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Free Photography Gift Certificates

Photography gift certificates is a great way to suggest discounts on studio/outdoor photoshoots that you can personalize to promote your photography services. FixThePhoto offers you free photoshoot gift certificates that can be used as a birthday present or seasonal discount on your photography services. You can download any free photography gift certificate template word, psd and pdf formats. The most beautiful photography gift certificate ideas are realized by FixThePhoto designers below.  

Photography Gift Certificate Template Free :

Free Customizable Gift Certificate Templates

Gift certificates can be used for all types of photo shooting: outdoor, portrait, studio and even boudoir photography - they are paid depending on the number of hours specified in the certificate. This photography gift certificate template free can be presented to a girl, wife, friends and relatives, for example a Christmas gift certificate for a family photo session.

There are many variants of using photography gift certificates. People purchase a wedding photo session certificate, but more often it has a high price, but in this case do not forget that such kind of certificate is given in advance before the celebration in order to discuss all the details. We recommend you providing pre-wedding photo session certificates. 

Presenting photography gift certificates is a good time-saver, your clients don’t have to look for professional photographer in the area and specified time and date, they just phone and agree all the details with you, having time to prepare well for the photo session itself. Do not forget to write a certain validity period that must be specified in the photography gift certificates. 

On the part of the photographer, free customizable gift certificate templates are a great way to attract more customers, since such a discount gift is very popular and will expand your customer field. The photography gift certificates must have a beautiful and clear design, which immediately sets the tone for the future photo shoot. Qualitative cover photo and fonts of the fancy gift certificate template is very important and needs a good design, it shows people your professional photography skills before a person dials your number. A free printable photography gift certificate template should contain all the necessary information on the back, in order to contact you - phone number, even better two numbers, email, a Twitter or Instagram, a website so that a person can get acquainted with your portfolio. It is possible to put your photography logo on the front of the certificate. Therefore, our designers have made amazing free customizable gift certificate templates that will help you create a certificate that is right for you.


Couple Photoshoot Gift Certificate

Couple photoshoot gift certificate is a wonderful template with a lot of romantic, lifestyle photos on the front side with a small inscription in the rhombus. Everything is done in coral color without any extra details. You can download this free photography gift certificate template word and pdf format.


Wedding Photoshoot Gift Certificate

Light wedding photography certificate is made in the style of clouds and the photos on their background. On the front side of this template there are the circles with three wedding photos, on the back one there are two photos and text space in a turquoise-style. You can change photography gift certificate wording to the text you need in Photoshop or Word.


Red & Blue Wedding Photoshoot Gift Certificate

A certificate with a minimum number of photos and two gift certificate template pages. Against the background side and a little on the front, there are neutral waves to make something more creative than a simple white background. Everything is done in red tones to make romantic atmosphere.


Pastel Wedding Photoshoot Gift Certificate

Purple wedding photography gift certificate is a stylish template with a zigzag design that looks interesting and gives a cheerful mood to the future photo shoot. Just slightly sloppy font and uneven lines also make it easy to understand the photographer’s shooting style. Use this free gift certificate template word, pdf and psd file for your personal and business purposes.


Baby Free Gift Certificate Template

A light white frame made in a simple style. This template can be also downloaded as a gift certificate template pdf, docs and psd formats. There is practically nothing on the front part, except a photograph and an inscription. A white gift certificate is the best choice of designs for newborn photoshoots.


Newborn Free Gift Certificate Template

A wonderful gift certificate template pdf, psd and docs formats for a children's photo session in pink style, great for baby girls. Simple two colors fonts. No extra information or advertising on the back side of the template. Sweet photo examples and gentle color scheme make this gift certificate a good choice.


Baby Birthday Gift Certificate Template

Very light and matte blue tints perfectly match the main white color background. Great for birthday gift certificates to take children's photos. On the paper printed it looks particularly great and gentle. There is much place for photography gift certificate wording you need on the back side, information about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. If you have the newborn photo in the same style as on the template, you can change it in the gift certificate template Photoshop.


Lifestyle Gift Certificate for Photography Session

If your client want to present a lifestyle street and sunny photo session, this is the most winning gift certificate template word free download with bright photos. The certificate itself is made in cream colors. The photos take even the back side of the template, there are only 3 fields for filling.


Grunge Photography Gift Certificate

This is a simple and little ragged certificate’s design. You can choose two versions in black and white colors and save this gift certificate template google docs. An interesting template of the certificate, as if the photo was torn, and the certificate is located below it, on the back side the same way, but with fields for filling information.


Fashion Photoshoot Free Gift Certificate Template

A simple certificate template for a glamour portrait photoshoot. It is done in a minimalistic style with hand-written fonts on a dark green background. At the front side, only one photo is placed.


Classical Free Gift Certificate Template

This is a gift certificate template word free download. It’s designed in white color with a funny font. The photo on the front covers the whole part of the template and has a white frame. On the back side there are several small photos in the form of a tape for a future client to estimate your work.


Free Gift Certificate Template for Outdoor Photoshoots

If you like white and pink color schemes, this pinky photography certificate for a street photo shoot is a great variant for you. Light pink color stands out against the background of black and white photographs. On the front of the certificate, in the corner, you can place your text, whether it's a quote or a brief description of the future photo shoot. Now you don’t have to look for gift certificate template google docs, just receive a FixThePhoto email with 3 files (pdf, psd, docx).


Female Portrait Photography Gift Certificate

The certificate with the quote on the photo is a simple, muffled gray color template with a strict font, like on postcards. On the front side is a photograph with a white inscription, the back one is a plain white paper with a minimum of colors and necessary information lines.


Pink Blue Gift Certificate


Wedding Gift Certificate


Newborn Photography Gift Certificate


Wedding Photography Gift Certificate


Green Wedding Photography Gift Certificate


Family Photography Gift Certificate


Pink Newborn Gift Certificate


Gift Certificate Template


Violet Gift Certificate Template


Fashion Gift Certificate Template


Newborn Stars Gift Certificate


Gift Certificate - Wedding


Finding and choosing an interesting design for your photography gift certificates is not the easiest task, since this choice is like choosing a photography logo - for a long time so that people can recognize it. With this selection of free photography gift certificates from FixThePhoto, you can easily select and create your unique style of gift certificate.