Instagram Photographers

Instagram Photographers

Are you looking for inspiration? These are some many fake Instagram photographers who take boring selfies or the photos of their food. If you fed up with same type photos, check out these 35 professional photographers to follow on Instagram.

Top 35 Instagram Photographers to Follow

All the following accounts cover a great number of photography styles. These top Instagram photographers have millions of followers and everyday posts with awesome photos.

1. Brandon Woelfel

best instagram photographers

Username: @brandonwoelfel
Genre: portrait and neon photography
Followers: 3m

A young photographer from New York, Brandon Woelfel is one of the best photographers on Instagram. He creates amazing pictures with blurred lights and incredible colors. The young man works with many hipster lifestyle brands and creates wonderful lookbooks for them. Almost always, Brandon uses Nikon D750 for shooting. He considers the best time to take photos is the first minutes after sunset.

2. Kat Irlin

instagram portrait

Username: @kat_in_nyc
Genre: portrait and fashion
Followers: 1.5m

Kat Irlin is a photographer who has gained popularity with her pictures of couples, where she showed sincere and lively emotions of people. Today, her works are published in US Vogue, Numero Russia and Harper’s Bazaar. Her main directions are fashion photos and portraits.

3. Kelia Anne MacCluskey

photographers instagram

Username: @kelianne
Genre: surrealism, portrait, fashion
Followers: 108k

Here is one of the most creative photography Instagram accounts. Kelia Anne MacCluskey is a Los Angeles photographer famous for her unusual surreal photos. She uses conflicting visual techniques and creates an alternate reality with diverse color palettes and surrealistic elements. Portraits of completely different types of personalities prevail on her page.

4. Bella Kotak

popular photographers on instagram

Username: @bellakotak
Genre: fine-art, portrait
Followers: 124k

Bella Kotak is a popular photographer engaged in fashion and fine art photography Instagrams. She works in England. The girl draws inspiration from the picturesque nature, old fairy tales, strong female characters, and creates magical pictures.

5. Maria Marie

top lifestyle photographers on instagram

Username: @cestmaria
Genre: lifestyle, portrait
Followers: 129k

Marioly Vasquez (or Maria Maria) is one of the photographers to follow on Instagram. Her main directions are interior, lifestyle and food photography. The main Maria’s feature is creative work with colors and styles. The photographer often uses different textures and unusual patterns.

6. Sophie Loghman

lifestyle photography instagram

Username: @sophlog
Genre: lifestyle, portrait
Followers: 178k

Sophie Loghman is a photographer from Atlanta who creates incredibly bright and contrasting photos. Her account is filled with extremely lively pictures from travels and everyday life. At the same time, she manages to find interesting and bright backgrounds that distinguish her from other photographers.

7. Saunak Shah

photographers instagram

Username: @saunakspace
Genre: portrait, fashion
Followers: 92k

Saunak Shah lives in New York but spends most of his time in different countries in order to create the best fashion photoshoot. His main sphere is portrait photography. You can find portraits of people from 15 countries. In addition, the photographer publishes photos from his travels. Previously, Saunak Shah worked in the advertising industry.

8. Nirav Patel

photography instagrams

Username: @niravphotography
Genre: portrait
Followers: 205k

Nirav Patel has engineering experience that taught him to work with light and lines very well. He is one of the most popular photographers Instagram today. Nirav is trying to get away from stereotyped photos with posing and smiling people.

He is looking for interesting backgrounds in ordinary surroundings. Also, Nirav Patel is engaged in wedding photography and publishes his pictures on a separate account – @niravpatelweddings.

9. Adam Senatori

best photography instagram accounts

Username: @adamsenatori
Genre: aerophotography, travel
Followers: 787k

Adam is one of the best photographers to follow on Instagram. He is a pilot who surprises his users with wonderful aerial photographs and amazing portraits. He is also known for his collaboration with large companies such as General Electric, Louis Vuitton, Ray-Ban and others.

10. Simone Bramante

photographers on instagram

Username: @brahmino
Genre: travel
Followers: 964k

Simone Bramante is a photographer from Italy who loves traveling around the world and sharing cool shots with his followers. Simone manages to get a good shot in which there are practically no people anywhere, even in large metropolitan areas.

11. Ilhan Eroglu

popular photographers on instagram

Username: @ilhan1077
Genre: travel
Followers: 752k

Here is one of the best photography Instagram accounts. Ilhan is a photographer who travels very often and shares his adventure photos. The main feature of his photographs is the use of wide-angle lenses that can fit more important information into the frame.

12. Paul Nicklen

photography instagram accounts

Username: @paulnicklen
Genre: travel, nature, wildlife
Followers: 5.5m

Paul Nicklen is rightfully considered one of the most popular photographers on Instagram in nature and travel genres. He is one of the main authors at National Geographic Paul, therefore, he posts animals in their natural habitat on his page very often.

13. Murad Osmann

best instagram photographers

Username: @muradosmann
Genre: travel
Followers: 4.1m

Let's continue to explore famous photographers on Instagram. Murad Osmann gained his popularity by becoming the founder of the Instagram trend, which everyone actively uses today. Together with his wife, he made a series of snapshots of the #followmeto project in various parts of the world. He continues to travel and publish photos in this genre today.

14. Ha’a Keaulana

best photographers to follow on instagram

Username: @haakeaulana
Genre: travel, nature
Followers: 158k

Perhaps, no one loves the ocean like Ha’a Keaulana. She has one of the best photography Instagram accounts dedicated surfing and active beach sports. Ha’a Keaulana is a surfer and photographer from the Hawaiian Islands, who is happy to share vivid moments of her life related to the ocean and travels. You can see the sand, palm trees and endless waters almost in all of her pictures.

15. Chris Buckard

instagram landscape

Username: @chrisburkard
Genre: travel, nature
Followers: 3.4m

Chris Buckard is a photographer who loves traveling and photographing nature, but he is not an ordinary naturalist. He creates original Instagram landscape images. Buckard specializes in shooting in cold places, for example, Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands. He has been named one of the most influential people in travel photography.

16. Michael Yamashita

best photography instagram accounts

Username: @yamashitaphoto
Genre: travel
Followers: 1.5m

Michael Yamashita is another photographer from National Geographic. Unlike his colleagues, Yamashita pays more attention to everyday life in Asia. He has been studying it for the last ten years of his life. You can see pictures of wildlife in his profile rather rarely.

17. Dylan Furst

instagram landscape images

Username: @fursty
Genre: travel, nature, landscape
Followers: 1.2m

Dylan Furst is a fan of long expeditions. He likes hunting for impressive shots. Almost all of his photographs are dominated by fascinating dark tones. Dylan Furst presents common Instagram landscape frames in a completely different form. He is sure that experiments with perspective can turn any photo into a real masterpiece.

18. Theron Humphrey

instagram for photographers

Username: @thiswildidea
Genre: travel, documentary, pet
Followers: 3m

Theron Humphrey is a blogger who has traveled all over America with his dog Maddy. He is one of the photographers to follow from our list. You will find beautiful photos of animals and nature on his page. Teron Humphrey explored the nature of all 50 American states and won the popularity and love of his subscribers.

19. Hello Emilie

instagram landscape images

Username: @helloemilie
Genre: travel, landscape
Followers: 1.3m

Emilie Ristevski is one of the best Instagram photographers who love to travel and look for interesting images. She tells different stories with the help of her photos. You can see wild nature, untouched landscapes and the mysterious walking girl, who is the main character of Hello Emilie on her page.

20. Jimmy Chin

photographers on instagram

Username: @jimmychin
Genre: travel, nature
Followers: 2.4m

Jimmy Chin is another photographer who belongs to National Geographic and top Instagram photographers list. He has 20 years of photography experience (since 1999). Thanks to social networks, he can share his works with the younger generation.

21. Mario Testino

photographers to follow on instagram

Username: @mariotestino
Genre: fashion
Followers: 3.7m

Mario Testino is a well-known photographer who became famous in fashion portrait photography genre. His pictures were used for the covers of popular magazines. You can find a lot of portrait photos of stars, as well as photos from travels on his account.

22. Renell Medrano

top instagram photographers

Username: @renellaice
Genre: art, fashion
Followers: 279k

This Instagram portrait photographer has become famous for A$AP Ferg, Justine Skye, Kylie and Kendall Jenner photos. You can see both ordinary life shots and quite unusual pictures from various photo shoots on her page.

23. Ben Lowy

famous lifestyle photographers

Username: @benlowy
Genre: photo journalism, portrait, lifestyle
Followers: 229k

Ben Lowy is a photojournalist who lives and works in New York. He takes pictures in various genres, ranging from photos of nature to portrait photography. In addition, he is known as the best conflict photographer in war zones and one of the pioneers of mobile photography.

24. Steve McCurry

photographers to follow

Username: @stevemccurryofficial
Genre: photo journalism, travel, portrait
Followers: 2.7m

Steve McCurry is another American photojournalist from National Geographic, who is working in Instagram portrait photography genre. He travels and shows the lives of ordinary people in ordinary surroundings.

His photo shoots are dominated by vivid and live portraits of various types. His work has also appeared in the “NY Times.” The most famous picture is the “Afghan Girl.”

25. Pete Souza

best photography instagram

Username: @petesouza
Genre: documentary
Followers: 2.1m

Pete Souza is one of the prominent portrait photographers Instagram. However, he became popular thanks to pictures of the former US president. His account features plenty of photos of Barack Obama and has 2.1 million subscribers. Also, the photographer published a book with his works, mainly Obama’s portraits.

26. Stacy Kranitz

photographers instagram

Username: @stacykranitz
Genre: documentary, street photography
Followers: 99k

Stacy Kranitz is one of documentary and portrait photographers to follow on Instagram. She dedicated her work to the real life of ordinary people in the USA. Her photos are a little gritty but beautiful.

You can see a variety of situations and real people in her account. Therefore, each frame is as “live” and realistic as possible.

27. Jordan Voth

instagram portrait

Username: @jordanvoth
Genre: wedding, portrait
Followers: 123k

Jordan Voth is one of the best portrait photographers on Instagram. His specific features are saturated colors, natural light and realistic facial expressions. He works in the field of wedding photography too. In addition, Jordan likes photographing nature. Rangefinder Magazine called him a rising star of the year.

28. Jose Villa

best photography instagram accounts

Username: @josevilla
Genre: wedding
Followers: 389k

Light tones and very creative subjects prevail in the works of this wedding photographer. Such an approach helped Villa gain high popularity among newlyweds and become one of the best Instagram photographers. Also, his works were repeatedly published in famous glamorous magazines.

29. Erich McVey

photographers on instagram

Username: @erichmcvey
Genre: wedding
Followers: 105k

Erich stands out among other portrait photographers Instagram by working with film. He takes wedding photos and prefers incredible landscapes. His works combine fine art and documentary styles.

30. Elizabeth Messina

instagram portrait

Username: @elizabethmessina
Genre: wedding
Followers: 207k

A distinctive feature of Elizabeth Messina, which makes her stick out among other photographers on Instagram, is her trying to convey the most outspoken feelings in her photos.

She uses the boudoir genre for shooting brides quite often. The photographer’s account is filled with bright shots of marriages, as well as expressive portraits.

31. Katie Mitchell

photography on instagram

Username: @katiemitchellphotography
Genre: wedding, travel, portrait
Followers: 80k

Katie Mitchell is not limited to the wedding theme in her work. She loves photographing travels, couples and children. Moreover, she is engaged in the shooting of festive attributes.

32. Ezgi Polat

lifestyle posts instagram

Username: @ezgipolat
Genre: food
Followers: 400k

The page of Ezgi Polat, a photographer from Berlin, is one of the hottest Instagram accounts to follow. She shoots not only still-life pictures but also portraits.

Her works have very beautiful light, color correction (in most cases, cold one), and the harmony of compositions, both laconic and multi-subject.

33. Nora Eisermann & Laura Muthesius

best instagram photographers

Username: @_foodstories_
Genre: food
Followers: 1m

This profile is a creative tandem of two top Instagram photographers. In their photos, you can see amazing desserts and stylish dishes, kitchen accessories, life details, friendly meetings with an abundance of delicious food.

All these pictures look very natural, stylish and tasty. These stories about food will not leave you indifferent and will certainly inspire you to prepare culinary masterpieces.

34. Linda Lomelino

photographers on instagram

Username: @linda_lomelino
Genre: food
Followers: 770k

The name of this girl is known to many people. She has one of the most famous photography Instagram accounts. Linda amazingly shoots even the most simple subjects.

Incredible cakes, smoothies and pancakes look like real works of art in her photos. Linda’s page is dominated by dark, muted, calm pictures with a depth of shades. This is a real pleasure for the eyes and the soul, and an endless source of inspiration.

35. Beth Kirby

photographers instagram

Username: @bethkirby
Genre: food
Followers: 745k

Photography Instagram of Beth is amazingly stylish, atmospheric and nice looking. Shades of gray and unreal light turn a simple photo of a Chemex or a vase with flowers into a real masterpiece.

Freebies for Editing Instagram Photos

If you are inspired by these accounts and want to make your profile more vivid, saturated and creative, I advise you to use the following photo editing freebies, which I have chosen specifically for you.

Free Lr Preset "Sunny Day"

free lr preset sunny day for Instagram photographers free lr preset sunny day for Instagram photographers

With this free preset, you have the opportunity to make your photos more vivid and saturated. The filter is good for street photography.

Free Lr Preset "Portrait"

free lr preset portrait for Instagram photographers free lr preset portrait for Instagram photographers

The preset will help you smooth out the skin tone and highlight the face of your model in all weather conditions very quickly. Become one of the best portrait photographers on Instagram with this preset!

Free Lr Preset "Film Look"

free lr preset film look for Instagram photographers free lr preset film look for Instagram photographers

You can use this preset for portrait and street photos. It will add a film effect to your shots.

Free Ps Action "Green Shadow"

free ps action green shadow for Instagram photographers free ps action green shadow for Instagram photographers

This action will allow you to improve the green shades. It is an ideal option for your travel photography on Instagram, with a predominance of nature.

Free Ps Action "Light"

free ps action light for Instagram photographers free ps action light for Instagram photographers

If your photo is not as bright as you expected, this action can fix this problem. Any image will become brighter and get an improved white balance.

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