Wedding Hashtags Ideas for Photographers and Couples to Use Today

Wedding Hashtag Ideas

Need useful wedding hashtags ideas for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram portfolios? As a professional wedding photographer, I’m frequently showered with questions regarding the importance of hashtags and how to implement them properly on various SM websites. I’ve prepared this guide on photography hashtag usage for everyone interested in this topic.

Wedding Hashtag Ideas for Couples

The reason for using specific wedding hashtags is quite obvious. It makes all the guests’ photos easier to find.

1. Include your names

1. #SmithWedding2024

2. #SmithWedding

3. #MeetTheSmith

4. #SmithAtLast

5. #SmithGetHitched

6. #HappilyEverSmith

7. #OliviaSaysIDo

8. #ForeverSmith

9. #FinallySmith

10. #SmithInLove

11. #SmithGetWed

12. #CheersToTheSmith

13. #CharmedSmith

14. #HappilyEverAfterSmith

15. #LovingSmith

You can write your wedding hashtag on the chalkboard at the reception for guests to share photos with others, not just with you. But how can you make an unusual and creative wedding hashtag?

1. Include your names

wedding hashtag ideas

It still isn’t outdated to use your own names, as you can always put an original twist on it. The first and the last names can be mixed in an unexpected way. You may use nicknames too. Maybe you’ve had some kind of a particular byname for yourselves as a couple, you know, like something used in a TV series.

2. Get involved with numbers

wedding hashtags

You can take the date of your wedding or any other memorable number. This way, there’s almost a 100% guarantee that your hashtag will be the one and only. There may be a couple with the same first names but with another wedding date.

3. Get inventive

cute wedding hashtags

The play of words is irreplaceable when it comes to a creative hashtag for wedding. Look for the rhymes, synonyms, and others plays on words that are both easy to remember and hard to forget because they’re so cool and clever. Keep it fresh and natural, consider some famous sayings, and try to replace words with the names but maintain the rhyme. Use photography quotes to create your creative wedding hashtag.

4. Make use of the wedding location

If your wedding takes place in a unique venue, it’s reasonable to use it for your hashtag. You can use a simple name of the city, state, or specific place; take into account more general variants like “beach,” “forest,” or “cliffs.”

5. Brainstorming with your partner

wedding hashtag

It’s actually a great idea to sit down and have a brainstorming round on your common interests, things you like, or things you value as a couple. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something that brought you together in the first place or that developed with time.

6. Let the guests take part

creative wedding hashtags

Bring an interactive element into the process and make a hashtag contest for your guests. You can do it in advance, like during the engagement dinner, and have a full box of original ideas.

7. Address Online Generator

wedding hashtag generator

Luckily for those who don’t have time or desire to spend hours creating the hashtag, there’s such an option as a wedding hashtag generator. You can also get many interesting wedding captions for photos using this method.

Wedding Hashtag Generators

It can be really exhausting to search for something unique and personal at the same time. Thus, if it brings too much stress, relax and use a free wedding hashtag generator.

1. E-Wedding Hashtag Generator

This hashtag generator is easy to use. All you need to do is type in the data and click the “Generate” button. The eWedding generator differs from others due to the personalization option.



2. Random Wedding Generator

This generator provides you with multiple choices, and there are a few categories such as: Classical, Entertaining, and Eccentric. Taking the given information, it offers you different wedding hashtag variations. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the result, you can try again and experiment with categories.



3. Wedding Wire Hashtag Generator

Wedding Wire is the great couple hashtag generator that is popular among couples and wedding photographers. You simply fill in the traditional blanks like names, city, venue, etc. and leave the rest to the website. The generated hashtag can be a perfect basis for your alternative.



How to Use Hashtags?

Wedding hashtags won’t help you attract subscribers if you’re adding them without figuring out how they work. Let me demonstrate how photography hashtags affect your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter engagement:

wedding hashtags twitter engagement

For instance, if you include three or more hashtags in a Twitter post, you’ll see a noticeable decrease in engagement. It means you don’t need a wedding hashtag generator to create them and can simply use the two most relevant ones.

wedding hashtags facebook engagement

FB hashtags demonstrate a similar tendency.

wedding hashtags instagram engagement

That being said, Instagram posts show a noticeably different result. The larger the number of trending wedding hashtags you put, the larger the engagement will be. Although, once the number exceeds 10, the engagement starts to drop.

It’s also useful to check out your SM analytics, with the help of Social Search. It will help you analyze the performance of your posts. If you plan to succeed on SM websites, it’s crucial you learn how to take advantage of wedding hashtags. Check out this list of frequently asked questions and my answers to them.

How can I add a hashtag to an image?

Just add the “#” symbol before a word that describes the picture and it will automatically be turned into a hashtag.

What’s the point of hashtagging a photo?

Adding a hashtag to a picture allows it to be found by users who have typed that specific word or phrase into the search bar. Their aim is to divide content into categories and determine the popularity of different topics on SM websites. Basically, hashtags make it easier for people to find the posts they’re interested in.

How can I come up with my own wedding hashtag ideas?

You may either choose a thematically appropriate phrase or use your name or nickname. An alternative way is to change the hashtags you’re familiar with from other photographers’ images. If the main goal is to boost your SM presence, a website like Ighashtags can help you determine what tags are trending. Besides, you can use a free wedding hashtag generator to create some tags.

Betrothed couples like to come up with unique funny wedding hashtags for their special day. Usually, I advise them to use their first or last names and add a pun for comedy effect.

Which hashtags are hot right now?

trending wedding hashtags on Instagram

Anyone who has ever searched for something on Instagram is familiar with the “top 9 images” that pop up on top of the search results. These posts are there “to display the most viewed images tagged with a specific word.” All the pictures below them are placed in chronological order and constantly change, so your goal is to aim for the first 9. To boost your chances of being chosen as one of Instagram’s trending hashtags, choose the correct tags and attract as many likes and comments as possible.

How can I benefit from Instagram as a photographer?

Instagram has proven to be the most useful SM platform for developing my wedding photography career. It’s the ideal tool for photographers that allows not only sharing your pictures but also establishing connections with other people in the wedding industry such as videographers, planners, venue managers, etc. However, there isn’t a single correct method to use Instagram. I personally use wedding hashtags to attract people to my content, to converse with fellow photographers, and to find potential clients and get publishing deals.

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Photography Hashtags Activity

  Wedding Hashtag Models

If your goal is to increase the number of Instagram likes and followers by the thousands, I advise you follow the example of this trio of hashtag models. Pick one that appeals to you the most and use it. Remember that you might not receive such statistical figures from the get-go, but if you stick to the chosen strategy, you’ll achieve the same results as the photographers below.

best wedding hashtag model

wedding hashtag instagram model

best wedding hashtag model

wedding hashtag instagram model

best wedding hashtag model

wedding hashtag instagram model

Why Should You Use Wedding Hashtags?

1. Simplify image arrangement

Hashtags allow grouping your posts and finding content related to specific industries, topics, or events. Make sure to find out if there are any similar hashtags prior to creating one for yourself.

2. Allow you to reach your target audience

Creative wedding hashtags are a useful tool for ensuring that your photographs are targeted at the people who might be interested in them. The more relevant hashtags you include, the faster your following will grow.

3. Increase the number of received likes and followers

Since tags are great for reaching people who might be interested in your work, the rate at which you acquire likes and followers increases. It means that your overall engagement is boosted as you attract more potential clients. It’s an established fact that SM content with hashtags generates more interest than posts that don’t include them. Hashtags have proven to be the most efficient free self-promotion tool any entrepreneur has at his/her disposal.

Top Wedding Hashtags

Wedding-related content usually finds itself among the top trending images on Instagram. However, which tags attract the largest number of viewers and likes?

Take a look at this rating of the ten most searched for wedding hashtag ideas to find out!

1. #Wedding

most searched wedding hashtags

Currently, there are over 135 million pictures with a #wedding tag on Instagram and the number becomes even more impressive if you take into account other SM sites. The primary reason behind why this tag is so popular is its simplicity. Moreover, it covers everything wedding related: photographs, quotes, venues, decorations, and even engagement announcements.

2. #Bride

most searched wedding hashtags

You don’t have to be a wedding photographer to guess that this tag will be among the most searched ones. The word “bride” is so widespread that there are over 40 million pictures with this tag.

3. #WeddingDay

most searched wedding hashtags

Photographs tagged with this phrase are dedicated to showcasing the happy couple's impressions from the special day. Images with this hashtag usually feature significant moments.

4. #WeddingDress

most searched wedding hashtags

A wedding dress is probably the most recognizable symbol of any wedding; therefore, it’s also among the most commonly searched tags. Although, remember that some people may be searching for wedding dress designers and not photographers.

5. #WeddingPhotography

most searched wedding hashtags

It is a great way to describe your wedding imagery and attract followers. If you look at the photos with this tag, you’ll see a combination of both ordinary and unbelievable shots full of creativity and imagination.

6. #WeddingPhotographer

most searched wedding hashtags

It is one of the few wedding hashtag ideas that can be used only by photographers. Most of your potential clients are certainly using it to find a photographer for their special day. If you want to get booked, we recommend adding it to all of your pictures.

7. #Weddings

most searched wedding hashtags

Evidently, this tag covers everything related to weddings. It mostly includes the same photos described in the first point on this list of wedding hashtags but is slightly less popular.

8. #WeddingInspiration

most searched wedding hashtags

Engaged couples and wedding professionals go through this hashtag to borrow some creative, fun, and beautiful ideas for decorations, activities, clothing, venues, and poses. If you post unique imagery, this creative hashtag for wedding photos will definitely send a ton of potential clients your way.

9. #WeddingIdeas

most searched wedding hashtags

This hashtag is also focused entirely on original wedding ideas. While browsing through the pictures with this tag, you’ll surely see much more than the same old traditional wedding elements.

10. #WeddingSeason

most searched wedding hashtags

Even though this is an extremely popular hashtag, it’s great for increasing visibility. You can add it to pretty much any wedding image.

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Portrait Photography

portrait free wedding hashtags

portrait wedding hashtags statistics

Are you in search of relevant portraiture wedding hashtag ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place since these portrait-related phrases will ensure that your Instagram profile grows at a fast, steady rate.

#weddingportraits #weddingportrait #weddingportraitphotography #weddingportraiture   This set of tags can be applied to all wedding portraiture images. They will let the viewers know that portrait photos are your specialty. 
#bridalportrait #groomportrait #brideandgroomportrait   These hashtags are appropriate for images where the happy couple pose separately or together. If you need even more similar tags, you can employ a couple hashtag generator. 
#portraitmood #portraitvision   These tags can be used with all portrait pictures and aren’t limited only to weddings. 
#makeportraits #pursuitofportraits #portraitpage   Add this set of tags to promote yourself as a professional portraiture photographer. 

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Wedding Style

style wedding hashtag generator

style wedding hashtags statistics

All clients have their own vision of how the perfect wedding day should look. By adding tags to your images, you can showcase your vision. By adding style-related tags to your previous wedding pictures, you can make it easier for potential clients to determine the kind of wedding they want to have. The broader the collection of styles you show, the larger the amount of users you’ll attract.

The list of the most searched-for style-related wedding hashtag ideas includes:

#Beachwedding #Nauticalwedding  

There are a lot of clients that would love to get their pictures taken on the beach if the weather allows. If you have any wedding beach photos you can share, be sure to add these tags.  


#Winterwedding #Summerwedding #Springwedding #Autumnwedding  

If you add season-related tags, you’ll be able to reach couples with particular requirements more efficiently. Couples planning to organize the wedding during a specific season will find your photos and decide if they want to hire you.  


#Bohemianwedding #Bohowedding  

These are perfect if you’ve worked at boho weddings that combined natural, retro, and rustic styles of décor and clothing.



Add this tag to all wedding photos that feature country and vintage elements, either during the ceremony or at the reception venue.



Use this phrase along with various cute wedding hashtags for images with romantic lighting, soft colors, and lots of floral elements.



Fairytale wedding hashtags like this one are perfectly suited for magical, quirky photos that include lots of bright colors.  



Use this tag for modern wedding photos with geometrical shapes and minimalist décor.  



This one is perfectly suitable for classic weddings with a luxury venue and formal clothing.



Include this hashtag when sharing images that convey the atmosphere of a past era.  



Whether the photos feature a ballroom, restaurant, hotel, or other indoor venue as the wedding location, this hashtag suits them all.



If the happy couple is hosting an outdoor wedding, this hashtag should be in the description of all your photos.  

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Boudoir Photography

As for now, one of the most widespread genres on Instagram is boudoir photography. According to Instagram terms and policy, nudity is prohibited. That's why boudoir style has become a mainstream genre.

boudoir wedding hashtag ideas

boudoir wedding hashtags statistics

#boudoirsession #boudoirshoot #boudoirphotography #boudoirphotographer #boudoirphotos   These are the basic hashtags used extensively for boudoir shots.
#boudoir   It is one of the simplest boudoir wedding hashtags. I recommend using it sparingly, as many amateur users choose this hashtag. But in comparison with their photos, yours will look much more professional.
#boudoirstudio   If you are looking for a location for a boudoir-themed photoshoot, search by this hashtag.
#boudoirinspiration #boudoirart   Artful images that can serve as a great inspiration are found under these particular hashtags.

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Group Wedding Photography

A lot of wedding pictures are typically dedicated to group shots. The following clever wedding hashtags could be really useful for images of family and friends on this special day.

group wedding hashtag ideas

group wedding hashtags statistics

#groupposing   Search by the hashtag if you don't know what the best creative poses for group photo sessions are.
#groupshots #groupphotoshoot #groupshot #groupphotoinspo #groupphoto   These are the common hashtags used for these kinds of posts.
#weddingparty #photofamily #groomsmen #bridalparty #bridesmaids   Specify people in the pictures, with the help of the hashtags.

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Engagement Photography

When you wish to collect engagement shots from social media in one place, use free wedding hashtags. I would like to present to you a list of wedding hashtags to put in the description under your remarkable engagement images.

engagement wedding hashtag ideas

engagement wedding hashtags statistics

#proposal #bridetobe #savethedate #shesaidyes #gettingmarried   These memorable hashtags will fit any style of engagement pictures.
#engagementshoot #engagements #engaged #couplesession #engagement   These are the most commonplace hashtags for engagement photo shoots.
#engagementphotography #engagementphotographer   If a couple is searching for a wedding photographer and examples of his/her works, these hashtags are the most helpful ones.

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Black and White Photography

black and white wedding hashtag ideas

black and white wedding hashtags statistics

On Instagram, which is full of bright and colorful images, stunning wedding black and white shots are usually the ones that catch an eye. Put the following wedding hashtags when you wish to make B&W wedding photography even more noticeable.

#blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhiteweddingphotography #bwwedding #blackandwhitewedding   These hashtags are appropriate for any wedding-related B&W images.
#monochromewedding #monochrome   The hashtags may be used not only for B&W shots but also for pictures in different shades of the same color.
#bnwmood   Searching by this hashtag, you may come across inspiring posts. Black and white filters emphasize all the details of a shot, adding more depth to it.
#instablackandwhite #bnw #blackandwhite #bnwphotographer   Need to post a B&W shot? These hashtags are the most widespread ones.

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Ring Photography

ring wedding hashtag ideas

ring wedding hashtags statistics

Ring pictures are really important in wedding photography. Seeing the beautiful rings makes the couple remember their special day. Look through these wedding hashtag ideas and find the ones that will suit your ring shot the most.

#weddingrings #weddingring #engagementring #(ring store name)   These hashtags are designated for wedding and engagement ring pictures. If you know the name of the store, where the ring was bought, make sure to include it too. For example, if the ring is from “Brillianteers”, use the #brillianteers hashtag.
#ringinspiration   This hashtag is created for couples who have to choose a perfect ring.
#gold #ring #silver #diamonds   Use the hashtags to describe the rings.
#weddingjewelry #weddingaccessories   If a photo involves not only a wedding ring but earrings or bracelets as well, add these hashtags.

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Dress Photography

dress wedding hashtag ideas

dress wedding hashtags statistics

It is obvious that a wedding gown matters a lot, as the bride has invested a lot of time and effort in choosing the best one. That's where a hashtag for wedding dress can come in handy so that a bride can find your profile in a matter of seconds.

#bridalinspo #weddingdressinspiration #dreamdress   Images with these hashtags may help a bride to find a gown similar to her dream one.
#instadress #dress   In case you have a picture of a nice dress to post, you can't go wrong with these hashtags.
#bridalgown #weddinggown #weddingdresses #weddingdress   These are the typical hashtags used for bridal dress images.
#fashionbride #bridaldesigner   These are the most appropriate hashtags for those engaged in wedding gown designing. If you know where the bride got the dress, you can include the brand name too. For example, if the dress is from “House of Brides”, include the #houseofbrides hashtag.
#lace   Use this hashtag to specify the material of a dress.

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Funny Photography

funny wedding hashtag ideas

funny wedding hashtags statistics

Many photographers often want to impress a couple by creating a one-of-a-kind hashtag. Actually, it isn't an easy task, especially when you have tons of other responsibilities. Fortunately, I have prepared funny wedding hashtags that a couple will surely adore.

#TwoLessFishInTheSea #AllYouNeedIsLoveAndCake   These hashtags are slightly changed well-known phrases about love.
#TillDeathDoUsParty #DonutLetMeGo #SimplyMeantToBee   With the hashtags that contain a pun, you may attract more attention to your image.
#LoveAtFirstSwipe   If a couple met in a dating app, use this hashtag.

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Star Wars Photography

star wars wedding hashtag ideas

star wars wedding hashtags statistics

One of the most widespread wedding trends is a movie-themed wedding shot. Many couples choose the iconic Star Wars movie; therefore, the following creative wedding hashtags could certainly be helpful.

#cosplaywedding #starwarscosplay #starwarswedding   Put these hashtags under Star Wars wedding pictures.
#stormtrooper #lukeskywalker #rey #darthvader #lightsaber #reylo #princessleia   If the movie characters or specific objects are depicted in a shot, use the corresponding hashtags.
#themewedding #creativewedding #funweddingideas #quirkywedding   People search by these hashtags when they need some creative wedding ideas.
#maytheforcebewithyou   Draw attention to an engagement post using the hashtag with a catchphrase from Star Wars.
#starwars   Star Wars-related pictures are usually found under this hashtag.

Trending Wedding Hashtags: Disney Photography

disney wedding hashtag ideas

disney wedding hashtags statistics

A lot of couples dream about becoming a prince and a princess at a wedding; therefore, organize a photo session at Disneyland. Add fairytale wedding hashtags to attract potential clients.

#disneylove #disneycouple #disneybride #disneygroom   These hashtags are used for images of a couple or bride and groom separate shots.
#disneylandwedding #fairytalewedding #disneyweddings #disneyfairytaleweddings #disneyworld #weddingindisney #disney #disneywedding   These are the prevailing hashtags for Disney-themed wedding images.
#happilyeverafter #onceuponatime   An interesting idea is to put these recognizable phrases from Disney movies in a wedding hashtag.

Wedding Hashtag Tips

Nowadays a number of likes, comments, and followers play a big role in the success of a wedding photographer. I have compiled 10 important tips which I highly recommend you follow if you want to use trending wedding hashtags on Instagram for your own benefit.

1. Give a Precise Description

wedding hashtag tips

When you are looking for wedding hashtag ideas, first examine the picture and define its style, the subjects, and the type of wedding. Reflect all these aspects in the hashtags. For instance, when you post bridal portraits or photos from same sex or vintage weddings, put the following hashtags: #bridalportrait, #samesexwedding, #vintagewedding, #vintagebride, #vintageinspiration.

2. Avoid Overused Hashtags

wedding hashtag tips

Never add such trivial and boring hashtags as #love, #happiness, #couple, #joy, or #photo. They are considered overused and chances are no one is going to find the publication. What is more, with such hashtags, you might attract bots with their unwanted comments. I advise you arrange trending wedding hashtags 2018 in a proper way and, as a result, your pictures will definitely be noticed.

3. Create Branded Hashtags

wedding hashtag tips

If you wish to actively promote your photography services on Instagram, come up with your own branded hashtags. In this way, former and current clients or people interested in your work can find your content much easier. If your brand is well-known, more potential customers will notice your profile. Besides, you may create cute wedding hashtags for couples. For example, an interesting hashtag made up specifically for a wedding day is sure to attract people's attention. Just ask a couple to include this hashtag in their wedding posts and spread it among their family and friends. Also, suggest that vendors you constantly cooperate with include these branded hashtags in order to improve the sharing of the content.

4. Put Hashtags at the End

wedding hashtag tips

Never post a description with every word written in hashtags. #Don't #you #think #it #looks #extremely #weird? All the wedding hashtags should go at the end of the posts. If you don't want to overwhelm your followers with hashtags, just hide them by putting in the next comment under the post. Another way to conceal the hashtags is to write them after 5 lines with one dot and one-line breaks.

5. Use Hashtags Sparingly

wedding hashtag tips

Don't overdo it trying to implement all your wedding hashtag ideas. Remember that Instagram permits no more than 30 hashtags, but it doesn't mean you should include all of them. Use the hashtags moderately and include only those appropriate for the theme of the pictures.

6. Include Hashtags in All Social Media

wedding hashtag tips

It is important that you integrate your branded hashtags into posts on other social media as well – not only Instagram but Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest. As you promote the brand, your wedding hashtag ideas can be printed on business cards, signs, T-shirts, posters, or posted on websites. As a result, your brand will gain certain recognition on various platforms and a stable following of both engaged and potential customers.

7. Include Location in Hashtags

wedding hashtag tips

If you want to reach target clients effectively, there is no better way than putting hashtags with locations. People looking for a wedding photographer in an exact location will surely consider your services if you use this hashtag. For example, if you work with couples getting married in New York, put such hashtags as #nycwedding, #nycweddingphotographer, #nycbride. It will be even more beneficial if you include a geotag which matches your location-related wedding hashtag.

8. Add Designer and Vendor Hashtags

wedding hashtag tips

If you want your images to be noticed by more users and relevant brands, add names of the vendors and designers of a gown, suit or tuxedo, rings or shoes to wedding hashtags. They are most likely to share your wedding images on their profile.

9. Say No to Spammy Hashtags

Unless you want to be shadowbanned, don't add such spammy hashtags from a free wedding hashtag generator as #nice or #beautiful. Posts with such hashtags are really appealing to bots with their spammy comments, which can end up being banned by Instagram.

10. Use hashtags of wedding publications

wedding hashtag tips

One of the excellent wedding hashtag ideas is to mention your favorite publications, such as #bridalmagazine, #weddingwire, #authenticlovemag, #theknot, #junebugweddings. As a result, your content might be noticed and recognized by popular wedding profiles.

To achieve success in the sphere, you need to keep up with the trending wedding hashtags generator on a regular basis. Looking for proper keywords is a time-consuming and monotonous process, but the result will definitely be worth the effort. More and more clients will become interested in your photography services. Your good reputation and income will increase. Hopefully, with the help of these tips, your Instagram activity and career will significantly improve.

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