17 Best Free Video Hosting Sites

17 Best Free Video Hosting

What is the best free video hosting this year? Of course, you can publish a video directly on the website, but in this case, you will quickly run out of storage space. As a result, there may be errors while watching videos.

By posting your clips on video hosting sites, you save the space of your PC and increase the traffic of your website. Check out the following free video hosting sites and find the right one for your website.

1. YouTube

Hosting for creators
  • YouTube videos can be uploaded to a site
  • Detailed analytics
  • A built-in community
  • You can earn extra money
  • Advertising before the video starts
  • Suggested videos aren’t always relevant

Verdict: YouTube is a popular free video platform with 1.5 billion monthly users. In addition to video hosting, YouTube is also a social channel. Here you can find detailed analytics on videos to understand why they have become popular.

You can upload an unlimited number of videos to YouTube for free. However, ads will appear before each one. You cannot add files larger than 128GB. The maximum video duration is 12 hours. YouTube is suitable for those, who want to reach a huge audience, get subscribers via video or monetize content.

youtube interface

2. Vimeo

Professional tool
  • There is a completely free plan
  • Great video display
  • No ads or pop-ups
  • Amazing video analytics
  • Limited free version
  • Poor search ability

Verdict: Vimeo is a free video hosting site that allows you not only to upload videos but also helps you create your own clips. You can share the video on any channel, customize the player and add marketing tools to stir up interest. You can work on videos with the team and the whole process will remain confidential.

If you consider the quality of the video, then I can mention that it is better than on YouTube and other video platforms, especially in full screen. The free plan is slightly limited.

Vimeo video hosting is suitable for those, who don’t need to download tons of videos weekly and use advanced settings. You can download up to 500 MB per week, up to 5GB per month.

vimeo logo

3. Twitch

For video streaming
  • Absolutely free with the ad-removing support
  • Suitable for PC, mobile devices, and set-top boxes
  • Lots of easy-to-use options
  • You can play games and use other bonus items for free
  • 5 simultaneous downloads per user
  • PC and console broadcasting is limited

Verdict: Twitch is one of the most popular free video platforms for gamers. It also offers free video hosting services. You can download both previous broadcasts and edited ones. There is a limit of 5 simultaneous downloads per user and the maximum of 100 videos in 24 hours.

Twitch automatically adjusts the stream according to the speed of your Internet connection. You can also manually change the data transfer rate. The platform offers many presentation tools. You can headline your broadcast, set privacy options for specific users, and more.

twitch interface

4. Google Drive

Cloud storage
  • Video sizes aren’t strictly limited
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Offline file viewing
  • Supports sharing and collaboration
  • File size limits
  • Requires a Google Account

Verdict: Google Drive is a service for remote storage, video editing, and file synchronization. You can store files of any format. Cloud storage is limited to 15GB. You can upload a video from a PC, smartphone or tablet. To work on videos with the team, you just need to send them an invitation and choose the proper settings.

Add the video to Google Drive video player and it will be automatically converted to YouTube video. Then you can share the link to the video or add it to the website and social networks.

google drive interface

5. Wistia

Collaboration tool
  • Suitable for collaboration
  • Detailed analytics
  • You can adjust the size of the display
  • Password protection for private viewing
  • You can upload up to 3 videos for free
  • Only 200GB bandwidth

Verdict: Wistia is another decent option on my list of free video hosting services. This hosting is focused on marketing. It differs from YouTube as it has no integrated audience and it doesn’t insert ads into your videos. You can also customize the player to make a video recognizable.

After uploading a video, you can adjust the size of the display to make it look perfect both on a PC and a smartphone.

If you don’t want your video to be visible to all users, protect it with a password. Thanks to the Wistia video player, you can track detailed analytics such as study heatmaps, visiting indicators, and more.

wistia interface

6. DailyMotion

Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Search and content management filters
  • Ability to adjust widgets and personalize branding tools
  • Has video editing tools
  • Limited analytics
  • Supports videos up to 2GB

Verdict: DailyMotion is an online video hosting free service that is similar to YouTube in terms of functionality. The catalog contains over 30 million videos that you can sort and add to your playlist. There are no restrictions on the number of downloads. However, there is a limit on the size of the video: you can upload files up to 2GB.

You can create channels to promote your personal brand, customize videos, earn money on them, and add links to them on websites and in groups on social networks. Besides, with DailyMotion video hosting, you can add headings, tags, descriptions, include comments, and even choose privacy settings.

dailymotion interface

7. Streaming Video Provider

All-in-one video platform
  • No experience required
  • Reliable security measures
  • Top-notch customer support
  • No free plan
  • Limited basic version

Verdict: Streaming Video Provider provides various unique features and is dedicated to excellence, making it easy to manage, share, and monetize your content. Whether you’re a musician or educator, the platform offers a simple monetization process where you can set your own price and keep the entire profit.

What sets Streaming Video Provider apart is their Global Video CDN, ensuring that your videos and live streams play smoothly and instantly, regardless of your audience’s location.

As a content creator, you need to protect your work, and Streaming Video Provider offers robust encryption, password safeguards, watermarks, and custom access rules to keep your creations safe.

streaming video provider free video hosting

8. Metacafe

For video sharing
  • You can download videos by the link
  • The video can be embedded in the blog or website
  • You can earn on your videos
  • No video duration limits
  • A lot of advertising
  • You cannot make a video private

Verdict: Metacafe is one of the best free video hosting services for sharing clips lasting up to 10 minutes. There is censorship on the site, so you can’t upload or watch erotic clips or videos with violent scenes. Besides, a video can be loaded via the link under the video or embedded in a blog or website.

You can create an account for free, without any restrictions. Many videos on the site duplicate YouTube content. Besides, there are many video tutorials on magic and science experiments.

metacafe interface

9. Vidyard

Unlimited video hosting
  • There are no restrictions on the quantity and size
  • Great marketing and sales features
  • Supports 4К videos
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • You can add up to 5 videos on your website
  • Access to statistics only from a paid account

Verdict: Vidyard is another video hosting server for business owners. You can place videos that are not related to the platform. It is ads-free. The website is focused on lead marketing and sales.

You can embed a video in a sales funnel and send it by email, view statistics, record a screencast.

Vidyard offers unlimited free online video hosting. It is possible to download any number of clips without size restrictions. There is also no bandwidth limit. 4K videos are supported.

vidyard interface

10. Hippo Video

Online video platform
  • It has a cloud base
  • You can easily create or record videos
  • There is a video editor
  • Personalized video player
  • Bandwidth limits
  • Video size restrictions

Verdict: Hippo Video is a personalized free video platform that helps you create and share videos across multiple channels. You can add opt-in forms before and after a video, as well as edit clips in a professional editor. Plus, users can personalize the video player and landing page.

Hippo Video allows publishing videos on a hosting website without intrusive advertising. But there is a bandwidth limit of 200GB and the size of a video should be smaller than 3GB. The maximum video resolution is 1080p.

hippo video interface

11. Jetpack

For WordPress sites
  • Great video hosting for WordPress
  • No ads 
  • Support multiple video formats
  • Detailed statistics
  • Gets heavy with all features switched on
  • Some modules are rather simple

Verdict: Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that allows you to upload an unlimited number of videos. There is a limitation only in file size. You can host videos online free up to 2GB. Videos are played without ads. Moreover, the video can be embedded in posts and blog posts.

Videos are hosted on WordPress servers, so they won’t clutter your storage space. The plugin is easy to configure. There is also a backup of the files.

jetpack interface

12. Wix Video

For Wix sites
  • Adaptive video player
  • You can make money on video sales
  • Live broadcasts
  • No ads
  • Video upload restrictions
  • For Wix websites only

Verdict: Wix Video is one of the best free video hosting websites. It is a good tool for creating your own video channels on Wix websites. You can upload videos of any type from a computer or other video hosting sites and then show them on social networks. Thanks to Wix Video, you can stream videos in high quality.

Your video will be shown through a convenient video player adapted to the screens of any devices. In addition to playing videos, you can sell them without commission. Using video hosting free, you can upload up to 30 minutes of video (maximum of 10 minutes per video). Besides you can create online broadcasts lasting up to 10 minutes.

wix video interface

13. GoogieHost

Free web hosting
  • Cloud-based service
  • Quite simple cPanel
  • Sub-domains services are free
  • Fast servers for Linux
  • Branding is a bit confusing
  • Response time is slow in Japan

Verdict: GoogieHost is a cloud-based web hosting service with free access. This best free video hosting service boasts high speed. To improve performance, you can add a CDN to your website for free upon registration. GoogieHost uses subdomains for free web hosting, but you can also buy your own domain.

The space volume is 1000 MB. The bandwidth is unlimited. There is a simple drop-down menu and cPanel, which is usually used only by paid hosting platforms.

googiehost interface

14. SproutVideo

With marketing tools
  • No ads
  • Video analytics
  • Access limitation
  • Custom video player
  • Free to use for 30 days
  • Isn’t suitable for large volumes of content

Verdict: SproutVideo is one of the most popular free video hosting services with marketing features. You can test it for free for 30 days. The videos are broadcasted without ads and there are no restrictions in size. The storage capacity is 500GB. The maximum video resolution is 8K.

To attract viewers’ attention to the landing page, you can add in-video calls to action and post-video screens after the clip. To limit the number of people, who can watch a video, you can protect it with a password. Analytics is also available. It is possible to track watching statistics, hours of viewing, activity, and more.

sproutvideo interface

15. Brightcove

For business owners
  • Plugins support
  • More customization options
  • Servers work 24/7
  • Many tools and settings
  • Limited Trial
  • No exact price for hosting

Verdict: htcove is an online video hosting free platform. Many companies from the Fortune 500 list choose it for sharing their videos. Developers offer customizable video hosting options, including monetization and advertising, live streaming, leads generation tools, mobile optimization, branding features, advanced analytics, and others.

This free video hosting website has fast servers and advanced streaming capabilities. The file size isn’t limited. But when you download multiple videos over 100MB, it is better to queue the clips and upload one file at a time. It is ideal for business owners.

brightcove interface

16. Facebook

An online community
  • Largest online community
  • Maximum video duration is 240 minutes
  • Ads launching tools
  • Live broadcasts
  • Advertising in video
  • Broad audience access to personal content

Verdict: Facebook is a social platform, where you can create accounts and groups to share content with your audience. Here you can upload pre-recorded videos in groups or business pages at any time.

You can also share your videos outside the platform using the embed feature. This means that you can easily play Facebook videos on your website and blog. One of the advantages of this best free video hosting platform is the ability to upload videos up to 240 minutes. The number of clips is unlimited.

facebook interface

17. Instagram

Visual social network
  • Promotion tool
  • Live broadcasting is available all day long
  • Geotags
  • You can tag a subscriber in the video
  • A lot of advertising
  • Limited web version

Verdict: Instagram is a social network with over 30 million monthly users. You can upload any number of videos lasting from 3 to 60 seconds to attract more subscribers. You can add filters to photos and videos, as well as hashtags for quick searches.

Instagram can be used from a PC and a smartphone by downloading the application. You can add geotags to the post as well as mark subscribers in the video. This free video platform is suitable for showing videos and promoting your business.

instagram interface

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