25 Photography Marketing Tips for Beginners

Photography Marketing Tips for Beginners

You need to improve your photography marketing skills all the time, either you have people you regularly cooperate with or you are just building your client base. If you have some problems advertising your photo services, there are simple hacks described below that will be truly helpful.

They are suitable for photographers specializing in one specific sphere and covering several styles at once. Just be persistent, read the tips and think about the ways to bring such ideas to life.

Top 25 Photography Marketing Tips in 2024

Photography marketing is different methods that allow a photographer promote his/her products/services in order to popularize them and increase profits. These are social media, emails, SEO, websites, etc.

Profitable marketing for photographers in 2024 presupposes developing a reliable system, considering modern trends and having a future-oriented approach, work out several strategies and skillfully shift between them when needed.

In this article you can learn the most effective ways to build a strong photography marketing plan, and download free photography marketing templates.

1. Launch a Website

website photo marketing tips

Nowadays, the easiest and the most effective way to tell about your services is to create a website. It should be logically organized with the focus on your photography style, artistic vision, successful works and interesting things you have to offer to your clients.

They should realize that you are the photographer, who they have been looking for. Make sure you:

  • Select easy-to-find and remember photography business name. No long or complicated words. Use Shopify or Business Name Generator while searching for an appropriate business name.
  • Find a trustworthy provider for your domain and hosting. Visit Whois to see what domain names are available.
  • Make use of WordPress to decide on the theme for your portfolio. Look through these WordPress photography themes to find something to your taste.
  • Upload your photos and organize them in eye-catching galleries.

2. Build a Customer Database

website photo marketing tips

The number of customers is the main indicator of how successful your business is. Enlarging the client database you make your services more recognizable and popular, which is one of the best photography marketing strategies.

You can note and track your past and new clients, mark potential partners and people/organization you can work with on a charitable basis. Having a database, you can quickly find the necessary data and monitor the changes happened within a certain time frame.

To make your clients feel that you treat them with proper care, you should collect the contact info, learn about their demands and categorize all customers in accordance with it.

This is the list of categories you can use:

  • potential clients
  • current clients
  • former clients who you haven’t cooperate with for some time
  • faults of yours (show them extra love)
  • would-be charitable partners
  • possible co-marketing partners
  • vendors
  • others

There are many CRM/database software that you can use for photo marketing, for example, Salesforse or Freshsales.

seo photography marketing

This is also a nice way to control your expenses, prepare documents and send them for signatures, as well as create questionnaires. Synchronizing with other application is another pleasant feature.

If you want to bring something creative to your photography marketing plan, use Dubsado.

3. Work on the SEO and Content Marketing

Learning how to market photography in 2024, you probably understand that the Internet offers the best possibilities to do it. According to the Search Engine Journal, almost 94% of online experiences start with someone typing a search inquire. That’s why, you should think about involving SEO into your photography marketing as soon as possible.

photography business plan for content marketing

Good content is the key element for photography SEO. You need to present checked, helpful, and interesting content on your site. Make sure that other people can share it.

Be attentive to what your clients ask you and always provide clear and comprehensive answers.

Photography advertising greatly depends on how well you understand keywords, what link building strategies you use, how accurately you evaluate local search results, etc.

It may seem a bit complicated, but once you start from the basic notions and proceed to learning more advanced techniques, you’ll see that it all positively influences your photography marketing and is definitely worth spending some time on.

4. Use Google Business Pages to Improve Your Visibility

If you want people to easily find you, while looking for photography services, you should use Google Business Pages. Thus, you can include a location as a keyword.

For example, if people search “Chicago Wedding Photographers” and you have added the word “Chicago” to your keywords, chances are high that your website will be one of the first options. Business listings are shown first and they are followed by organic listing.

A nice thing is that such business listings cost nothing, but your business must be geographically specified. In case, you offer outdoor shooting and edit images at home, then you need to indicate your home address. Think if you are OK with this photography marketing idea.

5. Build an Email List, and Send Regular Newsletters

rules of email marketing for photographers

Analyze your customer database and get to know them better to build long-term trusting relationships with your audience. Doing that is easier with the help of a feature-rich CRM tool at hand. You can learn about such programs at the Millo website. Based on the information you collected, start inviting new followers.

There are many marketing photography ways to do this, for example, promise a checklist in the form of a subscription or a free online course, or set up a pop-up and attract new followers with a profitable coupon.

Study your email list and mark those clients, who you are already working with and those, who will show interest to your services if you offer a regular discount or other pleasant bonuses. Be attentive and do all you can to get all possible advantages of your email campaign.

rules of email marketing for photographers

Taking advantage of different photography marketing tools like OptinMonster is a reasonable decision, since you can faster analyze your email contacts. Convertkit is another helpful option to connect with your audience.

So, what is the best newsletter to send to your clientele? It can feature information about new services you are offering, reduces costs on some packages, interesting blog posts, etc.

Actually, anything you want your clients to know about. Send such photography marketing messages several times a month, so you won’t look obtrusive. Do it regularly, otherwise, people may simply forget about you.

6. Name Your Photos and Post Titles with Google-Friendly Descriptions

As a part of your SEO photography marketing, you need to choose such titles for your posts and images that don’t interfere with Google searching policy and are, at the same time, interesting.

For instance, instead of naming your blog post “Peter and Samantha’s Wedding”, opt for something characteristic of this event, like “A Vintage Style Wedding in Hampshire House, Boston”. Google says that in such a way, you make it simpler for search engines to find your post and photos.

7. Write Useful Articles for Your Clients

Having some experience as a photographer, you definitely know lots of useful information that your clients will be glad to learn. Actually, people like reading articles written by specialist engaged in a specific activity. So, create your own blog to share useful tips with your followers.

You can start with telling about:

  • Things to ask a wedding/portrait/newborn photographer (depending on your specialization)
  • What to do to look best at the photo session
  • What poses to practice at home to feel confident at the shooting

8. Photography Social Media Marketing

social media statistics

You need to adjust your photography business plan according to the demands of your clientele. This relates to the places where you can promote your services. Social media gains more and more popularity these days, so make sure you get most of it.

SMM promotion involves the publication of advertisements, the creation of communities and pages in popular social networks, posting of announcements, discounts, events, contents, etc.

Such a photography marketing plan allows you to significantly increase traffic and attendance of your main page, as well as present yourself to a wide audience.

9. Marketing Photography on Instagram

Keep your bio neat and tidy, don’t forget about putting your name, email and location.

Hashtag the right way, don’t use common words, because hashtags are overloaded with millions of images. Stay constant and consistent, keep in mind when you build an audience that the majority of it will expect you to keep posting the same kind of images.

Instagram audience age

Publishing images should be done regularly, timing is a key. Be polite and reply everybody. You don’t have to write a lot, still, don’t forget to add a description to each wedding photo you post.

Don't forget to write several top photography hashtags for Instagram together with your personal hashtags.

10. Facebook or Instagram?

comparison of facebook and instagram for photography marketing

Facebook does not lose its popularity as a social network, but it is used more frequently as a messenger rather than a photography marketing platform. In a nutshell, marketers and businesses need to rethink the value of Facebook in their marketing strategies. Facebook is a very effective tool that will continue to please brands with its performance.

However, do not overestimate this online resource, since it is only a small part of a huge system of marketing business. Progressive strategies should deal not only with pure statistics but also with the creation of the quality content, competently shared between marketing outlets.

As for Instagram, an average Instagram user spends 53 minutes per day on this social network, and these numbers are growing, surpassing Facebook. Instagram user activity is increasing, making it a great platform for photography marketing. More and more people are googling how to monetize Instagram trying to turn their personal blog into a money-bringing account. In addition to these 2 platforms, you can also try different marketing tools by Optimonk.

11. Use Instagram Ads

In recent years, business pages on Instagram are experiencing a gradual increase in popularity. If this platform helps you realize your photography marketing ideas, you should think of using Instagram ads, but mind that this function is paid. The variety of ads is rather big, so you can choose something to meet your requirements.

The truth is that many shooters perceive Instagram ads as a whim, since there are other methods to advertise your services without money expenses. But if spending $10, you can earn $2000 – why not try it? Of course, you need to grasp how ads on Instagram work to get a good profit, but once you understand how to use this feature to your advantage – you won’t regret the time and money spent.

12. Use Geotags When Posting Venue Photos on Social Media

Instagram marketing for photographers

Once you returned from the photo session that took place at a particular venue, edited photos and are going to post them on your website or Instagram page, remember to add a geotag.

Some venues are especially popular among newlyweds, so if they see the pictures from that place in your profile, they may also want to have you as a shooter at their party.

13. Use Pinterest to Give Inspiration to Your Clients

pinterest as a part of photography marketing

In most cases, when a person wants to find motivational pictures, quotes, design object, etc., he/she visits Pinterest. You can also use this source to inspire your clients. Just think what can interest them?

Create thematic Pinterest boards and cram them with unique images, helpful posts, and personal hacks. This is one of the best marketing ideas for photographers that really works.

14. Create a Referral Program

Don’t be shy to ask your clients to tell their relatives and friends about your services. Doing photography marketing, you need to use all possible ways to make people know about works, and the word-of-mouth method has proven to be an effective one. You can encourage clients who find you through referrals with discounts, gift cards and other nice bonuses.

15. Run a Giveaway to Engage Your Audience

photography marketing template Download Photography Marketing Templates For Free

One of the most popular photography promotion ideas is to run giveaways or contests from time to time. Thus, you can set contact with your clients via visual content.

Organize a contest on your page on FB or Instagram, spread the info and generate new leads. This draws interest to your business and services, making people comment and evaluate your works.

Think about the prize that can please your target audience. It must be something related to the type of photography you are doing. Try to offer something that will not only extend your followers list, but also bring you financial profit. For example, a free photo session as a prize can lead to being a wedding photographer.

16. Reach out to Bloggers

Effective photography marketing involves collaborating with bloggers, who typically has a lot of subscribers. When they mention you in their videos or posts, their followers are curious to check your profile and even order your services.

Make a list of bloggers, whose activity is interrelated with what you are doing. Reach them out and decide how they can benefit from your cooperation.

17. Photograph Beginner Models

shoot beginner models for photography advertising

To attract new customers, you need to regularly replenish your portfolio. You can work with novice models, who do not have much experience. It will benefit both of you.

Thus, both you and a model can diversify the portfolio and advertise each other.

18. Cooperate with Vendors

Being on good terms with different vendors is one of the smartest options of how to market your photography.

These people can provide various services and help you get new clients. For instance, you can cooperate with clothes designers, model agents, makeup artists and hairdressers.

Build a barter-based relation with them, when both parties get something they need. When the right moment comes, they will recommend you as a photographer, and you, in turn, will publish photos of their works in magazines.

19. Don’t Neglect Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

pay-per-click photography marketing strategy

Pay-per-click or PPC marketing means advertisers pay for every single click done on their ads placed on the publishers platforms.

This way you pay for visits to your photography website site instead of attracting those people for free or organically by using photography ads.

When used correctly, PPC marketing can be a powerful way to drive clients to your photography website and wedding photography leads. If used poorly, it becomes expensive and useless activity not worth even trying for some photographers.

Google is not the only search engine that offer PPC adverting. Bing Ads provides pay per click advertising on Bing and Yahoo search engines which is less competitive and costs cheaper than AdWords

20. Work with Retargeting

Retargeting is a photography marketing tool in which ads are targeted at an audience that used to visit your site.

The idea is to show the user on other websites he/she visits, reminders or special offers that may interest him, thereby keeping the audience and returning it to you.

For retargeting, you can use the code in AdWords, Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

21. Optimize for Mobile

mobile photography marketing types

Mobile photography marketing is an efficient strategy that photographers can make use to generate word of mouth and accomplish their goals and objectives.

The first step to mobile marketing success is recognizing the capabilities of a mobile device: screen size, operating system, scroll time, dwell time and latency issues. You want speedy load times, minimal scrolling, and as few click through as possible required from capture to conversion.

22. Video Marketing In Photography

According to Forbes, 90% of people say that they like watching videos before making a purchase and 64% of customers feel more inclined to buy goods if there is related video content.

Making videos is really simple these days, so use any program you like, for example, Animoto, and supplement your services with short clips.

Check ideas on how to use videos for photography marketing in 2024:

  • Create a video and upload it to YouTube
  • Share videos on other media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Add videos to the post on your website or blog

23. Send Your Clients Holiday Cards

Express your sheer gratitude, sending your clients holiday cards with discounts. When they know that you remember about their B-days and anniversaries, they will surely value your relations and return to you again and again.

24. Create Photography Workshops

Leave the place in your photography marketing calendar for workshops. You can not only demonstrate your knowledge and skills, but also broaden your client network and advertise your business this way.

25. Build a Strong Brand

photography marketing brand

You brand, consists not only of business name and logo, but also includes other important elements. To make it recognizable, take care of your website design, works, and constant social media presence. People should feel positive emotions when thinking about your brand.

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