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Animal Photo Editor Services for Photographers

FixThePhoto Company offers animal editing services for those specialists, engaged in shooting wild animals and pets. Our retouchers use various tools and techniques to fix the most common mistakes that appear while taking photos of animals and are ready to handle more specific-oriented tasks that require pro-level photo editing skills. Following your particular requirements, our animal photo editor will perfect animal images until you are completely satisfied with the result. A 100% natural look is guaranteed!

Animal Photo Editor Online: Advantages

• True-to-life animal photo editing

• Large format printing

• Professional approach to each order, so you will be impressed by the results and can satisfy your pickiest client

• Affordable animal editing services

• Professionally calibrated and CMYK toned monitors

• There is a personal animal photo editor, who will learn your specific requirements and will improve your images correspondingly

• Friendly customer support working each day around the clock with an average response time of 10 minutes

• Perform about 1000 animal photo manipulations per day

• Reduced price for batch orders

• Our experienced animal editors know how to attract positive attention from your target market

• A creative approach and pro-level animal editing techniques that bring wonderful results in accordance with unique requirements

• Match the accepted image quality standards

• Don’t claim your photography copyright

• Fast, timely delivery


Animal Photo Editor Pricing


Pro Animal Photo Editor Online Services

Photographing animals is a challenging task by itself, while pet image editing often requires even more time and skills. If you don’t want to perform all the fixes yourself, just address our dog photo editor service and have everything done in a quick way. If it sounds like something you need, write to us and we’ll start enhancing your animal studio images straight away to deliver amazing results in the shortest time possible.

Animal Photo Editing Services Applied: 

• Animal face editing

• Eyes correction

• Dog’s hair cleaning up

• Color correction

• Background color alignment

• Eyes are made more expressive

• Deep color correction


Pro+ Level of Animal Photo Editor Online

If you worry about the quality of the final photo and its naturalness, you should look through our image gallery with sample works to see that we know how a professionally edited animal picture must look. Performing only hand-made adjustments, our animal editors do their best to make your pets photos beautiful, not distorting its original beauty.

When improving images of animals, both taken indoors and outdoors, we pay attention to every tiny detail to make the entire scene look coherent and balanced.

Animal Photo Editing Services Applied: 

• Color correction

• Made eyes more expressive

• Clean, even out hair

• Background improvement

• Fixed white balance

• Stylization

• Adding realistic leaves

• Applying Dodge & Burn


Extra Level of Animal Photo Editor Online Services

When you are interested in more artistic animal photo manipulations, like replacing the background with more picturesque one or adding some objects to the frame – our skillful animal photo editors will gladly cope with this task.

Just specify what you expect to see in the end and attach the samples. Charging less than similar animal photo editing services, we are well-aware of modern standards and will work hard to bring your boldest ideas into life.

Animal Photo Editing Services Applied: 

• Color correction

• Background replacement

• Fixing white balance

• Removing spots

• Boosting brightness

• Making tongue pinkier


Professional Dog Photo Editor Services

Editing dog pictures requires extensive Photoshop knowledge, understanding of the peculiarities of this genre and a keen eye for details. Our animal editors can boast of all these qualities and even more.

You can contact our specialists to discuss your order and learn how much it will cost straight away. Offering top-quality animal photo editing services, we have reasonable prices for all levels of photo enhancement. Visit our website, place an order right now and get a wonderful result tomorrow. You take photos of your dogs, we make professional editing!

Animal Photo Editing Services Applied: 

• Realistic color correction

• Background enhancement

• Fixing white balance

• Hair cleaning up

• Boosting brightness

• Adding Dodge & Burn

• Fixing a horizon line


Studio Animal Photo Editor Services

Being in the trade for many years, we know the most frequent problems animal photographers have to deal taking cat or dog photos in the studio and are willing to take away this burden.

The finished pet image undergoes a multi-tiered quality control process and numerous revisions, as we work until you are absolutely satisfied with the result. We work with colors and send you clear and realistic animal photos that can be used for advertising or as a magazine cover.

Animal Photo Editing Services Applied: 

• Color correction

• Background improvement

• Fixing white balance

• Dog’s hair cleaning up

• Boosting brightness

• Dodge & Burn effect

• Studio light correction

• Cropping


Outdoor Animal Photo Editor Services

Like taking animal photos outdoors? Send them to our experts and let us transform your ordinary cat or dog photos into professionally-looking images. Remember, you can always order photomontages with other animals as well, such as rabbits, butterflies, horses, insects, etc.

We can add any animal to any background you want realistically and at affordable price. Let FixThePhoto customize your animal photos fast, of high-quality, and cheap.

Animal Photo Editing Services Applied: 

• Color grading

• Background enhancement

• Stylization

• Fixing white balance

• Contrast increasing

• Boosting brightness

• Making white dog’s hair whiter



Bulk Animal Photo Editor Online Services for Permanent Customers

oil paintings from photo
15% off discount for all animal photo editor services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $300.00 US
oil paintings from photo
30% off discount for all animal photo editor services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1500.00 US

Get Animal Editor Quotation Fast

You can learn how much your particular order will cost just in several seconds. Attach the pet picture in any format (no more than 100MB), write what should be improved and state whether you want our animal editor to work in accordance with your personal animal image editing style (include a sample image). Write if any part of the photo should be left unchanged. Knowing the cost of your order, you’ll be able to plan your expenses wisely.

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