17 Creative Holi Photoshoot Ideas for Inspiration

Holi is a multi-colored powder obtained from natural ingredients (for example, rice flour or corn starch), subsequently colored with various dyes. This colored powder will help you realize different holi photoshoot ideas.

You can take photos in different genres, including portraits, love stories, artistic, and even subject photos. If you are planning to book a photo session using color paint, get ready and pick the ideas that impress you the most.

1. Portraits Using Paints Outdoors

holi photoshoot ideas street session

This is one of the easiest holi photoshoot ideas that is suitable for street or urban photography. You can shoot almost anywhere – in the city, in the courtyard, in the park, and other places where you can spread the powder. You don’t need to use anything special for such a photo session, just find some holi powder.

Pick 2 or 3 shades that you like and spread on yourself and around you, creating colored chaotic spots. It is better to choose white or light-colored clothes, without any patterns or inscriptions. Please note that the powder is quite difficult to remove from the fabric, so you might need to throw away the clothes after shooting.

2. Photo with a Dark Background

holi photoshoot ideas black background

Multi-colored paints look very impressive in contrast with a black background. The background can be a dark wall, plain black photography background, fabric, etc.

You can take such photos both outdoors and in a studio. This idea is more suitable for portrait photography.

3. Colors on Face: Don’t Forget to Smile

holi photoshoot ideas street session

Non-staged photos always look attractive. Throwing colorful paints is quite fun. You can have someone spread the powder over you while the photographer is working, or you can do it yourself. These holi photoshoot ideas work best with relaxed poses and genuine emotions.

4. Close-Up Photo of the Face

holi photoshoot ideas close up

Spread some powder on your face and hair and take a few close-up shots. You can use anything as a background, but there should be no small details or patterns. Try using a brick wall, some kind of wooden or stone object, or a black background.

To avoid deep retouching, use the portrait mode on your smartphone. Photoshopping portraits is hard enough for novices, so do not hesitate to contact professionals.

holi photoshoot ideas fixthephoto retouching example holi photoshoot ideas fixthephoto retouching example

FixThePhoto has a team of experts who will perform high-quality retouching. You can send them images in RAW format. There is no need to study complex professional editing methods, since you can get your edited images back within the shortest time.

5. Shooting Photos from Above

holi photoshoot ideas from above

One of the most impressive holi photoshoot ideas involves taking pictures from above. In this case, the photo will look more interesting if enough paint is spread on the floor or other surface, creating a colorful background. Lie on the floor and add a contrasting color to the hair and face to focus on details.

6. Clap with Paints in Hands

holi photoshoot ideas clapping

Take a shot where you clap holding a small amount of powder in your hands. I recommend using two colors. When they mix, you will get a colorful and beautiful photo.

In this case, the background should be blurred as much as possible to emphasize the hands and colors. Be sure to use the camera rainsleeve to avoid damaging your equipment as it will be difficult for you to clean its parts from holi powder.

7. Hair and Holi Forming a Half Circle

holi photoshoot ideas hair

It’s one of the most incredible holi photoshoot ideas for a girl with long hair. Spread colorful powder in front of you, sit down, and use your hair to create a colored cloud. This idea is quite difficult to implement since someone needs to capture the moment when the hair and the flying powder form a beautiful semicircle.

8. Dancing with Holi Paints

holi photoshoot ideas dance photo

Dance photography is one of the best genres when it comes to photo sessions with holi. You can implement the most creative photo ideas and use colored powder in various ways. For example, you can spread holi on the body in advance or scatter paints when moving.

I recommend taking such photos on a neutral background, for instance, a dark one. Take care of lighting to make your photo look bright. Use any available lighting kit to get a well-lit, clear shot.

9. Holi Instead of Makeup

holi photoshoot ideas make up

Holi powders can not only be randomly scattered but also used instead of makeup on the face. With their help, you can implement your creative holi photoshoot ideas by intentionally spreading powder on your face. This will come in handy for those who specialize in fashion photography.

10. Bright Love Story

holi photoshoot ideas love story

If you want to capture a love story or family photography, try using holi paints. Play around with the colorful powder while the photographer captures your sincere emotions. Try not to focus on your poses and try behaving naturally in front of the camera.

11. Close-Up Photo of a Kiss

holi photoshoot ideas kiss

If you’re a love-story photographer and your clients don’t mind trying out holi photoshoot ideas, pay special attention to kissing shots. You can capture tender and emotional photos of kissing lovers with painted faces.

12. Group Photos With Bright Colors

holi photoshoot ideas group photo

If it is possible, take some group photos. It will look great if you lie on the ground, head to head. Try implementing various group photography ideas and use different paints to take plenty of creative pictures.

13. Holi Festival Shots

holi photoshoot ideas festival

There are a lot of big holi events these days. To replenish their collection of colorful photos, photographers can visit such festivals. By attending such an event, you can take a great number of photos, which makes it perfect for festival photography enthusiasts who take group photos and individual portraits.

holi photoshoot ideas overhead

You can capture a variety of vivid emotions. Also, try to take some pictures from afar so that you can see the bright multi-colored cloud formed with lots of holi powder.

14. Shooting Holi Color Run Marathons

holi photoshoot ideas running marathon

If there is a holi powder running event near your location, make sure to visit it. Such photos turn out to be quite engaging. This way, you can take pictures that will stand out among the photos taken by other people. 

15. Shooting Family Events Using Holi Powders

holi photoshoot ideas plots

With the help of holi powder, you can spice up any celebration, such as birthday, bachelorette party, theme party, and so on. Also, using holi paints, you can organize any event. For example, a gender-reveal party, where future young parents find out the gender of their baby. In this case, you can use pink or blue holi paint for the shoot. To bring to life such holi photoshoot ideas, you can buy ready-made kits containing pink and blue holi powder.

16. Colorful Close-Up Photos with Holi

holi photoshoot ideas close up

You can capture unusual details from up close, for example, the faces sprinkled with holi. Try using different eye photography tips to take original and eye-catching photos.

holi photoshoot ideas hand close up

Choose from several hand posing options and take close-ups. I recommend using a macro lens to snap clear and interesting photos.

Take as many close-up photos of details as possible. Then you can put them together and use one of the popular photo collage makers to create collages for your social networks or printing.

17. Animals Covered with Colorful Powder

holi photoshoot ideas animals

You can involve animals scattered with holi powder in photo shooting. Take a photo of a dog covered with paints, it will look very cute and unusual.

Bonus Tools

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