5 Efficient Digital Agencies to Address in 2022

By Kate Gross 9 days ago, Apps and Software

A reliable digital agency can help you launch a new advertising campaign, provide you with consultation and assistance with various issues, and offer services that will satisfy all your marketing needs and requirements.

The range of services delivered by digital agencies is quite vast and their specialists know how to take advantage of organic search, social media, email, or content marketing, as well as CRO. The majority of businesses turn to digital marketing companies to promote their products and increase their brand awareness.

5 Best Digital Agencies to Follow

  1. SmartSites - Digital marketing team of experts
  2. Silverback Strategies - Professional content marketing
  3. Cozy Design - Greatest solution for B2B design
  4. Mabbly - Cutting-edge marketing techniques
  5. Brolik - Provides video production services

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1. SmartSites – Our Choice

Digital marketing team of experts
  • Has launched more than 700 websites
  • Proven organic search
  • Offer marketing services for Facebook, Google, and Microsoft
  • Received multiple design awards
  • No prices on the website

Verdict: SmartSites is one of the top-rated digital marketing agencies that provides excellent service and has a professional customer support team, including PPC professionals who know how to make any business successful.

The service can increase the organic traffic of your website, as well as identify the top search terms for your business. Professionals work on every aspect that impacts SERPs to provide you with the desired results.

Website designers of SmartSites can promote your brand and attract more customers to it by revealing the strong sides of your business. Before creating s website, they conduct a detailed keyword search and analyze the competitive businesses. They build a website according to the goals you’ve set. By ordering the services from this company, you can be sure loading times will be short and your website will look great on any device.

smartsites digital agency interface

2. Silverback Strategies

Professional content marketing
  • All-encompassing marketing approach
  • Analysis of SERP metrics
  • Responsive display ads
  • Generates relevant content
  • No clear prices

Verdict: Silverback Strategies is one of the top digital agencies that help attract the right audience. Specialists of this service analyze the search terms used by your ideal buyers to make your website visible to them. You can contact your customers on their favorite eCommerce platforms and improve ROAS.

Silverback Strategies can help you establish trusting relationships with clients by creating useful and engaging content. Besides, you can attract more customers with captivating and creative videos improving the media performance of your business.

The agency creates effective email marketing campaigns that are in line with clients’ interests without using complex algorithms and confusing email marketing software. Silverback Strategies takes into consideration the key business performance metrics to gain more returns.

silverback strategies digital agency interface

3. Cozy Design

Greatest solution for B2B design
  • Creates brand identity with style guide
  • Cutting-edge B2B SaaS
  • Generates PPC landing pages
  • Launch campaigns on social media platforms
  • High price

Verdict: Cozy Design is a top-rated digital marketing and web design company that takes into account user experience when creating designs and promoting brands.

In general, Cozy Design uses the same algorithms that are also employed by other agencies. The first step is to analyze the situation. Next, they create quick drafts and adapt them based on the client’s needs. The final stage involves website development and its customization.

Cozy Design provides a great variety of services including analytics review, brand design, app design, icons, illustration, campaign creation, platform recommendations, copywriting, and prototyping on all fidelity levels.

cozy design digital agency interface

4. Mabbly

Cutting-edge marketing techniques
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Researches the market
  • Develops campaigns for brand promotion
  • Makes WordPress sites
  • Prices are calculated individually for every client
mabbly digital agency

Verdict: Mabbly is a digital agency that analyses data, researches the market, and uses digital technology to provide high-quality marketing services. The team works efficiently to develop top-rated digital experiences for business growth. Specialists use effective strategies, exquisite design, and impactful digital tools to establish a connection with potential buyers.

Before starting the cooperation with a company, Mabbly conducts quantitative and qualitative research to define the potential audience, competitors, and brand perception.

Besides, there is a data science team that uses web analytics, CRM systems, and other protected data sources to access business development opportunities and inform human-centered UI/UX design using the UI design software.

mabbly digital agency interface

5. Brolik

Provides video production services
  • Effective digital marketing
  • Responsive websites
  • Great branding strategies
  • Video production services
  • No fixed prices
brolik digital agency

Verdict: Considered as one of the top digital agencies, Brolik provides a great variety of digital marketing services including web design, branding, digital strategy development, and more. Before starting to work on the promotion of your brand, specialists define your business model and goals.

The agency follows an iterative approach to projects that is quite effective for growing business and increasing its popularity. Experts position you on the right channel, define the ways of communicating your unique values, and analyze the market opportunities.

Brolik follows an integrated approach, removing the boundaries between branding, marketing, creative, advertising, and tech.

brolik digital agency interface