10 Calendar Photoshoot Ideas: Classic & Creative

By Tata Rossi 15 days ago, Photography Tips

Are you eager to design an original photo calendar but lack calendar picture ideas? This guide will tell you about inspirational and creative photo ideas to help you craft an eye-catching personalized project. Fill your design with cute images and relive each bright moment of your life throughout the year by looking at memorable pics every day.

1. Include an Image of Your Pet

calendar photoshoot ideas with pet

If you are an animal lover and have a furry pet at home, including its image in your design is one of the greatest calendar photo ideas. Pick some beautiful item of clothes that belongs to one of your family members, put it on an animal, and shoot it some cute poses.

Besides, you can organize a family game by asking your relatives to guess whom a doggo is impersonating.

2. Add a Photo Featuring Your Baby

calendar photoshoot ideas with baby

Organize a photo session for your child, implementing popular newborn photo ideas. The images will be definitely cute! Take a pic of your baby each month to show how fast your little one grows.

3. Make a Calendar with Your Nearest and Dearest

calendar photoshoot ideas with family

Choose emotional photos featuring family members as naturally as possible. Do not hesitate to include “unsuccessful” pics showing a crying kid, a mom with messy hair, etc.

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Turn to the professionals of FixThePhoto to get pro-level pics that you can include in your project. The specialists of this service can polish up the skin, correct white balance, shadows, as well as highlights creating perfect lighting.

Collect the cutest family photos over the years and add them to your photo calendar to get positive emotions every day.

4. Incorporate the Pic of Your Partner

calendar photoshoot ideas with partner

Choose the pics featuring memorable moments with your husband or wife from the previous year and arrange them in the order you like in your photo calendar! This will remind your loved one of a special event or key dates in the year.

5. Celebrate By Day

calendar photoshoot ideas celebrate by day

Personalize the calendar by adding significant events, birthdays, and holidays that have a special meaning to you and your family. Including some text to signify this memorable day is one of the greatest calendar photoshoot ideas.

6. Add Episodes from Your Life

calendar photoshoot ideas episodes from life

I recommend adding photos from different moments of your life in a while to your calendar. Think of portrait, couple, or family photography ideas, as well as travel or/and food pics.

7. Display Your Well-Liked Recipes

calendar photoshoot ideas with food

If you spend hours cooking something delicious for your family, including images of your best dishes would be one of the most interesting calendar photo ideas. Add a pic of yummy lasagne, a flavorsome roast, a shepherd’s pie, or other food you cook like a chef.

8. Recreate Pics with Your Grandma and Grandpa

calendar photoshoot ideas with grandpa and grandma

Childhood pics are really precious. Although most of them are kept by the grandparents or adorn their walls, they always bring a smile to the faces of the members of your family.

Choose images featuring amusing family photo outfits, silly faces, or strange poses that seem to be difficult to recreate, and the result will be really amazing. Reproduce these stunning old pics in the form of a calendar to thrill your relatives.

9. Tinker with Seasonal Scenery

calendar photoshoot ideas seasonal scenery

Incorporating the pics from a specific season into your calendar is a good trick. Your phone gallery is likely to have folders with shots from a cozy winter walk, summer vacation in a sunny location, or photos from a Halloween party that can definitely become a perfect theme for your project.

10. Do Not Forget about B&W

calendar photoshoot ideas black and white

Black and white photos will never go out of fashion. Capture your family when everyone is over the moon, or your baby playing happily with toys, or the mesmerizing smile of your beloved one.

Bonus Tools

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