Free Photoshop Collage Templates

Free photo collage templates designed by FixThePhoto to arrange your photos into a stylish and beautiful order for posting in Facebook, Instagram, creating photography marketing templates and gift certificate templates. Don’t miss the opportunity to design the unusual impressive photo collages in several clicks having downloaded them in .psd format. Applying multiple templates, you have a chance to achieve an excellent result playing around with the pictures, just let your imagination run wild with our free photo collage templates. 

#1 "Classic 5 Frames Photo Collage Template"

This astonishing 5 number photo collage template is excellent to perform the events you want to keep in memory. Use it to compose the photographs of family photoshoot at the weekend. In order to get the unusual composition of your images, design a photo collage. Download it and relish the story told by your photographs.
photo collage template

#2 "Minimalist Photo Collage Template"

Our heart photo collage template is the right way to perform all portrait shots. Forget about free online photo collage makers, this template lets you inject your favorite portraits easily. Get this whimsical photo collage template free you’ve made to share with followers on Instagram or decorate a room or a desktop window of your client.
free photo collage template

#3 "Save The Day 12 Number Photo Collage Template"

Use the 12 photo collage maker to gather all the best recollections of the vacations or holidays in one beautiful photomontage full of joy and laugh. Applying the Photoshop photo collage template tell the story of your magnificent days-off and share it with followers. They are absolutely free, so don't miss a chance to organize the perfect storyboard.
photo collage template photoshop

#4 "Modern 9 Photo Collage Template"

The greatest way to save those memories and share the Christmas spirit is creating photo collage online. Free download is a nice Christmas present, too! Save the best memories and tell your own story. You need just to download the free application to compose images, arrange your pictures and enjoy the result.
number photo collage template

#5 "Love Story 4 Number Photo Collage Template"

Capture the romantic moments and demonstrate them with our free Photoshop storyboard templates. There’s a collage pattern for your portrait photos and the views of places that are important for you and your soulmate only. Receive it for free and share your sweet memories with the dearest people.
photoshop photo collage template

#6 "Childhood 4 Photo Collage Template"

Be creative and make up the storyboard using these free collage templates. Download the template without any charge right now and enjoy your funny and lovely images every day. Stop hesitating, you won’t have any problems with this simple photo collage maker online.
photo collage template download

#7 "Time To Travel 6 Photo Collage Template"

Here is a nice Photoshop photo collage template to arrange your traveling pictures. Tell the story of every city you’ve visited and share it with friends on social networks or reprint to decorate your place. All you have to do is just to download the free photo collage maker, compose your personal shots and enjoy the result.
photo collage photoshop template

#8 "Artistic 6 Photo Collage Template"

Every shot of the collage will become the chapter of your story. Feel ease to apply the free collage template for Photoshop to make up a new masterpiece. Take the template for free right now and enjoy your amazing and lovely photo stories every day.
template for photo collage

#9 "Fashion 7 Photos Collage Template"

This free photo collage template is for you if you are into fashion and love to dress up and fancy different looks every day. Arrange the pictures of your favorite looks or wished fashionable outfits in one post. Download it for free and don’t forget to share your fashion ideas with the public.
photo collage templates free download

#10 "Your Story 5 Photo Collage Template"

Apply this 5 number photo collage template to unite the dearest memories of the time spent with your best people and demonstrate the lifetime events. Download the template right now and share your amazing and creative photo stories on social networks.
photo collage online free

#11 "Art Photo Collage Template"

You may create your own piece of art and announce it to the world with the assistance of photography collage templates. Post it on your blog or on your Instagram wall. Take a few steps to tell the story, that reveals your ideas: find the proper image, download the free photo collage maker.
creative photo collage templates

#12 "Vintage Photo Collage"

Make your own vintage poster using the collage maker for PC. To set the right atmosphere you may also use the sepia or B&W effects. Download the creative photo collage template for free and save or print the result to share with friends on social media or jazz up your apartment or set as a desktop wallpaper.
photo collage template

#13 "Stylish 7 Number Photo Collage Template"

With the free collage maker online it is quite simple to make up a poster within several seconds. Get free photo templates and make up the storyboards to demonstrate your personal style and imagination. Feel at ease to download any pattern you like to compose the images.
free photo collage template

#14 "Just Married Photo Collage Template"

Here is a splendid wedding photo collage template. Download it and design the poster with your snapshots. Achieve the creative photo collage template for free and save or print the picture you’ve made to cherish the brightest day of your days, share it with followers on social media or decorate your apartment or a desktop.
photo collage template photoshop

#15 "Sweet Memories Photo Collage Template"

Make a surprise for your best friend’s birthday designing a congratulating poster that captures you and your BFF and the finest memories of the days spent together. Guess, you’ve got a big number of pictures, so this 8 number photo collage template is suitable for your demands.
number photo collage template

#16 "Four Season Photo Collage Template"

Arrange your outdoor images into a single all-the-year-round story. First, you should think of the story you want to tell about, then find the proper images and install the free photo collage maker. Add the photos of your own and let all the world see your amazing creation.
photoshop photo collage template

#17 "The Day to Remember Photo Collage Template"

Here is a wonderful photo collage template to arrange the memories of your holidays, like weddings, birthdays or Christmas. Bring the unusual poster to life with these free photo collage templates and save the sweetest memories. You can also share it with friends on the Net or save as PDF file.
photo collage template download

#18 "Food Photo Collage Template"

We offer a fine photo collage template for food bloggers. Install the application, insert the photo of the delicious dish you’ve cooked to the biggest slot, put the images of the ingredients below – and the wrapping for your blog is finished. The last step is to share it with followers on your blog page.
photo collage photoshop template

#19 "Rest & Travel Photo Collage Template"

If your traveling post for the blog needs a proper wrapping create the eye-catching post to demonstrate the breathtaking city views and landscapes. You need a Picasa collage maker or Photoshop, then download the photo collage template in one click, inject your images to it, save and print or share on the Net.
template for photo collage

#20 "Baby Photo Collage Template"

Well, it is clear, when you became parents you shoot dozens or even hundreds of pictures of your beloved newborn daily. It may appear difficult to share all of them, so you can arrange the cutest images in one picture with the photo collage templates.
photo collage templates free download

#21 "Lifetime Memories Photo Collage Template"

Gather the best moments of your work, education, rest and traveling in one poster. Obtain the heart photo collage template in one click, arrange your photos the way you like it and share with friends or print to hang on the wall.
photo collage online free

#22 "Family Photo Collage Template"

Can’t find the ideal poster to hang above the fireplace or in the sitting-room? To create a heart-melting family portrait, use this photo collage template. Photoshop will be useful not only to make up the collage but to apply various filters or corrections if needed. Set it as a wallpaper or hang on the actual wall if you wish.
creative photo collage templates

#23 "Sports Photo Collage Template"

If you are an active and sporty person, you’ve definitely got dozens of photos from various competitions, shots demonstrating awards or your achievements or capturing you with some famous sportsmen. Arrange all of them in one stunning sports photo collage using this template.
photo collage template

#24 "Couple Photo Collage Template"

Unite your best romantic memories into one post with the fine Photoshop photo collage template. Use creative photo collage template that is absolutely free and tell the story of your love. You can publish the poster on social networks or, it may become a wonderful gift for Valentine’s day, birthday or the anniversary.
photo collage template photoshop

#25 "Landscape Photo Collage Template"

If you want all your followers to see you can make a collage and publish it on the Internet. Otherwise, print it and hang on the wall in your apartment. We offer this Photoshop photo collage template to share your finest outdoor pictures. Demonstrate the images of you with the magnificent landscape in the background.
number photo collage template

Why Should You Use FixThePhoto Photo Collage Templates

A photo collage is an assemblage of images arranged the way you fancy it at different sizes. The composition of the pictures depends on your imagination and original vision of the photo collage. According to the preferred style and the purpose, the photographs can be combined into minimalistic combinations or original stylish arrangements. We can name at least some reasons to apply the photo collage templates from our bundle:

  • QUICK. It is the quickest way to organize the frames for your photographs to publish on the social networks or to print as a marketing material. Having downloaded them in .psd format, you may compose your personal collage in Photoshop in 2 minutes. No extra Photoshop skills are necessary. Find the inspiration and design a fabulous marketing template to remind you of the lifelong memorable occasions.
  • MULTYTASKING. To exhibit the snapshots, pieces of art, designing ideas you can apply the photo collage template from this list. The photo collages you've designed have a wide sphere for their presentation – in your work, for entertaining or making a present for your clients, etc.
  • EASY. Creating the photo collage is so easy that not only professional designers or programmers can produce posters with the photo collage template Photoshop. You need elementary photo editing skills and your creativity will be enough to bring a masterpiece to life.
  • CREATIVE. If the goal is to tell stories through the photographs, creating collages is a prominent option. The artistic storyboard, arranged with your shots will tell a stunning story and invite new customers. Stories, made with your personal images will become an attraction of any website, advertising company or apartments.
  • FREE. All photo collage templates are absolutely free and without additional charges. You get them after pressing “Download” button on your email address.

Download one of the splendid photo collage templates presented on our site and create your personal piece of art to publish on the blog or enjoy the cherished memories printed for the photo album to. We are sure that you will find the proper example to fit your ideas, style, and requirements.

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