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Verdict: EasyStoreCreator is a company that offers reliable and affordable web design, hosting, and payment processing services for small and medium businesses, photographers, sellers, and beauty experts. I like that the company offers a large selection of services for clients from all around the world and a plethora of tools that will help you launch and grow your business.

One of the most appealing aspects of this agency is that it allows you to create and set up an online store while having full control over how it’s going to be designed. With 19 years of professional experience, EasyStoreCreator has launched countless eCommerce platforms and successful websites that attract clients with the help of powerful marketing tools.

  • Large package of eCommerce services
  • Fully customizable solutions
  • Lots of tools for designing web pages for photographers
  • Safe and reliable hosting
  • Convenient online store setup and management
  • Instant help provided by customer support representatives and intuitive video guides
  • Affordable prices with a money-back guarantee
  • No single-time payment option, only a subscription
easystorecreator interface

EasyStoreCreator is one of the best eCommerce development companies that has received many awards. Company provides a lot more than a simple shopping cart for your website. They deliver a comprehensive bundle that includes email, website hosting, support, website analytics, website traffic checkers, banner management, and design tools. Their website builder is very fast, convenient, simple-to-use, and, most importantly, fully customizable and easily adjustable.

Complete EasyStoreCreator Review

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Ecommerce solutions provided by EasyStoreCreator are fully customizable, from the shopping cart software configuration to the UI design, while their reliable web hosting for eCommerce platforms is supported by a global monitoring system. Lastly, they have a payment processing system that ensures all your transactions remain safe and secure.

EasyStoreCreator offers unique, personalized solutions while using professional eCommerce shopping cart software and website builders for photographers. The company provides all the tools you need to put together an online store.

Fast Online Store Design and Creation for Photographers

easystorecreator design build

The EasyStoreCreator free HTML editors let even complete beginners design their eCommerce platform without any professional help. Such HTML editors allow small enterprises to make changes to their existing websites or create new HTML templates without having to pay an hourly fee to a designer.

This agency offers convenient tools for creating websites, for instance, an eCommerce website builder. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly and efficiently design a new site with minimum effort. A mobile version of the website is fully customizable too.

EasyStoreCreator also has a WYSWYG HTML Editor. WYSIWYG tools are graphic webpage builders that allow newbies to quickly create professional-looking web pages. Additionally, such tools can be used for formatting text, changing colors, adding pictures, including hyperlinks, etc.

Convenient Customization Features for Online Store Management

easystorecreator customization

This company offers multiple customization options for sellers who manage their internet shop. The most popular features include a Theme builder, integrated templates, custom designs, personalization of available templates, color and text changes, custom HTML code, individual HTML pages, Javascripting, the addition of new webpages, content management, template replacement, change previews, Item/Department page design customization, and much more.

You can easily change the Item/Department template. Pick which elements you want to be placed and where while remaining in full control over how your items/departments are shown on each page. Add an unlimited number of pages with any content you want. You can add pages for routes, images, information forms, movies, etc.

EasyStoreCreator offers shop builders that include a library of over 75 free website templates. Pick from hundreds of options to set up your store and make it unique. You don’t even need any programming skills, simply mark the options you want to enable or disable.

Efficient and Attractive Webpage Design

By using the provided web design software, you can create your own eCommerce websites and page designs without professional help. EasyStoreCreator features a multitude of tools that simplify this process, for instance, premade templates that are completely free and easy to use.

These free website templates don’t require any HTML knowledge and can be customized with a single click to add a new, uniform look to your website. You can also make a couple of templates and create different website looks for certain occasions. For instance, you can create a Christmas-themed template for the winter holidays.

The company offers a free customizable web template that allows you to work directly with the designer to create a color scheme and graphics package that matches your unique business. EasyStoreCreator templates can be easily expanded with buttons and navigational links according to the needs of your online shop. Free internet store templates not only control the graphical design of your site but also the font, background color, etc.

Advanced E-Commerce Tools for Management

easystorecreator e-commerce tools

EasyStoreCreator offers a convenient eCommerce platform with advanced tools for managing and controlling your website. Their shopping cart includes everything you need for online sales including the ability to receive credit card payments in real-time. The ease of use, a unified source, search engine convenience, lack of hidden fees, terrific support, and your own domain – these are all eCommerce solutions that will make the process of running your business a lot easier.

An eCommerce store is based entirely on a web UI that can be used on any PC that has internet access. Technical experience isn’t required. You can either organize your items into a single section if that works for you or divide your departments and subsections into multiple levels.

If a single product pertains to several categories, then you can assign it to as many departments as needed. There’s no limit to the number of categories that a product can be a part of. Spike interest in your clients by accompanying your products with a small image and brief description. If they want to learn more, allow them to click on the item to find out more details about it.

Based on the information that you’ve provided about an item, the system will create both a consolidated and detailed webpage for the product. All updates to the item’s information will be automatically displayed on relevant pages, which significantly simplifies the updating process. All EasyStoreCreator tools are easy to use and don’t require any programming experience.

Advanced Settings for Convenient Online Store Management

In addition to customer management, sellers can use such custom shipping methods as Calculated Shipping. For instance, you can choose Flat fees, Per item fee, Percentage of weight fee, Percentage of the total fee or Percentage of item shipping fee. It is also possible to alter custom rules, including Countries, States, Customer Groups, Totals, Weights, and even Zip Codes. The best part is that buyers can take advantage of real-time shipping methods such as CanadaPost, UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Sellers can make good use of customizations, making their Shopping Feeds appealing to Amazon, Google, Bing, NexTag, Become, Shopzilla, TheFind, and Shopping. Moreover, you can significantly expand your network of customers by listing products in Google Merchant Center. After signing up, all your products and related items will be sent automatically.

You can determine the list of countries your customers will see for registration/shipment. Besides, you can specify whether you want customers from all regions or only specific territories to be able to register.

Merchants can control not only Content management but also Taxes setup. The Sales Report section can be also adjusted. Here you will see such options as Verified Sales SubTotal, Cost Total, Coupon Total, Profit/Loss Total, Shipping Total, Tax Total, Shipping Charges, Tax charges, the number of people who added a product to the cart but didn’t buy it, Actual completed orders, Cancelled orders, customers who filled out their name and address, as well as other categories and sums (expected orders per year, month, and the like).

Reliable and Free Web Hosting

easystorecreator web hosting

Free website hosting, a shopping cart, and eCommerce seller account integration – are three important eCommerce building blocks that your business can’t survive without. EasyStoreCreator offers all of them without asking for additional fees.

Web hosting is an irreplaceable service that allows you to put your website up online. Meanwhile, web hosts that offer shopping carts combine both functions: place your webpages online and allow you to sell products over the internet, which makes it easy for your clients to order and purchase your items, and that is exactly what you get by going with this agency.

Integrated Payment Gateways & Credit Card Payments

easystorecreator integrated payment gateways

Integrating free web hosting with your eCommerce seller account allows you to receive credit card payments for the purchase of your products via any EasyStoreCreator partner. Without having the ability to process credit card transactions, you can lose over half of your potential clients.

This company not only helps improve the look of your website but also makes it more functional by offering integration with multiple credit card payment processing services that meet all PCI Compliance requirements and can guarantee the safety of your transactions.

Some of the most notable partners include global payment systems like PayPal, Cybersource, Braintree, PayFlow, PlugnPay, Authorize.net, Internet Secure, BluePay, Protx, LinkPoint, and several others.

Merchants can set up Payment Gateways for their store. If you want an all-in-one payment solution that includes a payment processor and an Internet Merchant Account, you can choose, PayPal Website Payments Standard, PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Advanced, BluePay. In the case you prefer a payment processor that suits your current Internet Merchant Account, look through the following variants: PayPal PayFlow Gateway, Authorize.Net, Cyber Source, Plug'n Pay, or Protx.

Immediate Help from Customer Support

The company offers online support in real-time 24/7/365, which allows you to quickly receive a response to any question or issue that bothers you. EasyStoreCreator’s client support works in several ways.

If you have a question, you can type it into the live chat window, reach out to the support center, or fill out an online form. You can also make a call (for free), look for the answer in one of the blog articles, browse the FAQ section, watch a video tutorial or read a free guide. 

Useful Free eCommerce Tutorials

easystorecreator e-commerce tutorials

EasyStoreCreator offers video guides and free eCommerce tutorials that will teach you how to create a successful eCommerce website in just 10 simple steps. Should you sign up for them, you’ll receive 10 guides in your email over ten days.

You can study them as soon as you receive them or wait until you get all 10 and use them in the future. They contain a lot of useful information that you will frequently return to even after your online store has launched and started bringing in clients.

Ecommerce tutorials that you receive will give you valuable tips on topics like the creation of a working homepage, domain name choice, eCommerce store marketing, credit card payment processing, and much more.

EasyStoreCreator Prices

EasyStoreCreator is available as a subscription service that allows you to pick between multiple plans:

Silver - $29/month. This plan includes useful features for small enterprises: 16GB bandwidth, storage space (500MB), and an eCommerce platform.

Gold - $67/month. The optimal choice for growing enterprises. This plan includes 32GB bandwidth, storage space (2GB), an eCommerce platform, unlimited listings, departments and domains, import/export tools, pricing groups, Facebook and Instagram stores.

Diamond - $99/month. Unrestricted functionality for large companies. This plan offers 60GB bandwidth, storage space (10GB), eCommerce platform, Criteo integration, priority client support, on-demand development, and a mobile shopping application.

Alternatively, you can make use of the free trial version. Other than that, you can save 25% by paying for a year upfront, 10% on half-year payments, or 5% off for quarterly payments. EasyStoreCreator also offers different promotions, including Gift certs and Coupons. You can learn more details by contacting managers on the website.

All purchases are supported with a 45-day money-back guarantee. If for some reason you’re unhappy with the service, you simply need to request a full refund.

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