs and humans have really much in common.

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