9 Best Calendar Making Software in 2024

By Tani Adams 19 days ago, Apps and Software

A calendar making software allows you to create unusual personalized calendars for your interior, as a gift to beloved people, business cards, and other things. To make your own calendar, you just need to choose one of the professionally-designed templates, enter your information, customize the font and text, add personal photos or other pictures, and print it.

Top 9 Best Calendar Making Software

  1. Custom Calendar Maker - Our choice
  2. Photo Calendar Maker - Professional calendar in a couple of minutes
  3. Simply Calendars - Wide selection of exclusive themes
  4. Zazzle - Over 1000000 unique pictures
  5. Smartdraw - Built-in personal assistant
  6. Ashampoo Photo Commander - About 200 editable templates
  7. WinCalendar - Using third-party templates
  8. TKexe Calendar - Professional work with pictures
  9. Presto Photo - A rich array of templates

You can print the calendar on paper or photo paper, use it as a unique gift for friends and relatives, or keep it for yourself. It will look great both on the table and on the wall. Besides, it will add exclusive touches to your interior.

1. Custom Calendar Maker – Our Choice

Easily customizable
  • Large selection of calendar templates
  • You can save works in a PDF format
  • Personalization of any detail
  • Ability to edit templates
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Verdict: If you are looking for online calendar making programs, then Custom Calendar Maker is a good option for you. Using this software you have access to more than 100 customizable calendars: quarterly, annual, pocket, desktop and many others. You can also create your own calendars for 2024 and customize them using your photos.

When working with calendars, you can add any detail: date, footnote, reminder, indicate the phase of the moon and put down the sunset and sunrise time. Moreover, the application can be used together with a photo editing software for PC for enhancing images and further creating a calendar with them.

You can also find a free template that suits you and simply print it without any extra effort.

custom calendar maker best calendar making software interface

2. Photo Calendar Maker

Over 250 customizable templates
  • 250+ custom calendar templates
  • Add a photo to any cell
  • Data personalization
  • All languages
  • Paid subscription

Verdict: The strongest side of Photo Calendar Maker is that it offers over 250 customizable templates for creating classical or unusual photo calendars with photos, captions, clipart, etc.

The built-in editor contains a number of tools for editing and creating unique calendar designs almost in any language.

A step-by-step guide will help you during the whole work from choosing a template to saving and printing the finished calendar. You can use personal photos or/and images from the built-in gallery.

photo calendar maker interface

3. Simply Calendars

3 operating modes
  • 3 types of the user interface
  • Built-in Calendar Creation Wizard
  • Unlimited calendar settings
  • Large selection of photo calendar themes
  • You can’t edit photos
  • Lack of gift wrapping options

Verdict: If you need the best calendar creator software with a powerful help section, Simply Calendars is for you. This program allows you to select the operating mode: typical, minimal, and custom. They will differ in tools and functions for working with calendars.

When creating photo calendars, you can customize not only the background but also the installed templates and layouts to your taste and mood. Thanks to this free calendar making software you can realize your creative potential without adhering to the usual 12-month layout.

simply calendars best calendar making software interface

4. Zazzle

Professional templates
  • Ability to upload your photos
  • Create your own goods
  • Use Disney and Hallmark Pictures
  • Includes over 300 million unique products
  • High prices for finished products
  • Poor selection of poster designs
zazzle best calendar making software logo

Verdict: Zazzle is online calendar maker software that allows users to upload images and make their own photo calendars, postcards, and more. If you don’t want to create your own calendar design, you can buy one made by other users and insert your photos or signatures there.

You can also sell your unique works on this website. For example, the photo calendar you created can cost from $20 to $30. Moreover, you can learn how to make a collage in Photoshop, to produce even more detailed calendars and sell them faster. But when creating calendars, you may have problems with a small selection of standard designs. You can solve it only by getting paid ones.

zazzle best calendar making software interface

5. SmartDraw

Built-in personal assistant
  • Has predefined calendar templates
  • Ability to upload photos, logos, pictures
  • Themes let you coordinate colors
  • A trial version
  • Works only on Windows
  • Free version with watermark
smartdraw best calendar making software logo

Verdict: If you need the best calendar making software with a built-in assistant, SmartDraw is a good option for you. You can choose one of the ready-made templates to save you time. Just insert the photo and set the date. The assistant helps you even at this stage.

If you want to create your unique calendars, you can use custom themes to help you coordinate colors. You can change the font. It is possible to add a note or make a footnote not to forget about an important date. This calendar designing software has one serious minus. You need to pay $297 to save and print your work.

smartdraw best calendar making software interface

6. Ashampoo Photo Commander

Export calendars to different formats
  • Built-in assistants
  • Auto-correction feature
  • A large number of graphic effects
  • Exports designs as PDF, JPG, PNG
  • You need to purchase a license for complex work
  • Only trial is free
ashampoo photo commander best calendar making software logo
Ashampoo Photo Commander

Verdict: PhotoCommander is amazing calendar creator software that has enough tools to edit photos. You can use enhanced pictures to create calendars, photo books, postcards, and more. There are calendars of various types – for a year, for half a year, for three months, for a month, and even for a week.

You can also use a large number of effects to create exclusive calendars and then export them as PDF file, JPG file, PNG file for convenient printing. If the free tools and features of this program aren’t sufficient for you, you can purchase a license for $30.

ashampoo photo commander best calendar making software interface

7. WinCalendar

Simple working interface
  • Includes 70 custom drafts
  • Templates
  • Simple interface
  • Works with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • Runs on Windows OS only
  • Creates only simple calendars
wincalendar best calendar making software logo

Verdict: The WinCalendar platform can help you create a simple calendar quickly and easily. When working with the calendar, you can use more than 70 custom drafts and it is also possible to add templates based on your personal preferences. But you can’t insert your own photos or uploaded images, only standard themes and pictures.

This calendar software has a simple UI, so the process doesn’t take much time, even if you mark the important dates and add a footnote explaining them. The big minus of this service is that it can be used only on Windows devices.

wincalendar best calendar making software interface

8. TKexe Calendar

Support for more than 100 languages
  • Supports moving and modifying objects
  • Contains standard templates
  • Ability to add special effects, events, pictures
  • International language support
  • Only compatible with Microsoft Windows
  • Need a stable Internet connection
tkexe calendar best calendar making software logo
TKexe Calendar

Verdict: TKexeCalendar is free software designed to create a variety of calendars: quarterly, wall, poster, loose-leaf, and others. Using this calendar software, you can move objects and change their functional parameters as you wish.

For each day or month, you can add the desired picture, which can be taken from standard templates, or downloaded from the library.

You can make your own calendar not only for the whole year but also for a month or even a week. It is very convenient if you have many plans for every day. Besides, you can mark every day with any color and make a comment anywhere. It is also possible to save the finished work directly to your computer for printing.

tkexe calendar best calendar making software interface

9. PrestoPhoto

A rich array of templates
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Excellent customer service
  • An extensive library of templates
  • Occasional mobile app lags
prestophoto book

Verdict: PrestoPhoto is an excellent photo book service that offers a slew of photo book options. You can choose from 6 styles, ranging from “landscape” to “full-length portrait." Also, the service offers 24 sizes. With multiple custom options, you can create a photo book of your dream.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between matte, luster, glossy, silk, or velvet prints. Moreover, the cover of your photo book can be made either from hard or soft materials. Finally, for the additional charge, you can produce an album with lay-flat bookbinding.

Using PrestoPhoto Apple Photos Extension, you can create engaging Apple Photo Calendars. The extension is available for Mac OS 10.13 and newer versions. On top of this, it is possible to make calendars, wall art, and different prints without any hassle.

prestophoto book interface