Amazon Drive vs Google Drive

Amazon Drive vs Google Drive

Watching the growth and rapid popularity of cloud storages, Amazon Drive vs Google Drive battle becomes more and more relevant. Today, I decided to compare these two cloud storages and give you an answer to the primary questions: what are the main differences and is it worth overpaying for Google Drive?

amazon drive vs google drive

Amazon Cloud Drive vs Google Drive

Amazon Drive

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Editors' Rating (4/5)

Google Drive

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Editors' Rating (4.5/5)
  Amazon Drive Google Drive
  • Intuitive interface
  • Integration with music
  • Support for all file formats
  • You can restore files
  • Cross-platform
  • The unlimited amount for Google Pixel
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Significantly more plans
Recommended for Beginners, amateurs Beginners, professionals, big companies
Operating System Browser/ Windows / Mac / Android/ iOS Browser/ Windows / Mac / Android/ iOS
Price 5 GB Free or $11.99/$59.99 15 GB Free or $1.75/$89


Comparing Google Drive vs Amazon Drive, the web interface of both applications may be characterized by simplicity and minimalism. Moreover, they don’t require learning. The same goes for their mobile apps. Drag and drop interface with many methods to create and manage folders is very convenient. In the case of Google Drive, you may also create office documents.

amazon drive interface

When you first download and install Amazon Drive, you will need to manually create a folder or select the one that already exists for further synchronization.

google drive interface

With Google, it will be easier. When you first install it, it creates and adds a folder named “Google Drive” to your PC in the chosen location or you may create and select another one.

Functionality and Capabilities

Despite the fact that Amazon cloud storage is inferior in some capabilities, its functionality will be enough for personal use. When talking about the company, Google Photos will be a more suitable option.

amazon drive functionality

Amazon Drive is very convenient for storing photos, but it lacks advanced management capabilities. For instance, users may create their own folder structure only through the PC client. The lack of SLA, version control and lifecycle, as well as special backup options are also worth mentioning.

I don’t quite understand why Amazon has decided to name its software Amazon Photos, as it accepts both images and videos. Cloud storage supports all file formats correctly, but cannot play them online.

google drive functionality

When you create a Google Drive, you can upload files to this cloud service directly from your hard drive or move data from Google Services. To edit a file, you may upload it or edit it directly in your browser (Google files only). You can share each folder or file with other users, whether they have a Google account or not.

In the regular Google Drive, SLA is absent. However, there is a possibility to get it using Google Apps for work, the business versions with corporate email addresses and extended management capabilities.

Security and Encryption

Comparing Amazon Cloud Drive vs Google Drive in terms of privacy, the latter is significantly ahead of Amazon since it doesn’t hide data protection from users. Each user’s data is protected by encrypted HTTPS tunnels while Amazon only talks about double authentication.

Security of Amazon Drive cloud storage starts with encryption. However, I didn’t find any data on the Internet about the protocol used. At the same time, Amazon’s data center security needs to be impeccable. Amazon supports two-factor authentication for user credentials. You may activate it through your Amazon account. Two-step verification prevents you from losing control of your account because of a weak or lost password and prevents third parties from using your account.

How secure is Google Drive? Google provides access to all data of its services via encrypted HTTPS tunnels. This protocol is enabled by default for all users, so no one can access the data except the owner. This mechanism is also used in the mobile mail client. Each user’s data is protected by a logical scheme as if it was stored on a separate server. Unauthorized people won’t be able to access your data. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid of your competitors spying on you (the same goes for them).

Special Features

Comparing the special features of Google Drive vs Amazon Cloud Drive, I like both applications, each of them offers something unique. Among other things, I want to note the integration of Amazon and unlimited storage for Google Photos users.

amazon drive special charter

Amazon Drive supports file synchronization on its web and desktop applications. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it also has a full file version control function. This lets you recover deleted files, but doesn’t allow you to choose the version of the file you are restoring.

It also integrates quite well with other Amazon services. When you buy music via Amazon, it is automatically stored in your Amazon Drive Cloud storage, so you can easily access it from anywhere without taking up space on your mobile devices.

google drive special charter

Google Drive takes the lead by offering users a chance to create and edit multiple file formats such as Sheets, Documents, Drawings, Slides, Shapes and even Websites. Besides, a user has a complete set of Office applications that synchronize all files back to the system for offline access.

This personal data storage also comes with a powerful API, which means that there are plenty of third-party apps available in the store that will work with drives like Pixlr, Zoho, PDF converters etc.

google drive third-party apps

In Google Drive, you can create bookmarks and individual files that you have to work with regularly. It makes life easier, especially when there are too many folders to work with. Also, it is worth mentioning that Google Pixel users get unlimited storage.

Applications and Compatibility

Amazon Drive is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. Google Drive covers all of these platforms too, and also supports Chrome and Firefox.

Aside from Amazon’s cross-platform, close integration with the mobile application is worth noting. It is really convenient and fast. A functional mobile application isn’t particularly impressive, it has a basic set of functions and nothing more.

google drive apps

Google personal cloud storage has the same features as Amazon. However, the mobile application seems easier-to-use, moreover, the speed is also faster.

Prices and Plans

Making a comparison of Amazon Drive vs Google Drive, both platforms are free to use. Amazon Drive offers 5GB of free storage, and Google Drive will give you 15GB. Google provides unlimited photo storage for Pixel users, and Amazon provides unlimited photo storage for Prime subscribers.

amazon drive vs google photos prices

Talking about Amazon Drive pricing, the platform offers two types of plans: basic with unlimited photo storage plus 5GB of extra space for videos and other files, and the professional one. Amazon is cheaper if you buy the 100GB plan. As for Google Drive pricing, the platform charges $299 per month for 30TB, which is $3600 per year. Amazon Drive will cost around $1800 for the same amount of storage.

Google Drive doesn’t take into account any document created with Office apps in your space. It only considers the files you upload directly along with Gmail, photos, and other media files. Google Drive plans start at $1.99 per 100GB and 2TB for $9.99. These sums are paid monthly.

Amazon Drive vs Google Drive: My Choice

Can professional photographers use Amazon Prime Photos? Yes and no. As a platform for storing photos and as a tool for managing archives, it is simple and convenient. Although professional photographers may be interested in a program that lets you not only store but also to share files, for instance, with customers or even sell photos directly on the net. Amazon privacy cloud storage doesn’t provide the tools to do this.

Google Drive is a kind of standard and doesn’t require any skills. It is easier-to-use, more popular and often is referred to as the best cloud storage free. This platform has significantly better encryption. What is more, the downloading drive client lets you work offline, including browser-based editing.

Almost all users may take advantage of the Google Drive basic plan. However, small and medium businesses are more likely to choose Google Apps to work with its advanced capabilities.

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