Creativeamit Services Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 7 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: CreativeAmit offers services related to graphic and web design as well as promotional content creation. The service was created by Amit Malhotra, a freelance graphic designer who, to this day, completes all the agency’s orders along with his team.

The main advantage of choosing him for your project is that you get to directly cooperate with the person who will work on your order without any intermediaries, meaning you can be certain all your creative ideas will be understood and implemented.

  • Development of unique branding strategies
  • Tight collaboration with each client
  • Personalized designs for different types of websites
  • Production of creative promotional videos
  • Prices depend on a large number of individual factors
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CreativeAmit specializes in developing different types of graphic design and website design, which are the cornerstones of efficient online marketing.

Amit Malhotra devises comprehensive branding strategies that encompass all relevant aspects as well various brand identity elements that match your growth strategy and overall style.

CreativeAmit: Main Features

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CreativeAmit works with small enterprises, startups, freelancers, corporations, and one-person companies. The agency has a plethora of experiences in providing digital and printed designs for photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, and other creatives.

While working on an order, Malhotra prioritizes the graphic design ideas of the customer, which is the main reason why businesses prefer to reach out to him rather than large graphic design agencies.

Brand Identity Design for Photographers to Stand Out

creativeamit services brand identity

Brand identity is an essential component of any modern business and is particularly relevant for photographers who have to compete in an oversaturated, cutthroat market. CreativAmit services offer comprehensive branding identity packages for clients, creating a general concept, picking signature colors, shapes, graphics, and combining them to reflect the identity of your business and the creative style of the photographer in question.

Brand identity also usually encompasses the company’s logo, which is the most recognizable part of your enterprise to the general audience. Amit Malhotra begins designing branding elements by coming up with a creative personalized logo using the best logo makers the market can offer. The logo design process goes through the following stages: ideation, brainstorming, sketching & design, client feedback, improvement.

The provided brand identity strategy also encompasses presentation design. If you often find yourself involved in complex projects that require you to present your thoughts or ideas to clients, other photographers, or business partners, you have to ensure your presentation is enhanced will visual elements that reflect your brand identity. Thankfully, Amit is always ready to develop presentation templates that are suitable for all possible business situations in your field.

Development of Responsive Designs for Different Website Types

creativeamit services web design

One of CreativeAmit’s main fields of expertise is the development of WordPress websites, as they offer fully-functional, scalable products that are search engine-friendly and easily customizable. It’s a great option for photographers, as you get to pick from a huge selection of appropriate WordPress photography themes.

While nothing is stopping you from using one of the popular website builders for photographers, it’s near impossible to find an option that will offer you the same level of quality and reliability that you get from Amit. Over half of current internet users view websites from their phones, which is why it’s important that both your visual and textual information is displayed properly on any type of screen.

You can also order a landing page design service that will help you convert regular visitors into clients and existing clients into brand loyalists. Additionally, this agency produces stunning web experiences supplemented with well-designed and mobile-friendly UI/UX elements.

Creative Design Services for Printed Materials

creativeamit services printing design

Regular photographers are often focused exclusively on digital design while professionals also require quality printed materials that can be used for offline promotion. CreativeAmit offers quality printed material design services that include printed ads, various brochures, stands, catalogs, etc.

The agency also provides a packaging design service that will be of great benefit to any photographer who sells physical goods that feature their images (for instance, gift certificates, photo albums, mugs, etc.). Provide your packaging design ideas to the designer team and they will account for all your wishes when creating the packaging.

On top of everything above, CreativeAmit offers newsletter design services. The agency delivers attention-grabbing photographer email templates to ensure your newsletter messages are supported by creative, visually-appealing elements.

Custom Video Production Services for Creative Industries

Video content is a mandatory part of any successful marketing approach that wants to keep up with current trends. It has been continuously proven that sales numbers can increase significantly when users go to sites with videos rather than without them. Additionally, video content drives more traffic to the website, meaning they represent a terrific search engine optimization tool.

If you need a brief and creative video about what kind of photoshoots you do and how your clients can prepare for them, then you can greatly benefit from ordering an explainer clip from this agency. The biggest benefit from getting such a service here is that you won’t have to reach out to third-party explainer video production companies or learn how to use professional explainer video software yourself since this it will be bundled up with all the other services you’re getting from CreativeAmit.

This agency can also interest you in getting promotional videos for different purposes like rebranding, advertising a future photography project, etc. If you have a YouTube photography channel, then you can pay for an intro or outro section that you can use for all your videos.

CreativeAmit Prices

Depending on the type of the project and individual requirements of each client, the prices for different CreativeAmit services can vary greatly. Additionally, the agency accounts for factors like urgency and whether it’s necessary to involve freelance experts to solve specific tasks related to design, video production, and various technical aspects.