Video Post Production

When filming is over, it is time for video post production. FixThePhoto provides personalized video post production of the top quality for experts and amateur filmmakers. We can help you do basic and qualified post production (arrange raw video footage, add audio, make color grading, etc.) fast and easy. Do you want to add animation or some special effects to your videos? Our team is ready to help you 24/7.

By choosing our video post production company, be sure that all your edits are done in a proper way and the final video will be of the highest quality and appeal to your target audience, promoting your business, and helping it grow.

Video Post Production

FixThePhoto has a huge team of video post production professionals, all of them are highly qualified at what they do. Our services are available 24/7 at affordable prices with a personal approach to each video.

In addition to the standard range of video post production, we offer sound post production, which includes designing sound, composing music, mixing sound, etc. Better sound and music will take your video to a brand new level. Our team will make sure all of your requirements are met at the highest level.

Top Quality
The highest quality of the edited footage. We work hard to give your clips a professional look. Just specify the style, duration and aim of the clip.
With 15+ years of experience in video editing online, we know how to turn ordinary footage into a fascinating video.
Fast Delivery
Send us your order and get a video professionally edited in the shortest possible time. On average, it takes from 8 to 10 days.
Affordable Prices
We have a reasonable pricing policy and many pleasant bonuses & discounts for returning clients.

All the projects are overseen by a head video post production manager to guarantee the quality and speed of work at all stages. All the post production video editing is done in Adobe Premiere, Vegas Pro, and Final Cut Pro which makes it very easy to transfer the final video between companies and people.

If you need a video to represent your brand and get your message across to your audience, our video post production will help you with that. Our team guarantees that a promo video is a good way to promote your services/company which is quite effective with FixThePhoto.

Video Post Production Pricing

Basic Level
US $80.00
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Services applied:
  • 30 Min of the Source Video
    (RAW Video)
  • Pro Cut & Transitions
  • Image Stabilization
  • Color Correction
  • Sound Adjustment
  • Music Adding
  • Add Simple Header
  • Following Clients' Style
  • 1 Final Edited Video
Additional Services
US $ per option
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Services applied:
  • Every Next 30 Min + 60$
  • Up to 50 Photos Adding + 50$
  • Animated Text/Titles Adding +50$

Bulk Video Post Production for Permanent Clients

total cost is more
than $1500.00 US
total cost is more
than $3000.00 US
Receive 15% OFF and 30% OFF discounts to the basic price of all video post production during one month if the total cost of your order is more than $1500.00 - $3000.00 US.

Video Post Production:

#1 Wedding Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 4,5 hours RAW video
  • Composite video from 3 cams + Drone
  • Sound recording from 2 resources
  • Video color correction
  • Visual effects adding
  • Music adding
  • Sound/Audio correction
  • Screen saver adding
  • Digital stabilization
  • Total cost US $620


#2 Drone Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 4 hours RAW video
  • Add logo
  • Add music
  • Color correction
  • Add different video effects
  • Total cost US $500


#3 GoPro Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 5,5 hours RAW video
  • Video effects
  • Add music
  • Add animated text
  • Clean up sound
  • Underwater-video editing
  • Drone video adding
  • Total cost US $730


#4 Home Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 3 hours RAW video
  • Add text
  • Add music
  • Time-lapse effect
  • Add collages
  • Sound cleaning up
  • Color correction
  • Total cost US $430


#5 Product Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing Of 1.5 Hours RAW Video
  • Add text (+ US $50)
  • Add music
  • Add a voice-over
  • Color correction
  • Total cost US $250


#6 Corporate Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 3 hour RAW video
  • Video combining (Camera & Drone)
  • Add music
  • Sound cleaning
  • Add text
  • Add transitions
  • Color correction
  • Total cost US $430


#7 Vlog Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 2 hours RAW video
  • Color correction
  • Sound cleaning up
  • Add text
  • Total cost US $310


#8 Real Estate Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 2,5 hours RAW video
  • Add plain text
  • Add music
  • Drone video adding
  • Sound track adding
  • Sound cleaning up
  • Time-lapse effect
  • Color correction
  • Total cost US $320


Another Services by Fixthephoto

What Do Our Video Post Production Offer?

Start by sending us your raw video footage. You can choose any cloud storage of your choice, Dropbox is the service we recommend. You don’t need to rename or sort your files in any way, it will be done by our specialists.

We will work with footage created by any type of device, as well as your smartphones, camcorders, mirrorless, point and shoot, professional DSLR cameras, action cameras, etc.

After we receive the footage, our chief manager will review the project and assign it to your personal video post production expert that specializes in this type of video post production. We guarantee that any video project will be completed within 8 or 10 days.

After the video is ready, we will contact you with a direct download link. All you have to do now is share it with your customers, YouTube subscribers or simply show at the next family event. Make sure you let us know if we need any copyright issues in case you are planning to use the final video commercially. We can also give several useful tips and recommendations on how you can improve conversion rates and video effectiveness.

Do you have a very specific video post production task that you can’t find among the services we offer? Perhaps, you want to make a video from photos? This is not a problem, just send us your request and our team will find ways to help you.