Photography Business Names

Photography Business Names

If choosing photography business names seems like a real challenge to you, I am sure this article will help you solve this issue. Here you can find creative ideas for your photography business as well as several tips on how to properly choose the name for your brand.

45 Creative Photography Business Names

I want to offer you some interesting and creative photography names for different genres. They are easy to remember and will help you set your business apart from the competitors.

Wedding Photography Business Names

Each wedding photographer knows that for building a successful business and attracting many clients, it is necessary to choose one of the best photography names ever. Below I gathered the most appealing ones. I recommend paying attention to the words that express love.

  • Precious Moments
  • Magical Wedding Photography
  • Love Photo Studio
  • Dream Photo Studio
  • Amazing Pics
  • Best Moments Photographer
  • Special Occasion
  • “I Do” Photo Studio
  • Charming Wedding Photography

Portrait Photography Business Names

My recommendation is to include the word “portrait” in your business name. Moreover, it is possible to add a city name or your own name while choosing the one for your company. You can experiment by adding numbers or some unusual symbols.

  • Supreme Portrait
  • Catchy Portrait Studio
  • First-Choice Portrait
  • Fantastic Portrait Studio
  • King Photography
  • Perfect Portrait
  • PortraitPro
  • ProfiPortrait
  • Portrait Master
  • Advanced Portrait Photography

Smart Photography Business Names Ideas

If you are working with various photography services, these photography business name ideas will help you select the best name for your studio. Have look at these exclusive variations and think about including something special to your company name, for example, your first/last name, city or specialization.

  • ProfiCamera
  • Artwork Photography
  • Photo Artist
  • Catchy Camera
  • Perfect Photoshoot
  • Aesthetic Photo
  • Family Photo Studio
  • Smile Photo Studio
  • Picture Star
  • Wow Photos

Unique Outdoor & Specialty Photography Names

This list of photography business names will be useful for specialists in the cityscape, landscape, sports, aerial, real estate, interior design, architectural and other types of outdoor photography.

  • Smooth Pictures
  • Beautiful Exposure View
  • Picturesque View
  • Cute Impressions
  • Perfect Pixels
  • Emerald Photography
  • B&W Photography
  • Adventure Photo
  • Modern Image

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Newborn Photography Business Names

If your area of specialization is newborn photography, then you need to select a really cute and catchy photography business name. It should be something related to family and parents. The name should be understandable and transparent, because, thinking about safety, the clients are looking for a professional in this kind of shooting.

  • Tiny Love Photography
  • Newborn Photo Studio
  • Cool Kids Studio
  • Mum & Dad Photo
  • Family Photo Session
  • Early Moments Shots
  • Pic o’ Boo Photo Studio

How to Choose Photography Business Name?

You have already learned the list of creative photography names for various genres of photography. Now I would like to share the ideas of how to make your company name more unique and customize it.

1. Consider Your Specialization

It is necessary to choose one of various photography business names which are somehow related to your area of specialization. For instance, “Early Moments Shots” is the name of newborn or children photography business in Chicago. The name “Early Moments Shots” is successfully chosen because it encourages new parents to capture those precious early moments of their baby’s life.

2. Use Your Name with the Direct Inclusion of "Photo" Or "Print"

Also, you can use their derivative words. This method has a big advantage. It allows you to evoke the necessary associations with a specific type of activity. Moreover, there are no limitations for imagination, since every entrepreneur has the opportunity to combine the above-mentioned words with other lexical units. This way you can receive attention-grabbing and interesting photography business names, such as “FotoHappy”, “Photo Laboratory” or “City Print”.

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3. Don’t Overlook the Easiest Way – Use Your Name

The most frequently used approach of choosing photostudio names is to combine your first or last name with the type of photography you are working with. The name of the business branded under one’s own name is easier to remember for customers. Moreover, using your own name, you will not probably infringe the copyright of someone’s brand name. In spite of the fact that such an approach is quite simple, the most successful photographers used it to name their business.

4. Original Name Which Isn’t Related to Your Specialization

Unlike the previous photography name ideas, this strategy does not imply the direct inclusion of words related to the photo studio specialization. Despite the fact that many entrepreneurs consider this a serious drawback, others prefer to focus on the name sonority, its catchiness and brevity. So, with the help of this method, such interesting variations as “Studio Selfie”, “Smile”, “7 Frames”, etc. were created. The names may be related to the specialization of the studio or may not. The main thing is that they are well remembered and catchy.

5. Consider How It Sounds

Think about how the name of your photo studio will be pronounced and sound in a telephone conversation. After all, your managers will have to answer the phone and introduce themselves on behalf of the company. For example, consider whether it will be easy and clear to pronounce the name of the company such as CYAN-MAGENTA-YELLOW-BLACK.

6. Include Words to Trigger Emotions

It is a well-known fact that not only the company’s logo design but its name should evoke the emotions. A lot of businessmen use emotional words in their photography studio names. For instance, “Happy Mama’s Moments”. This name will definitely attract parents who are waiting for a baby. Consider using such words while building your photography business.

7. Use Catchy Phrases

Typically, the simpler the name of your company, the catchier and easier to remember it is. This is one of the most commonly used photography business names ideas among top photographers. For better understanding, have look at the following names: Smile Please Photography, Click Time Studio, Events Remembered Photography, Make It Snappy, etc.

8. Merge Two Words for a Fusion Name

If you want to be more innovative and look for really cool photography names, you can think about a fusion name. First of all, you should pick two words and then combine them and see whether they fit together. For example, two words “Pentaprism” and “Contax” were merged together to create a unique name Pentax. One more successful example is Picsmania. Two simple words “Picture” and “Mania” were combined to create an extraordinary business name.

9. Find Out If This Domain Name is Available

Before you approve the name of your studio, it is necessary to check whether the domain name is available. It is essential for customers to easily find your official website on the web. Go to Whois to check domain name availability.

10. Check whether the Name is Free

When giving a name to your company, it is a must to check whether your photography business name is free in order to avoid legal matters. Conduct research and make certain that nobody is using the same name at the present time. If you are going to register your company in your state, just check the current names of the local companies. All you need is to Google the name of your state and Secretary of State Business Search. Here an official state page should appear, where you can enter the desired name and see if it is being used at present.

Free Photography Business Names Generators

Follow these online generators that will help you find a perfect name for your photo services for free.

1. Shopify – Website

photography companies names

Shopify is a popular platform that develops software for online stores. The service also offers a great tool that will easily select unique photography names. Simply enter the keyword related to your brand and select any option offered.

2. Business Name Generator – Website

photography business names

Are you a worker bee who can't wait to start your own project? Then this generator is just what you need! Enter 1-2 keywords, press Enter and choose among numerous variations. In addition, BNG automatically checks the availability of domain names via GoDaddy. So, it is possible to receive a list of available domains in several clicks. If you didn't find something suitable for you, generate a list of relevant names with the help of Name Fatso Business Name Generator that offer a wide choice of unique names.

3. BrandBucket – Website – Website

creative photography name generator

Looking for extraordinary photography business names? Then try BrandBucket service. This handy generator offers more than 37 thousand ready-made names. Enter descriptive keywords and select one of three categories: All, Generated or Keyword.

4. Panabee – Website

photography names generator

Panabee is more than just a creative photography name generator. This is a collection of generators which are designed to help you find the right name for your application, social network account, domain or company. If the option you like isn’t free, you can choose similar variations. The service also offers to pick a domain name and check it for availability.

5. Names 4 Brands – Website

photography website domain name ideas

If you are looking for a more complex photography names generator, you have just found it. The site Names 4 Brands offers name generators, name numerology calculator as well as a domain name search. Everything you need is in one place!

5 Free Logos for Photographers

Here are several free logos which you can use with your photography business names as a printables or for your website/portfolio.

1. Free Logo “Minimalistic Lens”

logo for photography business names

A creative logo with a minimalistic camera and a name under it. Is great for any photo in any color.

2. Free Logo “Handwritten Name”

logo for photography company names

A logo where the main focus will be on your name. Ideal for photos on a light background.

3. Free Logo “The Name in the Frame”

logo for photostudio names

This is a minimalistic design with your name inside the frame.

4. Free Logo “Minimalistic Camera”

logo for clever photography studio names

A fairly simple and elegant logo in which there is nothing superfluous. Perfect for photos on a dark background.

5. Free Logo “Bold Camera”

logo for unique names for photography business

The camera that will be clearly visible on a dark background, as well as the ability to put your photography business name.

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