Netpeak Checker Software Review

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Netpeak Checker

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  • Platforms: Windows
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Verdict: Netpeak Checker is a robust desktop platform for mass URL analysis and site comparison based on 400 + parameters, optimized for local SEO and regional SERP. The toolkit examines the backlink profile and evaluates pages, getting Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex search results and SEO service metrics in the form of a structured data table.

With its help, you can come across potential customers, sites for placing links, ideas for articles and link building donors. Besides, it is possible to analyze the site’s link profile and competitors to bring the site to the top in search results and eliminate internal errors.

Multitasking, wide customizability and a range of parameters require skills in composing search queries and knowledge of specialized software. The integration of services and database software assess the cost of a subscription above the average, but cheaper if you use all the tools separately.

  • Custom scraping for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex
  • Integration with reliable tools, SE, databases
  • Bulk index and cache checker tool
  • Follows 50 + parameters for SEO optimization
  • Support for a proxy list and CAPTCHA auto-solving
  • For now, only the desktop version for Windows
  • Using all the functionality requires skills
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This way, you will save a bit of money and a ton of time by choosing Netpeak Checker as a more inexpensive way to get information from the well-known but higher-priced SEO software. Netpeak Checker contains tools for SEO professionals and webmasters that help solve everyday SEO tasks in a relatively simple and efficient way. Even a sales team or bloggers can successfully use Netpeak Checker as an auxiliary tool.

Netpeak Checker Software Review

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The functions of Netpeak Checker let you check URL parameters and analyze the link profile of any site, compare URLs by any combination of parameters, study the SEO factors on the page for search engine optimization, analyze the performance of websites in social networks. Also, you can perform an in-depth analysis of competitors and their marketing strategies, search for websites in search results for building links.

The Netpeak Checker toolset boasts custom search results parsing, a tool for mass indexing and cache checking, proxy list support and an automatic CAPTCHA solution, batch domain verification based on data from leading SEO services, as well as website health checks.

Custom SERP Scraping by the List of Queries

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Most use Netpeak Checker because of the integrated tool for checking search results and the output of well-known search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex) in the form of a table with set parameters. SERP scraping lets you collect search results for any queries using customizable geolocation, country and language settings, search operators and query prefixes, snippets and fragment types (video, pictures, news).

For scraping, you need to enter the necessary queries, the number of displayed results, pick one or several main search engines that can be configured accordingly. Select the country (if the goal is to pick sites for a specific GEO), specify the language, date and time – then start the parser. The finished result can be exported to Excel in the form of a table.

The primary features of the search results parser are the parameters that you can check (URL, position in the corresponding search results, snippet type, title, description, highlighted text, rating, host). It also scans the results pages of various search engines so that you know how well you stand there.

Batch URL Checker by Data from Top SEO Services

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Netpeak Checker is a robust backlink analysis tool. It examines the link profile and evaluates the pages that point to your site, collecting plenty of data: the page title, its length, the meta description, the number of outgoing links.

Although these parameters will help you better understand the SEO performance of a URL, data from prominent third-party services (Moz, Majestic, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Serpstat) is more informative – about 1300 + parameters can be used in the analysis.

You need to enter the URL of the analyzed site (or several of them), pick which services you wish to analyze the parameters by (On-Page, SimilarWeb, Alexa, DNS, LinkPad, Google Safe Browsing, Core Web Vitals) and set the parameters to display in the table (authority, citation, trust, traffic, keywords, metrics of the quantity / quality of the link mass).

The activity of social networks is analyzed. The Facebook API pulls up reposts, comments, titles, descriptions and page refresh times. Pinterest shows the number of page reposts on its site.

This information will give you a better understanding of the quality of the pages that link to your site, as well as the link profile of the site, its competitors, and donor sites for link building. The software uses data collected from other tools, which are more expensive. It is relevant if you use or buy all of them. However, to access the paid options, you must have a subscription and enter a token or access key from these sites in Netpeak Checker.

Only Verified Proxies and CAPTCHA Bypass

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If you plan to run many pages with a large number of parameters, you should consider using an anti-captcha and HTTP proxy from this page, such as 2Captcha, Anti-Captcha, RuCaptcha, CapMonster. They will help you collect data efficiently without having to enter a CAPTCHA or get tagged by Google for entering multiple queries at the same time.

Using a proxy, you can bypass restrictions, eliminate captchas and speed up the parsing of search results. Proxy servers let you get data from global services and lower the number of Captchas displayed because requests are made from different IP addresses.

If a certain service is banned, the proxy switching function will work with the conditions for further unblocking. If all proxies are excluded, at the end of the analysis, you will see a notification indicating which services were stopped and why.

In addition to checking availability, you can find out the response code, response time, and the country to which the corresponding proxy server belongs. To use the algorithm in the advanced settings, select “Proxy List” or just “Proxy” (if necessary) and enter the data for accessing the proxy, then run the parser. As a result, you get data that you can immediately work with, for instance, select thematic donors for link building.

Integrated Bulk Index Tool, Batch Domain/Cache Checker Tool

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In order for materials from your site to appear in the results of the user search system, they must be included in the index or indexed by its service. Integrated tool for mass testing of page indexing scans results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. It gives an idea about the number of indexed pages in your site, their titles and descriptions, to know the date and time they are cached by the search engine, and to see if they are united with a different URL (splice).

In particular, the settings of the Google SERP section show data about the last page caching, indexing and linking of pages in Google through two modes: URL and Host. The integrated SEO tool helps you check the date of creation of the website, mass search of IP addresses, analysis of 50 + on-page parameters to enhance site optimization (download speed, server codes and response time, indexing instructions, redirects, Google PageSpeed Insights and Mobile-Friendly Test).

With the help of integrations, you can get plenty of extra information, such as checking the age and availability of domains for purchase, expired or dropped domains that deserve your attention, checking the expiration of the domain using DNS, Whois data and Wayback Machine data in order to do dropped domain. After the expiration date, anyone can register such domains and use them to promote their primary sites, when buying drops under the PBN.

Netpeak Checker Prices

To start using Netpeak Checker for free, you need to register your email or Facebook account by creating your own Netpeak account. After you receive your account, download the Netpeak Software Launcher product management program and log in using your email address and registration password. While in the management program, pick Netpeak Checker from the suggested list of applications. Then download and install it on your desktop.

All plans are available only for a single access. Upgrading to a Standard subscription will add standard features for filtering, copying, exporting, saving results and projects. With the Pro subscription, premium custom SERP scraping features will be available with the integrated search results validation tool, website traffic estimation and export of reports to Google Drive & Sheets.

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