9 Best Free Website Traffic Checkers in 2023

By Kate Gross 24 days ago, Apps and Software

With the help of the best free website traffic checker, you can analyze the traffic of any competitive website all around the planet. This is a great possibility to come up with new ideas for your successful marketing campaigns, to attract a larger audience to your web page, and define what channels are more or less effective to use.

Even if your website has a leading role in its industry, keeping track of the competitive traffic may help you retain this top position.

Top 9 Free Website Traffic Checkers

  1. Semrush - Largest keyword database
  2. Netpeak Checker - Metrics from the most trusted tools
  3. Alexa - SEO and competitive analysis solution
  4. Serpstat - All in one SEO tool
  5. Similar Web - Focuses singularly on website traffic analysis
  6. Sitechecker - Check the website traffic of any domain
  7. SE Rankin - On board SEO analysis
  8. Ahrefs - Powerful marketing toolset
  9. Ubersuggest - Complete insights regarding website traffic

This article contains the list of the most convenient and functional tools for checking traffic and keywords of a website. They provide specialized companies with features for full analysis and communication with clients in a convenient format.

Many users are looking for the best free website traffic checker, as such program is extremely helpful for analyzing general trends and identifying the directions for further development. The majority of options described here exist as online platforms or browser extensions, but there are also desktop traffic checkers with extensive functionality.

1. Semrush – Our Choice

Easy-to-use Mac barcoder
  • Audience insights
  • Geographic distribution
  • Tracks ranking daily
  • Backlink monitoring
  • A free version has a limited number of reports

Verdict: SEMRush not only functions as a web traffic checker free, but also offers effective marketing tools for online businesses. It is widely regarded as one of the best SEO software). Offering a great variety of options from backlink analysis to ranking tracking, SEMRush provides a robust Traffic Analytics solution for keeping track of the rivals' website traffic.

A free version of this platform delivers up to ten reports on traffic research daily. Many users appreciate the feature of Bulk Traffic Analysis that serves for scanning the traffic of many web pages at once. One report that is saved as .csv. file can contain the traffic statistics of up to 200 websites.

semrush free website traffic checker interface

2. Netpeak Checker

Metrics from the most trusted tools
  • More than 100 basic SEO-parameters
  • Custom websites parsing
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Multi-domain scanning
  • Windows-compatible only

Verdict: Netpeak Checker is a free desktop tool for parsing search engine retrieval and data aggregation from top SEO services that can perform bulk analysis and comparison of websites. The software allows you to see the micro-formats and data types used in the reports. Running virtual machine software doesn’t interfere with the operation of other software.

The service allows using up to 100 parameters and a new summary report for parsing more data and filtering the results the way you need. The functionality of Netpeak Checker also includes keeping track of expiration date and availability of purchase, as well as evaluation of social activity on the site. The Sitemap generator allows you to divide files by 1000 URLs, generate them with non-indexable URLs, and include information about hreflang attributes to this data.

netpeak checker free website traffic checker interface

3. Alexa

SEO and competitive analysis solution
  • Delivers detailed Traffic Statistics
  • Audience Insights
  • Keyword analysis
  • Calculates the percentage of traffic from every channel
  • Trial version is time-limited

Verdict: Alexa allows you to view website traffic free providing you with great assistance for improving your online business, gaining a better understanding of your potential clients, and building effective marketing campaigns. Offering its services free of charge, Alexa delivers constructive insights into the performance of any web page. The functionality of this software lets you identify the top-ranking keywords along with keyword gaps that drive traffic to your competitors, but not to you.

There is also a list of keywords for photography marketing you can use to interest more clients. The competitive analysis provides detailed calculations of the percentage of traffic from each channel for the web page (yours and your rivals’). A free version of the checker generates detailed reports but with some limitations. If you want to get complete analysis, you can try a 2-week free trial with advanced features available.

alexa free website traffic checker interface

4. Serpstat

All-in-one SEO tool
  • Identifies trending keywords
  • Thorough page study
  • Checks site visibility
  • Numerous output formats
  • Disappointing support

Verdict: Launched as a simple SEO tool, Serpstat is nowadays a top-notch keyword research service with an extensive set of functions. This web traffic checker free offers backlink analysis, website audit, traffic calculation for other web pages, so you can better understand the performance of your website and attract more clients. There is also a paid subscription that offers even more opportunities. Moreover, you don’t need to look for free antivirus software, as this is a web-based service that won’t put your system at risk.

Serpstat allows viewing daily, monthly, or even yearly statistics as a line graph. Before starting to use a free version, you need to register, indicate your email address, phone number, and a password.

serpstat free website traffic checker interface

5. Similar Web

Focuses singularly on website traffic analysis
  • Simple to use
  • Traffic calculation
  • Keywords ranking
  • Can define the location of the web traffic
  • Can’t integrate data from other sources

Verdict: Widely regarded as the best free website traffic checker, Similar Web is a comprehensive marketing tool that calculates the number of people, who visit a particular website. Unlike other similar services that are available on the market today, Similar Web focuses mainly on the analysis of website traffic. A free version has some limitations; it only allows getting five results per metric, one month of app data, and three months of web traffic details.

The Traffic Overview shows the traffic rank of a website, as compared to all other webpages in the world, country or category. It also indicated the average time of a visit, paged viewed per visit, and bounce rate. You can also get the list of publishers and advertising companies the website uses for displaying ads. If you need to track your website's rank or find appropriate keywords, you may use additional RankTracker tool.

similar web free website traffic checker interface

6. Sitechecker

Check the website traffic of any domain
  • Modern UI
  • Informative content audit
  • Simple navigation
  • Detailed guide
  • Cannot define CSS problems

Verdict: Offering a great number of features, Sitechecker is a handy SEO tool that allows enhancing the search performance of various online platforms. It offers a detailed SEO audit, providing estimates for 156 parameters on a single page. Besides, Sitechecker also has comprehensive how-to-fix instructions.

Allowing to define the percentage of traffic from every country, Sitechecker generates the data concerning the volume of traffic over a half-year, average visits per month, bounce rate, and other useful metrics. Moreover, all this info is available for free, that is why many users name this tool as the best free website traffic checker.

sitechecker free website traffic checker interface

7. SE Rankin

Onboard SEO analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Detailed site audit
  • Keeps tabs on all changes
  • Provides keyword analysis
  • A bit complicated dashboard

Verdict: Packed with different functions, SERanking is an all-in-one service that provides you with various metrics, including keywords and track rankings, website traffic calculation, and more. This is an effective instrument for identifying the most important and popular keywords to include in your articles so that your website can attract more audience.

Monitoring the positions of the keywords used on your webpage in real-time, this service allows you to enter the rank of leading online businesses. SERanking also shows reports of the website’s organic and paid traffic on a monthly basis, as well as provides you with the number of all keywords the website is ranking for. You can use the functionality of this traffic checker for free for two weeks.

se rankin free website traffic checker interface

8. Ahrefs

Powerful marketing toolset
  • Free learning materials
  • Content audit
  • Keeps track of ranking progress
  • Analyzes backlinks
  • No offline mode

Verdict: Ahrefs is a solid SEO tool that can be used to analyze the traffic of your and competitive websites. One of the greatest advantages of this web-based platform is the easiness of use and straightforward interface. Besides, Ahrefs provides explanations for all complicated terms used in the system.

The service generates a comprehensive analysis of the direction of your traffic and identifies the keywords that make other users visit your website. It allows you not only to check website traffic online, but also to see the backlink data, which includes the info about the websites that are linked to the site, the frequency of their linking, and the way that data modifies over time.

ahrefs free website traffic checker interface

9. Ubersuggest

Complete insights regarding website traffic
  • User-friendly interface
  • In-depth analysis
  • The reports can be exported as PDFs
  • Quick results
  • Restrictions on target markets

Verdict: Use Ubersuggest to get the info about the volume of the website’s traffic, the total number of organic keywords, and the amount of monthly organic traffic. You can use this service for generating fresh ideas about your online business, creating new keywords, etc. You don’t need to sign up to use this tool.

Ubersuggest also provides the list of the most SEO-friendly pages of your website and top-ranking keywords. A free version allows checking the traffic of three websites daily. A paid subscription offers some extra features like a historical view of the website’s traffic and more.

ubersuggest free website traffic checker interface