17 Best Free Data Recovery Software

Top 17 Best Free Data Recovery Software

Searching for the best free data recovery software that would restore an accidentally erased document or picture? Even if you create backup copies of files on Google Drive and USB, this doesn’t guarantee 100% safety of your pictures.

In this post, I’ve collected 17 best free data recovery software. Among them, you will find completely free programs and versions with a free trial period. Pick the appropriate software to restore files on PC, Android or iPhone.

1. Stellar Data Recovery - Our Choice

Easily deals with a damaged or virus-infected drive
  • Ultra-fast scanning
  • Accurate scan
  • Supports any types of disks
  • Works with encrypted disks
  • Convenient preview
  • Cannot specify the time period when searching

Verdict: Stellar Data Recovery software lets you quickly and easily restore all types of media: photos, videos, audio, PDF and Word documents, and more. You get 1 GB of content absolutely free, and if that’s not enough you can upgrade to a paid version to work with unlimited files of any size. The program works with a PC, laptop, hard drive, or USB stick.

Besides, it boasts a ‘Deep Scan’ feature, to allow the recovery of corrupt, formatted, encrypted hard drives, USB as well as damaged optical discs. The tool also lets you preview the files in a convenient layout, allowing you to see the image’s thumbnails, play videos, or preview documents, to ensure that you quickly select the needed files.

stellar data recovery software interface

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

For desktop and mobile
  • Versions for Android and iOS
  • Easily sorts erased files
  • Speedy backup
  • Restores lost emails
  • Inability to scan separate folders
  • Limited preview function

Verdict: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery software for recovering accidentally deleted files from an incorrectly formatted disk or partition. In the free version, you can restore up to 2 GB of data.

After recovery, files are saved in the cloud, so you are unlikely to lose them again. The software boasts an interesting function for advanced users – data retrieve from servers and RAID storage.

easeus data recovery wizard interface

3. PhotoRec

Open-source software
  • Recovers file without any limits
  • Supported on multiple platforms
  • Open-source
  • Compatible with numerous file systems
  • Disappointing customer support
  • May be complicated for novice users

Verdict: PhotoRec is free unlimited data recovery software for restoring files in any file system. This is an add-on to TestDisk, software that restores damaged or lost partitions.

To protect the user’s data, PhotoRec performs recovery in the read-only mode. It writes the recovered files to the same directory from where the software is launched. In this way, you are unlikely to overwrite the disk or other storage media from which you are restoring files.

photorec interface

4. Undelete 360

For quick file recovery
  • Free
  • Possibility to preview restorable files
  • Fast scanning algorithm
  • A tool to erase files reliably
  • Windows-only
  • The absence of technical support

Verdict: Undelete 360 is free software that recovers erased files from the computer’s internal disk, memory cards, external hard drives and other kinds of media. Also, you may use Undelete 360 to restore files that you have lost due to virus infection or software failure.

It is the best recovery software for the files that didn’t fit in the trash because of their size or were erased using the Cut command. Undelete 360 uses a fast disk scanning algorithm to recover the maximum amount of user data in a short time.

undelete 360 interface

5. iTop Data Recovery

Data recovery from 1000+ formats of lost documents
  • Agile data recovery from external devices
  • Over 3mln downloads
  • Works impressively fast
  • Display the status of every file
  • Can’t help with corrupted or overwritten files

Verdict: iTop Data Recovery is a fantastic program for getting back lost or deleted data in a very quick and intuitive way. It shows amazing results with retrieving all types of files. The entire process boils down to making several clicks.

The software surpasses different alternatives with its iTop unique recovery algorithm. Thus, you can receive your lost information without performing complicated manipulations. What’s more, there is a range of Scan options. For instance, you can search for files based on their type or location.

itop data recovery free data recovery software interface

6. UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

With special tools
  • Doesn’t take up much space – only 1.51MB
  • Features specific tools
  • Filters for quick search
  • Straightforward UI
  • Slow operation with big drives
  • The last update was six years ago

Verdict: UnDeleteMyFiles Pro is a free data recovery tool with advanced functionality. The developers have taken care of security: you may generate an emergency disk image to restore data.

The software offers such options as File Rescue Wizard for quick search and recovery, tools for restoring media files, advanced filters, Files Wiper for deleting files without the possibility of restoring them. Besides, the software provides the Mail Rescue function for recovering erased emails. All of this is available absolutely for free.

undeletemyfiles pro interface

7. PC Inspector File Recovery

Freeware for Windows
  • Free
  • Restores lost partitions
  • Saves data to a network drive
  • Restores files with time and date stamp
  • Windows-only
  • Slightly complicated UI

Verdict: PC Inspector File Recovery restores files and saves them on network drives. The software performs the automatic location of partitions, even if they have been erased or corrupted. It offers a special function – file recovery, even if the header record is no longer available.

At the end of the scanning, the software opens a list of detected files and all the necessary info about them: size, date of change, entry in the main file table, status and type.

However, I wouldn’t call it the best free hard drive recovery software for beginners due to the confusing interface and the use of advanced terminology.

pc inspector file recovery interface

8. Recuva

For damaged discs
  • Restores files from corrupted discs
  • In-depth scanning for buried files
  • Quick scanning
  • File preview
  • A free version doesn’t provide technical support
  • Advanced Mode doesn’t work with all formats

Verdict: Recuva data recovery software restores files from the Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card, MP3 player or any other rewritable media. In addition, it recovers files from corrupted or recently formatted disks.

To locate files, the software offers an in-depth scan function. For reliable deletion of documents, the developers have thought of the option of safe overwriting. The software performed a quick scan of the disk in a few seconds. As for an in-depth scan of the USB drive, it took about a minute.

recuva interface

9. Rescue Digital Media

Recovers RAW files
  • Reliable and user-friendly
  • For Win and Mac computers
  • Rich format support
  • Can extract data from encrypted, corrupt & formatted devices
  • Free version is limited

Verdict: Rescue Digital Media is a real lifesaver if you want to get back lost, deleted, or corrupted files. No matter whether you stored them on DLSRs, USB flash drives, tablets, or other devices, this program can accurately scan them and retrieve the needed data. Photographers especially like this software because it perfectly copes with the task of restoring deleted or lost files from digital cameras. Besides, it supports lots of popular formats.

Rescue Digital Media is very easy to use. Besides, it automatically adapts to the screen size of your device. The company tries to cater to the needs of users of all stripes and the program undergoes regular updates.

rescue digital media free data recovery software interface

10. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

For CD/DVD recovery
  • Straightforward UI
  • Restores files without leaving Windows
  • File recovery from CDs and DVDs
  • File preview prior to recovery
  • A free version is limited to 1GB
  • Doesn’t respond to requests during scanning

Verdict: MiniTool Power Data Recovery is designed specifically for restoring entire partitions and disks. After recovery, you may view the contents of the partition to see if you need these files.

This file recovery software free offers an advanced filter to restore erased files selectively. Your only task is to indicate the file type, size range and approximate date of creation. In this way, you will locate the necessary documents faster. Round-the-clock technical support is available for users.

minitool power data recovery data recovery interface

11. Prosoft Data Rescue 5

For different formats
  • Preview is present
  • In-depth search
  • Recognizes duplicates
  • Notified by email
  • Relatively low scanning speed
  • No function to pause / resume scanning

Verdict: Prosoft Data Rescue 5 is the best paid data recovery software that restores various kinds of files and lets the user teach it to work with other formats. It is enough to add a few sample files of a certain format so that the software will recognize them in the future.

Data Rescue 5 is also able to recognize duplicate files and exclude them while extracting lost files to your device.

In the standard version of the software, you may configure it to send email notifications so that other users can view the results of scanning. To figure out whether the software is suitable for you, try the free demo version.

prosoft data rescue 5 interface

12. CrashPlan

For small business
  • Backup via cloud
  • Mobile access
  • The file size isn’t limited
  • Configures storing of files
  • Only one month of free use
  • The absence of backup by file type

Verdict: CrashPlan is an entire backup service. The software runs in the background, creates detailed backups even of the newest files and sorts them for quick access. Moreover, there is no limit to the amount of data.

This free data recovery software saves deleted files so that you can restore them at any time. For small businesses in the USA, extended technical support is present. You can ask for help for 5 days a week.

crashplan interface

13. Recover My Files Professional

RAID recovery software
  • Ability to pick file type for scanning
  • Easily sorts restored files
  • Preview is present
  • RAID recovery
  • PC-only
  • Slow in-depth scanning

Verdict: Recover My Files Professional is a decent data recovery software for Windows, especially when you need to restore data from the trash bin, as well as files that have been deleted using the Shift-Delete buttons, info from formatted disks and others. It works with any file system, such as FAT or NTFS.

For quick search and recovery, the software offers filters: set the file size, format or date of creation. In case you have purchased a license, the software may be used on two PCs.

recover my files professional interface

14. GetDataBack

For large data
  • Fast searching process
  • Drive cloning is present
  • Reliable, read-only design
  • Capable of recovering very big drives
  • The absence of mobile options
  • Certain options aren’t visible

Verdict: GetDataBack provides wise data recovery and combines recovery capabilities for NTFS, FAT, exFAT, EXT, HFS + and APFS. Finding out in advance what file system your disk was formatted in isn't required. The software is equally suitable for beginners and professionals.

It works on advanced algorithms, thanks to which all files and directories will be in their places and with the correct names. The software is read-only, so it won’t be attempting to "fix" or write to the disk you are about to restore.

getdataback interface

15. Seagate Premium Recovery Suite

For Mac and Windows
  • Interface with plenty of space
  • Thumbnail previews for restored files
  • Possible to save search results
  • In-depth scan function
  • Doesn’t restore files from CDs or DVDs
  • The absence of a secure-delete function

Verdict: Seagate Premium Recovery Suite is the best professional data recovery software for Windows and Mac that can be tested for free. It restores lost data, offering the user to filter the material found by date, path or file type.

During testing, the software located 5 out of 6 files on the hard disk but couldn’t locate a document of the .DAT format.

seagate premium recover suite interface

16. Mac Data Recovery Guru

Software for Mac
  • Restores files from USB and SD cards
  • Read-only mode
  • Thumbnail previews for files
  • Possible to detect bad sectors
  • Mac-only
  • Slow in-depth scanning

Verdict: Mac Data Recovery Guru is software that restores files on Mac. Moreover, it works with any device that acts as a disk on your Mac: from digital cameras to mobile phones.

It is the best Mac data recovery software as it checks not only individual sectors or traditional file system schemes but also scans every byte on your disks in the in-depth scan mode. Recovery Guru unites all the found files in folders so that you can safely review the files and pick the ones you need.

mac data recovery guru interface

17. Disk Drill

For all major devices
  • User-friendly
  • Versions for Android, iOS and PC
  • Extra functions
  • Data protection
  • Free version is limited to 500 MB
  • Lacks the choice of settings

Verdict: Disk Drill is software for scanning and restoring files from all popular devices: PC, Android, iPhone. It supports 200+ file types. Disk Drill offers additional utilities to prevent data loss. The software adds a layer to the trash bin to store a backup copy of the files there.

It is the best photo recovery software in terms of speed, with the result of 99%. During the recovery of lost documents, Disk Drill demonstrated a speed of 95%. During the recovery of lost documents, Disk Drill demonstrated a speed of 95%, so no wonder it is the main tool for the best data recovery agencies in Calgary.

disk drill interface

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