Netpeak Spider vs Screaming Frog: Which Software Is Better

By Kate Gross 7 days ago, Apps and Software

Netpeak Spider vs Screaming Frog: Which Software Is Better

If you are a SEO specialist or just want to optimize your website, you definitely need to use a reliable SEO crawler. With such a tool, you can easily scan your website for SEO issues. In this article, I’ve compared Netpeak Spider vs Screaming Frog and outlined their main features and capabilities.

Screaming Frog is industry-leading SEO crawling software that is designed for finding Error 404s on your site, missing and duplicated content, titles, H1-H6 headings, and analyzing the overall architecture of your platform. However, it has a steep learning curve, which may scare off beginners. Moreover, Screaming Frog can’t process a large amount of data, so it unsuitable for scanning large platforms.

Netpeak Spider is SEO audit software that allows you to conduct an in-depth analysis of your website pages without any hassle. It is a useful tool for SEO professionals and an excellent Screaming Frog alternative. Although Netpeak Spider is a relatively new program, it stands out from similar products thanks to constant updates and unique features.

What Is Netpeak Spider?

netpeak spider logo Netpeak Spider is desktop software for analyzing the technical elements of websites. It performs search engine optimization (SEO) by scanning resources for errors.
This software will come especially in handy for sales specialists since it allows for data importing from Google Analytics, Search Console, or Yandex.Metrica. You can also use it as a web scraping tool to extract data from the page, including hreflang tags, markups, and contact details.
Using the Website Auditor Dashboard, it is possible to create website audit reports in a PDF file format. You can also add contact details, brand logos, and recommendations for a team and clients to your site.
Netpeak Spider also allows you to generate and validate sitemaps with HTML, TXT, and XML validator.
  • netpeak spider interface
  • netpeak spider interface

    Netpeak Spider: Strengths and Weaknesses

    icon Streamlined integration with Google Drive and Sheets. You can integrate Netpeak Spider with Google Drive and Sheets for easy data importing. Thus, it is possible to quickly share reports with your team. You can also upload PDF files to Google Drive. All you need is to put a file in a shared location and send the link.

    icon You can generate white label SEO reports. Netpeak Spider offers a White label SEO audit that allows you to delete all software branded elements from your reports and complement them with your custom logo and contact information.

    White Label reports will help increase brand awareness and engage the audience at the SEO services pre-marketing stage. With this feature, you can considerably save time, effort and increase your profit.

    icon Ability to export Search Queries from Google Search Console. This feature will help you to process information from Google Search Console in the format “URL – search query – major metrics. Easily export all search queries and search for the missed optimization opportunities and find the prospects for your project development.

    Alter meta tags and analyze your site performance, enrich the Google Search Console data using such additional parameters as device and country. Compare metric dynamics by identifying new, missed, increased, or decreased queries.

    icon Allows crawling multiple domains. You can create a list of URLs and enable site crawling. Once the process is completed, the program will compile the data in a table.

    With this feature, it is possible to monitor the net of satellites and perform crawling of multiple domains at the same time. During the crawling process, the program searches for broken links and scrapes the website contact information.

    icon Yandex.Metrica integration. Yandex.Metrica offers features for analyzing e-commerce data, conversions, and website traffic. It is possible to select a date range, customize the segment based on the type of your device. You can also work with multiple accounts.

    icon No Mac OS or Linux version. Compatibility options don’t play for Netpeak Spider in the Spider vs Frog rivalry. Even though the majority of companies have computers running both Mac OS and Windows, it would be great if Netpeak Spider was a cross-platform program. Since the software isn’t available for Mac OS, you need to have a Windows-based computer to run it.

    icon No lifetime license. Netpeak Spider doesn’t offer a lifetime license. You can purchase a subscription to use the software.

    What Is Screaming Frog?

    screaming frog logo Screaming Frog is desktop software designed for crawling CSS, links, script, images, and apps on the site. The program fetches crucial on-page elements for site optimization, organizes them in tabs, and performs audits for common SEO issues.
    You can slice and dice data and export/import it into Excel. It is possible to monitor the information change as it is compiled and updated. Screaming Frog is considered to be one of the most popular programs in this area. However, it is inferior to similar products due to its confusing user interface and lack of important features.
    • screaming frog interface
    • screaming frog interface

      Screaming Frog: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon Convenient parsing of duplicate content. Using the Content tab, you can analyze your site for duplicate content. Such content doesn’t directly affect the organic search engine index of your site. However, the more diverse and unique content your platform includes, the stronger its ranking in the search engines.

      icon Quickly identifies pages with problematic metrics. If it takes much time to load the page, there may appear the connection error. Therefore, identifying pages with problematic loading speed and fixing that issue in advance can have a positive effect on the site ranking.

      icon Microdata parsing. Screaming Frog gets another point in the Spider vs Frog standoff due to microdata parsing. Structured data allows search engines not only to accurately understand what kind of information is available on the page but also to create extended snippets.

      Thus, you can improve the website's ranking in search results, get more clicks and site transitions. Aside from microdata parsing, Screaming Frog offers efficient error identification.

      icon Excellent data visualization. You can use Screaming Frog as a data visualization tool to visualize the structure of the site within the program. It is possible to take advantage of various features for scaling and saving the content.

      icon Filtering large images. Large images slow down the load time of the page, which has a negative impact on the user experience. Screaming Frog allows you to filter out images over 100 kb. Once the program identifies large images, you can compress them with image optimizers.

      icon No monthly subscription plan. If you want to test the software, then you can try its free version. However, in case you plan to make the most out of the paid features, you may face some difficulties. You can’t pay for those months you will use the program. It is necessary to make an annual payment no matter how long you are going to use the software.

      icon SEO problems when crawling large sites. Crawling large websites is a memory-intensive process and sometimes it takes several days. It would be better if the developers created SaaS for a large amount of data processing.

      icon Confusing user interface. A strong downside of Screaming Frog is its confusing interface which may seem overwhelming for novice users.

      Netpeak Spider vs Screaming Frog: Price

      netpeak spider vs screaming frog price

      You can use a Free Version of Netpeak Spider. It offers all basic features of the software, including the built-in tools. However, it has some restrictions. Only paid users can export reports, copy and filter data, save projects and use other Pro features. Netpeak Spider offers Standard ($15.20/month), Pro ($31.20/month), and Premium ($119.20/month) versions.

      You can try a 14-day free trial to test the entire functionality of the software. Netpeak Spider offers a monthly subscription while its contender has only an annual package.

      There are two types of Screaming Frog plans. The Free Plan has some limitations. You can analyze only 500 URLs per site and there is no way to view other crawl data. All the necessary features are included in the Paid Plan, which costs $190. At first glance, this price for 12 months may seem rather affordable. However, considering that you have to make a one-time payment, many small businesses can’t afford to purchase this software.

      Netpeak Spider vs Screaming Frog: Who Wins?

      Netpeak Spider is a comprehensive SEO tool. What makes Netpeak Spider stand out in the Netpeak Spider vs Screaming Frog competition is its quick and effective improvement. Segmentation and filtering options in Netpeak Spider deserve special attention, especially if it comes to conducting an in-depth audit of large platforms. I think that Netpeak Spider can be a go-to tool for any SEO specialist.

      Screaming Frog is an excellent SEO audit tool for any webmaster or digital marketing campaign development. It is reliable software that brags about broad functionality. You can customize Screaming Frog features according to your requirements.

      However, the software has a steep learning curve, so it will be complicated to use for beginners. It would be great if the free version allowed to analyze more than 500 URLs and offered crawl adjustments. Moreover, it is recommended not to use Screaming Frog to scan large websites.

      Both services are excellent examples of first-class SEO software. That being said, an intuitive interface, constant updates, and numerous unique features of Netpeak Spider, make it a more efficient option for site crawling. However, if you want to use a proven product, Screaming Frog is an excellent option, though it has a more limited toolset.