8 Best Conversational AI Platforms in 2023

If you are looking for a reliable tool to automate communication with your clients, available 24/7, then this article with an overview of the best conversational AI software will help you choose the most suitable option.

Whether you’re looking for a text or audio communication tool, you’ll find the option here to suit all your requirements. You can use these AI platforms on any messaging or voice communication platform, and their quality of imitation of human voice and speech is at a high level.

Top 8 Conversational AI Platforms

  1. Kore.ai - Enterprise-grade features
  2. IBM - Comes with AI-led bots
  3. Feedyou - Cutting-edge virtual agents
  4. Mindsay - Dynamic answers to customer’s questions
  5. Replicant - As close as possible to human speech
  6. MindMeld - Offers deep-domain voice-based UI
  7. SAP - Free and open source service
  8. Haptik.ai - Perfect for specific businesses

Most of the conversational AI platforms discussed in the article are multi-channel and automated in terms of communication with your customers through convenient chatbots, instant messengers, and voice assistants in combination with a machine at the same time. They come with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that improves them and makes speech as close to human as possible. However, some options use only one communication channel.

The cost of companiesэ services can vary depending on the tasks and starts from $140 per month to $2000 per month. Also in the article, you can find free-to-use options, which at the same time come with limited functionality.

1. Kore.ai — Our Choice

Enterprise-grade features
  • Features multi-pronged NLP engine
  • Offers more than 30 channels
  • Easily integrates custom ML models and channels
  • In-depth analytical reports
  • Demo and trial versions available for free
  • Focuses only on large enterprises

Verdict: Kore.ai is one of the best conversational AI solutions available on the market today. This full-scale no-code AI-driven platform has become a godsend for large companies in designing, building, testing, hosting, and deploying AI-powered virtual assistants. Covering over 30 various digital and voice-based channels and integrating with the most common enterprise systems, it helps reduce your time to market.

I like that Kore.ai comes with live chat software, enhancing the interaction between employees, customers, and agents. The service will satisfy the special requirements of any industry from media to banks, from trade to entertainment, etc.

You can improve your communication experience with both customers and employees by expanding the language base to 100 languages and communication channels to 35 both digital and voice-based ones.

kore ai conversational ai platform interface

2. IBM Watson Assistant

Comes with AI-led bots
  • Automates responses with up to 95% accuracy
  • Round-the-clock service
  • Multi-channel
  • High level of security
  • Confusing website
  • Limited features in cheaper packages

Verdict: As one of the most trusted conversational AI tools, Watson Assistant makes it easy to create, deploy, and maintain bots that businesses can use for increasing loyal customers and transforming client experiences. The service offers multiple communication channels, including the web and phones, where you can personalize your customer support approach.

Increasing sales from your E-commerce platforms, as well as automating various business processes from financial transactions to research, are just some of what you can achieve with Watson Assistant.

The platform allows you to combine voice and text communication at the same time to speed up the process. I like that the bot features disambiguation capabilities avoiding multiple-choice requests by asking for clarification before answering automatically.

Moving from one topic to another and back again is a smooth process that does not interfere with chatting. The base model of the product will set you back $140 per month.

ibm conversational ai platform interface

3. Feedyou

Cutting-edge virtual agents
  • Bots for chats and voice communication
  • Instant responses
  • Handy for HR departments
  • Easily integrates third-party tools
  • No prices indicated
  • The site is overloaded with information

Verdict: Feedyou isn’t a chatbot or voice bot for support, but a full-fledged assistant, especially useful for HR. The system itself can select candidates based on the specified requirements and send them invitations.

As one of the best conversational AI software, it seamlessly integrates with your ATS, CRM, and CMS. What’s more, it comes bundled with reminder software capabilities to help you schedule conversations based on your workload.

The Feedyou service will easily set up and edit your profile, reset your password, control access to files, and many other operations that are routine for IT specialists, online store owners, public service employees, etc.

I like that the virtual assistant is available in several languages at the same time and switches seamlessly when you need it. To find out the cost of the service, contact a representative.

feedyou conversational ai platform interface

4. Mindsay

Dynamic answers to customer’s questions
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Available in 110 languages
  • Comes with chatbots
  • Suitable for different businesses
  • Time to market takes as much as 4 weeks
  • Difficult to master without instructions
mindsay conversational ai platform logo

Verdict: Improving your client service and increasing your revenue are just some of the things you can achieve with Mindsay, one of the most advanced conversational AI platforms. It offers several client service formats that will help in promoting your brand.

The tool not only comes with the ability to answer frequently asked questions but is also capable of providing dynamic answers to client questions. In case this is not possible, it will connect the client with the customer service staff.

This instant messaging software is especially useful during peak hours to offload the query and help support or sales agents.

The service is available in 110 languages, which is very convenient for businesses serving customers all over the world. It offers advanced conversational marketing chatbots aimed at automating your sales and marketing campaigns and increasing revenue as a result.

Mindsay is your trusted, never-tiring virtual agent available 24/7. The cost of such an assistant will cost you $2000 per month and more.

mindsay conversational ai platform interface

5. Replicant

As close as possible to human speech
  • Unparalleled conversational studio
  • Correct context with 94% accuracy
  • Team performance tracking
  • Multi-channel
  • Limit on sending messages
  • No prices on the site
replicant conversational ai platform logo

Verdict: By focusing on voice communication with your customers, Replicant has achieved amazing results in solving client problems. This is one of the advanced conversational AI solutions as it comes with a unique and comprehensive conversation studio.

According to customer surveys, they found no difference between a live operator and this machine. What’s more, it can be useful in tracking the performance of teams, because the platform tracks the call in real-time.

Sending customers all the data they need including links and documentation, automating text communication with powerful chatbots, and seamless integration with your email marketing software are just a few of the benefits of Replicant. Answering a customer call takes less than a second, which allows for processing as many requests as possible.

What’s more, the service gets into the right context with an accuracy of up to 94%. The tool decodes and groups unstructured voice queries to reveal the key intent. To find out the price, you need to fill out the form on the site.

replicant conversational ai platform interface

6. Haptik.ai

Perfect for specific businesses
  • Provides 20 channels for messages and chatbots
  • Comes with 100 languages
  • Collaborates with global corporations
  • AI-powered analytical data
  • Support only
  • Sometimes fails
haptic ai conversational ai platform logo

Verdict: Acquiring, converting, engaging, and delighting users are the goals of Haptik.ai, which they achieve through personalized AI-based conversational interactions, 20 available communication channels, and more than 100 available communication languages. The company serves such global giants as KFC, Whirlpool, Starhub, HP, Disney Hotstar, Zurich Insurance, and others.

Haptik.ai has been recognized as a leader among conversational AI tools across multiple platforms including G2, Opus Research, and so on. You can benefit from the service’s analytics capabilities by tracking the performance of your chatbots and other key metrics including leads, impressions, ad cost, CAC, and ROAS.

Lead generation for a wide variety of industries is also possible here thanks to advanced contact management software. There is no price list on the site, so you can find out only after filling out the form.

haptic ai conversational ai platform interface

7. MindMeld

Offers deep-domain voice-based UI
  • Dialog control
  • Free and open-source service
  • NLP features
  • Easy to customize
  • Hard to use without programming knowledge
mindmeld conversational ai platform logo

Verdict: As one of the best conversational AI software, MindMeld comes with powerful natural language processing functionality. I like that it can be used for both voice and text communication. The main advantage is that it is suitable for any business and industry, which cannot be said about many other options from the list.

Developing a simple UI for ordering food, and teaching a virtual assistant how to manage all your appliances – these are just a few of the things MindMeld can do for you. This is not a separate finished product, but a tool with which the development of any chatbot becomes an easy and exciting task. Being an open-source service, it is available for free.

mindmeld conversational ai platform interface

8. SAP

Free and open-source service
  • NLP functionality
  • All languages available
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Offers strong analytics
  • Requires technical skills
  • Confusing for newbies
sap conversational ai platform logo

Verdict: SAP, the leader in software development, also introduced its product, which has become one of the most advanced conversational AI platforms, which aims to seamlessly integrate its AI-driven chatbots into your brand.

However, most likely you will need technical programming skills to create your bot and program it to the desired answers, as well as make it learnable in real-time. The service is great at generating leads and managing sales, but it also performs well in customer support.

Thanks to the applied natural language processing (NLP) technology, a conversation with a chatbot will be indistinguishable from a conversation with a real person, which is not often seen in such services. The platform is supported by a powerful community, so the development of chatbots is unlimited, and the use of the service is completely free.

sap conversational ai platform interface

How Can Businesses Use a Conversational AI Platform?

Conversational AI solutions are extremely useful in any business and for any brand, as they help not only to acquire customers but also to build trust and keep them. Below I have described the most important benefits of using AI for business:

  • Improving overall customer experience and more efficient and faster resolution of their requests
  • Automating answers to frequently asked questions and suggesting options for solving problems
  • Developing your own database, available for embedding in your conversational platform, to ensure even more accurate answers
  • Developing friendly chatbots to generate leads and increase sales
  • Providing recommendations to customers based on their search history and past online behavior
  • Navigating customers on how to find the right pages, products, or services
  • Sending offers and promotions to your potential or current customers
  • Scheduling appointments and collecting an email address outside business hours