26 Best Photography Forums and Communities in 2023

I personally think that there is no other better source of information on all the things related to photography than photography forums with your fellow shooters, who constantly try new devices and gear, practice a variety of styles and are happy to share their knowledge and experience. In this post, I will be talking about really trustworthy photographer forums I find very useful.

1. Flickr

best photography forums Flickr

Threads: 157k
Members: 52k
Registration: via email with a confirmation link

Although not so popular as it used to be, Flickr is still a great place to share your photos online and lots of bloggers keep using it. However, this is not what I love it for. The best thing is the photo community.

If I am looking for unusual and experimental ideas, this is going to be my first option. If you’re searching for something specific, here’s a hint for you: add a ‘Flickr’ tag to your Google search to get better results.

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Flickr is easy to navigate. There is a search bar at the top, which you can use to find discussion groups that you need. You will see the number of members, images added to the group, and active discussions.

2. Reddit

photographer forum Reddit

Threads: 18m
Members: 2m
Registration: via email with a confirmation link

Reddit is an impressive resource where you can find lots of information. It is a massive social media news collection that also allows its users to take part in discussions on any topic imaginable.

And if you don’t see anything interesting? Just start the discussion yourself!

As a photographer, I really love their r/photography page. The number of topics is huge and you can find literally anything you need about equipment, genres and styles, and even editing. The community photography spirit is strong and you will get help with any question you may have.

After you sing up and log in, you will need to get the subscription to this page in order to see the update on the homepage.

3. Fred Miranda Forum

photography forums online Fred Miranda Forum

Threads: 1.3m
Members: 327k
Registration: via email with a confirmation link

By just looking at the name, you will never guess that The Fred Miranda Forum can be a photographer forum. It is actually a treasure trove of photography knowledge.

You will find info on all the main types of photography, as well as something less usual, like sports photography. If you are into digital art in general or want to excel at smartphone photography, you can find discussions for you, too. I find the Gear-talk section helpful when I’m looking for reviews. Their Assignments and Critique area is great for an additional challenge.

They also have a ‘Buy and Sell’ section, a little more convenient than eBay. Although no one will guarantee the security of your purchase.

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4. Talk Photography

photo forums Talk Photography

Threads: 635k
Members: 61k
Registration: via email

I’ve only recently discovered Talk Photography and immediately found it rather convenient to navigate.

Right at the home page, you can see their main discussion topics (photography, equipment, editing, etc.), followed by articles devoted to a variety of photo genres (discussions and sharing separately), and more.

Overall, there are more than 60,000 users that have created over 600,000 threads and 8 million messages! There are hundreds of users and guests on these photography forums online daily.

5. Amateur Photographer Forum

top photography forums Amateur Photographer

Threads: 136k
Members: 52k
Registration: via email

Amateur Photographer is a digital photography forum, a real knowledge base for beginners and professionals alike.

Despite the abundance of threads and topics, the forum is very easy to navigate and you will quickly find what you need.

The main sections are “AP Magazine” and “Community”, “Equipment” and “Technical Discussions”. I usually find everything I need there. If you are a newbie, then go straight to their Beginner’s Corner.

6. Photography Talk

digital photography forum Photography Talk

Threads: 950k
Members: 205k
Registration: via email or with Instagram account

The best part about the Photography Talk forum is its ‘Getting Started’ video. In it, they really give you a great start.

Besides just being an excellent professional photography forum, it’s invaluable for all the resources, including free e-books and how-to manuals and guides.

Some of the main open sections with a lot of active discussions are “Taking the photo”, “Editing, Research on equipment”, just to name a few.

For me, Photography Talk definitely stands out due to its simple and user-friendly design; I’ve never had a problem finding something I need.

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7. The Photo Forum

photographer forums The Photo Forum

Threads: 415k
Members: 215k
Registration: via email

The Photo Forum seems like it has every photography topic covered. I find their “Business District” area very helpful, it is great for those, who are still learning the ropes.

You will find discussions on film or digital photography, mirrorless cameras, tips and tricks of the trade, you name it.

This digital photography forum has more than 400,000 active discussions overall with all the answers you need.

8. Photography Course.net

photographycoursenet website

Threads: 5K
Members: 1.5K
Registration: via email with a confirmation link

PhotographyCourse.net allows you to access a huge community of people interested in photography. After joining it, you can take part in photography contests and improve your skills by mastering new techniques.

You will get invaluable assistance from other members of the community. Using their suggestions, you can become a better photographer. Photographers can take part in weekly challenges, post useful information, and share other content. It is a perfect choice for those who want to join a professional community and learn how to take excellent pictures.

9. Photography Forum

photography forum for beginners Photography Forum

Threads: 845k
Members: 311k
Registration: by mail

The Photography Forum is one of the best photography forums if you are looking for information. Every single section and discussion group there is made to help you find answers to your most burning photography questions.

Everyone starts with the Photography & Basics section and learning about post processing in Photoshop & Editing Tips, and finally, you can find info on Studio Lighting.

If you want to share your work with others, look for a corresponding section. There you will see threads for any genre imaginable.

For those of you looking for some critique and feedback, go to the “Critique Corner”.

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10. LightStalking Forum

best photography community LightStalking

Threads: 38k
Members: 13k
Registration: via email

Lightstalking is an excellent place to find a variety of free resources for photographers, such as manuals, how-tos or articles. But for me, it is first of all one of the top photography forums.

There are lots of active users and, thus, lots of active discussion boards.

In general, there are more than 80,000 posts dedicated to professional topics and additional 25,000 related to photography challenges. There is even a board specifically for ‘negative, but constructive criticism’.

In general, most users here are interested in landscape photography. So, if this is your genre, you’ll definitely find all the answers you need.

11. Photonet

photo forum gallery Photonet

Threads: 520k
Members: 961k
Registration: via mail or with Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts

Photonet is a photographer forum for aspiring beginners and professionals.

The content you can find here is varied and will be very helpful for those of you, who are just at the beginning of their career.

You will find everything you need here, starting from the articles and photography courses and ending with answers to your very specific questions.

Lots of active users and excellent design make this forum so popular.

12. Photography on the Net

photography talk Photography on the Net

Threads: 397k
Members: 1.4m
Registration: by mail

One of the best photography forums about Canon equipment on the net owned by Pekka Saarinen.

Here, you can discuss a wide range of topics, get inspired by the work of other users or share your photos.

Some topics, like nude and glamour photography, require a registration, which is absolutely free. But in general, you can view and search all the topics as a guest.

Believe me, there is plenty of information to browse through. Overall, there are more than a million open discussions with the number of posts exceeding 16 million, all written by almost 400,000 users.

13. DPReview Forum

photos forum DPReview

Threads: 4m
Members: 521k
Registration: by mail

This is one of the best photography forums in our time. Millions of topics related to photography are discussed on this site daily. Here you can find the answers to absolutely all questions.

Just find the necessary thread or create your own one. If you are interested in photo equipment questions, this is the best place to get comprehensive answers.

I advise beginners to register at this photographer forum because there is a lot of useful information for novice photographers.

14. Digital Grin (DGrin)

photography forums Digital Grin

Threads: 239k
Members: 78k
Registration: by mail

Digital Grin has a user-friendly interface and a large number of relevant discussions. This photo community contains many categories and subforums.

The main topics of this site are photo equipment, professional and inexpensive lenses, accessories, digital darkroom, reviews of books and manuals for photographers, tips for beginners on choosing a location for shooting, discussions of different photography styles and techniques.

15. PhotomacrographyNet

professional photography forum Photomacrography

Threads: 250k
Members: 7k
Registration: by mail

This is one of the most interesting photo forums for beginning photographers who deal with macro and microphotography. Users discuss many interesting topics here.

The site has a gallery of images and Beginners Forums. You can find answers to all your questions in two sections – Beginners Macro and Micro. This is an ideal place for amateurs who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

Read about the differences between basic, pro and high end level of editing in one shot.

16. The Australian Photography Forum

top photography forums The Australian Photography Forum

Threads: 2k
Members: 21k
Registration: by Facebook account or mail

Despite its name, this digital photography forum is open to thousands of users not only from Australia but also from around the world. The main purpose of this site is to discuss tips and tricks for photographers.

A mobile photography section is quite noteworthy here. I recommend you to familiarize yourself with the presented information if you like taking photos using your smartphone and post them on social media.

The main themes of this forum include tips for beginners, recommendations on portrait, landscape, nature, still life, macro, micro and night photography, low lighting shooting and many other interesting topics.

17. AVForums

photo studio forum AVForums

Threads: 1.7m
Members: 336k
Registration: by Facebook, mail or Google account

AVForums is one of the best photography forums, according to many users. It will undoubtedly come in handy not only for professional photographers but also for everyone interested in photography.

Tech & Gadget Forums is the main and most discussed category of this site. The structure of the discussion board is not perfect, but many people talk about important topics here.

18. Luminous Landscape Forum

best photography forums Luminous Landscape Forum

Threads: 104k
Members: 57k
Registration: by mail, $1/month subscription

The main theme of this community photography is RAW shooting and everything related to it. I advise you to get acquainted with the threads and themes of this site if you want to learn more about RAW files editing.

Also, you need to know that the site is available through a subscription. However, the price is quite affordable, even for beginners (only $1 per month).

19. ClubSNAP Photography Forums

photography forum ClubSNAP Photography Forums

Threads: 1.6m
Members: 156k

Look at another decent option from my top photography forums list. Thousands of users discuss seminars and other events for photographers here.

In addition, there is a lot of useful information and important tips on choosing equipment and answers to frequently asked questions. The site has a photo gallery.

20. 500px

photo community 500px

Members: 15m

500pixels is the best place for beginners and professional photographers who want to express themselves and show their works. Users from all over the world share their photos here.

The administration of this photos forum rewards authors of the best works by publishing their pictures on the main page of the site.

21. OneEyeland

photo community OneEyeland

Members: 109k

OneEyeland is one of the most professional photographer forums. It contains only the highest quality content. All materials published on the site are strictly moderated. Real photography experts evaluate and check each post before it appears on the site.

22. Pop Photo Forum

photo community Pop Photo

Members: 100k

Thousands of users discuss various events and competitions for photographers on this professional photography forum daily. There is also a lot of important information and useful tips on choosing cameras, lenses and photo accessories.

The site is very active. Hundreds of new discussions appear here every day.

23. GuruShots

photo community GuruShots

It is a great photography forum, with the main goal to discuss photo contests. Besides, the platform organizes its own competitions. This is a good opportunity for beginners and amateurs to show their works to the audience and get honest expert evaluations.

Users share their pictures with each other and receive votes from forum participants. As a rule, the best images are published on the main page of the site.

24. Instagram

photo community Instagram

I know that this article is about the best photography forums, and not about social media. However, I cannot help but mention Instagram. Photography is the main theme of this site.

Millions of users from all over the world post different pictures here every day. This is a great opportunity for young photographers to show their works to a wide audience, share experiences and learn something new. Thanks to hashtags, you can find the images you are interested in quickly and easily.

The app has many pages devoted to photography art and professional photographers' activities. Undoubtedly, Instagram can be an excellent source of useful information for many people.

25. VSCO Forum

photo community VSCO

VSCO is another popular photographers’ community. In addition to the ability to share pictures, the site has many informative photography articles, online lessons for beginners, editing tools and filters in the "Discover" section.

26. Behance

photo community Behance

Behance ends this photography forums online list. The platform was created by Adobe for publishing photos. It is a good chance to show your pictures to other users, get their feedback, and find partners for cooperation.

The site has a simple design, not overloaded with unnecessary information. It is worth mentioning that Behance integrates with other Adobe products very well.

Why Should You Join Online Photography Forums or Community?

Photos forum is a space that allows novice photographers to share their works with others and learn a lot of useful information. Very often, users find their customers on these sites.

Share Your Pictures and Get Honest Feedback

Participating in photography forums online will help you get honest feedback about your work and improve your technique. Find out about your mistakes and correct them thanks to constructive criticism.

Be Up to Date with the Latest Photography News, Trends and Gadgets

Users of the best photography platforms constantly discuss the recently released cameras, lenses and other gadgets. Photographers talk about the latest trends and make predictions regarding the development of photography in the near future.

Get a Sense of Unity

Publishing your works and discussing various topics on forums and in photography social media apps, you can get a sense of community. You may find new friends and like-minded people here. Very often, participants of such discussion boards organize thematic events and meet in real life.