Couple Poses

Couple Poses

What couple poses to offer your clients? What aspects you, as the photographer, need to keep in mind? Before I organize a photoshoot for couples, I usually browse the web for interesting poses and put together a shortlist of ideas I want to try. Below, you’ll find a collection of 50 couples poses I love the most.

Couple Poses Guide: 50 Poses to Try

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Look though the couple poses, tips and ideas listed below and you’ll never lack of interesting ideas during your future portrait photoshoots.

1. Make Your Posing List for Reference

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Prior to a shoot, I usually divide couple poses into groups and come up with two or three categories for each. When working with a couple, being able to adapt to the situation is a necessity. If a pose doesn’t look good, try another one.

2. Ask Couple to Pick Coordinating Clothing

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My experience shows that it’s always better to let the couple wear anything they feel beautiful and confident in. If you’re planning couple poses that require running or jumping, warn the clients ahead of time. This will allow them to prepare outfits that won’t restrict their movement. Typically, I advise them not to wear clothes with bright patterns, lettering, or colorful prints. They can be very distracting and divert attention from the emotions displayed by the models.

3. Make Necessary Changes Before the Shoot

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Before beginning the portrait photoshoot, tell the couple that you’ll warn them about any hair or clothing adjustments they’ll need to make. It’s in the interest of all parties to look as beautiful as possible. Get into the habit of constantly making sure the couple’s hairstyles and clothing look good before taking a photo.

4. Let Them Tell a Story of Their Love

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One of the best things about couple picture poses is that the models always have someone they can trust by their side. This allows them to feel more relaxed compared to a single model. Of course, it’s still your job to speak to them and help them get into the right state of mind. I usually do so by finding out how the partners met, what are their favorite hobbies, and what they love in each other. If you’ll get them to remember their favorite memories, it will show in your photos.

5. Show Them Some Examples

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Bring some example photographs from your previous couple shoots to help your clients better understand what you want from them with each pose. The clients will tell you which photos they like and which ones you should skip.

6. Capture the Moments In-Between

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Photos showing one partner doing a weird contemporary dance move probably won’t survive the culling process, however, the image of the couple laughing at themselves between cute couple poses surely will. Why? Because the in-between moments are the best material for couple photographs. People show their true emotions and identity when they’re not posing, but simply joking around with each other or laughing at your comments. The “I’m just taking a couple of test shots” excuse has helped me take more than a fair share of highlights for my portfolio.

7. Visit a Place They Know and Love

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This tip serves the “help the couple feel relaxed” purpose. Simply ask them to pick a place that they have deep connection with. It’s better if they mention a couple of options so that you can pick one that best matches your photography style. However, remember that sometimes it’s good to diverge from your usual style and try something new, and a location picked by your clients can present a great opportunity to do so.

8. Walking Towards the Camera

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If you want to avoid awkward pauses and help the couple feel comfortable, have them stand at a distance for the first photographs and then slowly approach you. They can either look at each other, wrap their hand around the other’s waist, or talk.

9. Walking Away

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Another approach is to take pictures of the couple walking away from you. The models should feel comfortable with this choice since their faces won’t be visible so it’s one of the best couple photo poses to start with. I suggest either taking a close-up shot of the couple’s heads or bodies from the waist up or full-body photographs along with some background scenery.

10. Sitting Close

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Many couples prefer sitting to standing since that gives them more confidence and allows them to relax at the beginning of a photoshoot. There are tons of interesting sitting couple poses you can try out. For instance, one model can lean their head against the other’s chest or the lovers can joke around with each other, allowing you to capture their laughter and emotions.

11. Warm Embrace

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The most memorable couple photographs depict a showing of intimacy between the two. If you ask your models to embrace each other, they’ll be able to better show the bond they share and act more natural. I suggest taking several pictures while the couple hugging including a smiling, kissing, and a peaceful one.

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12. Hugging from Behind: Looking in One Direction

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Various kinds of hugs have subtle differences in the feeling they portray. Having one partner hug the other from behind is always a great idea. I like cute couple poses like this one because they allow the couple to face the same direction, adding a feeling of unity and like-mindedness to the photograph.

13. Sitting on a Blanket

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I bring a blanket to all my couple shoots. It doesn’t cost a lot, can be easily packed, and comes in handy in many situations. For instance, you can have the couple lying on the blanket while looking at each other or use it as a background for picnic photographs.

14. Piggyback

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If you want to take a more dynamic photo, ask one of the partners to give the other a piggyback ride. Not only is this a great pose for couple photo, but it also usually leads to laughter, which makes for better shots. I recommend taking pictures that feature both the entire bodies and focus only on the waste up to highlight thesincere emotions. Stick to higher shutter speeds to capture all the movements accurately.

15. Have Their Foreheads Touch Each Other

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Not many things are as adorable as a couple standing so close to each other that their foreheads touch. Such photography poses for couples show the depth of the connection and affection that they share. Bonus tip: ask the models to maintain eye contact for even better results.

16. Casual Conversation

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Even though a person’s face doesn’t always look flattering when talking, if you manage to capture just the right moment, the photos will look very special due to their candid behavior. I suggest trying to get the couple to talk by asking them about their first date/how they got engaged/etc.

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17. Tender Kiss

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It’s hard to imagine better couple photo poses for demonstrating one’s love than a kissing one. Once you’ve managed to help the couple relax and feel more comfortable, you should prompt them to kiss. While the moment their lips touch is a great shot by itself, pictures that capture the couple’s facial expressions right after the kiss can be even cuter.

18. Moment before a Kiss

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A kissing couple is always a heartwarming sight, but you don’t necessarily have to focus on the kiss part. That millisecond just before the couple’s lips touch can showcase the feelings they share even better due to the heightened feeling of anticipation and tenderness. You can ask the models to do a “pretend kiss” on purpose if you’re worried you may miss that moment otherwise.

19. Kissing from Behind

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I’m a huge fan of this kissing pose. It involves one of the models standing behind their partner and giving him/her a soft smooch. Such poses for photography for couples are adorable and allow you to capture both of their faces. This option is also a nice workaround for more modest couples who don’t feel comfortable kissing more passionately in front of a camera.

20. Interesting Details

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Close-up photographs that focus on smaller things like touching hands or engagement rings are always a nice way of diversifying your portfolio and getting an “Awww!” reaction from your models. Moreover, such pictures allow the couple to get a bit of rest from having to do more complex couple picture poses and worry about how their faces look.

21. Dancing

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Invite the couple to dance around a little! Even though it may look a bit goofy and awkward, you’re bound to capture some cool moments. Ask them to do a couple of spin moves since they always look great. Remember to focus on candid moments since they are the ones that always end up looking the best.

22. Sharing Hobby

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If the couple shares any interests, then they can serve as a fantastic subject for yourphotographs. Bring any relevant props for that activity and have the couple engage in it. Regardless if it’s playing basketball, knitting, cycling, or cooking – it’s always worth trying. Another benefit of such couple poses is that they help the models relax instead of worrying about how they look.

23. Lifestyle Laughing

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If you’ve been in the business for a while, you probably have a couple of jokes that have proven to make your clients laugh. Not only smiles and laughter are catching, but also such pictures will help the couple remember how happy they were as they’ll look at these photographs in the future.

24. Candid

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A large portion of the most memorable photos you take at a couple shoot will show the models acting natural, not knowing they were being photographed. I suggest trying to take candid beautiful couple pictures during the second part of the shoot since by then the models will feel more comfortable and playful.

25. Whispering

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There are three scenarios you can go for when doing a whispering couple poses. One of the partners can either whisper something naughty, which usually leads to laughter, or profess their love in a heartfelt way, which can provoke a strong show of emotion, or say something intriguing that can result in the other model looking sneaky or mischievous.

26. Incorporate the Environment in the Scene

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I encourage you to adapt couple poses to the location you’re shooting at. Fallen trees, tables, benches, windows, or streetlights can all be used to add some spice to the photos. Capture the couple’s reflection in a glassy surface, have them sit on a bench, or frame the shot using a staircase or bridge. This is where you get to be creative.

27. Kids and/or Pets

couple with pets

You never know at which point of their life-path you’ll get to work with a specific couple. Thus, it’s no surprise that sometimes your clients want to feature their children or even pets in the photographs. This will help them feel more relaxed and since the pictures will include the entire family, they will feel even more special and personal.

28. Look to Paparazzi for Inspiration

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Not all of your photos need to look like a part of a professional couple photoshoot. Abandon your usual role and work like a paparazzo, who takes photos of an “unaware” couple. Take some distancefrom your models and try to frame them with tree branches, bushes, and small windows. Keep the models in focus so that the foreground doesn’t become too distracting.

29. Have Some Fun

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Ask the clients to run around a bit, do some jump kicks, or even play fight with each other, all the whilemaking silly facial expressions. No matter what they do, their love will show in their movements and the looks they give each other. All you have to do is keep taking photos, trying not to miss a single candid moment. As a result, you’ll have a collection of both serious and fun photographs, ensuring you’ll have well-balanced and diverse portfolio.

30. Do Something Extreme

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If your clients are adrenaline junkies or fans of extreme activities, make use of this opportunity and let them go wild. Couple picture poses that show the models skateboarding, surfing, or even mountain climbing are intense, action-packed, and engaging. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the couple acting natural since they can entirely focus on the activity.

31. Selfie Lovebirds

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I’ve found that self-portraits and photos taken with a self-timer can provide some hilarious and adorable results. Find a picturesque background, make sure the lighting is perfect, and let the couple have a bit of fun. As a professional photographer, you can take quality photo when couple shoots selfies.

32. Looking at Each Other

smiling couple

This is a fantastic example of a simple couples poses that allow you to take a touching, emotional photo every time. It’s also a great choice since it comes very natural to the couple. All they have to do is stand next to each other while maintaining eye contact. If you’re after a more candid feel, ask the models to talk a bit and forget they are at a photoshoot. Just give them a minute and start snapping. You can also ask the couple to hug or place their arms on the partner’s chest or shoulders.

33. Use Artificial Lighting

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Add originality to the photo by having your models hold some kind of lights. I suggest getting a sparkler or a vintage lantern. Such props are particularly appropriate if you’re shooting in the evening or during the night. The couple can pose freely as long as they keep the light source at a safe distance from them.

34. Experiment with Cropping

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Two standard crop styles for portraits are three-quarters (knees/waist up) and headshot (shoulder up). However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to those two options. Experiment with the composition and feel free to break the rules. One thing I do recommend though is not cropping the photo at the joints since that can create a grim impression of missing limbs.

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35. Backlighting

couple silhouettes

Such lighting conditions allow you to create silhouettes, which are ideal for many couples poses. To achieve such an effect, adjust the exposure until the backlight makes the models completely dark. If you want to make the silhouettes more intense, I suggest finding a location with an unobstructed background so that the skies are clearly visible.

36. Walk in the Rain

shooting under rain

You can always rely on rain to add some melancholy and romance to your shots. Have your models walk under a single umbrella (bonus points if it’s transparent since that increases the number of angles you can work from). The couple can also put the umbrella away for a second if they’d like to create a memory of them passionately kissing in the rain. Remember to bring some form of water-protection so that the camera doesn’t get damaged!

37. Love Knows No Age

eternal love

Elderly couples are amazing subjects for portraits. Such photos show that love can stand the test of time and bring happiness to people even at old age. Basic, romantic couple poses are the obvious choice here: touching foreheads, holding hands, smiles, and eye-contact – that’s all you need. I also suggest getting a couple of close-up shots to highlight the couple’s age in a flattering way.

38. Go on a Date

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Why not recreate the feeling of tenderness and affection for your shoot by having the lovers go on a date. Find an appropriate location (some kind of carnival or festival might work nicely) and capture all the sweet, funny moments the couple has during the date.

39. Put Some Heart into It

using ballons

A heart is a universally acknowledged symbol of love that can become a nice addition to many couple poses. Try to come up with some ideas on how to use it in your photos. For instance, one of the partners can wear heart-shaped jewelry or hold heart-shaped balloons while being embraced or kissed by the other.

40. Double Exposure Couple Photo

double exposure photo ideas Download Double Exposure Photoshop Actions

Would you like to add an artistic feel to your photos? Why not try the double exposure technique? If you’re working in digital, take two pictures of the models in contrasting poses and then mix them during post processing. The created effect will add substance and depth to the image and make it more atmospheric.

41. Wide Angle Shot

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If you’re looking for a more dramatic feel, travel to a forest or field and ask the models to hold hands while you step back and take a wide-angle photo. The farther you stay from them the better, but don’t overdo it. I strongly advise adhering to the rule of thirds for this shot. You can also instruct the couple to chat a little if you want a candid picture.

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42. Love as an Artwork

using frame

A picture or painting frame can be a terrific prop. Ask the models to hold it while you capture them from as many angles as possible. Windows and other objects with interesting geometric shapes can also be used for framing.

43. Tattoos

how to take your own couple photos

If one of the partners (or better both of them) has beautiful or even matching tattoos, I strongly suggest you take some close-up photos of them. This always results in unique images that also help you tell a story about the couple, and they usually really like it when the photographer shows interest in something they hold dear.

44. Focus on the Feet

couple travel poses

If you want another cute close-up shot, I suggest limiting the composition to the couple’s feet. Make sure the partners stand close together so that the nature of their relationship is immediately apparent. I usually try to place my camera as close to the ground as possible to get the right angle.

45. A Pleasant Surprise

shooting surprise

While such a couple poses photography requires some preparation beforehand, you’ll surely be pleased with the result. The point of this shot is to immortalize the reaction of one of the partners to a surprise gift. It can be a piece of jewelry (an engagement ring perhaps?), a bouquet of favorite flowers or some sweets. You should strive to capture both the reaction to the gift and the moment just before the reveal because it carries a lot of suspense due to the viewer being aware of the situation while the recipient isn’t.

46. Leaning

shooting couple

If there any trees or buildings at the place you’re organizing the shoot, you can ask the couple to lean against a wall or tree next to each other. A different approach you can take is to have only one person leaning. The photo won’t look staged and will have a more of a spontaneous feel.

47. Lying Together

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Unsurprisingly, one of the best couple poses often presupposes the lovers lying on a bed, couch, or blanket. Top-down angles usually provide the best results. You can have the couple facing you, sharing a look, or facing away from each other whilst holding hands. You can also ask the couple to be playful with each other (tickling usually works).

funny couple poses

48. Close Together

beach photo ideas for couples

If you’d like to introduce a bit of drama to the photos, instruct the partners to stand very close as if a kiss was lingering in the air. Try to capture that magical glint in their eyes as they look at each other. The scene will be full of romance, creating a long-lasting memory for your clients.

49. Eating

romantic couple ideas

Regardless of the kind of relationship you have with a person, one sure way to strengthen it is to eat together. The couple can either pose in the dining room or kitchen at their house or you can organize a picnic to make use of that blanket I’ve mentioned earlier. Just make sure that the food is neatly served, doesn’t attract too much attention, and you’ll surely take beautiful couple pictures!

50. Outsource Photo Editing

couple photo editingcouple photo editing
Order Portrait Photo Editing $2 per photo

If you’d like to ensure your couple photographs look truly professional, I suggest ordering Photoshop or Lightroom retouching services from a high-profile service. For about $5 per couple photo you will get face retouching, color correction, and unnecessary objects removal.

FREEBIES for Editing Couple Photos

To make your couple poses photography even brighter and more eye-catching, you need presets, actions, and overlays. I’ve prepared a collection of the best free tools for editing such photos fast.

Photoshop Action "Highlights"

free photoshop action for couple photosfree photoshop action for couple photos

This PS action is an amazing choice for portraits since it makes the highlights more intense and boosts the brightness. Use it if you want to draw the viewer’s attention to the lighter image areas.

Photoshop Action "Creamy"

free photoshop action for couple photographyfree photoshop action for couple photography

Most of the best couple photographs have a lot of bright, vivid colors. This action helps you get them, adds softness and warmth to the photo, while also applying a subtle burnt effect to spice up the color palette.

Old Film Overlay Photoshop "Bright Colors"

free photoshop overlay for couple photographyfree photoshop overlay for couple photography

This is the perfect overlay for adding an authentic vintage film feel to your couple images thanks to the transformed colors and added grain. Feel free to adjust the applied effect until you’ve got the exact look you need.

LR Preset Portrait "Darken"

free lightroom preset for couple photographyfree lightroom preset for couple photography

If you’d want to make the colors of the photographs darker, I suggest you use this preset. However, be careful not to make the mood of the image too gloomy since that might displease your clients.

Adobe Lightroom Preset "SunShine"

free lightroom preset for couple photosfree lightroom preset for couple photos

This preset adds softness to your couple images while also increasing the saturation and giving it a stylish Fuji camera look. It looks particularly great in outdoor summer photos. The preset also applies a subtle blur so I don’t suggest using it for pictures that are already a bit out-of-focus.