Famous Dog Photographers to Be Inspired by in 2023

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Photography Tips

One might think that there is nothing unusual in animal photos and this genre has the same rules as the portrait genre, however, famous dog photographers prove that the opposite is true. For a photographer, it’s important to demonstrate the personality of each dog and take photos from the most flattering angle. This requires a lot of experience, which is why you should practice more to achieve the best results.

If you want to specialize in this genre, take a look at these photographers who take photos of dogs. They will help you find some inspiration and provide you with many useful ideas.

1. Kaylee Greer

kaylee greer famous dog photographer

Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography acquired worldwide fame for her hilarious pictures of dogs. She enjoys capturing photos with vibrant colors and selects poses that allow her to demonstrate the unique personality of each dog. In her photos, dogs are loving and energetic creatures.

She often uses unusual backgrounds to grab the attention of her viewers. In her photos, you can see stunning gradients, magnificent skies, fluffy clouds, and other details that create an unforgettable atmosphere.

2. Claudio Piccoli

claudio piccoli famous dog photographer

Claudio Piccoli is a famous pet photographer who knows how to focus on moving subjects and manages to capture running pets with impossible perfection. He specializes in taking photos of running, jumping, and playing dogs.

Besides, Claudio often takes pictures of dogs with their owners. He organizes photography workshops across the globe and often works together with other photographers.

3. Greg Murray

greg murray famous dog photographer

Greg Murray is famous for his creative approach and the usage of pet photography ideas. He likes taking pictures of dogs and other pets together with their owners. Greg masterfully captures the personality of his models. He prefers solid-color backgrounds, as it ensures that viewers won’t be distracted from the model.

4. Anne Geier

anne geier famous dog photographer

Anne Geier has an unusual approach when it comes to snapping pictures of dog owners with their pets. She specializes in capturing happy memories and touches upon the topic of the relationship between pets and their owners when taking travel photos.

Anne often travels with her dogs and captures the most beautiful moments of her trips. To encourage other people to follow in her footsteps, she created the Adventuredogs photo series. It allowed her to demonstrate the most memorable moments of her explorations.

5. Elias Weiss Friedman

elias weiss friedman famous dog photographer

Elias Weiss Friedman is a professional dog photographer who specializes in taking photos of pets. He created The Dogist, a blog that contains a lot of useful information for dog lovers around the globe. The number of his Instagram followers has almost reached five million.

He published a book titled The Dogist & Puppies, which became a New York Times bestseller. Elias also enjoys doing lifestyle photography and often snaps pics of dogs and their owners in this genre.

6. Christian Vieler

christian vieler famous dog photographer

If you take a look at Christian Vieler’s Instagram page, you will find plenty of hilarious dog photos. This experienced photographer has a creative approach when it comes to capturing comedian expressions, which makes him stand out among other photographers. He prefers shooting against dark backgrounds, which gives his photos a dramatic and comedian feel.

7. Elke Vogelsang

elke vogelsang famous dog photographer

This famous photographer enjoys taking photos of her three dogs and knows how to capture them so that they look natural in photos. It allows her to take stunning pictures of other pets as well. Her pet portraits were published in the Huffington Post and Daily Mail. Besides, her portfolio on stock websites includes more than 2,000 photos.

Vogelsang loves working with pets and can easily calm them down if they are anxious. She also works with dogs with disabilities and enjoys showing their unique personalities.

8. Audrey Bellot

audrey bellot famous dog photographer

Audrey is a talented photographer from France who knows how to take exquisite-looking pictures of dogs. She doesn’t like cluttered backgrounds and pays attention to colors, which is why her photos have a distinct minimalist feel. If you take a look at them, you will see how carefully she selects every element to make the composition in the frame more harmonic.

9. Ria Putzker

ria putzker famous dog photographer

Ria Putzker doesn’t like staged photos and prefers to capture the personality of her models to create memorable photos for her clients. She lives in Viena, Austria, has two rescue dogs, and owns an extensive collection of pet photography.

What makes her stand out among other famous dog photographers is that she has her own signature style. You will easily recognize her photos for their soft backgrounds and rich colors.

10. Diego Salas

diego salas famous dog photographer

Experienced photo editors can give a unique feel to their photos by employing a variety of techniques. For instance, they often merge photos to create eye-catching collages. The photos Diego Salas created for Pedigree demonstrate his advanced skills. He masterfully composites pictures of fish and pigs with portraits of dogs.

11. Shaina Fishman

shaina fishman famous dog photographer

Shaina Fishman takes pet photos in a studio setting. She knows how to capture dog personalities and take fun and memorable photos. Using a variety of props and a monochromatic background, she tells unique stories about her models. Her services are in high demand among pet lovers in New York, Los Angeles, and other cities.

12. Monica van der Maden

monica van der maden famous dog photographer

You will easily recognize photos taken by Monica as they feature flawless backgrounds, thick forests, and incredible urban settings. Due to this, each of her pictures has a unique feel and shows the personality of a pet in an unusual way.

Monica likes taking photos in the forest to capture the moody atmosphere and achieve the background blur effect. Her urban photos are typically lighter, which allows her to make dogs stand out more.

13. Carli Davidson

carli davidson famous dog photographer

If you have ever owned a dog, you know that these animals are quite different from each other. Carli Davidson takes portraits showing their unique personalities and expressions. Besides taking photos, this famous pet photographer conducts animal training, which allows her to spend even more time with dogs.

Thanks to her extensive experience, Davidson knows how to work with dogs who are camera-shy. Her stunning pictures were published in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Huffington Post.

14. Jess Bell

jess bell famous dog photographer

If you have ever looked for holi photoshoot ideas, you might have already seen pictures taken by Jess. She enjoys taking stunning photos of dogs using color powder. Dogs like her photoshoots as well since they like to play with clouds of colorful powder. It allows her to capture magical moments.

When selecting the color of powder, Jess considers the dog’s fur and takes into account other criteria to create the perfect composition. Usage of flying discs allows her to take stunning natural pics.

15. Seth Casteel

seth casteel famous dog photographer

Being an underwater photography enthusiast, Seth Casteel captures photos of dogs from the most unusual angles. This photographer of dogs often takes pictures of them playing with their favorite toys in the water. It enables him to capture their fun expressions. His underwater photos make him different from other professionals working in the industry.