52 Photography Affiliate Programs to Join in 2023

Photography Affiliate Programs

Are you planning to join one of several photography affiliate programs? But don’t know what program has the highest commission? Are you interested in earning more with your photos?

For those photographers who have started looking for affiliate programs, I’ve reviewed every platform for you to find the perfect option to earn money.

52 Best Photography Affiliate Programs

These programs are for self-employed professionals and business owners. Benefit from this partnership by getting more money out of what you do without extra hassle. The list is large but you can look into the categories that interest you the most and easily pick new partners.

1. FixThePhoto

fixthephoto affiliate program SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 50 % commission from each video/photo editing service or product sale that is bound to your link

Cookie life: unlimited

You may advertise image editing services, Lr Presets, Ps actions and Overlays, LUTs created by FixThePhoto team on your website, blog, Instagram, YouTube or other social media channels. Don’t worry about the cookie duration since it is unlimited. If you join the program, you will access the huge collection of FixThePhoto publish marketing templates, banners and before-after photo samples for all image or video editing services.

2. Amazon

photography affiliate programs amazon SIGN UP HERE

Commission: up to 10% from each product sale that is bound to your personal link

Cookie life: 24 hours

A popular and safe choice because everyone knows and uses this website around the world. With the Amazon affiliate program, you can get great options of popular items and even in somewhat rare niches.

3. Etsy

photographer affiliate program etsy SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 4–8% out of each realized purchase

Cookie life: 30 days

Another popular platform that sells rarities and creative items. It caters to those folks, who care about standing out of the crowd with handcrafted items or seek come nontrivial vintage pieces.

4. eBay Partners

passive income photography affiliate program ebay SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 40–80% of auction fees

Cookie life: 1 day for Buy It Now, 10 for auctions

A huge marketplace with years of history that can offer a great camera affiliate program for you to benefit from. Representatives of various professions cooperate with this platform, finding interesting products to promote and getting nice money for it.

You only need to spend a minute for seeking listings in Partner Network tools and sharing your link for them.

5. ExpertPhotography

expertphotography photography affiliate program SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 50% of each product purchased

Cookie life: 365(!!!) days

ExpertPhotography is a popular photography education website since 2018 where you can read useful articles about photography equipment, shooting skills and image post production as well.

They offer various video courses, eBooks, cheat sheets in many niches: beginner photography, time-lapse, milky way photography, creative projects, pet photography and more.

Among their 21 different products, you’ll surely find a good match for your audience.

6. B&H Photo Video

bhphoto affiliate SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 2–8% with payout starting from $80

This option is the most influential among those specialized in media and technology, so a BH photo affiliate will be closer to professional photographers. They own a huge building in NYC Manhattan, and there is no bigger one in the whole the US.

In total, nearly 10 thousand demo products can be found there and over 5 thousand people enter the SuperStore daily with over 12 million visitors doing their shopping online monthly.

Your commission will increase in the case of improved performance. The minimal paycheck you can cash is only $80 so you can receive money quite often. The list of products you can commission has over 3000 entries among which there are some famous names like Bose, Impact, Sound Device, Attache, and the like.

A BH photo video affiliate provides access to customizable tools and links together with the newest deals to benefit from. It works almost across the entire country, excluding only Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana.

7. Adorama

adorama affiliate program SIGN UP HERE

Commission: starting from 2% and reaching 10% for specific brands or categories

Cookie life: 30 days

Listed among the leading electronic retailers and praised as the “Best of the Web” by no other than Forbes, this store is the only one to cover you fully on everything concerning photo, video, and electronics. Their facilities include a photo-lab and a rental shop for equipment.

There is an Adorama student discount for those who aspire to buy something and study at a free education center based on the AdoramaTV video channel. The catalog has over a quarter of a million entries and the list of their happy clients is several times bigger than that.

Customers normally leave over $400 with each purchase and this opens great earning possibilities for the promoting partners. Through Impact Radius you can manage the particulars of your cooperation, getting access to banner ads and text links, mechanisms of tracking, useful reports, and, obviously, the product feed.

The Adorama affiliate program also keeps you informed about such crucial instances as specials, deals, overstock items and gives timely notifications about promotions and closeouts.

8. Jet

photography affiliate program jet SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Average 2.5%

Cookie life: 7 days

A booming platform for those, who find it hard to collaborate with world-famous giants, Jet only appeared in 2015 but was able to fight its way through the competition and get appreciated by customers for lower prices and a wide range of products.

9. ClickBank

affiliate programs clickbank SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Maximum of 75%

Cookie life: 60 days

The oldest place for participating in photography affiliate programs is ClickBank. The platform has a wide spectrum of offers that includes both material and cyber products and extends to countless numbers of them.

10. Zenfolio

photography affiliate program zenfolio SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Up to 30% of each purchased plan

Cookie life: 60 days

A reliable platform that works with a great number of photographers representing many countries of the world and a large variety of photography genres. With the high level of service, this photography affiliate program is likely to bring a nice additional income.

11. Adobe Creative Cloud

adobe affiliate program SIGN UP HERE

Commission: subscribing monthly, you get 85% of the first month; subscribing yearly, you can either get the same deal or receive 8.33% of the first year if you select a one-off payment

Cookie life: 30 days

This company works with the representatives of the media sphere of all levels and provides exceptional instruments. Take Photoshop alone and you will find it used by the overwhelming majority of people who work with images.

But the famous Creative Cloud also brings out Illustrator and InDesign, which are equally popular among specialists, and other convenient tools for work with images.

The Adobe affiliate program runs on Arvato and offers such instruments as pre-made banners, personal text links, plus reports for analyzing your progress and correcting strategies. They also generously provide student offers, sales, and helpful packages.

12. Skylum Software

affinity photo affiliate program skylum SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 20–50% depending on results

Cookie life: 90 days

Another great photography software provider that offers instruments highly favored by aspiring and experienced artists. Their apps have been gathering awards of the Apple store for 5 consecutive years and are also praised by users, who call it the Best App Ever.

13. Capture One

passive income photography affiliate program capture one SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Maximum of 25%

Cookie life: 40 days

This is a program for RAW image converting and editing designed by the Phase One company that produces cameras. The program is perfect for organizing, converting, and refining RAWs and tethered files.

14. On1

passive income photography affiliate program one SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 10% of every purchase

Cookie life: 60 days

This is a RAW processing program that is popular among photographers for its pixel editor and the possibility to work with layered files, thus it is among the most universal photography affiliate programs.

15. Snappa

photography affiliate program snappa SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 30% repeating payment for each active user

Cookie life: 30 days

This is design software for those who love experimenting with images and turning them into something different. Whenever you need a new banner or some graphic content for your blog, add various effects to the images and shape them into something that fits the goal better.

16. Fotor

photography affiliate program fotor SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Up to 35%

Cookie life: 90 days

This online app is also quite popular not only among professionals but all those, who just want to mess around and make collages and fun designs. You can also use it for more demanding jobs like designing covers or working on graphics.

17. ACDSee

acdsee affiliate program SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Up to 30%

This efficient image editing software supports the most common operating systems and has a great toolkit. The photographer affiliate program includes the Ultimate, Professional, and Standard Studio versions that can bring you easy income with successful promotion.

18. Format

format affiliate program SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 30% of each complete deal

Cookie life: 90 days

An equally useful thing you can use to promote your projects among aspiring photographers.

19. SmugMug

smugmug affiliate program SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 15% of any plan

Among the photography website generators, this is definitely the leader, being used by many professionals and amateurs. This platform takes care of the security of your images as you’re working with them online. In this field, the SmugMug affiliate program is the worthiest of participating in.

20. PhotoShelter

photographer affiliate program photoshelter SIGN UP HERE

Commission: $6–165 for any paid account and extra earnings from their following use

Cookie life: 60 days

If you’re searching for a safe way of dealing with your visual content, either you intend to show your works off, deliver them to your customers, or sell them out, this platform provides great possibilities.

21. Pixpa

passive income photography program pixpa SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Half of the first year’s income from your every customer

An easy way of sharing and selling visual content online that also offers a good deal to its promoters.

22. IM Creator

photography affiliate program im creator

Commission: starting from $35 per sale

Cookie life: unlimited

The leading website builder that has an impressive list of clients including some really famous brands. It also offers an enticing deal for, those who wish to promote their services.

23. Shopify

photography affiliate program shopify SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Approximately $58 for every referred user with a paid subscription, and $2000 for every Plus referral

Cookie life: 30 days

Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform for starting, developing and running a business.

24. Wix

photography affiliate program wix SIGN UP HERE

Commission: $100 of each sale

Cookie life: 30 days

Wix is not just a website builder and a platform with ready-made free websites created by Artificial Design Intelligence. It is also a great company to cooperate with to get passive income photography.

25. Webflow

photography affiliate program webflow SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 50% of all payments for 1 year for each user referred

Cookie life: 90 days

This affiliate program is created for bloggers, educators and motivators, who can make money from referring developers and designers to Webflow.

26. Strikingly

photography affiliate program strikingly SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 30% of the first payment for every referred user

Strikingly is a website builder, capable of generating mobile-friendly websites in the shortest time possible. You can use it as a photographer affiliate program and earn from referrals.

27. Webydo

photography affiliate program webydo SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Up to $2,400 for every active user referred, according to the plan he/she selected

Cookie life: 30 days

Webydo is a famous website creator and content management system for designers. Webydo allows dragging and dropping elements onto the working space and build fully customized websites. Making money from referrals is also possible.

28. Designmodo

passive income photography program designmodo SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 25% on every referred user who paid

Designmodo is known for the quick creation of remarkable static websites and an ability to export a ready-made code. The resulting websites function without any problems and can be customized at any time.

29. uKit

photography affiliate program ukit SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 30% of payments made by referred users

uKit greatly simplifies the process of creating online platforms. You can perceive uKit as an excellent photography affiliate program as well.

30. Lenscaption

camera affiliate program lenscaption SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 20% of payments made by referred users

Cookie life: 90 days

Lenscaption is a brand specialized in producing decorative lens caps, with DSLR photographers as a target audience. Nowadays, there is an opportunity to complement your camera with anything you can imagine.

The caps by Lenscaption look amazing and seem to be leaders on the market of camera accessories. Make your lens more unique with the help of their caps and earn extra money from referrals.

31. Canon

camera affiliate program canon SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 2.5% of all purchases

Cookie life: 30 days

Canon is one of the most successful worldwide manufacturers of digital imaging equipment used in different spheres. They are well-known for producing POWERSHOT & EOS SLR Digital Cameras, PIXMA Photo Printers and VIXIA High Definition Camcorders.

Not so long ago, Canon has improved its online store, simplifying the process of finding, researching and purchasing products on the website.

The commissions are multi-level, calculated on the basis of performance. Canon camera affiliate program is run through Commission Junction. Participants gain access to special promotions and offers, daily product feed, banners with frequent updates and text links. Moreover, they provide special commission prices for certain categories and in an ad-hoc manner.

32. Olympus

camera affiliate program olympus SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 3%

Cookie life: 15 days

Olympus is a renowned brand, famous for producing digital cameras, lenses, audio recorders, etc. To attract customers, they add all the ratings, reviews and promotions to the product pages.

Olympus concentrates on developing and releasing high-grade, durable and weather-proof equipment for professionals, who work outdoors or while traveling. Customers get free or cheap flat-fee shipping and rewards promotions.

An average order cost is more than $400. The conversion rates are quite high. For instance, if you want to purchase a $2000 camera, 3% commission rates could bring you a $60 commission.

Olympus offers one of the best photography affiliate programs through the Commission Junction. The participants get access to text links, banners, product info feed and tracking features.

33. Peak Design

passive income photography program peak design SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 10% base commission

Cookie life: 30 days

Peak Design is a design company producing high-grade camera accessories for photographers of different skill levels.

34. Incase

photographer affiliate program incase SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 12%

Cookie life: 30 days

Incase appeared in 1997 with the idea to develop and release protective cases for photographers’ favorite equipment. When designing its products, Incase takes into consideration users’ interests, occupations and their comfort.

The protective cases are characterized by minimalistic look, highest quality and ease of use. The wide range of products includes bags, luggage, accessories and cases for cameras, laptops, drones, smartphones, etc.

The participants of the affiliate program gain access to exclusive discounts. The customers are offered a 1-year warranty, free shipping and the ability to return any product.

Incase works with Pepperjam to handle their affiliate program and get marketing materials, reporting, tracking and issue payments. To earn commissions, the participants of an affiliate program need to place a text link or a banner ad on their websites, blogs and e-mail newsletter.

35. Manfrotto

passive income photography program manfrotto SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 6% on all purchases

Cookie life: 30 days

Manfrotto specializes in designing and manufacturing a variety of lighting and camera support gear for professional photography and videography, television, cinema and theatre. The Manfrotto’s product range includes all kinds of camera heads and tripods, accessories and lighting stands. The Manfrotto affiliate program is among the greatest sources of passive income for videographers and photographers.

36. KEH Camera

photographer affiliate program keh camera SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Up to 4% on all transaction

Cookie life: 15 days

KEH Camera deals with pre-owned photography equipment. Working in the field for years, the company has gathered the largest collection of second-hand camera gear in the world. They offer products of the unrivaled quality.

37. BorrowLenses

photographer affiliate program borrowlenses SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 5% for all purchases made by referred users

Cookie life: 30 days

BorrowLenses provides renting services for different kinds of equipment, for different rates. It is possible to earn a commission for each order that is referred to BorrowLenses via your site, newsletters or social media platforms.

38. K&F Concept

photographer affiliate program k&f concept SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 15% of every referred purchase

Cookie life: 30 days

K&F Concept offers another beneficial photographer affiliate program. The company’s main specialization is designing, researching, manufacturing and selling photography accessories. Their qualitative and modern products along with helpful and approachable service continue to please customers worldwide.

39. Samy’s Camera

passive income photography program samys camera SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 4%

Cookie life: 30 days

Having more than 40 years of experience in selling top-grade imaging products, Samy’s camera is one of the most reputable platforms for beginning and professional photographers.

40. KelbyOne

photographer affiliate program kelbyone SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Up to 20%

KelbyOne is among the fastest and the most thorough educational websites on digital photography for beginners and experienced shooters.

There you will find more than 750 handy online courses and 40 learning tracks. KelbyOne is partnering with Adobe, Apple, B&H and 50+ companies that provide exclusive discounts for their members. The discount sum could pay even for a membership.

The website is visited by 60,000 users monthly, with a conversion rate of 3.2%. The majority of members are men, with a household income of more than $110,000 per year.

The average sale is approximately $36. The participants of their ShareASale-based affiliate program gain access to tracking features, creatives and issue commission payments.

41. Digital Photography School

photographer affiliate program digital photography school SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Up to 40% on every purchase

Digital Photography School gives photographers an opportunity to improve their shooting skills. The website provides handy tips, useful resources and free tutorials on a daily basis to teach shooters how to take qualitative and eye-catching shots.

42. Udemy

photographer affiliate program udemy SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Attractive payments

Interested in a photography course? You are sure to find a large variety of them on this platform with an extensive catalog of online classes.

43. Skillshare

passive income photography program skillshare SIGN UP HERE

Commission: $10 for each new customer referred

Cookie life: 30 days

Skillshare is a web-based learning community that offers multiple classes in business, design, technology, etc. Expand your horizons, communicate with colleagues and improve your skill level by joining the community.


photographer affiliate program phlearn SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 20% of the entire purchase

Aaron Nace, the best Photoshop instructor worldwide, is ready to share his knowledge of picture retouching, compositing on the PHLEARN platform.

It is one of the most beneficial photography affiliate programs that gives you a chance to earn extra money. The task of the programs’ participants is to promote and post links to PHLEARN pages and products.

45. Teachable

photographer affiliate program teachable SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 30%

Cookie life: 90 days

Teachable is an effective way to create and sell online courses. The platform is responsible for all the important aspects – from web hosting and customer service to processing payments.

46. Getty Images

photographer affiliate program getty images SIGN UP HERE

Commission: From 10% to 20% on existing and new referrals

Cookie life: 30 days

Getty Images is on the list of the best-in-class companies that create and distribute top-notch images, videos, music along with other kinds of first-rate digital content. All of the multimedia products are available via its reputable brands, such as Thinkstock© and iStock©.

47. Alamy

passive income photography program alamy SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 10% of sales from referrals

Cookie life: 30 days

Alamy is a stock photography agency that has been on the market for a very long time. It provides qualitative stock pictures with the rights handled and royalty-free licenses.

Having more than 140 million images and a clear pricing policy, Alamy offers customers appealing photos for their projects. Earn extra income from photography websites, forums or blogs where you will be referring the visitors to Alamy.

48. MCP Actions

photographer affiliate program mcp actions SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 20%

Cookie life: Lifetime

MCP Actions is known for selling modern image post-production and educational tools for photographers of different skill levels. Many of the users read their blog, test their products for free and then come back for paid stuff. In the last 5 years, more than 100,000 purchases have been made.

Their main products are Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions, which help photographers enhance their shots quickly, without putting much effort.

The average sale is around $75. You may attach links to their products on your website, social media platforms and more. MCP Actions is one of those photography affiliate programs which gives you an opportunity to start writing for their blog and get credit for affiliate links you include in your article.

The participants of this ShareASale-based affiliate program gain access to in-depth referral statistics, qualitative banners and more.

49. Shutterstock

photographer affiliate program shutterstock SIGN UP HERE

Commission: 20% for each newly-referred customer

Cookie life: 30 days

Shutterstock is a world-class source of professional stock images, illustrations, vectors, music and videos with a full license. The platform is available in 20 languages, accepts 9 currencies and boasts 1.8 million customers around the globe.

50. Depositphotos

passive income photography program depositphotos SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Up to 90% from purchases

Depositphotos is an excellent way for authors to earn passive income selling photos, vectors, graphics and videos. The platform offers unmatched technical solutions, unites skillful professionals throughout the world to effectively combine creativity with business in one place.

51. iStock

photographer affiliate program istock SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Up to 10% from existing referrals and 20% from new ones

Cookie life: 30 days

Being on the market for almost 20 years, iStock is a large community of dedicated photographers, designers, illustrators and artists from different spheres. Their aim is to meet the requirements of clients who are interested in top-notch images for their projects.

52. Pond5

passive income photography program pond5 SIGN UP HERE

Commission: Up to 50%

Pond5 is an extensive source with more than 60 million separate files for those in need of stock content. Some of the files are even available for free. Besides, Pond5 works as a photography affiliate program, so don’t miss a chance to test it.