8 Best Website Backlink Checkers in 2024

By Kate Gross 2 days ago, Apps and Software

Using the best website backlink checkers, you can effortlessly get backlinks to the website. A backlink is a link from an external URL to your website. The search engines view backlinks as votes of popularity for a particular website. The more links you have, the more likely your website will achieve high ranks in the search engines.

Top 8 Website Backlink Checkers

  1. Netpeak Spider - Works with over 100K pages
  2. SEO PowerSuite - The most effective link management
  3. SEMRush - The best keyword research tools
  4. Ranktracker - Full-fledged backlink checking service
  5. Netpeak Checker - Extensive number of comparison parameters
  6. LinkMiner - The most efficient link filters
  7. Ahrefs - Perfect option for competitor analysis
  8. BuzzSumo - Perfect option for content marketing

Not all backlinks are equally important. The best backlinks are those from major reputable platforms. Spammy and questionable backlinks can harm your website. A high-quality backlinks checker tool allows you to open new horizons for link-building, learn the strategies of competing platforms, and track your backlink prospects.

1. Netpeak Spider - Our Choice

Works with over 100K pages
  • Comprehensive analysis of a website
  • In-depth table of results
  • High-speed data export
  • Exclusive data segmentation
  • Requires anti-captcha

Verdict: Netpeak Spider SEO crawler can search for broken links, images, duplicate pages, titles, texts, meta descriptions, and H1 headers. The service lets you discover serious SEO issues on your site just in several clicks. With this competitor backlink analysis tool, you can create SEO reports in PDF including the most important aspects of SEO one-page analysis. It is also possible to complement a PDF file with charts and graphics, your brand logo, and contacts.

Netpeak Spider allows you to constantly monitor the on-page SEO activity of your platform. The SEO crawler will show you information on crawling and indexing instructions, redirects, relevant tags, and robots.txt. Netpeak Spider can also serve as an SEO audit tool with special status codes. Besides, it is possible to integrate the service with Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica and Search Console.

netpeak spider interface website backlink checkers

2. SEO PowerSuite

The most effective link management
  • Unlimited tracking
  • Up to 40 competitors
  • Remarkable user experience
  • Offsite search engine optimization
  • Expensive

Verdict: SEO Powersuite is a comprehensive option for optimizing your site. It includes 4 key tools such as Rank Tracker, LinkAssistant, Website Auditor, and SEO SpyGlass. The most effective tool from the set is LinkAssistant. It is designed to search for competitors’ backlinks and does a very good job at building high-quality links. Thus, you can easily find your potential link partners.

This check backlinks tool uses numerous data sources to analyze links arranged on your website and the competing platforms. Moreover, you can easily collect data from as many sites as you like. Nevertheless, if you are going to work with a large link-building project, you can rely on SpyGlass alone.

seo powersuite interface website backlink checkers

3. SEMRush

The best keyword research tools
  • Offers Organic research tool
  • Analyze multiple websites
  • Streamlined traffic analysis
  • On-page SEO checker
  • May seem frustrating to use

Verdict: SEMRush is one of the most powerful backlink checker tools which allows you to check out which reputable domains are linked to competing backlinks, which keywords a particular website is ranking for, and even more. It considerably simplifies the retrieval for target websites and incoming link building.

With SEMRush, it is possible to check what links are on your website. This will help you identify any SEO issues such as bad links. The service allows you to see the total number of incoming links per page. However, if your platform contains hundreds of links, it is considered to be a spammy site.

Thanks to the SEMRush backlink audit tool, you can boost your website rankings by identifying spam backlinks, while the link building tool allows you to find high-quality backlinks from relevant authorities.

semrush interface website backlink checkers

4. Ranktracker

Full-fledged backlink checking service
  • Precise and relevant keyword tracking
  • Keyword-finding tool
  • Detailed web audit
  • Simple backlink control
  • Can be tricky to master for newbies

Verdict: Ranktracker is a site backlink checking tool allowing for instant viewing ranking in search engine results, specific points in keyword rankings, website visits from search engines, and many other useful metrics. This top-notch search engine optimization service offers you advanced features such as keyword identification and management, an extensive web audit suite, a SERP checker, and so on.

Improve your ability to rank your site by taking into account the detailed search engine results you can easily query from this service. I love that here I can flawlessly explore the backlinks of competitive companies – just one search and the entire list of links with a full set of information for each is already in front of you. Tracking your place in the rankings is available for several keywords at once, both from a smartphone and from a PC on such popular platforms as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. What’s more, you can also examine the search volumes for each keyword.

ranktracker website backlink checker interface

5. Netpeak Checker

Extensive number of comparison parameters
  • Advanced SEO analytics
  • You can find link donors and see their metrics
  • Expired domains analysis
  • Analyzes social media performance
  • Discrete pricing plans

Verdict: Netpeak Checker will appeal to SEO specialists, content makers, bloggers (especially those who are going to start a photography blog), digital marketing experts, and analysts. Netpeak Checker performs bulk URL analysis based on 323 parameters from 21 services. Also, it allows you to check 61 on-page parameters, including HTTP status codes, Hreflang link references, H1s, redirects, outbound links, SRT, title, and description. Also, the service performs contacts scraping.

Netpeak Checker parameters fall into three categories such as root domain, subdomain, and URL. It works with well-known Domain and Page Authority, Moz Trust, Moz Rank, and numerous equity-passing links. Moz provides a free API key with some restrictions.

netpeak interface website backlink checkers

6. LinkMiner

The most efficient link filters
  • Large backlinks database
  • Has crawled a huge number of URLs
  • Detects anchors
  • Categorizes particular types of backlink
  • May deliver inaccurate results

Verdict: LinkMiner is a powerful check backlinks tool that has recently appeared on the market. This SEO software finds the backlinks of competing websites, so you can easily copy them. LinkMiner analyses information based on special metrics and filtering options to suggest interesting links.

If you want to generate high-quality links, you need to collect a large amount of data before coming up with a strategy and creating your rollout plan. It is advisable to conduct research before you build the links.

LinkMiner has all the necessary features to streamline the process of link building. The possibility to save the URLs for later use is one of them. Rather than exporting and analyzing the data in the spreadsheet, you can easily build the links within the tool. Besides, it stays on par with the best keyword research tools, allowing you to evaluate the efficiency of your content.

linkminer interface website backlink checkers

7. Ahrefs

Perfect option for competitor analysis
  • Extensive database of link
  • Monitors new links
  • Searches and uncovers competitors
  • Keyword research
  • Technical issues

Verdict: Ahrefs is a well-designed tool that performs first-class keyword research. It shows info about the preferred website, including its backlinks. Moreover, the service allows you to review the lost backlinks.

In case a linking page is active, but no longer has a link to your website, you can also fix this issue. Also, Ahrefs compiles the list of the broken backlinks. These links point to your platform but contain a broken URL that results in a 404 error. It is necessary to get in touch with the website owner to renew the backlinks.

With Ahrefs backlink checker, you can examine the internal links on your platform. This service is also useful for filtering out internal nofollowed links.

ahrefs interface website backlink checkers

8. BuzzSumo

Perfect option for content marketing
  • Accurate results
  • Allows scheduling messages
  • Monitors shares through social media platforms
  • Content analyzer
  • Confusing operation

Verdict: With BuzzSumo, analyzing your campaigns and your competitors' content becomes a breeze. Aside from being a perfect tool to uncover competing platform insights, BuzzSumo can serve as a top-tier backlinks checker tool.

It is possible to search by keyword or domain name to discover the most interesting content for a certain keyword or domain. If you want to see the backlinks for a certain type of content, you can check out the icons beside every search.

BuzzSumo lets you analyze the most valuable content by showing the backlinks pointing to a certain report. This feature will especially come in handy if you want to see the sites that are linked to the most popular posts of your competitors. With an easy to use Backlinks tool, you can track the pages linking to a particular URL or domain. Thus, it is possible to uncover the backlinks of competing platforms with ease.

buzzsumo interface website backlink checkers