57 High Paying Affiliate Programs in 2024

57 High Paying Affiliate Programs in 2024

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced site owner, you probably want to use only high paying affiliate programs. See how the most popular platforms operate and which of the numerous services are capable of paying up to $5.000.

57 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

My list consists of entirely different categories, such as web hosting, VPN, travel, credit cards, fashion, cosmetics, and sports.

1. Amazon Associates

Commission: 1-10%
Cookie life: 24 hours

If you’re only starting your career and don’t feel too comfortable, then Amazon affiliate program will provide the easiest launching experience. This platform will keep most nuances under control and your only task will be to convince the audience to follow the links you have supplied.

Certainly, the biggest upside is the boundless selection of items that you can pitch and it never really stops growing. Besides, the platform is very popular in many countries. You will have a comfortable foundation for developing your affiliate marketing skills while enjoying a passive way of earning.

2. Target

Commission: 1-8% (Derived out of category and amount)
Cookie life: One week

This is a reputable company, which you can cooperate with to arrange some earnings through the assortment of their products. The partnership will have a volume-based structure meaning that the more your viewers buy, the more you get from such purchases.

The only segment of the platform that doesn’t fall into this category is Health and Beauty, where you won’t be offered more than 1% of commission. Another thing you should be cautious of is the statistics that show that more buyers prefer personal visits to online shopping, the fact which could heavily reduce your earnings.

3. Netpeak Software

Commission: Up to 30% recurring comission on sales
Cookie life: One month

Netpeak Software company develops desktop SEO tools for professional search marketing specialists: Netpeak Spider (spots SEO issues on site) and Netpeak Checker (aggregates data from top SEO services and collects results from SERP).

Using Netpeak Software affiliate program, you can earn up to 30% recurring comission.

4. eBay Partner Network

Commission: 50-70% of auction fees
Cookie life: 1 day for "purchase now" items, 10 for those in auction

An interesting partnership can be formed with this company that is very encouraging to its affiliates. The astonishing variety of products that end up here can help you supply your social media or other pages with links to great offers. It is very easy-to-register for the partnership program and you can start participating in the promotion of various trending auctions or hot daily offers.

5. Algo-Affiliates Performance Marketing Network

Commission: $22.50 CPA
Cookie life: 30 Days

If you want to work with an affiliate program that is more interactive and engaging with its affiliates, then, Algo Affiliate Network could be for you. Algo-Affiliates offers a broad range of over 1500 affiliate offers to promote across some of the most lucrative niches including, finance, travel, weight loss, gaming, crypto, insurance, and plenty of others.

Algo-Affiliates 24/7 traffic monetization algorithm and smart tracking tools focus on “performance marketing”. Also, The AI-powered technologies help to identify the best offers for your audience in real-time so that they always see the ideal offer. In addition, Algo affiliate Network always looking ahead to strengthen relations with our partners and improve our service.

Algo-Affiliates key data:

  • Commission: Varies depending on the product
  • Payment: Weekly ($250 minimum payout)
  • Cookie life: Varies per offer (Generally 30 days)
  • Platform provider: Tune

6. ClickBank

Commission: Maximum of 75%
Cookie life: 2 months

This is one of the high paying affiliate programs apart from it being one of the feature-rich, giving users access to 6 million items broken into more than 20 various market segments. In addition, the company has acquired a great reputation for its reliability, timely payments, and a promise of considerable earnings to the most hard-working users, which brought a couple hundred million of them to the platform.

If you are searching for recurring income, with a bit of skill and work, you can get plenty of that and some products can become real boosters if you practice your upsell techniques.

7. Xara

Commission: Up to 20% on sales
Cookie life: 30+ days

Xara brags about providing award-winning products that are extremely popular among users. Even TechCrunch and Forbes think so. There are over 2M using Xara’s products and the community keeps growing every day. No matter whether you are a large or a small agency or influencer, striving to provide your clients or community with top-quality solutions, Xara has something special for you.

You can earn up to 20% commissions from Xara subscription sales, while the Xara affiliate program makes it possible to create a Lead Magnet, thus, reach more clients, or re-target your audience with web banners. You can also take advantage of Xara Cloud with a whole marketing suite to extend your clientele base.

8. ShareASale

Commission: Up to 30% commission on sales
Cookie life: Selectable

This is a much-favored option that has been working profitably for around two decades, a circumstance that attracted lots of partners. After you register on the platform quickly and with no expense, prepare to be impressed by its great design that even includes additional functionality for users, who run several websites.

Your advertising options will be more than numerous, spread over 40 categories and featuring some famous brands.

9. BigCommerce

Commission: 200% or $1,500 per enterprise customer
Cookie life: 3 months

If you are interested in promoting growing brands, this is one of the best paying affiliate programs for such activity. Firstly, many fresh and growing companies like addressing this hosted software, secondly, it provides you with useful tools and generous recompense that inspires hard work.

The bounty payments are deducted from the cost of the paid-out plan and could bring from $60 to $1,500 per each confirmed new member. You will be supplied with a cookie lasting 3 months plus banners and links. As an option, you can subscribe to informative and educational mailings that are aimed at increasing the skills of the partners.

10. Shopify

Commission: 200%
Cookie life: A month

If you do blogging or minor merchandising, you might even have heard of this service already and it is definitely a worthy option to try. Those of you, who can predict that a fair share of your audience will be merchants themselves, can both base your work here and proceed with recommending the platform largely.

11. 3dcart

Commission: 300%
Cookie life: 45 days

This is one of the best affiliate marketing programs, which is also a highly-rated e-commerce platform. Your sales account will be provided with rather advanced SEO features and instruments tailored specially to create and advance a store. The same platform can be used to provide your existing site with a cart if there is none or replace the one already used if you don’t like it.

The return from someone subscribing through your lead is threefold their first installment, which can easily count $687 per successful referral. There are two partnership options available and you can peacefully consider which would work best for you because the conditions will be equal.

12. Volusion

Commission: Up to $2000
Cookie life: 90 days in-house, 120 days at CJ

This rapidly growing online business is successfully competing with the earlier-mentioned large rivals. A potential partner is presented with a choice between two methods of collaboration. Opting 1 – you will be billed and provided with a discount, after which you can proceed to charge your own customers the fees you set.

Such a scheme is beneficial for companies or freelancers busy in website development. The other method is pretty standard and pays you once, giving double the new customer’s bill.

13. CJ Affiliate

Commission: Up to $135
Cookie life: One month

This is one of those high paying affiliate programs that are more demanding, so only suit professionals, who know the tricks of the trade. If you do indeed have powerful traffic, you could cultivate it with upscale instruments and a selection of over three hundred brands, some of them widely known.

Aimed at professionals, this platform will take some time to figure out all the settings and also require a stable turnover to maintain access but gaining success, you can make decent earnings from it.

14. Bluehost

Commission: $65 for new customers
Cookie life: 90 days

You will find this name at the beginning of the list of WordPress host recommendations. Being an affordable and flexible platform that also provides technical support for all users, they are indeed a great option, which you should definitely consider joining.

The highest popularity of this service is among those connected to web hosting space. You can choose a $2.95/month or an over $65 nonrecurrent payout, the low cost barrier being nicely combined with high commissions.

15. Hostinger

Commission: The threshold payout is $75
Cookie life: 60 days

This web hosting can chip $150 off each higher-level sale that happens through your links so if you’re serious about earning this way, the opportunity is great. Otherwise, the baseline would be about $60. Seal a great deal by acquiring the small enterprise or WordPress plan that now costs only 10% from its initial price so that your charge could be under a dollar.

If you are inexperienced, you are welcome to use the pre-made ads and promotional instruments catered to your needs. A remarkable feature is an absolute absence of restrictions on referrals and the payments themselves.

16. HostGator

Commission: Up to $125
Cookie life: One month

This variant of affiliate programs can issue $100 for every new member that is tied to your references. You can also generate a personal co-branded landing page, which will reduce the cost of any plan by more than a half for the potential users. In addition, the more results your advertising brings, the higher the return for each addition to the userbase.

You can see which partnership type has more potential and choose between a performance-based or a mixed one. Partnering this company, you will get a management assistant and a range of tools that can be simple banners and links or more complicated templates for all occasions.

17. GreenGeeks

Commission: From $50 to $100 per account
Cookie life: Doesn’t expire

If you care about the planet and want to reduce the damage you are causing it daily, this is the best partnership for you. This is possibly the only platform out there so strongly concerned about the topic and trying actively to reduce its own carbon footprint that you probably didn’t even realize every website also has. Their current strategy is to use renewable energy and produce triple the amount they consume.

Such a partnership can bring you $125 per sale, the final number being determined by the force of activity and actual results. Having paid out several million already, the company inspires trust but, more importantly, knows what tools and guidance you need to bring good results and sets no thresholds for the payments to be released.

18. Liquid Web

Commission: $150 minimum up to $7,000
Cookie life: 90 days in-house, 120 days at CJ

This is an interesting opportunity to earn big money if you tone up your skills. For regular sales, implying someone subscribing for their service of managed WordPress hosting, you will be paid from $150, but if you encourage someone to choose a higher-level subscription, one such sale could potentially amount to $7,000. There is no reason why you shouldn’t manage that with the great instruments, assistance, and levels of collaboration at your disposal.

19. TripAdvisor

Commission: Half
Cookie life: Session

If you are in search of high paying affiliate programs in the sphere of travel, there is no better way of earning than with this mega-popular company. Your scope of activity can cover hotels, restaurants, deals for recreational activities, and many other things. Your cookie can last two weeks and each sale will lead to you earning a half from it. This is the absolute best partner in the segment.

20. Cheapflights

Commission: Flat rate – max $0.45 per click-out
Cookie life: Session

For those willing to promote flights, this company helps users perform comparisons of various routes and carriers. If a click-out has been performed on a PC or tablet, $0.45 trickles down to you, and $0.25 from those performed on phones.

You get a range of interesting tools, starting from common banners and finishing with engaging travel widgets with the help of which users can start searching for their destination on your page and be transferred to the company’s for the results. The latter is highly efficient and will bring more income once you master its use.

21. PDFLiner

Commission: 40%
Cookie life: 60 days

Partnering with this company, you can receive a 40% commission from every first purchase and a 20% commission from the following purchases if people head to the website via the affiliate link. Besides, you will get some money from every purchase made by your referred customer, recurring payments included. All commissions are generated on a monthly basis and distributed via PayPal.

If you have any questions concerning PDFLiner promotion, you can get in touch with specialists and they’ll provide all the needed info. Moreover, you can take advantage of pre-made texts, banners, and other assets and use them for promotion as Affiliate Links across your pages. There is a special dashboard, where you can keep tabs on your referral statuses and referral sales, as well as monitor the commission record.

22. Villiers

Commission: 30%
Cookie life: Entire year

In the same sphere as the previous, this company offers you to try your hand at promoting Luxury travel. For the client, they will provide an upper-class jet to travel to a selected location, for the partner, they will shell out 30% of each order.

You can earn something between several hundred and several thousand dollars, but the goodies will keep falling on you from all the trips of the client, who followed your link so over time, you can keep earning those thousands doing nothing.

23. Booking

Commission: 4%
Cookie life: One full day

This is one of the best affiliate programs to make money on travel, which covers all its stages, from booking or renting a means of traveling to getting accommodation. The deal furnishes you with relevant links, banners, or widgets, whichever you prefer to lure people in with. Encourage a passive viewer to proceed to a reservation and the commission is yours.

As a partner, you will be getting 25% but only off reservations, simple clicks or searches bring nothing. People that book and follow through their travel plans can bring you decent income but, unfortunately, if the browser has been shut down, upon reopening the saved link will not tie the viewer to you anymore.

24. Momondo

Commission: Flat rate – max $0.65 per click-out
Cookie life: Session

Another growing company that does the same flight and accommodation booking kind of service. This service, though, pays its partners per each click that brought users from your link. You can earn $0.65-0.45 from every click depending on whether a user was browsing on a bigger gadget or a smartphone.

25. Sandals Resorts

Commission: 4%
Cookie life: 2 months

As an alternative to wide-spread travel targeting, you could try to promote this rather popular Caribbean resort. The return will be paid if someone followed your link and booked a stay or an activity, and 4% of those will land on your account.

This being a luxury resort, convincing a couple to spend a romantic weekend could easily bring you $280 because the expenses at a place of this level reach $2,000 per person for some specific things.

26. RewardStyle

Commission: 5-20% considering the retailer
Cookie life: Unknown

Here, you can dig out the best affiliate marketing programs in the fashion industry but only if you present a personal invitation without which one can’t register. Being an influencer, you can call the company into play and access more than 4.5 thousand various retailers around the world, giving a boost to your regular workflow.

The network being this big, you can associate with huge brands as well as tiny niche productions, simultaneously benefiting from the well-developed monetization tools.

27. Zaful

Commission: Up to 30%
Cookie life: 60 days

A company that is now trending, Zaful cares deeply for the assistance of agencies and influencers that can make their brand known wider. If the company agrees that your capacities can be efficient in bringing new clients, you will be welcomed to the partnership.

This brings you free clothes, special coupons, and other things useful in promotion. By creating a link for your website or sharing their affiliate links on social media, you can provide yourself with a satisfactory income once the viewers start clicking and shopping.

28. Old Navy/Gap

Commission: up to 4%
Cookie life: 1 day

Old Navy and Gap are one of the best affiliate programs to make money since these are highly popular kids' clothing brands. They provide the latest fashions at excellent prices for children of all ages. Also, these brands are the best retailers for back-to-school kids' clothing. These companies offer a rather short cookie period. Considering their low price points and margins, the 4% commission is reasonable.

29. Urban Outfitters

Commission: 5%
Cookie life: 1 day/24 hours

Urban Outfitters is a brand that many millennials grew up with. Being an affiliate with Urban Outfitters, you can get exclusive access to keep your style fresh with the latest trends. Unlike other top paying affiliate programs, Urban Outfitters can pay you in cash.

You can monitor how much traffic you drive to the website, and how much commission you are going to get. Urban Outfitters is not inferior to such reputable brands as Free People and Anthropologie in terms of trend-focused fashion, so it may be a wise choice to collaborate with this company.

30. PureVPN

Commission: 50%
Cookie life: 90 days

PureVPN leads the industry with its massive virtual private network software for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. This company welcomes everyone to their high-paying affiliate program to enjoy lucrative commission rates. PureVPN allows its partners to use an innovative control panel for monitoring sales, choosing graphics, landing page and more. Due to the constant updates, you will always keep up with the latest information about sales and campaigns.

31. Hide me

Commission: 25%
Cookie life: 45 days

Hide.me has attracted more than 4.5 million users and is considered to be one of the best anonymous VPN service providers on the market. You can sign up via Commission Junction and use the Advertiser section to search for Hide.me. The affiliate program offers a support team, custom campaigns, banners and landing pages while keeping an open PPC policy.

32. SurfEasy

Commission: 50%
Cookie life: 90 days

Unlike other VPN providers, SurfEasy is not so well-known, but this company offers a rather beneficial program for potential partners. They have more than 500 servers located in 28 different countries and offer unlimited data and bandwidth. Moreover, SurfEasy VPN can be used simultaneously on 5 devices. As an affiliate, you can access great tools such as banners, ads and special alerts to sales tracking. Just join the program and get everything needed for an effective start.

33. NordVPN

Commission: 40-100% new, 30% renewal
Cookie life: 30 days

Having more than 10 years of experience, NordVPN remains a leading VPN service with one of the best paying affiliate programs. No matter where you live, you can significantly boost your revenue since NordVPN converts all geos and types of traffic.

It is possible to sign up for their program using HasOffers or Commission Junction. The mixture of a reliable brand and professionally-designed promo materials allows you to drive traffic and get higher payments.

34. ExpressVPN

Commission: $13-36
Cookie life: 90 days

Providing first-class traffic encryption, ExpressVPN keeps no activity or connection logs. This company is focused on building long-term partnership as well as increasing traffic and conversions. To join their affiliate program, you can use Post Affiliate Pro. The service gives you access to numerous marketing materials and useful tracking and reporting tools.

35. BH Cosmetics

Commission: 8%
Cookie life: 90 days

BH Cosmetics is an LA-based company engaged in the beauty industry and it deserves to be on my high paying affiliate programs list. Once you become an affiliate, you are free to use direct and deep linking. To start earning money, you can add their coupons and banners to your website or blog.

They also offer personalized creatives for your site. BH Cosmetics has an average order value of about $38 and an on-site conversion rate of 6.46%. To join their affiliate program, you can sign up via Linkshare.

36. BeautyStoreDepot

Commission: 11%
Cookie life: 45 days

With over 20 years in the beauty retail market, BeautyStoreDepot is one of the leading beauty and skincare e-commerce websites. They sell 4000+ popular beauty and skincare products ensuring you are getting quality items at the lowest price.

BeautyStoreDepot uses a Shareasale platform to work with their affiliates. To help their partners benefit from the collaboration, they give access to all the necessary tools, marketing materials and educational product information.

37. Yves Rocher

Commission: 15% per sale
Cookie life: 30 days

Even if you don't know anything about makeup and skincare, you will immediately recognize the Yves Rocher brand. Usually, makeup affiliate programs aren’t high-paying enough to include them in an overview like this.

However, Yves Rocher has a decent 15% commission rate which reaches beyond the beauty industry average, so it is a great option to consider. Due to Yves Rocher's worldwide reputation and relatable products, it will be easier for you to make a profit while promoting this brand.

38. Elizabeth Arden

Commission: 8%
Cookie life: 30 days

Elizabeth Arden is a beauty company known for its exclusive beauty and skincare products, world-known makeup brands and unique perfumes. They frequently offer exclusive online promos such as gifts with purchase, free shipping, and different discounts to attract more clients.

Like many top affiliate marketers, they offer an 8% commission rate for their affiliates and can increase rates for high-volume sales. Since the company ships their products only across the USA, your target marketing audience is quite limited.

39. Alpyn Beauty

Commission: 25% per sale
Cookie life: 90 days

Alpyn Beauty specializes in distributing luxury natural cosmetics and skincare products. Since their products are rather expensive (about $60 per item), they allow their clients to pay for their orders with 4 interest-free monthly payments.

Thus, the company reduces the sticker shock to increase sales. The affiliates can receive 25% for each purchase. Since their average order value is approximately $100, you can get up to $25 per sale.

40. American Musical Supply

Commission: 6% on every sale
Cookie life: 60 days

If you are all about music, this will probably be one of the best affiliate marketing programs for you. This website has an array of musical instruments, accessories, audio recording gear and more. American Musical Supply offers 6% for every purchase for their partners. Also, you can add vibrant banners and text links to your website to increase sales.

41. eMusic

Commission: Unknown
Cookie life: Unknown

Once you join the eMusic affiliate program, you can start earning money by adding a brand link on your website or blog. All you need is just to create your account and specify some details about yourself. eMusic doesn’t provide any information about their commission rates. Nevertheless, they offer $6 for each new free trial member you attract to the site even if they cancel their membership.

42. Musician’s Friend

Commission: 6% on every purchase directed from your site
Cookie life: 14 Days

Musician’s Friend is a popular company that offers the largest selection of music gear in the world. They offer a 6% commission for every purchase. Their monthly deals and promos will definitely help you advertise their products. The Musician's Friend affiliates can make the best use of the links, banners and customizable marketing materials.

43. Virtual Sheet Music

Commission: 30%
Cookie life: Lifetime

Among numerous highest paying affiliate niches, Virtual Sheet Music deserves special attention. You can extend the base of their customers by promoting the digital sheet music products. Another perk of Virtual Sheet Music collaboration is that you can earn commissions for any referred member and subsequent renewals.

44. zZounds

Commission: 6% of the total sale
Cookie life: 45 days

zZounds is the musical instrument store that is popular for its affordable pricing policy. Since 1999, they have improved their affiliate program so that their partners can take great advantage of it. Apart from earning a 6% commission on the total sale, their affiliates can receive a special bonus for achieving monthly sales targets.

45. FlexOffers

Commission: $16-$400+ per conversion
Cookie life: Varies

If you want to collaborate with credit card affiliate programs, FlexOffers may open a lot of opportunities for you. Aside from offering a wide variety of credit card affiliate programs, they work with high-quality advertisers to improve your affiliate marketing.

While giving generous commissions, FlexOffers allows you to promote your own deal if you have the traffic. Moreover, with numerous appealing marketing tools, advertising their services will be a breeze.

46. Bankrate Credit Card Network

Commission: Varies
Cookie life: Varies

The Bankrate Credit Card Network stands out from other credit card affiliate programs since they work with the best credit card performance marketing specialists in the industry. Being managed in-house, Bankrate Credit Card Network gives its partners access to all the necessary tools to convert the web traffic into impressive revenue. With their generous offers and industry's best monthly payments, you will definitely achieve all your business goals. If you want more, you can check out the offers of HighPayingAffiliatePrograms.

47. Capital Bank

Commission: $25 per funded account
Cookie life: 30 days

Capital Bank is a reputable financial institution that is popular for its consumer-friendly and flexible approaches to banking. To join their affiliate program, you need to sign up on Commission Junction.

Building a partnership with Capital Bank means getting access to high-quality marketing collateral to reach your intended audience. You will also get all the necessary tips concerning Capital Bank services promotion to boost your revenue.

48. Experian

Commission: $0-100
Cookie life: 45 days

Experian is a service that helps monitor consumer credits, credit scores and reports online. The company works in 80+ countries and can boast excellent customer support. Once you join their affiliate program, you will access all the necessary promotional tools and materials to increase your commission. With very general payouts, you can boost your revenue of up to $100 per sale. However, each product has unique commission rates. Experian offers 45 days of cookie duration.

49. Credit Assistance Network

Commission: $95 per sale, $1.25 per lead
Cookie life: 365 days

Credit Assistance Network is one of the best credit repair companies that has got an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. The main aim of this service is to help clients fix their credit issues. They mostly work with finance-dedicated websites.

Credit Assistance Network manages its affiliate marketing program with the help of the ShareASale network. As a partner, you can use a wide range of coupons, tracking tools and special offers.

50. Fanatics

Commission: Up to 10%
Cookie life: 7 days

Fanatics is one of the largest online retailers in the world that sells licensed products for UFC, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, NBA, NASCAR, NCAA, etc. While promoting Fanatics products, you can get up to 10% for every purchase.

The exact commission rate is based on how much traffic you generate and how effectively you reach and engage target customers. Also, Fanatics offers 2%+ conversion rates that can be changed depending on the season. If you are looking for the best promotion tools to improve your marketing business, then Fanatics is just the right partner.

51. Under Armour

Commission: 5%
Cookie life: 30 days

Under Armour is a company that produces sports and foot-wear that are popular among well-known sportsmen and gym lovers. Their affiliate program was rated by ABestWeb as the Best Affiliate Program in 2012. Under Armour offers a 5% commission for each purchase and 30-days cookie life. Their affiliates can use text links, a variety of banners, brand's products and other promotional materials.

52. Fitbit

Commission: 10%
Cookie life: 45 days

Fitbit is a well-known company that sells fitness accessories. Affiliates who have just started out, get a 10% commission. Fitbit offers a volume-based commission, so if you generate more sales, you will get a higher commission.

Since Fitbit is a popular and reliable industry leader, it has high conversion rates meaning you can close more sales. To join their affiliate program, you should create an account on CJ. Also, you can always count on Fitbit professional support for affiliates.

53. Coinbase

Commission: 50% of referred users trading fees for 3 months.

Coinbase is a digital currency exchange platform that was founded in 2012. They offer one of the best affiliate marketing programs that lets you earn a bonus for each successfully referred users. Since you can direct an unlimited number of users to Coinbase, your earning potential is unlimited as well.

54. Bitbond

Commission: 20% for new borrowers, and 30% for lenders. You can get 50% if you attract both parties to the platform.

Bitbond is a leading bitcoin company that offers generous payouts, for those who direct both borrowers and lenders to their platform. It is possible to get up to 50% commission while working with this network. They offer 30% for every lender and 20% for every borrower you address to the site using your affiliate link.

55. Admitad

Commission: From 1€ to 32€

Cookie life: 30-45 days

Admitad provides publishers with an opportunity to connect with any company active in the gaming field. With its feature-rich and convenient dashboard, publishers can manage all affiliate exchanges with ease.

In the Admitad catalog, there are multiple advertisers. Besides, by turning to the company, partnership with various affiliate programs is as easy as pie. By gathering all your advertisers in the same place, Admitad helps publishers letting them rise above the competition in a jiffy.

56. Coinmama

Commission: 15% on all referral purchases, including all the future ones

Being founded in 2013, Coinmama allows people to easily buy and sell different types of cryptocurrencies. It offers great deals for its affiliates. The lifetime cookie length is one of the strongest advantages, meaning you will get the same payouts for all future purchases as well.

57. Plus500

Commission: $200 - $800 CPA. 10% 2-tier commission.

Plus500 is a popular trading company that allows members to easily trade CFD for almost 2000 items. When joining their affiliate program, you will have a chance to promote one of the top trading services and achieve impressive commissions. The exact commission you can get depends on how many new traders you will attract to the platform and your country traffic data.

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