How to Make a Collage in Photoshop

How to Make a Collage in Photoshop

Don’t understand how to make a collage in Photoshop and place your photos in the proper order to make a wow effect? Check out this 8-steps tutorial on how to make a collage on Photoshop, collage makers or having downloaded free Photoshop collage templates.

How to Make a Collage in Photoshop in 8 Steps

There are different ways of making a collage in a quick way. I recommend you using Adobe Photoshop because here you have more creative control over the result.

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1. Choose Images and Open Photoshop

how to create collage in photoshop tutorial

After you chose the theme of your photo collage, your task is to pick the necessary images. In order to start Photoshop, double-click on the program’s icon on the desktop.

2. Create a New File in Photoshop

how to create collage in photoshop tutorial

The next step is to click on the New Document panel and create a custom file. Being very accurate is unnecessary since it is possible to crop or increase the picture’s size later. Your main task is to check whether the newly created file has the correct resolution.

Haven’t downloaded Photoshop yet? Learn more about how to get Photoshop free and start creating beautiful photo collages for weddings or travels tight now.

3. Add Your Photos as Smart Objects

how to create collage in photoshop tutorial

You may add various images to your file in a number of methods. What perfectly works for me is to find the folder with necessary pictures and drag them to the opened file. As a result, they are transformed into Smart Objects.

You may do whatever you want with these objects: rotate, crop, tilt or distort without destroying the original picture. Therefore, you have absolute freedom of positioning, scaling and tweaking the images in your collages in Photoshop not worrying about the quality loss.

4. Position Your Photos

how to create collage in photoshop tutorial

Once you add all necessary pictures for your future collage, you need to locate them accordingly. Just move the images around till you are satisfied with the result. Click on the Move tool and drag the pictures to their designated place.

Don’t be afraid to play around with their positions. Change the size, try out different layout and soon you will get what you want. In case you don’t need the whole picture in your collage, select the lasso tool in Photoshop to remove unnecessary parts.

5. Add Text or Watermarks

how to create collage in photoshop tutorial

One more important step of making a collage in Photoshop is to entitle it or add some words, the same as in magazines. Find the Text tool. Then click and drag on the collage where you want to place the text. Select a suitable font and size. You may even create a watermark out of your logo. Also, I suggest adding a new layer for every element to simplify the collage editing process.

Learn how to create a watermark with the help of Photoshop, Lightroom or other photo editors.

6. Adjust the Background Layer Color

how to create collage in photoshop tutorial

This step isn’t obligatory. You might be satisfied with the result already at this stage. But you still have an opportunity to play around with settings and enhance your collage.

Select the background picture layer and modify the color or apply gradients. The background of your collage shouldn’t distract the attention but blend with the images altogether. Determine the primary color of your collage and fill the background with this color.

7. Merge All Layers

Combine all the layers. Once you are satisfied with the result, press Command+Shift+E.

8. Resize for Online Usage

how to create collage in photoshop tutorial

Your collage is supposed to match social networks requirements. To make sure that it really does, you need to resize the final variant. I suggest you saving the collage in JPEG to use it again.

Resize the collage, so that it is compatible with the social networks’ image sizes by pressing Opt+Command+I. The appropriate size values are different in social networks. As for me, I save collages at 1000 pixels on the short edge and 150ppi.

Once you have figured out how to create collage in Photoshop and even made some yourself, it is time to include them in your photography portfolio. In this way, the customers will know that you are a real professional with a variety of skills.

photoshop beginner guide

The Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop

Photoshop can boast of a great number of various functions. If you are only at a starting point of learning Photoshop, this guide will come in handy. It features answers to widespread image retouching questions that you may face.



Best Free Collage Makers

If learning how to make a collage in Photoshop is too complicated for you, don’t worry, there is another way out – collage makers.

Check out these free Photoshop alternatives and choose a good photo editor or image editing software that will help you make collages for free.

I have gathered the apps that I like. These collage makers and their functions won’t disappoint you.

Pic Collage

free collage maker pic collage app

Alternatives: PicFrame, MOLDIV
Platforms: IOS, Android
Price: FREE

Iphone App Store
download from google play
  • Face recognition template
  • Impressive collage editing functions
  • The possibility to share the results
  • The stickers are fee-based
  • Rather short battery life

You may select a square (ideally suitable for Instagram) or a portrait canvas, choose among more than 60 templates, and clip pictures by tapping. If you want to add some stickers, for instance, party hats to your friends’ heads, you will find a face recognition template useful. The final collages may be shared via email, messages, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


free collage maker moldiv app

Alternatives: Photo Blender, Pic Jointer
Platforms: IOS, Android
Price: FREE

Iphone App Store
download from google play
  • Appealing colorful design
  • Video editing capabilities
  • A vast variety of functions
  • Sensitivity of settings

This collage maker has the widest set of various layouts, 312, to be exact. The app offers picture post-processing tools, effects and free collage templates for you to play around with. After you have selected the desired template, you can tap one of the picture collage frames to upload an image.

Pic Stitch

free collage maker pic stitch app

Alternatives: PicLab, BeFunky
Platforms: IOS, Android
Price: FREE

Iphone App Store
download from google play
  • Appealing picture layouts
  • The possibility to share collages
  • User-friendly
  • An excessive number of layouts

An intuitive design along with great performance combined in this wonderful collage maker gives an opportunity to produce stunning results. You will find many free photo templates and borders in this app. It is also possible to apply stickers and text to your collages to bring a personal touch.


free online photo collage makers befunky

Alternatives: GIMP, Photoshop
Platforms: Browser, App
Price: FREE


  • Intuitive interface
  • Drag and drop support
  • Does not require registration
  • A lot of free collage layouts
  • Some features are paid

Try BeFunky Photo Editor. This free online photo collage designer will help you show your creativity. Create masterpieces using various photo effects. In addition, you have the opportunity to add text and figures to your images. Crop your photos, adjust colors, sharpen, and blur.


collage maker for pc fotor

Alternatives: iPiccy, BeFunky
Platforms: Mac OS/Windows/Linux/App
Price: FREE


  • Edit pictures in the mobile, web, and desktop version
  • Many filter effects and templates
  • A large number of ads

Can’t create collages in Photoshop? Don’t get upset. Fotor is a great alternative to the famous program. Read my Fotor review to know everything about its interface that is very simple, and even an inexperienced photographer can create a nice collage here. Use more than 80 templates for getting a good result. You can select up to nine photos and use the Freestyle mode to add some features to emphasize your individual style. In addition, you have the opportunity to work with more than 60 photo filters and other tools for image processing.

Best Collage Maker Tips

Although the result is dependent on your skills and creative vision, you should know about some important tricks for solving editing photography challenges.

If you are going to edit your photos before creating collages, download free Photoshop plugins or Photoshop filters designed by FixThePhoto to make them pop in several clicks.

Tip 1. Don’t Use Too Few Images

tips for making a collage in photoshop

The purpose of creating a collage in Photoshop is a certain story. Use at least three pictures to fully reveal your idea.

Tip 2. Don’t Use Too Many Images

tips for making a collage in photoshop

If you want to create a collage in Photoshop correctly, you should not overload it with too many photos. In this case, it will be difficult to see details. Eight images are the optimal number to create a good collage.

Tip 3. Include Different Types of Shots

tips for making a collage in photoshop

In order to understand how to create collage in Photoshop, experiment with your pictures. Bring in some diversity: use wide, medium and close up images. It will allow you to create volume and depth effect. In some cases, close-up objects work very well too.

Tip 4. Go for the Same Theme

tips for making a collage in photoshop

Choice of photos is the most important thing here. Select pictures of the same theme and style. Random, unrelated images will break the harmony of your photo collage.

Tip 5. Try to Achieve Consistent Look

tips for making a collage in photoshop

Remember, when using Photoshop collage makers and applying photo effects, all images should be edited in the same or very similar style. Having photos with different editing can spoil your collage.

So, whether you are going for a light&airy or dark&moody look, choose one photo editing style and stick to it!

Collage Photoshop Free Templates

A quick option to create a collage is to use templates. Here are five absolutely free options for different photography genres.

Fashion 7 Photos Collage

If you want to know how to make a collage in Photoshop, use this template. It is perfect for creating fashion collages. View more how to smooth skin in Photoshop to give your studio photos a high-end touch.

Couple Images Collage

Use this template to create romantic collages. Tell about your feelings in this way. Such a picture may be a great gift for the Valentine's Day or wedding anniversary. Use my photoshopping portraits tips to make your couple photos even better.

wedding album book

Wedding Album Template

Use the wedding album template to create a collage in Photoshop and make your love story touching and memorable.



Landscape Photography Collage

For sure, every photographer has a large number of photos with beautiful landscapes. This free Photoshop collage template will help you create a beautiful picture. Share it with your Instagram subscribers.

instagram puzzle

Instagram Puzzle Templates

Want to make a collage in Photoshop? Then buy Instagram Puzzle templates MEGA bundle for a super low price and impress your followers with awesome collages.



Family Photo Collage

Can’t find the perfect picture to hang it above the fireplace or in the living room? Create a beautiful collage from family photos using this template. Watch these Photoshop portrait tutorials to make your family photos pop even if you’re a beginner.

Rest & Travel Photo Collage

If you have a travel blog or just love to travel and share your photos with friends, use free collage templates to create beautiful collages. Download this variant. It is an ideal option for such purposes due to its minimalistic design.

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