Photo Calendar Creator Review 2024: Pros & Cons

Photo Calendar Creator

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Verdict: Photo Calendar Creator is an intuitive and convenient tool for creating photo calendars for different periods of a year. I like that how easy it is to make high-quality calendars that look professional. All you need to do is select photos, choose a suitable format and layout.

Another winning feature is that the program includes a huge selection of templates that you can use instead of designing a calendar from the ground up.

The software supports various formats from pocket-size to pin-up, which is very convenient. I also like how extensive customization options are. Frankly speaking, few alternative programs allow users to make so many different tweaks.

  • Custom layout and design
  • Intuitive to use
  • Great choice of templates
  • Built-in database of national holidays until 2025
  • Straightforward print module
  • Limitations in a free version
photo calendar creator interface

Due to creative features, the software allows creating a high-quality calendar with ease. You can customize a calendar, adding holidays and events, and highlighting them in different colors. Besides, you can insert various photos, texts, frames, and masks. This calendar making software offers a wide range of features suitable for both beginners and professional photo studios.

Photo Calendar Creator Review: Main Benefits

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Modern calendars look like personal organizers. They include information about important dates & a professional schedule. You will hardly find an old-fashioned regular piece of paper with details about holidays. Instead of calendar apps, you can use a custom printable calendar to decorate your apartment and keep up with all important events during a year. Since this calendar creation software offers a great collection of templates, you can design a unique calendar with ease.

Convenient Interface with Drag and Drop Functionality

photo calendar creator interface

With this photo calendar software, you can create cool calendars without design experience. Thanks to the point-and-click environment and a wide range of templates, it is possible to cope with the task without trouble.

Photo Calendar Creator software has a wizard-driven interface for a smooth start. You need to choose a calendar type, a template, and basic settings such as the desired year & month, calendar size, and resolution. Moreover, you can add various pictures to spruce up your calendar. The whole process takes no more than 10 minutes and you can print your creation straight away.

250+ Templates for Any Occasion

photo calendar creator interface templates

You can find templates for pocket, spiral-bound, wall, or desk calendars. It is possible to make a calendar for either a whole year or a month, using a single page or multiple pages. Photo Calendar Creator offers a collection of templates in various styles, including classic, decorative, table, etc.

There is a plethora of topics for creating a calendar – family, traveling, wedding, business, workout planners, and others. The calendar making software stands out with cutting-edge features, so you can get really offbeat calendars. Besides, you can use the software for making promotional calendars, choosing appropriate advertising designs. What’s more, you can add your company logo and contact details, which is a great promotional move.

Quick Personalization of Calendar Looks

photo calendar creator interface customization

The calendar creation software allows you to create a design from scratch, making it fully customized. There is a wide set of flexible options to make unique calendars for specific tasks. You can choose a suitable template and transform it into an awesome calendar.

While customizing a template, you can alter the size of text, fonts of the month header and weekday names, background colors, and more. Besides, you can save customized designs for future use. The software also includes various frames and graphic elements. Besides, it allows you to add pictures and clips. If you want to create lunar calendars, you can easily bring your ideas to life in this program.

Add Holidays and Special Events to Your Calendar

photo calendar creator interface holidays

There is the "Customize holidays" option, which is typically available in daily planner apps. Thus, you can specify weekends, holidays, and workdays, and mark important dates. Photo Calendar Creator software helps you group holidays into various categories, including national, religious, professional, and family. Besides, this calendar maker software offers precise information about the upcoming public holidays.

If needed, you can add more holidays and edit existing ones. Besides, you can highlight different groups of holidays with various backgrounds or font colors. With the help of the holiday editor feature, you can create personalized calendars with holidays, business plans, schedules, or religious dates. Alternatively, you can create custom holidays by adding information to specific cells of the month grid.

Create a Calendar in Multiple Languages

photo calendar creator interface languages

Photo Calendar Creator has an integrated language editor, so people from different parts of the world can use it without feeling confused. Among default languages, you’ll find English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, and Polish. Each language has exceptional layout and text style features.

Besides, you can add names of months and days, using your native language, save these details and use them automatically down the road. The calendar design software stands out with the possibility to produce bilingual calendars.

Improve Photos to Design a Unique Template

photo calendar creator interface photo editing

The software includes various editing options such as easy cropping, standard photo corrections (brightness, contrast, saturation), as well as creative tools. Users can apply masks, outline or frame, drop shadow, and make images transparent.

While designing a calendar, you can add as many pictures as you want and change their arrangement by moving them back and front on a canvas. Besides, you can use pictures as a background.

If you choose a Deluxe version, you can take advantage of a collage-making module. Here, you can add multiple pictures and create a collage-like grid with a specific number of rows and columns.

User-Friendly Print Module and Premium Quality Printing

photo calendar creator interface printing

Users also like an intuitive print module that makes the printing process so much easier. The software supports such paper sizes as A2 – A5, letter, legal, and tabloid. It also works great for trim lines and bleeds printing which is especially convenient for professional printing.

If you’re working on a multipage calendar, you can print several pages to check if everything looks correct. The software can automatically generate print layouts for flip calendars based on folds and trim lines.

Alternatively, you can save your calendar and print it on top-tier equipment. The software supports all photo printers, including inkjet and laser ones.

You can save layouts as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF files and transfer them to any device. People, who create calendars professionally, usually choose a Pro version because of the support for PDF and CMYK layouts that guarantee higher printing quality.

Photo Calendar Creator Prices

The developer offers both free and paid versions. However, the free version has certain limitations, thus, if you want to enjoy its full potential, you should get a paid one. Besides, it allows you to save a project in any format for further printing on professional equipment. Moreover, you can rely on tech support and get regular updates.

Standard Photo Calendar Creator costs $19.25 per year. It works great for beginners. You can create various calendars, including wall posters, desktop, pocket, spiral-bound, booklet, monthly or weekly planners. Users get 100 design templates and various month styles. You can also add different backgrounds from the image gallery as well as your pictures for a unique design.

Deluxe Photo Calendar Creator is priced at $39.20 per year. If you’re deep in the creative industry, this is your choice. Using this version, you can create customizable designs, add pictures, and define moon phases in the month grid. Besides, the pack supports holiday grouping. It allows you to use one of the 250+ templates to make an eye-pleasing calendar.

Pro Photo Calendar Creator lifetime license costs $59.50. It’s the best option for professional designers. You can create high-quality calendars for sale and promotion. You can import your layout to Photoshop for more profound edits. Besides, it is possible to make bilingual calendars, which is especially useful for multicultural communities. You can save your calendar in PDF format and transfer it to a professional printing device.

The ordering process is quick and secure. Your credit card info and PayPal details are protected from third parties. Besides, you can choose offline payment options, including bank transfers. Once the payment is done, you’ll get a registration email with download instructions and the license key in 10 minutes.

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