9 Best Grammar Checkers in 2022

9 Best Grammar Checkers in 2022

Make sure your texts, documents, and messages are perfectly literate with the best grammar checker. Using one of such apps, you can detect all missing commas and accidentally made typos. Besides, they help make your text look more accurate with no wordy sentences.

Top 9 Grammar Checkers in 2022

  1. Grammarly - To check messages
  2. Ginger - Text translation into 60+ languages
  3. ProWritingAid - The best correction of semantic mistakes
  4. After The Deadline - Ideal for websites
  5. Hemingway - Great context fix
  6. Jetpack - High-quality text check on WordPress
  7. SpellCheckPlus - For those, who are just learning English
  8. GrammarChecker - With automatic rewriting
  9. WhiteSmoke - Ready-made text templates

These grammar checkers are claimed to make your texts great. If you are a bit unsure whether there are punctuation, grammatical or stylistic errors in your text, we recommend using one of these services before posting material or sending a message.

1. Grammarly – Our Choice

To check messages
  • High-quality spelling and grammar checker
  • Convenient interface
  • Configurable error display
  • Not found

Verdict: Grammarly is the best online grammar checker available as a browser add-on for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, and as a standalone application. Due to a thorough text check, the program helps you identify every punctuation, semantic, or grammatical error in the text and suggest the best options for correcting them.

Grammarly works as an online punctuation and grammar checker for Google Docs and other free personal document management software. You can see the number of errors displayed by default or adjust it the way you want.

grammarly grammar checker interface

2. Ginger

Text translation into 60+ languages
  • Display the number of characters
  • Corrects duplicate words
  • Teaching materials
  • Slow word processing

Verdict: Ginger is the best grammar check service for large volumes of work. It highlights grammatical and spelling mistakes in blue, and suggests the best fixes. Ginger can qualitatively determine the context for detecting grammatical errors and performing deep checks to find the slightest inaccuracies.

A key feature of the Ginger grammar checker is the ability to translate text into more than 60 languages, including Spanish, German, and even Yiddish, along with a spell checker. Besides, there is a Ginger Premium version, which includes a virtual writing tutor that provides video grammar lessons and tests.

ginger grammar checker interface

3. ProWritingAid

The best correction of semantic mistakes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cross-platform
  • Quick check
  • Sometimes there are failures

Verdict: Pro Writing Aid is a good sentence checker that you can use as an app for macOS and Windows, or simply install as a plug-in in your browser. It comes with the checking style option that supports frequently used words, clichés, transitions, etc. This tool not only checks spelling and grammar errors but also pays attention to your writing flow.

This professional grammar check offers a fast verification process. The text can be inserted online or downloaded as a document, for example, Microsoft Office or one of the best free office suites for a full check before publication.

prowritingaid grammar checker interface

4. After The Deadline

Ideal for websites
  • Contextual spell checker
  • In-depth style check
  • Intelligent grammar checker
  • Slow

Verdict: After The Deadline is the best grammar checker suitable for WordPress and other website builders for photographers. If you use a CMS, you can get this grammar correction tool to improve your editing workflow.

Basically, After the Deadline provides users with a comprehensive solution to their individual and general writing problems by doing contextual spell checking, paying attention to the style, and correcting grammar. The app is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and OpenOffice, so you can use it to edit your messages too.

after the deadline grammar checker interface

5. Hemingway

Great context fix
  • For editing short texts
  • Can supplement other editors
  • Good for fiction
  • Poor grammar checking

Verdict: Hemingway is a sentence quality checker aimed at helping you write correct sentences and discard all unimportant and unnecessary words from the text. You can use it for both complex editing and for checking only grammar, punctuation, or the semantic meaning of the text.

Hemingway doesn’t offer sentences or context like other grammar checking tools, however, it pushes the author into questionable areas by suggesting replacements. The program is available as a browser add-on or as a complete cross-platform PC application.

hemingway grammar checker interface

6. Jetpack

High-quality text check on WordPress
  • Unobtrusive editing
  • Text protection
  • Translation option
  • Slow check

Verdict: Jetpack is a popular spellcheck plug-in. It is mainly used for editing text in WordPress. This free program offers unobtrusive editing of your texts because you can always turn on/off some proofreading settings.

This free grammar checker works with such styles as jargon, bad phrases, difficulty, and biased language. That being said, this grammar checker is not just for English users. It also supports German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Among the disadvantages are a poor checking speed, which is compensated by its quality.

jetpack grammar checker interface

7. SpellCheckPlus

For those, who are just learning English
  • Teaching materials
  • Fast text processing
  • Good stylistics work
  • Inconvenient interface

Verdict: SpellCheckPlus is a useful and accessible grammar checker if English is not your mother language. This program was developed as a tutor-editor to help each user master the second language in terms of writing hints and the intricacies of grammar.

SpellCheckPlus summarizes errors, showing the total number, and provides explanations. The program is designed primarily for editing short posts of up to 2 thousand characters and messages for other users. If you want to use it for large texts, it is worth buying the extended version for $14.99 per year.

spellcheckplus grammar checker interface

8. GrammarChecker

With automatic rewriting
  • Support for other languages
  • Anti-plagiarism functions
  • Convenient interface
  • Slow

Verdict: GrammarChecker is the best free online grammar checker that analyzes your writing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and stylistic errors. This program is attractive with the automatic rewriting option for shorter pieces of text.

GrammarChecker finds suitable synonyms, swaps words, etc., resulting in a quality text without plagiarism. An additional benefit of the program is support for various languages, including French, Spanish, German, and Arabic. The checking process is not as fast as we would like, due to the truly deep analysis of the text.

grammarchecker grammar checker interface

9. WhiteSmoke

Ready-made text templates
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Convenient interface
  • Quick check
  • There are bugs

Verdict: WhiteSmoke is high-end software that works for those, who want to check articles for spelling and grammatical errors, punctuation errors, etc. The program is supported by most browsers – Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. Besides, there are app versions compatible with iOS and Android.

WhiteSmoke free punctuation checker has many advantages such as several useful templates for writing projects such as cover letters, grant applications, thank you messages, etc. At the same time, a checking process is performed as quickly as possible, without making users wait long. Error detection is unobtrusive as a user can disable all unnecessary options anytime.

whitesmoke grammar checker interface