InApps Technology Company Review 2023: Pros & Cons


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Verdict: InApps Technology Company offers clients a wide range of strategy, consulting and digital services, and is ready to take up the most challenging tasks. The team successfully delivers a variety of IT services to businesses across a variety of industries, from finance, banking, e-commerce to real estate.

I’m impressed by the professionalism of the company's staff and its unique approach to every client. Moreover, the company provides a plethora of services, so virtually any business can find something suitable for efficient promotion.

There is also a rich portfolio on the website, so you can grasp how the company works, understand its style, and choose a suitable method for business promotion – web design, app development, e-commerce, etc.

  • Comprehensive solution for MVP development
  • Successful e-commerce app development
  • Create apps for any business
  • Create high-quality UI/UX design
  • Select proper marketing solutions for every company
  • Prices are generated individually
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InApps company helps hundreds of startups and brands succeed with a robust technological solution. As a leader in a software development sphere, the company is targeting the niche market of mobile solutions and high-performance development teams to expand a business model for its clients.

InApps Company – Main Features

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InApps specialists strive to find the best methods to “bring your ideas to life” and become your reliable long-term partner. The company has over 10 years of experience in developing, managing software and creating innovative mobile applications/web projects for international startups, small and medium-size agencies, and large enterprises. By leveraging the latest technology stacks, professionals will help you grow your business without spending insane sums.

Create Unique UI/UX Design

inapps ui and ux design

The company creates UI/UX design that is bound to improve user experience, which, in the long run, allows increasing the number of people regularly using a particular website and an app. InApps Technology Company uses the best UI design software, and relies on its deep industry knowledge and nanotechnologies. Experts take advantage of user-centered design practices to find defects and guarantee complete user satisfaction.

The company uses the best technologies and tools to analyze your business landscape. Experts conduct a thorough analysis of your target audience, market, competitors and their behavior, etc., in order to create a high-quality and unique UX design based on a well-thought-out strategy.

The process of creating UI and UX design consists of several important stages. First of all, experts conduct meticulous research of your business, namely, they define the main problem, analyze it, study the target audience and user history, and identify potential buyers. The second stage is called wireframing. At this point, the team checks flow of users, creates a base of improvements according to reviews, and makes a product roadmap.

The following steps are aimed at creating the final rendering, developing a concept in Sketch or Adobe XD, determining the main product style and interactive prototype. The final stage includes assembling all designs and visuals, and uploading a design file to Zeplin.

Effective All-Encompassing Web Application Development Services

inapps web app development

InApps stays on par with the best app development companies and offers professional end-to-end web application development services to help clients solve their most serious business challenges. All agency solutions are efficient, flexible and easy to maintain.

Plus, they create products that work flawlessly across devices, browsers and operating systems. All this is possible due to the fact that the company's specialists have the necessary business and technical knowledge to provide complete front-end and back-end development of web applications.

Ordering web development services at InApps, you get secure access to your data 24/7 from any device be it a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or PC. Thus, you can operate and manage your business anytime and anywhere. Plus, you can find a perfect design for every case and user.

The process of web application development by InApps specialists consists of six clear steps: creating a detailed plan, developing visual effects using the best web design software, application assembly, beta testing, optimization and launch, and full monitoring and evaluation of the work performed. Thanks to a well-defined step-by-step web app creation, you will definitely get a high-quality product.

MVP Software Development for a Successful Startup

inapps mvp app development

InApps specialists offer MVP software development, which means your product will have only the basic functionality needed for its flawless operation. Thus, you can understand whether your product will find its place on the market. Getting MVP software, you can quickly go to market and figure out how real users will treat your idea.

Professionals can change MVP as many times as you need to make an app perfect. Based on user feedback, you will understand what to do with the product: introduce new features, add integrations, or improve its design. Moreover, ordering MPV software development services, you can better visualize the future of your product and add only those functions that are demanded by users.

The form of the MVP and the final product depends on the development technology. These can be native or cross-platform solutions. In any case, InApps developers will keep you in the loop of timing, costs, team size and, possibly, suggest new solutions. Plus, MVP is a great strategy for testing monetization ideas. You’d better test your money-bringing hypotheses with the help of MVP and determine which one will give the highest profit.

Reliable Ecommerce Solutions

inapps ecommerce development

InApps can develop online platforms, marketplaces and mobile applications for e-commerce. Whether you own a small, local retail store, target mass-market vendors, or self-sell your wares on a smaller scale, e-commerce gives you the opportunity to expand your network of buyers.

While creating an ecommerce platform, InApps Technology Company divides the work into several stages. The work starts after a client sends a request, clarifying all requirements, expectations, and budget allocated. The next stage is a meeting with company’s representatives. After that, specialists will develop a detailed proposal, including all the nuances, prices, deadlines, methods, etc.

After all nuances are settled, the company will conclude an agreement with a client to maintain the platform, sign an NDA, and take care of other legal requirements. Next, experts get down to work and QA/QC staff organize thorough testing to find any remaining errors or problems and make corrections in a timely manner.

After all problems are solved, a client gets a final product. However, the cooperation with InApps doesn’t end at this stage. The team offers post-development services. In general, the company offers 4 price plans if you want to order the development of an electronic platform (Basic, Advanced, Professional and Business plans). The price is calculated individually after a client fills out the required form.


Despite ta fairly wide range of services provided by InApps, you can’t learn how much you need to pay for your order as there is no clear price list on the website. For more detailed information, users need to contact the company by filling out a form on the website. You need to specify a feedback method – e-mail, phone number, or WhatsApp/Telegram. You also have to describe your business industry and financial capabilities.

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