What is 0.5 Selfie and Why is It So Viral in 2023

By Tata Rossi 20 days ago, Photography Tips

Have you ever heard about a new manner of taking photos with the 0.5 selfie trend? It’s frequently mistaken with an alike one, where half of the model's face is hidden. Discover this trend in self portrait photography, why it’s so widespread in social networks, and how to use 0.5 selfies in a proper way.

0.5 selfie example

"0.5" selfie is a shot taken with the help of wide angle lenses to make the subject look distorted. In combination with the fisheye photo effect the wide angle produces, a selfie at times tends to make the subjects look distorted or "buggy," or with enormous foreheads, long arms and tiny bodies.

It can remind you of the way people used to take selfies with their point and shoot cameras, before iPhones and frontward-facing cameras became viral. This uncommon manner of visual documentation has been widely used by millennial figures like Olivia Rodrigo and Mia Regan. For Gen Z, the style possesses absolute advantages, since wider shots facilitate shooting head-to-toe outfits.

0.5 selfie example

The ultra-wide lens, which is now embedded in every new iPhone model starting from iPhone 12 Pro, creates an out-of-scale distortion effect. The trend takes its name from 0.5 button, which a user has to tap in order to change the lens of the camera and get access to ultra-wide lenses. The 0.5x lens widens the frame of a shot and produces almost a fisheye lens effect.

This trend has emerged as an ordinary iPhone photo is not interesting for a contemporary user now, so they are searching for more creative selfie poses and selfie ideas.

An unchanged 0.5 selfie is more dynamic than a front-facing selfie. Publishing selfies on Instagram with edited noodly limbs and noodly or buggy eyes, is kind of unreasonable, as it seems like the photo experts treat themselves — and social networks — less seriously.

10 Creative 0.5 Selfie Ideas

Stuck for some creative 0.5 selfie ideas to showcase your personality and get more likes on Instagram? These out-of-the-box ideas for solo and group selfies will help you capture truly unique and eye-catching images.

1. Sticking Out of Sunroof

sticking out of sunroof sample

Capture the thrill of the open road by taking a 0.5 selfie from a unique perspective—peeking out of a car's sunroof. Lean out and frame the shot to include the open road, scenic landscapes, or the city skyline as the backdrop. Make sure to only try this if your car isn’t moving, for your safety.

2. Show Your Outfit

show your outfit sample

Showcase your stylish outfit by taking a selfie that captures your entire look. Find a well-lit location with a clean background that complements your outfit. You could use props like flowers to add visual interest to your Instagram photo idea.

3. Balcony View

balcony view sample

Capture the breathtaking view from your balcony by taking a selfie that incorporates the scenic backdrop. Position yourself near the railing or at a vantage point where the view is prominently displayed behind you.

4. Morning Coffee

morning coffee sample

Start your day with a cozy and refreshing photo by capturing a 0.5 selfie while walking and sipping your morning coffee. Find a picturesque location like a park or a bustling city street with beautiful surroundings. Hold your coffee cup in one hand, take a confident stride, and capture the moment as you enjoy your beverage and embrace the start of the day.

5. Dinner with Friends

dinner with friends sample

Make your dinner outing a memorable one by capturing a group 0.5 selfie with your friends. Find a well-lit area in the restaurant or outside where you can gather comfortably. Position yourselves close together, and extend your arms to fit everyone in the frame of your group photo idea.

6. Hitting the Slopes

hitting the slopes sample

If you are snowboarding in the mountains, take a 0.5 selfie picture while gliding down the slopes. Find a scenic spot of stunning mountains or the vast snowy landscape.

7. Looking Down

looking down sample

Turn your group selfie into a playful and eye-catching shot by taking it from a low angle while looking down at your phone, with your friends forming a circle from above. Perfect if you are looking for fun best friend picture ideas.

8. Group Hug

group hug sample

Capture the love and bond between you and your friends by taking a group selfie while sharing a heartfelt hug. Gather closely together, with arms wrapped around each other.

9. At the Crosswalk

at the crosswalk sample

Use the moment when waiting for the green light to cross the road to snap a quick 0.5 selfie picture.

10. Pet Selfie

pet selfie sample

Create an adorable 0.5 picture capturing the illusion that your pet is taking a selfie. For this pet photography idea, position your pet reaching towards the camera with their paw and frame the shot to make it appear as if your pet is looking directly into the lens.

How to Take a 0.5 Selfie?

In spite of the fact that this common trend in fact doesn’t need to be explained, here are some hacks and tricks on how to manage your 0.5 selfie session.

Step 1: Set the camera phone with a zoom feature. The 0.5x camera mode is vital in getting a 0.5 selfie.

Therefore, begin with placing your hands on an iPhone or Android phone with an ultra-wide camera lens. You may also employ selfie cameras.

Pro Tip:

To take a group shot, I advise you to apply selfie sticks to ensure all people are involved in the photo.

0.5 selfie iphone

Step 2: Select the camera on your smartphone and adjust the angle to ultra-wide or 0.5x (hence, the name). You are also able to pinch your fingers in on the screen in a way you would do to zoom into a photo to go to this adjustment.

Step 3: Turn your device around. For a lot of time, we’ve all been got used to our front cameras for shooting self-portraits and commonly reserve the ones in the back to shoot other objects and places from our point of view. Yet, for taking 0.5 selfies your device should be equipped with a back camera.

0.5 selfie process

It is done to lease our human habit to prep and pose before each picture. Since you are not able to watch yourself taking a shot, in fact, you are not aware of the way it’s going to turn out, which adds a kind of surprise and naturalness to your photo.

Step 4. Place your arm as far as possible and take your image. The further out your arm is, the more background you’ll get involved in your shot, which contributes to a greater engagement. Don’t hesitate to employ the volume buttons on your gadget to take the picture either.

fixthephoto 05 selfie color correction before after fixthephoto 05 selfie color correction before after

Willing to Make Your 0.5 Selfies Better?

If you are not experienced enough, you’d better entrust this appointment to the professionals. They will adjust the contrast, exposure, sharpness, highlights, and more, with ease.

Bonus Tools

free selfie tools for lightroom by fixthephoto

If editing pictures on your own works better for you, but you are willing to get the desired outcome more quickly, get Lightroom for free and apply the available color editing instruments to save your time. Just a couple of clicks, and you’ll receive gripping professional images that will increase your engagement.