22 Triptych Photography Examples to Inspire

22 Triptych Photography Examples to Inspire

Triptych photography may consist of three different photographs with certain boundaries between them or one image divided into three parts. This is a popular technique that will help you tell a story and improve your photography skills, experimenting with three photos.

If you are a beginner in this style of photography, you can draw ideas from my list and create equally beautiful triptych photography examples.

Triptych photography may consist of three different photographs with certain boundaries between them or one image divided into three parts. This is a popular technique that will help you tell a story and improve your photography skills, experimenting with three photos.

If you are a beginner in this style of photography, you can draw ideas from my list and create equally beautiful triptych photography examples.

22 Triptych Photography Ideas

I have looked at the most frequently asked questions about triptych photos and the ways to unite them into one composition, and now I’m ready to share this information with you. These tips will help you create beautiful and unusual triptychs, will simplify the shooting process and enable you to achieve good results in this direction.

1. Full-Length People

full-length people triptych

Portraiture is one of the most popular photography genres. If you want to create triptych portraits, you need to be very attentive.

To get a beautiful and unusual triptych, you can take a photo of the head, torso and legs separately, and then group them.

The result will look especially great if three photos are taken against different backgrounds. You can turn color images into black and white ones to add a special, catchy style to your triptych.

2. Joint Triptych

joint triptych

A person always wants to have more photos with his/her soulmate. Doing triptych photography is a good way to surprise your beloved one. First, take a regular selfie, then photograph your joined hands, and finish by taking an image of your feet.

Combine all these photos into an atmospheric triptych. Your partner will be definitely amazed by such a touching surprise. While editing the pictures, you can use a B&W filter to make your images elegant and tender.

3. Children Triptych

children triptych

Want to surprise your child? Create a triptych from his/her childhood photos. Select photos where he/she is small and combine them in a triptych.

You probably have a photo of your kid in one and the same place with the only difference is the way he/she poses. These are perfect shots for a triptych. Your child will be happy to see his/her images arranged in such a way.

4. Selfie Photography Triptych

selfie photography triptych

Do you like taking selfies, but have no idea how to create something unique from all your shots? Make a triptych! Pose against different backdrops and experiment with your facial expressions.

It is also a great idea to change your clothes for each new shot. You can leave your images colorful or turn them into black and white – the choice is yours.

5. Cityscape Triptych

cityscape triptych

If you like traveling and have many beautiful images from different countries, why not combine them into an eye-catching triptych photo? Any place photographed from several perspectives will look gorgeous in a triptych.

You will end up with something resembling a panoramic picture. Some photographers recommend editing such photos with the help of B&W filters, but I believe that it depends on your personal preferences and the result you want to get.

6. Triptych for the Interior

triptych for the interior

People always try to bring unique touches to their interior design and decorating walls with one-of-a-kind triptych photos is a nice alternative to common ideas.

I think that images of books add certain elegance and sophistication, and are ideal for offices and any places meant for intellectual work. Photograph several books, play with their number and layout, and combine them into one triptych.

7. Photography Triptych of Attractions

photography triptych of attractions

This is one of those cool triptych ideas that will appeal to people, who like traveling and taking images during trips. Once you return home, you surely have many memorable photos from different places.

You can easily create a beautiful triptych composition from these images and hang it on the wall, so you will recollect your joyful adventure every time you see the triptych. Both color triptychs, as well as B&W ones, look wonderful.

8. Photo Triptych from Vacation

photo triptych from vacation

People like reminiscing about happy and carefree days of their vacation. We usually return home and spend some time looking through hundreds of photos when we had rest and were absolutely satisfied with life.

You can select some shots that you like most of all and combine them into an emotion-evoking triptych. Photos taken at different places and at some time intervals will suit the task best of all. You can keep all the colors vibrant or apply a monochrome effect.

9. Sea Wave

photography triptych sea wave

Have you dreamed of taking an unusual photo or creating an original triptych? A sea wave is a bewitching natural phenomenon and if you manage to capture it and then present in the form of a triptych, you will undoubtedly prove your talent and professionalism.

The most beautiful triptych examples are those featuring natural beauty and you need to be very attentive to notice it.

10. Flower Triptych

flower life

Spring gives us many mesmerizing moments that reflect the beginning of a new life. However, they are all very deciduous and you need to work fast to document them.

One of the triptych photography ideas that will definitely bring amazing results is to photograph flowers at different periods of their life and then mix these images into one triptych.

11. Autumn Photography Triptych

autumn photography triptych

The most colorful time of the year is autumn, and people always want to capture the riot of beautiful shades and tones. You can go even further and not just snap amazing shots, but also merge them into one artwork.

I recommend photographing leaves of different colors: red, green, orange and yellow. You can take photos of leaves covering the ground as well as trees. Edit images a bit, before creating a triptych.

12. Deserted Forest

deserted forest

Are you aspired to create unusual and a bit creepy triptych photo? Then this idea is sure to interest you. Go to the forest in late autumn or at the beginning of winter, when nature has fallen asleep and there is nobody around. Photograph deserted forest, showing how wonderful silence and emptiness can “look”.

13. Photography Triptych of Wild Animals

photography triptych of wild animals

Do you like wildlife nature and everything related to it? Want to have images of wild animals in your studio to marvel at their gracefulness and agility?

Then creating a triptych from photos of wild animals in their natural habitude is a good way out. You can place them either vertically or horizontally, so that a triptych matches your studio design.

14. Soothing Photography Triptych

soothing photography triptych

Want to create a triptych to look at it and give your mind a rest? Look at the triptych examples about and, maybe, something similar, with water and sunset, can work for you.

Such images help release the tension of a stressful day and encourage you to think about something pleasant. Besides, such pictures look very beautiful and can serve as a decoration for your home.

15. Pets

triptych with pets

Most people have pets, and they always want to have a photo of them at home. Take their joint photos and images where they are posing separately, and make a triptych. The result will look nice and cute.

16. Triptych of a Mountain Landscape

рhotography triptych of a mountain landscape

If you regularly travel to the mountains and like capturing those breathtaking views, spend some time and combine them in a single picturesque triptych photo. It will look great if you use not only a photo of mountains, but also images of trees, a lake, a mountain river, etc.

17. Seashore


Make a triptych from pictures of the seashore, if you need to have a place in your house, where you can calm down and relax mentally. You can either take one photo and divide it into three parts, or take images in different places and combine them into one triptych.

Either way, it will look very beautiful and eye-catching. To understand the idea better, look for similar triptych examples on the net.

18. Landscape of Winter Mountains

landscape of winter mountains

Create a triptych from the landscape photos of winter mountains. It will look very unusual and captivating. Photograph different mountain peaks and merge them into one triptych.

You can also try taking images of one and the same mountain but from different angles. While editing the shots, you can add fog to some of them, so they will look mysterious.

19. Minimalist Triptych

minimalist triptych

If you like minimalism and want to create a triptych in this style, you can use photos of the sea taken against a blue sky, or image of a peaceful lake contrasting with dark, heavy clouds.

Such photos have a distinctive border between a horizon and water. Besides, nothing second-rate will distract your attention.

20. Triptych in the Desert

photography triptych in the desert

If you are after cool triptych ideas, this one may come in handy. Take photos of sand dunes, when nothing else is visible in the frame - just endless sand and a clear sky.

Think about the sequence of pictures in your triptych – they may logically complement each other or show a kind of opposition to think about.

21. Sunset

photography triptych sunset

Make a triptych from pictures of the setting sun against the background of a field or a large garden. It will be a beautiful and stylish artwork.

Looking at such a triptych you will always admire the tranquility of the sunset and take the pressure of a troublesome day off.

22.Triptych Photo of a Cloudy Sky

triptych photo of a cloudy sky

Need something universal for your interior? Then make a triptych from images of a cloudy sky. Divide the photo into 3 parts with precise boundaries and hand it on the wall. Such a triptych will ideally suit any interior.

Freebies for Triptych Photographs

If you need to edit your pictures before uniting them into a triptych, then you can use these presets and actions, which I have selected specifically for you. They will make image editing faster and more efficient.

Black and White Essential

freebies for triptych photography freebies for triptych photography

With this preset you can turn your photo into black and white in a matter of seconds. The result will look nice and stylish. Nowadays, people really like B&W images that bring them back to the 50s of the last century.

HDR Real Estate

freebies for triptych photography freebies for triptych photography

Using this preset, you can boost the colors in a shot, making them saturated and bright. The final photo will impress with its vividness.

Majestic Landscape

freebies for triptych photography freebies for triptych photography

Like photographing landscapes? Such images always require professional editing, and this present may simplify the process. It ideally suits different types of landscapes and makes each photo fairytale-like.

Classic Look

freebies for triptych photography freebies for triptych photography

While making triptych portraits, you always need to fix various flaws, which inevitably appear because of different lighting temperatures. You can use this portrait action to add bright colors to your pictures and make the result clear and sharp.


freebies for triptych photography freebies for triptych photography

Want to get beautiful and unusual photos? Then use this action. It will add delicate shades and colors to your photo. The Cinematic action looks great in different types of images.

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