13 Graphic Design Agencies For Brand Promotion In 2024

By Kate Gross 8 days ago, Apps and Software

Graphic design is an integral part of brand positioning and promotion, so if you want to bring your business to a whole new level, you definitely need to find the best graphic design agency. While searching for a suitable company, you need to check what designs it mainly creates, what means experts use while developing a design, and how convenient cooperation terms are.

Top 13 Graphic Design Agencies

  1. Sociallyin - Graphic design development within the general marketing concept
  2. Starfish - Develop unique branding concept
  3. Anagrama - Art-focused graphic design services
  4. Penji - No hiring required
  5. Kapa99 - Subscription-based system of cooperation
  6. WebNet - Expertise in 3D designing
  7. Chello - Use the concept of color in graphic design
  8. Mad Mind Studios - Helps create brands from scratch
  9. AMG Design - Work with different types of businesses
  10. Itssin - Your brand - their canvas
  11. SocioDesign - Unusual solutions for packaging graphic design
  12. Creative Harmony - Modern and fresh designs
  13. Out Origin - Follow top-tier design standards

I have described the top graphic design agencies, where you can order graphic design materials both in a printed and a digital form. They can make catchy logos, thematic banners, advertisements, colorful packaging, brochures, all types of books, and others assets for successful business promotion.

1. Sociallyin – Our Choice

Development within the general marketing concept
  • Full-cycle marketing agency
  • Develop graphic design for social media websites
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Many years in the field
  • Prices calculated individually for every client

Verdict: Addressing this graphic design agency, you get timely assistance with all aspects of your social media marketing strategy. The team offers result-driven services and takes full care of strategy development, content production, creation of paid ads, community management, influencer marketing, and more. They can also prepare eye-catching graphic materials for social networks and ads.

Graphic designers from Sociallyin develop strategies for positioning brands in the market and create an offbeat style where all elements are harmoniously combined. Since this is a full-cycle digital marketing agency, specialists thoroughly study client’s business, perform an audit of the target audience, competitors, rules, and market trends. Only after all the needed info is collected, they contact a client and start creating graphic design together.

sociallyin graphic design agency website

2. Starfish

Develop unique branding concept
  • Display client’s vision in graphic design
  • Complete package for brand positioning
  • Develop different types of graphic design
  • Individual approach
  • Don’t provide full marketing services

Verdict: You don’t need to hire a marketing consultant, or shift from advertising agencies and branding companies to develop a working strategy for business promotion. Just address Starfish and get everything under one roof. This agency specializes in branding and offers graphic design services, including brand identity development, style guide creation, logo design, and collateral design.

Before getting down to the design part, experts meet clients to understand graphic design ideas they need to bring to life. They also prepare brand samples that may interest a client. Based on the chosen marketing strategy, the team develops logo designs and defines the complete brand identity, including graphic elements, image style and more. They describe all client’s wishes in a style guide and will create designs based on it.

starfish graphic design agency website

3. Anagrama

Art-oriented graphic design services
  • Meet deadlines
  • Combine creativity and functionality while developing designs
  • Rich design experience
  • Build creative websites
  • Interested in long-lasting cooperation only

Verdict: The agency calls itself a “brand intelligence group” that specializes in 3 areas – Architecture, Branding, and Interactive. The range of their brand promotion services is impressive – print & digital design, brand strategy development, web design and development, and software development. You can get in touch with this web design company, if you need a creative website design, memorable logos, and actually, all types of graphic design to make your business stand out from the competition.

The highlight of this graphic design agency is its art-oriented approach. The team offers a huge variety of digital and printed graphic design assets, can create books and magazines, develop brand apps, take care of sales peripherals, and related aspects. There are experts from various creative spheres working together and they create not only brand designs but also powerful assets to present a company in the market as efficiently as possible.

anagrama graphic design agency website

4. Penji

No hiring required
  • Excellent designs found
  • Easy submission process
  • Punctual, responsive team
  • Flexible membership options
  • Inconsistent design quality
  • Extra fee for workers from your timezone
penji logo

Verdict: Penji offers a hassle-free solution for all your creative needs, making it a standout choice among graphic design agencies. With Penji, there's no need to go through the hiring process; you get top-notch quality without the hassle. Whether you have a project that needs immediate attention or you want to enhance your marketing materials, Penji has you covered with custom-designed solutions that align perfectly with your brand.

What sets them apart is their diverse pool of talent, with designers, illustrators, and animators from 15+ countries worldwide, creating a marketing super team tailored to your needs. Every plan offers unlimited design projects, point-and-click revisions, brand folders for organization, and quick turnarounds. Plus, Penji's commitment to quality is evident through their vetted designers, team collaboration options, 24/7 customer support, and a money-back guarantee within 30 days if it doesn't meet your expectations.

penji graphic design agency

5. Kapa99

Subscription-based system of cooperation
  • Clear pricing policy
  • Unlimited graphic design development for a fixed price
  • Many case samples on the site
  • Work very quickly
  • Don’t develop a complete branding strategy
kapa99 graphic design agency logo

Verdict: Lots of famed agencies, print shops, e-commerce brands, and other businesses address Kappa99 whenever they need reasonably priced and professional graphic design. All services are available at the subscription-based system. You need to describe your requirements in the form of a technical task, send it to the agency, experts will study it and create a proposal for you. Typically, it takes them 1-2 business days to deliver the order. Those people who need design elements as quickly as possible often consider Kappa99 to be the best graphic design agency because of a fast turnaround.

The list of visual materials they create includes book covers and layouts, packaging, T-shirt design, tradeshow banners, illustrations and infographics, web ads, and more. These guys use only advanced graphic design software while creating designs and can do as many edits as clients require. If you want to check whether the agency can cope with your task, test its services for 15 days without spending a cent.

kappa99 graphic design agency website

6. WebNet

Expertise in 3D designing
  • 3D design of characters
  • Multimedia services
  • Digital marketing options
  • Can deliver designs in a printed format
  • No fixed price list
webnet graphic design agency logo

Verdict: WenNet is a trustworthy graphic design company that helps businesses to develop corporate identity, custom logo design animation, and other visuals for brand promotion. These experts know how to turn your ideas into life and deliver messages to a wide audience.

Here you can order beautiful banners and flyers, logos, packaging, ads, and more. Moreover, experts can create web and mobile apps for specific purposes. The bragging point of this agency is 3D mascots and character creation, which you can rarely find in the list of services in other companies. Such options have proven to be very efficient when it comes to highlighting business uniqueness.

webnet graphic design agency website

7. Chello

Use the concept of color in graphic design
  • Cooperate with all types of businesses
  • Focus on colors
  • Printing services
  • Additional content creation services
  • Few kinds of graphic design
chello graphic design agency logo

Verdict: This brand and content agency can assist clients with marketing strategy development, animation, video, design, and digital materials creation. You can order both digital and printed marketing materials, and creative content for social media for photographers, artists, and the like.

First of all, the team develops a complete branding strategy for a business and prepares all the needed graphic design agencies based on it. There are no limitations on the type of companies they work with. Experts can design brochures, ads, stationary and handouts, as well as logos. They mainly focus on the color gamut because they believe that colors can deliver lots of info about the brand’s philosophy, values, and aims. If you need B&W materials with an accent on classic, you can hire experts from All Time Design.

chello graphic design agency website

8. Mad Mind Studios

Helps create brands from scratch
  • Immense experience in branding
  • Works with different industries
  • Develops the design until the result
  • Highly responsive
  • Too expensive for small firms
  • Not always available for consultation
mad mind studios graphic design agency logo
Mad Mind Studios

Verdict: Mad Mind Studios will help you build your brand, create a logo, package design, or presentation. They develop strategic services for customers in various fields like photography, real estate, food, etc.

At first, these guys conduct a free consultation to discuss all project details. If the initial concept does not satisfy you, they will make as many edits as it is necessary to make you happy with the result. A few days are required to develop the initial logo design.

mad mind studios graphic design agency interface

9. AMG Design

Work with different types of businesses
  • Innovative solutions
  • Develop the final versions of a design
  • Take into account client feedback
  • Meet tight deadlines
  • A limited number of graphic design services
  • Don’t have a price list
amg design grapgic design agency logo
AMG Design

Verdict: AMG Design is a trusted agency with many years of experience in advertising, logo design, print management, and graphic design. The team takes into account all the requirements of its clients and uses their ideas as sources of inspiration when creating designs.

What makes this graphic design agency stand out among the rest is that it focuses on art and colors. These professionals believe that by selecting the right colors they can accurately convey the main philosophy of a brand and bring its message across. They use the best desktops for graphic design and advanced software when working on their projects and can make any number of free revisions to ensure that their clients are fully satisfied with the result.

amg design graphic design agency website

10. Itssin

Your brand - their canvas
  • Access to cutting-edge tools
  • Timely delivery
  • Creative vision
  • Portfolio diversity
  • Communication challenges
  • Limited control
itssin graphics-and creatives designing logo

Verdict: Itssin stands out as one of the best graphic design agencies in New Delhi, India, offering top-notch services for brand promotion. Their team of skilled graphic designers excels in creating visually stunning and impactful designs that breathe life into business websites. From video creation that adds immense value to your business to poster and brochure designing that grabs your audience's attention swiftly, Itssin covers a spectrum of creative services.

The heart of branding, the logo designing service, stands out as they help clients build a strategic brand identity from the outset. Flyer designing, a classic yet timeless marketing tool, is approached with a fresh perspective, ensuring its relevance in contemporary strategies.

itssin graphics and creatives designing services image

11. SocioDesign

Unusual solutions for packaging graphic design
  • Narrow specialization
  • Create unique packaging
  • Pay attention to details
  • Close cooperation with clients
  • Poor selection of design types
sociodesign graphic design agency logo

Verdict: This is the best graphic design agency if you mainly need a packaging design. It is known for producing minimalistic yet beautiful designs that help highlight the brand’s unique features. If you want something more colorful, you should see the design options at WebDesignDev. SocioDesign cooperates with clients from all over the globe, providing them with top-notch services at a reasonable cost.

The main specialization of the agency is the creation of different configurations of packaging. The SocioDesign team believes that product packaging should reflect the corporate identity and values of a brand, promote it in the market, and contribute to its popularity. Designers always take into account the smallest details and painstakingly select fonts, shades, graphics and other elements that are important for brand positioning and promotion. If you want more than packaging designs, you should consider services offered by Just Creative.

sociodesign graphic design agency website

12. Creative Harmony

Modern and fresh designs
  • Professional team
  • Prompt communication style
  • Exceptional results
  • Individually tailored to your brand
  • No pricelist on the website
creative harmony graphic design agency logo
Creative Harmony

Verdict: Creative Harmony is an award-winning design agency that can cover all the design needs of your business. I like that they have an individual approach to every client, and cover a wide range of services, from web to brochure design. Another advantage is their exceptional quality of work.

Creative Harmony has a professional communication style and always responds to its clients promptly. The graphic designs they create perfectly convey your brand’s identity and values, as well as make you instantly recognizable. I also like how they create branding and design that are consistent throughout your brand. In case you are looking for an all-in-one solution, you may also order the services provided by the WebDesignAuckland that can help you improve the online presence of your business.

creative harmony graphic design agency interface

13. Out Origin

Follow top-tier design standards
  • Fast turnaround
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Terrific results
  • Keen eye for details
  • Price is calculated individually
  • No discounts
out origin graphic design agency logo
Out Origin

Verdict: The Out Origin team is good at creating attention-grabbing videos, top-quality infographics, 3D animations, logos, and other unique assets. When designing logos, they not only focus on its visual appeal but make it align with the company’s identity and philosophy, so that clients can immediately grasp them.

The designers always consider such aspects as color schemes, fonts, and graphic elements to ensure a logo is easily recognizable and associated with a particular company. They do their best to cater to client’s needs and are ready to make a revision if required. The team conducts thorough discussions, brainstorming sessions, and gathers feedback to ensure the final design aligns with the client's vision and goals.

out origin graphic design agency website