18 Best Cover Photos for Facebook in 2021

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Photography Tips

A Facebook cover is a picture that is located in the upper part of the profile page. With its help, users may promote themselves, their businesses and services as the cover is the first thing that visitors see.

18 Amazing Facebook Cover Photos Examples

The following amazing cover photo examples for Facebook may inspire you to make your own cover that will be a perfect representation of you as a person or a brand.

1. Nike – Use a Quote

best cover photos for facebook example

A quotation is one of the best ways of self-expression or the expression of the main idea behind the brand. The aim of the chosen quotation may be different – to make people laugh, think of something important, inform or inspire them. For instance, Nike has used a motivating quotation – its advertising slogan “Just do it.”

2. Time - Create a Collage

best cover photos for facebook example

Use a collage as an amazing Facebook cover idea in case you feel like telling a story with one image, showing the development of your brand or displaying a number of images at once. A collage is sure to attract attention. Look at how the Time magazine demonstrates its best covers from the previous century.

3. Old Spice – Make it Funny

best cover photos for facebook example

Delve the visitors of the page into your universe straight away or just catch their eye with funny and unpredictable cover photos for FB. In the past few years, Old Spice brought more absurd and fun things into their brand, which is clearly visible in their FB cover. Animals with human muscles, helicopters attacking sharks with lasers – that’s not something you would expect to see combined in a cover image.

4. Festival de Cannes - Use a Video

best cover photos for facebook example

Facebook has recently introduced the possibility to use a shared video in a cover photo. In case you can’t come up with a good cover photo for FB, you can always use an eye-catching video.

That’s exactly what the Cannes Film Festival did. They added a video featuring celebrities who have already visited the festival before in order to attract attention to the future event.

5. Estee Lauder - Promote New Product

best cover photos for facebook example

The best cover photos for Facebook pages of brands are the ones that put the focus on a certain product for promotional purposes. Estee Lauder took advantage of this idea and displayed its foundation. The brand showed a number of shades available and added portraits of models with different skin tone colors and with the foundation on.

6. Heather Rooney – Advertise Your Work

best cover photos for facebook example

If you are promoting yourself as a creative individual on Facebook, the most amazing cover photos are the ones that demonstrate your work and your abilities. Take a look at the cover by Heather Rooney. There she shows her gorgeous hyperrealistic artwork and peculiar features of her style. Visit her page and you will instantly feel inclined to explore more of her works and observe them in full detail.

7. Livestrong – Evoke Emotions

best cover photos for facebook example

The main aim of Livestrong is to make the lives of people with cancer better. It is clearly reflected in their FB cover image, which presents an inspiring quote along with a collage of photos of those who beat cancer. The cover promotes the idea that people with cancer aren’t alone in their fight and definitely evokes emotions.

8. Sprinklr - Include Your Hashtag

best cover photos for facebook example

A hashtag is a great way to find a connection of your content with other individuals who are interested in this topic. Try to think of words that will provoke the interaction of the page’s visitors.

By integrating a hashtag into Facebook banners, you can make the brand more prominent in the eyes of others or draw attention to the challenge initiated by your business.

9. Providence - Show Off Your Awards

best cover photos for facebook example

Show that your brand or business is credible by including the information about such achievements as awards or a place in certain rankings. Providence restaurant makes an emphasis on the fact that it occupies the place among 50 best restaurants. This info is provided on a minimalist background to have an effect on potential customers.

10. The Tea Spot – Use Color Gradients

best cover photos for facebook example

The color gradient is one of the hottest trends in 2021 which you may integrate into FB cover photos. For instance, The Tea Spot has displayed its tea varieties by color. If you decide to try this idea, include colors that represent the brand. Such unique FB covers tend to look visually appealing for many people.

11. The Good Twin – Use Symbolism

best cover photos for facebook example

Using a symbol, you may convey certain ideas or feelings, a concept behind the brand without words. In order to make an emphasis on the philosophy of the brand – the organic part of our lives, The Good Twin used numerous symbols connected with nature, like trees, feathers, stars and so on. With just symbols, you can create amazing cover photos for Facebook.

12. Best Buy – Consistent Look

best cover photos for facebook example

To show that the brand is truly a professional one in the sphere, the owners need to maintain consistency of fonts, logos and color schemes on all platforms. Best Buy took it into consideration, so their FB cover image perfectly integrates with their logo and website – a bright blue color and a white font convey that modern look.

13. The Daily Show - Include Your Team

best cover photos for facebook example

If you show the members of your team in a FB cover photo, you will give visitors a glance into your business and make it more credible in the eyes of the page’s visitors. The Daily Show used a group shot and created an amazing cover photo for Facebook.

14. Atlassian - Promote An Upcoming Event

best cover photos for facebook example

Atlassian, an enterprise software company, decided to promote a future event in its cover picture. Those who visit the page will instantly see the cover as a call to attend their summit. To achieve such an effect, the company used the brand colors and made the message as informative and brief as possible.

15. Lawyers.com - Include a Call to Action

best cover photos for facebook example

An online platform QETrialLawyers used a straight call to action in their FB cover photo, appealing to everyone involved in business litigation. This trick seems so simple, but it is very effective – the person who visits the page will clearly understand how this company can be helpful for him/her. Besides, this call to action is presented in a form of a quote by a reputable Wall Street Journal. This further proves their credibility.

16. Pizza Hut - Appeal to the Senses

best cover photos for facebook example

In case you own a food-related business, remember that delicious shots of dishes make good Facebook cover photos. Whenever a new season brings new dishes to the menu or you have special offers for customers, one of the most effective ways to promote them is via a cover photo on FB.

17. Carnivale – Show the Insides

best cover photos for facebook example

Carnivale took a shot of their interior and used it as an amazing cover photo for FB. Considering a lot of people choose restaurants based on their décor – this is a smart decision. This attracts the visitor’s attention and makes them want to visit the restaurant and take a couple of their own shots for Instagram.

18. Basic-Fit – Show Your Customers/ Visitors

best cover photos for facebook example

One more efficient way to catch the visitor’s eye is to include your customers into the FB cover photo. Many people are ashamed to go to the gym, because they are afraid they won’t fit in. Basic-fit found a creative way to make people with all body types feel welcomed, by creating a collage of their customers. A cover photo is supposed to motivate viewers.

Facebook Banners Freebies

To have the most beautiful cover photos for Facebook, you may try these customizable and specifically designed banners. They look really trendy and are sure to appeal to the visitors of your page.

Free Minimalistic Template

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A minimalistic, modern and professional-looking PSD template created for FB cover photos. Use it in case you need to demonstrate a number of pictures or products.

Free Geometric Shapes Template

amazing cover photo for facebook template

Add more elegance to the FB cover photo using this template with the geometric shapes against the white background.

Free Triptych Template

amazing cover photo for facebook template

With this template, you won’t be able to add words or quotations to the FB cover photo. But you can put the accent on shots and showcase three of them.

Free Modern Vibe Template

amazing cover photo for facebook template

Created in accordance with the latest trends, this template features an outstanding design that will be impossible not to pay attention to.

Free Business Cover Photo Template

amazing cover photo for facebook template

Make your FB cover image for a business page more exclusive using this template. It provides space for the logo and extra information along with the space to add an Instagram username.

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